Friday, 13 July 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 07) A Brief Encounter

It was Saturday morning and July had arrived and furthermore it had delivered us a very hot day, the hottest day of the year so far.
I had been ordered to take a few days off from the writing and Georgia had arranged for us to take her two younger sisters swimming in Kiddingstone which was great fun.
We had to do it in the morning as I had to meet Camilla Petersen at the at the Oak Park Hotel at lunchtime, she had called me the previous day about my Uncles estate and said that everything was wrapped up now, we just needed to meet to sign some papers and then it would all be settled.
Camilla said rather than drag me up to London again we could meet in Kiddingstone as she was going to be in the area anyway.
I was disappointed in a way because I thought I might be able to wind up her prudish receptionist again. No matter.

Georgia and I were sat in the Woodman’s Inn beer garden discussing the weekend.
Georgia raised an eye brow when I told her about the hotel meeting.
“Well that’s just the perfect scenario for a dirty old man” she said tongue in cheek.
“Not so much of the old” I protested
“Its alright I don’t mind you shagging other women”
Now it was my turn to raise an eyebrow
“I know you do so don’t bother trying to deny it” she said sternly
“I don’t need to know who they are,”
I went to speak but she stopped me
“However I have the following conditions first you never touch my sisters” she said before adding
“Or my mother”
Her sisters were far too young to be candidates for my lust but I hadn’t considered her Mother, she was still an attractive woman.
“And as long as when you’re with me I have your undivided attention”
“Can I look at other women when were together?” I asked
“And can I have lustful thoughts about them?”
“Only if I get the benefit of any resulting erection”
I was just digesting what she had said when I caught site of the barmaid Mandy collecting glasses and at that precise moment she bent over to pick up an empty glass and flashed her thronged twat to the whole garden.
“So if the sight of Amanda Beaumont’s knickers wakes up the beast I get to tame it”
Well that seemed clear enough.

Anyway I had to leave Georgia and the girls swimming in the pool and go and get changed.
It was a very modern facility with modern unisex changing rooms with two long rows of cubicles’ flanked by lockers.
I liked the idea that when I was in a cubicle drying my tackle there was only an inch of MDF separating me from some naked lass drying her young fanny.
I was in a cubicle getting dressed, I only had my shirt left to put on and I could suddenly hear some familiar voices nearby.
The first one was right out side my cubicle door
“Come on Shushu” the voice said it was Aunty Anjuli from the corner shop.
So the other voice had to be the lovely Shulah
“I’m nearly ready Aunty; you go on without me and I will catch you up” Said Shulah
The lovely Shulah from the corner shop was only a few yards away from me wearing a swimsuit.
“Ok I will see you in a minute” Anjuli said moving away.
I left it for a moment or two, listening intently to see if I could detect any movement and when I thought I could hear her close the locker door and pad along the tiled floor I open my door and found I had timed it to perfection as Shulah was right there wearing a black one piece swimsuit and clutching a towel.
“Hello Shushu” I said still stripped to the waist
“Oh Simon” she flustered not quite knowing what to do
“I didn’t know you came here” I said
“Yes we try to do it every month”
I was casting an appreciative eye over her swim suited figure where the expected pert little breasts were there for all to see.
She blushed when she noticed me looking at her titties but made no move to cover them up,
Trying to cover her embarrassment and failing she said
“Do you come here often?”
We both laughed.
“Who’s running the shop this morning if you and Anjuli are both here?” I asked her
“Maisie and Omid” she said
“How is Maisie doing?”
“Very well, she’s a very hard worker; I have to force her to go home”
“That’s because she doesn’t have much of a home to go to” I thought, but I was glad she was doing well.
But none of this could distract me from Shushu’s tits. Or her big black eyes from my naked torso.
“Wow it’s really nice to see out of that shapeless robe” I said
“You look so good”
This made her quite flustered so as I stared into her eyes I took her hand and pulled her gently into the cubicle, closed the door behind her and secured it.
“Auntie will wonder where I am” she said feebly
I ignored her and before she could speak again I kissed her and the moment my lips touched hers she locked onto my mouth like a limpet and her arms gripped me around the neck like a bear trap.
It was a warm liquid kiss with hot tongues of passion.
My hands caressed up and down her skinny frame repeatedly ending up on her tight little buttocks.
I sat down on the little bench so she was above me, kissing down into my mouth, her tongue like a striking serpent in and out of me, lips still locked limpet like on mine, nostril snorting in air.
