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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 12) The Summer Ball part two

So I found that I was sitting next to Pandora at the Summer Ball, God had been very kind I thought
“Well that’s probably the best table in the room” I said
“I agree” Judith said proudly
“So who do you think we need to thank?” I asked her
“Pandora of course” Judith scoffed “She always does the tables”
Then she stuck her arm through mine and said
“You may escort me to my table good sir”
“My pleasure madam” I liked Judith but my pleasure for the evening was wearing a powder blue dress and she had arranged it so she would be sitting next to me.
Well Judith and I were right about it being the best table in the room
Georgia’s parents and their friends the Collins’s kept up an almost constant banter, going all night to the point that by midnight my sides ached.
Judith and Victoria were getting very merry indeed
While Pandora and I were almost totally sober.
Pandy was being very provocative, Every opportunity she got she was squeezing my thigh or brushing my leg with hers even at one point holding my hand under the table, so we were both enjoying it very much.
The only people from our table who didn’t seem to enjoy it were Pandora’s husband Graham who won the big prize in the men’s Golf tournament and Laurence Hunt who won a minor prize.
They seemed totally bored with the whole affair other than the prize giving.
Graham complained about everything and Laurence refused to join in and communicated in monosyllables.
Judith was not at all pleased with him and made no secret of it.
Laurence soon deserted Judith to go and celebrate Grahams victory with him in the member’s bar.
As a result Judith got shit-faced drunk, quite untypical behaviour and Victoria, in order to give moral support got ratted as well.
So by 12.15am Judith was in trouble, she had gone to the loo sometime earlier and was found in the ladies and could barely walk.
We sent word to the member’s bar for Laurence to come but he just brushed it off and continued in the same vein.
So we resolved to take her home, Victoria volunteered but could hardly stand herself so I suggested to Pandy that as they both lived just the other side of the 18th Fairway I could take them home on a Golf buggy
“You cant do it on your own” she said “I’d better come too”
So as discreetly as possible and with the aid of Georgia and another waitress we snook them out the back door nearest to where the buggies were parked.
We put Victoria in the front and I told Pandora to get in the drivers seat
We then put Judith behind her and I sat behind Victoria so I was in a position to prevent either of them from falling off.
“Ok let’s go,” I said
“Simon? I’ve never driven one of these before”
“Ok turn the key”
“Check” Pandy said in a deep simulated pilot’s voice
“Now select forward”
“Hand brake off”
“Depress accelerator”
“Cheeeeeck” she shouted as we shot forward
“This is great,” she said
I was so concentrated on preventing the ladies from falling off I was nearly ejected myself.
“Steady Jensen” I said
About half way along that part of the 18th fairway there was a wide opening that allowed egress through the woods, which eventually arrived at the end of an old cart lane.
This in turn led between two cottages; one of them was being Judith’s.
We had to go that way because the woods were too thick to fit the buggy through anywhere else.
“Head towards the lane Pand” I said “and put your lights on”
“I have lights?” Pandy replied, “cool”
“Where’s the switch?”
“Next to the key” I said
“Got it”
It was a bright moonlit night so out in the open we could manage without lights, but once amongst the trees it would be a different story.
Pandora drove through the trees and stopped in the lane at the back of the Hunt’s home.
“You hold onto Victoria and I’ll take Judith in,” I told Pandora
I didn’t want to take her to the front door in case any of the neighbours saw her in her condition as I said this was untypical behaviour.
Now Judith wasn’t a big woman but she didn’t make life easy for me, she kept going limp so I had to keep grappling with her, I did get a good hold of her tits in one incident, and very nice they were too, and her arse wasn’t bad either,
