Friday, 16 January 2015

Tales of Love # 17


I wish I’d known,
As the door slammed shut
Behind you

That it would be the last time

As I would have said
I love you
Just to remind you

I wish I’d known
We would never have
Another day

That it would be the last time

So when you tried to kiss me
I wouldn’t have looked
The other way

I wish I’d known,
As I watched you sleep
Peacefully beside me

That it would be the last time

So I could have told you
Of the life
Growing inside me


Their meeting was
When cupid’s arrow struck
Nothing planned
Simply a case of luck
She ticked all his boxes
In her perfection
And in her eyes
He was flawless
In all things
They were Simpatico
And Romance blossomed
Perfect moonlight
Bathed them
Perfect stars adorned the sky
And a Perfect kiss
Sealed their fate


Tears bejewelled her cheeks
Like lustrous pearls
And her heartfelt sobs shook
The Ribbons from her curls
Those tears and sobs you only hear
From broken hearted girls

I couldn’t ignore the anguished
Sound of her cries
So I lifted up her chin
And wiped the tears from her eyes
Then I held her in my arms
As her sobs turned to sighs

And when I looked at her
Tearstained face I could see
A girl as fragile as a butterfly
A thing of infinite beauty
And when she smiled
It was like a sunset on the sea


A sound like heaven
Sits softly on the ear
Every honey coated word
Is a sweet souvenir
The joy of her touch
On my skin still lingers
From her Porcelain hands
And delicate fingers
Delicately scented
Like an exotic Rose
Still vividly resides
In the appreciative nose
And the sight of her
Consummate beauty
Will occupy my dreams
For all eternity


When we were young
We began wandering aimlessly
Through leafy woodland.
We began when there were only
The early buds of spring
Wandering on through
The dappled shade of summer
And its comforting warmth
Onward then to the fall
With its crimson hues
Now we embark beyond
The crunch of autumns leaves
Into the cold metaphor
Of winters landscape
We still have each other
But we also have uncertainty
How much winter will we see?


Her heart once full of love
Now harbours only sorrow
The love once ablaze
Is just a guttering candle
Her heart was won
With a poets words
And flowers of romance
Fragrant and sweet scented
The words are but hollow echoes
And the vibrant flowers
Are withered and odourless
Now as the tears come
Her only memories are
Of false promises
And deceitful words


Her heart aches
With the pain of a faded love
Teardrops stain her cheeks
But cannot salve her sorrow
While his heart is elsewhere
Hers dies in her breast


Heart fluttering,
Stomach churning,
In anticipation
As she enters the lane
Expectation heightens
As she proceeds
Closer with each step
Towards the moment,
The anticipated moment
When he comes into view
Every day it happened
In the leafy lane
They would pass
They would look
They would smile
Then she would anticipate
The next day’s encounter


He brings her luxuries
From distant shores
Designer gowns,
Lingerie of silk and lace
Handmade shoes
The rarest orchids,
Precious gem stones.
Lustrous Pearls
Exquisite golden baubles
Watches, bracelets, rings
He gave her everything
He thought her heart desired
Except the one thing she craved
His unconditional love

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