My hands continued their travels up and down her rear aspect but I knew all the interesting stuff was at the front of the property so I steered her skinny frame until it was in a position where I could sit her down on my lap.
At the moment her bony little arse made contact with my lap our mouths disengaged briefly and she gave me a toothy smile and locked onto me again.
I now had one arm around her shoulder and the opposite hand on her waist which I slid slowly up to cup her breast; she drew in a sharp sighing breath through her nose as I fondled her breast through her swimsuit.
I fondled her little tit for a few minutes, which was nice but I wanted more.
My hand left her breast and went up to her shoulder and grasped the strap.
We stopped kissing and she dropped her arms to her sides and let me pull the shoulder straps down and then she wriggled her skinny arms out one at a time but held the front of the swimsuit in place with her spare hand.
Then she kissed me again briefly before wrapping her arms around me and burying her face in my neck.
Which was when the front of her swimsuit flopped down to finally reveal the two beautiful chocolate confections previously hidden.
They sat there and quivered before my libidinous eyes like little brown muffins topped by large chocolate brown nipples.
As my hand cupped her naked breast and played with her hardening nipples her arms gripped tighter and though her face was still buried deep in my neck I could still hear her murmur.
When I began tiring of her titties I moved my playful hand down across her belly and inside her costume, her body stiffened as my hand progressed but she didn’t resist or halt my progress.
My fingers then disappeared inside the folds of her costume until they reached the coarse hair of her Minge where they dallied before finding her prominent mound and then into the abyss of her cunny, hot and creamy she let out a little “Hmmm” of pleasure at my touch and she grabbed her towels and buried her face in it to stifle any further exclamation, of which there were many as I stroked her gorgeous wet pussy.
I continued stroking her juicy cunny bringing her closer and closer to orgasm until she screamed out, audible even through the towel, as she came beneath my touch.
Her thigh’s closed on my hand at the point of climax trapping my hand but my finger were still between her lips and I would have liked to taken her further with my frigging and then finish her with my shaft but I was already late for my meeting and she would be missed by Aunt Anjuli but I knew even before she kissed me a soft and gentle kiss this was only the beginning for us.
I watched as she redressed her lovely titties and then we had an affectionate farewell kiss and I opened the door and she went in search of Anjuli.

I was a few minutes late when I walked up to the Oak Park Hotel I hadn’t been in their before but it clearly wasn’t in the £19 a night category.
I walked into reception and at once spotted Camilla sitting in one of the luxurious arm chairs a very pretty young woman a year or two my senior.
I thought to myself she is definitely on the “yes I would” list and would have been even if I hadn’t just been fondling Shulah half an hour earlier.
She stood up when she saw me and offered her hand to me in greeting with a broad smile and a hearty hello and I accepted them gladly.
Her hand was soft and smooth like silk and she gripped mine firmly and in my large paw her little hand was almost like that of a child.
I apologized for my tardiness but she brushed it off.
Pleasantries were exchanged and then she turned away and bade me follow.
I followed her exotic heady fragrance out through the door and down a long the corridor I followed mesmerized by her form and admiring of its perfection.
I had admired her rather delightful arse once before when we met at her offices but today if anything it was even better.
As she strode down the corridor her straight brown hair cascaded onto her shoulders and danced softly there in time with her movement.
She was immaculately dressed in a fitted white silk blouse tucked into the waist of grey flared skirt which complemented her slender frame perfectly her narrow waist and the flaring of her skirt accentuating her hips.
Her pert round buttocks contained within the tailored skirt were quite hypnotic and her shapely legs clad in black stockings, if I was not mistaken, and the ensemble finished off with four-inch heels.
To be honest after my grope with Shulah in the cubicle I needed little persuasion to rise to the occasion but after following Camilla down that corridor I was loaded and ready to fire.
Her wonderful plummy tones accompanied me all the way down the corridor until we finally arrived at our destination it was a small meeting room very plush all wood paneling and leather upholstery.
There was a briefcase and a pile of legal papers on the desk which was to be expected but I can tell you I was not expecting what happened next. She drew back the blind at one end of the room and the sunlight spilled through the window and illuminated her form through the white silk, the sudden transparency left nothing at all to the imagination but just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything she turned first left then right which caused the illumination of her fine unrestrained breasts for me to see perfectly.
All the while this floor show was going on she carried on chatting away in a professional solicitorial manner and then as she closed the blind clearly delighted with the effect she had achieved and walked towards me quite deliberately catching the vent on her skirt momentarily on the edge of the desk showing A glimpse of her stocking top confirming my earlier suspicions.