All of this was taking me longer than I anticipated getting her to the back door.
So in the end I picked her up and carried her.
The lights were still on downstairs so I put her down and I pinned Judith between the wall and me while I knocked on the glass.
It was only a moment or two before the outside light went on and the door opened soon after.
It was one of her teenage sons, Callum,
“I’m sorry Callum she’s had a bit too much to drink”
“Who is it Cal?” Came another voice, this time it was David the oldest boy
“Its mum” Callum answered “come and help”
“Where’s my dad?” David asked
“We sent someone to find him…” I couldn’t think what else to say
“But he didn’t want to leave his cronies” David finished
I nodded
“Well thanks Mr Fisher we appreciate it,” said Callum
“Not a problem really and call me Simon” I said, “She’s one of the angels you know?”
He nodded proudly
“Thanks Simon” said David and shook my hand
When I got back to the buggy Pandora was struggling to restrain Victoria.
“She keeps saying she wants to go in the woods to find her lover”
“Simon there you are” Victoria slurred
“Ok back in the buggy and I’ll take you home”
“Yes Simon you can take me anywhere any time” she slurred again.
Pandora steered the buggy along the wooded track and headed towards the back of Victoria’s cottage.
Pandora turned the lights off and I picked Victoria up in a fireman’s lift there was nothing of her she was a small slim
Pandora opened the gate and led the way down the path.
“Where’s the key?” Pandora asked
“Its under the Panda statue”
“How do you know?” Pandora asked
I had seen Victoria retrieve it the night I shagged her in the woods.
“Don’t ask,” I said
Pandy unlocked the door, stepped in and turned the light on.
“Take her straight to bed” Pandy ordered
Once we found the right room I laid her on the bed
“Lets take her dress off,” she said
“How about we leave her as she is and we take your dress off,” I suggested
“Down boy” she said smiling “you’re time will come, now help me with her dress”
I sat Victoria up again so Pandora could unhook and unzip then between us we pulled the whole thing off over her head.
Now she was just in het under things Pandy started pulling her tight off as I watched
It was the first time I’d seen her small slim body.
I was intimately familiar with Victoria’s fifty something body but it was dark and everything was by touch.
But only by touch, I think Pandora noticed my appraising eye and said
“I’ve got it from here thank you”
So I left her too it and went down to the kitchen.
I was sweating a bit now so I undid my
Bow tie and tucked it in my jacket pocked then I attended to the top buttons on my dress shirt.
She turned off the light and as we opened the back door and Pandy shivered so I chivalrously gave her my jacked, which reached down to her knees.
She kissed me gently, just once, then again more hotly.
I took my opportunity during the passionate kiss and grappled up her skirt and found her stocking and suspenders.
“Wait until you're invited” playfully slapping me.
She roughly rolled up the sleeves
And then held my hand as we walked back to the buggy.
“Stockings and suspenders eh” I said
“Yes I wore them specially for someone”
We got in and drove up the track. We’d gone about a hundred yards before we realised she didn’t have the lights on
“Put the lights on” I said
“I can see fine” she replied
“I’m like a cat” and made a little clawing gesture accompanied by a growl.
Then we emerged onto the fairway and she headed in entirely the wrong direction
From the club
“Where are we going?” I asked
“We’re going for a ride in the moonlight”
Pandora said “very romantic”.
“Yes but where are we going?”
“Well according to what you told Judith
We’re going to your favourite hole” Pandy answered
We finished up by the 17th green and she parked the buggy right on the tree line.
Close to the entrance to the clearing where we had enjoyed our first coupling.
“I desperately need a wee” she said and tottered off on her heels into the clearing where I had taken from behind over a fallen tree.

