Monday, 3 June 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 83) Love On The Orient Express (Part One)

On Thursday morning I packed my suitcase for the trip and then as a result of an interesting few days I found myself in a rich vein of creativity, I spent the rest of the day writing until I took myself off to bed.

9 o’clock the next morning my lift to the airport arrived, I picked up my bags and opened the door to find, not Claire Andrews but Olivia Adamson.
“Taxi for Fisher” she said
“What’s going on?” I asked “I wasn’t expecting to see you today, what happened to Claire”
“She’s still out on a call” she replied “so she asked me to do it instead”
“Ok then lead on” I said and closed the door behind me
As she drove me to the airport I said
“This is very kind of you, I owe you one”
“Good” she replied, “The usual payment terms will be applied”

Marly-le-Roi was situated on the Seine River near Versailles and quite a taxi ride from Charles De Gaulle Airport.
When I reached the Auberge I checked in and went up to the room and after freshening up I went down to the bar to wait for the others.
As I sat in the bar waiting I reflected on how much I was looking forward to seeing Georgia, I had missed her terribly even though she had been gone for less than a week and I had busied myself in my normal way.
It may also have been the fact that we were going away together on our first proper holiday.
I was so lucky to have her in my life; there was a point when I thought I would lose her when she gave me an ultimatum to change my lascivious ways.
But she had never again questioned my behavior in regard to other women, which I must admit I then took as tacit approval.
I had tried to change but in the end I saw no harm in taking whatever opportunities presented themselves providing I was discreet.
But I did miss Georgie when we were apart.
They arrived about an hour later and the twins excitedly regaled me of tales of their trip while the others had a well-earned rest and a stiff drink and then after lunch I took the twins swimming while the other three had a siesta.

That night we let the twins chose the venue and we went to a Chinese buffet restaurant.
Then thankfully about 9 o’clock they finally ran out of steam and it was grownup time and when her parents retired for the night and I finally got to express my happiness at having her back.

The next morning we all got on a sightseeing boat up the Seine into the city and then the girls all went off shopping while Geoff and I did the cultural stuff.
Then we all met up again after lunch and did the touristy stuff together, the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, Montmartre then we caught the boat back to Marly.
That evening we ate at a more grown up establishment, a 3 Michelin starred foodie’s heaven.
Wasted on the twins it has to be said but for the rest of us it was divine.

On Sunday morning we all went to the local Church and I must admit I rather enjoyed the experience despite the fact we didn’t understand a word being said.
We did happen to meet up with some fellow Brits who were equally confused so we joined them for a coffee.

After lunch Geoff and Laura went off to pack while we took the twins to the local park.
When we returned Geoff had the car loaded so we said our goodbyes and waved them off.
Georgia and I then spent the afternoon very decadently in our room.

Having spent the afternoon working up an appetite Georgia demanded to be fed and wanted to go to a local bistro and pig out.
I told her no but she could have a sandwich to keep her going until suppertime.
“Where are we eating supper?” she asked
“It’s a surprise” I replied
“I don’t like surprises” she said sulkily
All weekend Georgia had pestered me to tell her where we were going.
And I refused to tell her or give her any clues and it was driving her mad.
“Will I like it?” she asked
“Yes” I said
“Oh please tell me,” she begged
“Right let’s get packed” I said and got up
Getting packed distracted her for a while but she started again the minute we got in the taxi.
“Gare de l'Est s'il vous plait” I said
“Oui monsieur” the driver replied
“What was that?” she said “where did you say?”

We disembarked outside the grand fa├žade and the driver unloaded the bags.
“Merci” I said as I settled the fare.
“Where are we?” Georgia asked staring up at the magnificent frontage.
I signaled to a porter
“L’Orient-Express s'il vous plait” I said
“Oui monsieur” the porter replied and loaded the bags onto his trolley.
“What?” Georgia said, “What did you say?”
“Come on this way, follow the porter” I instructed and took hold of her arm.
When we got to the gate I handed the guard my tickets and our passports.
When I turned around Georgia was standing open mouthed, staring at the sign.