She was working very hard to seduce me with all of these choreographed moves and she really didn’t have to.
After the warm up with Shulah in the changing rooms I’d have fucked her in reception after hello.
Camilla finally sat down in one of the high backed leather armchairs, opened her briefcase and quickly removed a pen.
Picking up the document from the desk she quickly went through the salient points, leaned forward for me get another good look at her breasts, a couple of signatures and our business was concluded.
At our last meeting she assured me that everything would be tied up with a bow in the coming few weeks.
Well after she had put the papers back in her briefcase, her hand came back out holding lengths of white legal ribbon so it seemed that when she said everything would be tied up with a bow she wasn’t joking.
Camilla got out of her seat and walked behind the chair I was sitting in and when she reappeared she was minus her skirt and her blouse was unbuttoned.
I gave her a good look over and my final appraisal was one of disappointment.
White silk blouse no bra, faultless
The four inch heels and black stockings, very nice indeed, but they were hold ups, stocking go with suspenders,
I then I noticed as she moved around in front of me and the open silk blouse wafted open, I noticed two things which are major point droppers,
First she had a butterfly tattooed on her hip, desecration as far as I’m concerned and second she had trimmed her bush to leave a small square of hair above her mound which quite frankly looked like Adolph Hitler’s moustache.
She sat down facing me, perching on my knees, and legs astride me, unzipped my fly and tugged out my cock which she toyed with roughly.
“Touch me Simon” she said
She was one of those, I thought, a giver of instructions but I roughly frigged her pussy anyway.
I tried to kiss her
“No don’t kiss me” she said which pissed me off, I liked kissing,
“Rub me Simon” she ordered
“Rub me hard”
This went on for a while I couldn’t say how long it was all a bit tedious really.
Then she got up and took off her blouse and bent down to pick up her ribbons.
She handed them to me and said
“Restrain me Simon, tie me down and punish me”
“Oh God” I said to myself “Bloody games”
I’m not really a game player I like uniforms and sexy underwear, those kind of titillations but basically I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy I like a good bit of foreplay and then bang.
So I grabbed her arm and marched her behind one of the leather chairs
“Oh yes be rough with me Simon”
That was something that was really getting on my nerves I really didn’t like Instructions.
So quite violently I tipped her forwards over the back of the leather chair so she pivoted on it at the waist.
Then I tied her wrists too tightly to the chairs front legs.
That was when I noticed another tattoo, this time a red rose on the cheek of her arse.
Her magnificent long stockinged legs left dangling over the chair back didn’t even reach the floor.
So I yanked her shoes off and through them across the room then I tied her leg one at a time to the chairs back left resulting in restricting her movement and pulling her cunny open.
My trousers kept falling down so I got rid of them and it was so hot in that room I took everything else off as well.
I looked at her bent over the chair and she looked nicely moist and I thought about noshing her, I do like a good nosh but I kept noticing her tash and that put me right off..
So I slapped her arse instead which made a very satisfactory sound and left a lovely bright red hand print.
“Oh yes punish me”
So I slapped her again
“Oh yes spank me Simon”
Slap, slap
“Spank me harder”
Slap, slap
“Spank me faster”
“That’s it” I said and walked round and grabbed her by the hair pulling her head up so she could see me.
“Shut up with the fucking instructions” I said and then I stuck my cock in her mouth
“Chomp on that for a bit and give my ears a rest”
It crossed my mind to just fuck her in the skull and get out of there.
Instead I withdrew from her mouth and I heard her slurp and she dribbled some saliva on the floor.
“Dirty cow” I said
“Yes I am dirty Simon” she said “punish me”
The posh plummy tones of her voice which I found so very seductive were now getting right on my tits.
So I went back in her mouth again and gave her five good deep throated lengths.
I pulled it out of her gob again and she slurped and dribbled again.
I went back behind her and pushed two fingers into her cunny and frigged her quite savagely.
“Spank me Simon” she begged
“Spank me”
God almighty would she never get the fucking message?
Then I had an idea so I got two fingers well and truly greased up with her cum and then I screwed both fingers up her anus.
She let out a sharp yell when they first went into her but then she was just panting through clenched teeth
I thought to myself with satisfaction “try barking out orders through gritted teeth Camilla darling”.
So while I frigged her arse hole with two fingers of my right hand I inserted two fingers of my left up her cunny hole and rubbed her with my thumb simultaneously.
While all that was happening I thought two things first I am really going to need to employ the nail brush tonight and the second thing was that she was having a fit or something.