I could hear her peeing in the undergrowth, a prolonged jet hitting the hard dry ground, which I found was strangely alluring, and I found myself thinking that I would like to see it as well as hear it.
“Anything I can help you with in there?” I officered
“No thank you I can manage”
When Pandy came out from the woods she was carrying her shoes in one hand, her powder blue dress was draped over her arm and she was carrying some indeterminate folded items in the other hand.
She put her shoes and clothing at the back of the buggy where the clubs normally go and Pandora came and stood in front of me.
To my complete and utter delight Pandora stood before me in the moonlight wearing only stockings and suspenders, my dinner jacket and my bow tie, God that made me so hard.
“Why didn’t you want me to undress you in the woods?”
“Because it wasn’t all me under that dress” Pandora said
“There were garments and devices to make me look my best”
“You look perfect to me right now
“Then you had better have me right now”
Pandora unbuttoned my dinner jacket and let it slip off het to the floor
I instantly appraised her standing before me naked except for a bow tie around her neck
A suspender belt which framed perfectly her neat pubic triangle and dark blue stockings on her fine legs.
She looked fabulous with the moonlight shining on her forty-year-old breasts her nipples stiff in the cool night air.
“Wow” I said
She suddenly became self-conscious under my gaze and threw herself into me, her mouth sought out mine and found it, her tongue darting and probing my oral cavity.
While my hands caressed her back, her small soft hands busied themselves with my trousers, or the removal of,
She’d already dispensed with the cummerbund and had quickly undone the hook on my trousers and tugged sharply on the zip then her hands were down the back of my pants pulling them off my buttocks.
She pushed me back against the buggy and roughly yanked my pants and trousers down my legs and off my feet
Then she was back kissing me on the mouth and fumbling with my shirt buttons
She managed one of them then lost patience
“Take it off,” she ordered
Then in an instant she was on her knees and her lips were around my cock
“Oh yes mistress” I gasped out as I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it somewhere, anywhere.
I looked down at her blonde haired head moving expertly on my shaft while she played with my balls.
I thought I was going to explode in her mouth any second but then her lips were kissing their way up my body
Until her smiling face was only inches from mine, and she kissed me again.
I became aware of being manipulated as we kissed like we were in a slow dance on the dance floor and I just went with her
When we had turned 180 degrees and her back was against the buggy she slid her fine buttocks onto the seat and opened her thighs
She kissed be deeply running her fingers through my hair then I felt downward pressure from her hands as she pushed my head down to her waiting cunny I was ready to fuck her but she wanted head first so I obliged her and went down between her stockinged thighs to sup on her hot gash,
I worked the creamy wet flesh with my tongue, my nose, my chin and she wriggled and squirmed, moaning and gasping as I sucked at her lips and licked her cunny until she could wait no longer.
“Now Simon” she screamed
Oh Simon do me now”
So I raised my head from my task, my face wet with her juice and found her laying stretched out across the front seats of the buggy, with one hand gripping the steering wheel and the other playing with her nipple.
Her legs were spread wide and she was open and her juicy quim was at the perfect height to receive me.
I gave her two inches and she sucked in air through her teeth
”I want it all” she said, “give me all of it”
And with her legs around me and crossed at the ankles
She pulled me all the way in.
“Ahhhhh” she said as she received all of me
The same with the next stroke and the next
I gave her three more full lengths and she came
Then she panted a few times through gritted teeth
And she was really making my balls wet
Then she came three times in quick succession making the same delicious sound.
It thought to myself as I pumped her pussy how much I loved making women moan.
I knew I couldn’t hold off much longer, I was very close
Pandy’s next big orgasm would be the finale
I had a great rhythm going her legs she was gripping me hard and I was playing with her tits as I banged her and banged her
“Orrrrw” she uttered with every hard stroke
Then as the strokes shortened it changed to
Until we reached that perfect point of climax when we both came together
“OORRRRR” she screamed at the top of her lungs
I pulled out of her and she let out a sigh of satisfaction
Then I bent down and kissed her quivering belly then lay my face against it.
She sighed again and I felt her muscles contract and I stood up just in time to see a little dribble of my cum escape from her hole.
Pandora lay there for about twenty minutes I threw my jacket across her and the only sounds coming from her were her sighs and a series of soft whispers from her fanny.

