Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Sally was laying beneath the duvet and through the wall she could hear him in the shower.
And she envied every droplet of water as it ran over his naked skin.
She had loved him since she was eleven years old and now she was almost twenty she wanted him with every fibre of her being.

“He” was Danny, the elder brother of Sally’s best friend Erin who at the age of 18 had, to all intents and purposes, become the father of his 11 year old sister.
Their parents were killed in a car crash on the M6 and all his hopes and dreams for the future died with them.
His plans to go to University and what that might have led to were set aside in order for him to raise his little sister.
The early years of his enforced parenthood he was consumed by his new responsibilities, running the home, nurturing Erin and holding down a job.
The only saving grace from being weighed down by responsibility’s at such a young age was that he was a stronger person for the experience and Erin was everything their parents would have wished her to be.
And he was proud of the result.
His sacrifice had allowed her to follow her dreams and she was now at University with Sally.

In the warmth of her bed she felt aroused as she listened to the water washing over him.
Her flesh tingled and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up and her nipples erected as she felt that tell-tale feeling as the warmth build within her

The water stopped and the foot fall told her he had stepped out of the shower and she pictured his naked form as he did so.
Just a thin stud wall separated her eager want from the object of her desire.
She could see in her mind’s eye each droplet of water dripping from his torso and her hand travelled purposely across her belly and slipped inside her shorts where her finger went quickly between her moist lips and she was as wet as he.

The door suddenly opened and she heard herself gasp as he walked into the room but her finger lingered between her greasy lips.
She clenched her buttocks tightly and grasped her thighs firmly around her hand
But as she watched him across the room her slender digits moved involuntarily and she continued to stroke herself.

Danny began picking up the laundry that had been discarded in and around the wash bin.
There was always plenty of it when Erin was back from Uni and even more whenever Sally slept over.
Sally and Erin had been best friend since forever and over the years she had been a regular house guest.
They’d been back from University for a week and the washing had already built up and this was the first opportunity he’d had to get to grips with it.
But as it was Saturday and the girls had gone to a party the night before and had stayed over at another friends place he thought he should make a start on the washing.
As he went through the assorted jeans, T-shirts and lingerie, he thought how quickly time passed by and how quickly his sister and her best friend had grown up.
He smiled to himself as he remembered Erin’s first Bra, it was a purely cosmetic device of course when she was twelve.
Then as she grew she went through various stages of padded enhancements and eventually to the full cupped and underwired contraptions she wore today.
It was the same with her pants in the early days they were childishly embellished with flowers or colourful characters, then progressed through to practical pants and onto more sophisticated items before progressing on to the skimpy things of lace and bows.
His little sister was a grown woman now.

She watched as he stood across the room in the half light, his upper body still damp, a towel wrapped around the lower.
He was standing sorting laundry into baskets of light and dark and as he held a pair of pink knickers she recognised them as her own and she wished she was wearing them at that moment and her arousal deepened.

He held the pink panties briefly in his hand before dropping them into the appropriate pile.
Then a red pair, then pale blue silk and followed by black lace.

Sally watched as he handled her knickers one pair after another and she bit her lip, she had never been so turned on.
Her finger was still engaged between her juicy lips, she knew she should stop but she just couldn’t.

As Danny was methodically sorting the mountain of dirty washing.
He had no idea she was laying there in the gloom or what she was doing there beneath the duvet, she and Erin were supposed to be sleeping over at Karen’s some 20 miles away.
Had he known she was there he would not have entered the room especially wearing nothing but a towel, he would have been too self-conscious.
He had known her since she was an awkward clumsy eleven year old girl who seemed to spend her entire time either falling over or picking herself up and showing off her floral knickers in the process.
But she was a young woman now and Sally was a far cry from the klutzy eleven year old in flowered briefs.
She had grown up to become a swan.
He could never tell her that though, nor could he tell his sister how he felt about her.

God how she wanted to finish herself off right there, but she couldn’t with him standing there.
But she didn’t want him to leave, touching herself with him so close was so exciting,
She had never felt so hot as at that moment.

Danny fished out the last item from the bottom of the bin and turned to leave the room when Sally let out an involuntary moan and he turned around.
“Is that you Sal?” he asked
Sally bit hard on her lip after her exclamation but was still unable to halt her fingering
“Yes” she replied through clenched teeth
He walked to the window and opened one curtain, spilling weak winter light into the room.
It lit across the rumpled screwed up duvet and a shapeless bulge beneath it.
“I thought you and Erin were staying over at Karen’s” Danny said
“Erin did” she gasped “but I didn’t fancy it”
Each word was spoken through gritted teeth and were slow and laboured and she was squirming beneath the duvet.
He took a hand full of duvet and through it aside revealing Sally’s lustful pose.
Her nipples were standing proud through her pyjama top and her right hand was still inside her shorts.
Instead of feeling embarrassment, Sally’s exposure before the object of her lust merely turned her on even more and her finger still lingered between her lips.
It was there that his is eyes were drawn, that place were the fabric of her shorts moved to rhythm of her busy fingers frigging herself before him.
As he stood there he felt a passion welling up in him, a passion he had suppressed over the last two years which he dare not have hoped to have acted upon until that moment.
He watched her and she reached out her left hand and tugged at the towel wrapped around him until it fell away.
Then the want that had simmered for so long between them finally came to the boil.

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