She was arching her back, her long legs were jerking, her whole body was drenched in sweat and she was almost howling like a wolf through her gritted teeth.
I redoubled my efforts on her behalf and I frigged her harder and harder.
Then she did something I have never been a party to before, I’d heard about it but I’d never actually seen it
She squirted, in fact she squirted rather a lot, and it came out of her like a jet from a fountain.
Her cunny looked like the Mannequin Pis.
So I withdrew from both orifices as she continued dripping her juices onto the carpet.
Then she started again
“Oh Simon that was wonderful”
“Now do this”
“Now do that”
First of all I picked up her grey skirt and wiped my fingers very thoroughly on the front of it where it would definitely show.
Then I went to the desk grabbed her briefcase and emptied its contents all over the table.
“What are you doing?”
“You mustn’t goo in there that’s private”
“For fuck sake shut up”
Now on the table were the signed papers as previously mentioned?’
A pair of flat shoes, black
A pair of tights, black, slightly soiled
A white bra, lacy
A pair of knickers, black, heavily soiled
I picked up the tights while she was still going on about invading her privacy.
I grabbed her by the hair again
“You need to stop giving me instructions ok?”
She nodded
“Now I just made you squirt like a fountain”
“You have never done that before have you?”
She shook her head
“So why in the name of Venus would I need you to tell me what to do”?
“Sorry Simon” she said
“Right open your mouth wide”
She quickly obliged expecting me to give her my cock again but instead I poked the soiled gusset of her tights in her mouth and gagged her, tying the legs behind her head in a bow.
Then I picked up one of the flat shoes and right in front of her face smacked in hard on my palm, her eyes widened like saucers.
Then I returned to her arse end and with the shoe in my right hand I raised it and began.
“No kissing” I said
“I like kissing”
“A white bra”
“With black knickers”
“Do you have no class?”
“A tattoo on your hip”
“A tattoo on tour arse”
“Trimming your bush”
“Either grow it”
“Or wax it”
I was sure to spread my blows to ensure the colour and pain where well distributed
“Hold ups”
“No suspenders”
I paused
“Seriously you do the stockings which look great on your fabulous legs but then you decide on taking a short cut
Talk about spoiling the ship for a ha’porth of tar”
Whack, whack
“To look”
“Like Adolph Hitler’s top lip”
Whack, whack, whack
And then she came though she didn’t squirt this time but she was definitely oozing.
I can tell that at that point I was not intoxicated by her sweet perfume or enveloped in her intoxicating scent
There was a fragrance lingering but it was not something you’d want to put behind your ears.
It was now time for me, I had a bit of a ball ache and a decent erection but this wouldn’t go down as one of the greats.
So I just plugged in and fucked her hard. banging her harder and harder until the chair moved. I wasn’t worried about satisfying her I just wanted to fuck her until I shot my load.
And when I was on the very precipice of ejaculation I pulled out of her slobbering cunny and I spaffed my seed all over her purple buttocks.
I was panting quite hard and leant against the wall momentarily to catch my breath and I could see my cum dripping off her bruised cheeks and dribbling down her stockings.
I thought to myself
“You may have looked quite classy when you walked in here Camilla but you’ll look like a chavvy slag on the way out”
And I picked up her pristine white silk blouse and wiped my cock and balls on it.
Then I got dressed and picked up my copies of the signed documents from the table.
I had thought of just leaving Camilla lying sluttish-ly bent over the chair for the Hotel cleaners to find but I though better of it and undid the ribbons binding her wrists but I left her prone, to figure out how to get up.
Then I slapped her hard on the arse one more time and left.
Normally after a shag I feel ten feet tall, and there are numerous aspects of a carnal event that live in the memory wank bank,
To be recalled on those occasions when you need to relieve yourself, however this particular encounter will not be remembered fondly and even the squirting failed to make the wank bank.
I did though pop bank into the room long enough to take a snapshot on my phone of her sopping, spent form draped over the leather chair like a slutty rag doll, just as a memento of my achievement.

Later that evening as I sat in the Woodman’s Inn beer garden with Georgia my phone buzzed, I picked it up and saw that I had a voice mail, I selected listen now.
“Simon, Camilla Petersen here, just wanted to touch base with you, I thought it was a very fruitful meeting today and I feel it might be mutually beneficial if we were to meet again, soon. Call me on...”
“I don’t think so” I said and deleted it.
“Who was that”? Georgia asked
“Its just one of those “Have you been miss sold PPP? We can help” calls”

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