I had redressed my self and was sitting on the back seat watching her rerunning the night’s events in my head subconsciously selecting moments for the wank bank.
Apart from the obvious inclusions there was also the sound of Pandy peeing in the woods, her screaming orgasm, the dribble on her lip and her fanny farting would all make it in.
As Pandy stirred I wondered if she had a wank bank and what moments would be in it.

“Turn your back,” she said
“Why?” I asked
“So I can get dressed”
“But I’ve already seen everything”
“That was when we were making love” she corrected me
“This is different”
“Ok” I said and turned my back to her
“And no peeking”
I thought it was rather cute that even after what we had just done she was still acting shy, that’s a point scorer.
“Now you can look,” she said
When I turned around she was wearing the powder blue dress and judging by what I could hear as she was dressing her silk knickers as well.

We got back on the buggy, with Pandora in the driving seat again. Before we set off she turned to me smiled and kissed me I immediately responded to it by slipping my tongue between her slightly parted lips Pandora warmed to this and responded in kind for a full minute before stopping abruptly.
“That’s quite enough of that” she said sharply
“But you were enjoying it too”
“That’s not the point it’s too late”
“It’s never too late” I said nibbling her ear and sliding my right hand along her stockinged thigh seeking out the flesh above.
She clamped her thighs together and pushed down on the accelerator.
But this was not easily done and was finding it difficult to apply full pressure on the accelerator as well as keeping her thighs tight closed,
She released her grip on my hand for a split second and the buggy inched forward and my hand passed her stocking top, she clamped again.
She released her grip again, briefly, the buggy inched forward again and my hand was inside her silk panties.
She opened her thighs and depressed the accelerator and we trundled forward as my finger parted her lips.
The buggy was making some progress and Pandora was biting her lip though not in concentration I had found her sweet spot and she was creaming my fingers.
She carried on driving and biting her lip and I carried on stroking and creaming her lips all of a sudden she stopped the buggy.
“You bastard” she said and kissed me while she unzipped my fly.
I was still stroking her creamy pussy as she pulled my cock out and her busy little fingers roughly tugged on my shaft
After a minute of two of this frenetic fondling Pandora slid over to my side of the buggy with her back to me, which left me to conclude that Pandy wanted rear entry.
So ever ready to oblige I got out of the buggy and dropped my trousers.
Pandora then slid right across the seat I pulled up the back of her dress and exposed a round silk clad arse.
I got my fingers under the waistband and prepared to pull them off her buttocks.
“No leave my knickers on darling” she pleaded “go up my leg again, like before, I really loved that”
So I hooked my thumb inside the leg of her knickers and pulled the silk panties to one side to expose her moist cunny.
I slid my stiff shaft between her eager lips and as I went in up to my balls, breath left her like air escaping through a valve and the harder I pumped the courser the breath.
Only one thing was missing for me so I unzipped the back of her dress.
Pandora turned her head and gave me a smile and rose up onto her elbows so I could cup her globes as i was in and out of her.
Pandy was almost spent and all she could do was emit low rasping moans in response to my penetrations but I drove on and on.
And as she went rigid beneath my loins she rallied all her remaining strength she screamed into the night.
“OORRRRR” and then a second later as my cock twitched and pulsed inside her welcoming minge.
Then she collapsed forward, totally and literally shagged.
With my hands on her hips I stayed in her a moment longer while I admired the spent sensual being impaled on my cock.
I don’t know what it is but there is something very powerful about being inside a woman from behind.

After she had redressed herself, i.e. rearranged her silk drawers and hidden away her magnificent tits I said
“Well good night then”
“What?” she said with panic in her voice “Don’t leave me”
I smiled at her
“You bastard” she said and slapped me
“Do you really think I would just leave you here?”
“No” she said hugging me “But you’re still a bastard”
Pandora lived at the other end of the village, her rather grand house backed onto the 3rd green.
So we trundled across the course in the buggy, me driving this time Pandora next to me with her arm through mine, wearing my jacket again.
We stopped right in the trees by the third green and I walked her through the woods to her back gate we paused in the darkness and kissed a long sensual kiss.
“You’re not going to avoid me again are you?”
“No, never again”
Suddenly she panicked
“I can’t go home carrying my under things” she said
So she stuffed them in my dinner jacket pocket
“I will collect them from you tomorrow, no peeking”
I stood looking at her smiling
“What’s the matter?”
“My jacket?” I said
“Oh yes, silly me”
She took off the jacket and gave me one final kiss and she was gone I watched her safely to her back door and then got back on the buggy.
“Well” I thought to myself “that’s your first Summer Ball”
And Pandora was a truly great Summer Ball come to think of it she’d be great any time of year.

Late on Sunday afternoon Pandora was just leaving through the front door of my cottage, carrying her unmentionables in a carrier bag, as Georgia was coming up the path
A couple of minutes earlier and she’d have caught us snogging in the porch
I did peek at the items in Pandora’s bag, one was a body shaper and the others were sticky breast lifts.
“Hello Georgia” she said hoarsely
“Oh dear Pandora, your voice sounds awful”
“It must have been the night air,” she said
Screaming orgasms in the night air more like I thought.
“Bye you two,” she hoarsely called trotting down the path “and thanks for last night Simon”
“What was that all about?” Georgia said
“Oh helping to get the old lushes home last night,” I said smiling.
“Come on in and I’ll tell you all about it”
And you can also have the benefit of the erection Pandora just gave me.

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