“We’re going on The Orient-Express?” she asked in a faltering voice.
“Yes” I replied and she started crying
“I’m sorry,” she said wiping her eyes
“It’s such a wonderful surprise”
“I thought you didn’t like surprises?” I asked
“I lied” she replied and hugged me and whispered “Can we do it on the train?”
“Oh yes” I replied

As we followed the porter along the platform we got our first sight of “the train against which all other luxury trains are measured” It was a magnificent sight and was like stepping back in time to the heyday of Art Deco and a more gracious elegant age of travel.
The porter loaded our bags onto the train and the steward helped us to our vintage double cabin.
While I was settling with the porter and the steward Georgia excitedly explored our cabin.
It was set up, as a lounge area with a banquette sofa and a small table and in one corner she found hidden behind a door was a luxurious wash station, a washbasin with hot and cold water, plump fluffy towels and a selection of toiletries.
The only thing we didn’t have was our own toilet as that was situated at the end of the carriage.
We started to get ourselves settled in when Georgia said urgently
“Have you got your tablet with you?”
“Yes” I replied, “it’s in my bag”
“Great” she said “I want to Skype mum and dad”
She rummaged in my bag and hurried outside and down to the platform.
“We depart in 5 minutes Mam’selle” the steward called after her
I followed her out along the corridor
“5 minutes only monsieur” the steward said to me
“No problem” I said “she’s just a bit excited”
“Look where we are mum” she shouted as she aimed the tablet at the train and panned along the full length of the beautifully liveried rolling stock.
The steward came to the door and tapped his watch so I guided her back towards the train.
“We’re going on the train now” she shouted to her mum

Georgia gave her mum and dad the full tour of the cabin up until the train departed and then she said
“I’m so excited I need to pee”
She would have taken the tablet with her if I hadn’t taken it from her
“Your mum doesn’t need to watch you pee,” I said
I turned the screen towards me and said
“Hi Laura”
“Hello Simon, I’ve never seen her so excited” Laura said
“I know” I said, “I don’t know how I’m going to calm her down”
“She was so excited she didn’t say where you were going,” she said
“Well I haven’t told her yet,” I told her and quickly checked Georgia was out of earshot
“We’re going to Venice first, staying for three nights and then we’ll take the train back via Prague where we’ll stay for two nights”
“How wonderful “Laura said, “And Georgia doesn’t know?”
“Not a thing” I replied I heard a sound from the corridor and stuck my head out the door just in time to see Georgie closing the toilet door.
“That’s Georgia coming back”
“Ok well I’m ready for my bed,” she said just as Georgie arrived back
“Oh are you going?” Georgia asked
“Yes it’s my bed time” Laura said
“Bye bye darling have a lovely time and take lots of pictures, love you both”
“Bye mum” Georgie said, “I love you too”
“Does she know where we’re going?” she asked me suspiciously
“How would she know?” I asked and was spared any further interrogation by a knock on the door
When I opened it, it was the steward
“Dinner is being served in the dining car whenever you are ready” he said
“Thank you Pierre” I said and closed the door
“Right let’s get dressed” I said

Half an hour later we made our way to the “L'Oriental” Dining Car a Birmingham build Pullman car beautifully decorated in the Art Deco style, where we were wined and dined on a sumptuous four-course dinner.
When we sat down in the elegant carriage Georgia said
“I don’t want much I’m far too excited to eat”
Well four courses and a lot of wine later we waddled our way back to our cabin, which in our absence had been transformed, into a cosy bedroom with the banquette sofa now having given way to two single bunks.
We were both too tired, too full of gourmet food and too drunk to christen the bunks in the manner in which we would have liked so I helped her up into the top bunk and within ten minutes we were both asleep.

The next morning just after first light I had to get up to the toilet, I didn’t bother dressing and I trotted down the corridor in my pants.
When I returned to the cabin I quietly closed the door and was just tiptoeing across the room when I spied in the early morning light Georgia’s naked buttock protruding from beneath her blanket.
I dallied by the bunk as I felt myself rising in unison with the sun and I leant in and kissed her plump cheek and the stirring continued.
I caressed her bare cheek and then followed the contours towards her crevice and probed gently between her lips.
At my first touch she was no more than moist but she lathered up very nicely as I stroked her and she began moaning softly into her pillow.
As she warmed to my rhythmic touch and her muffled moans emanated from her pillow I penetrated her with two fingers and frigged her quickly until she came.
After I had withdrawn my wet fingers from her hot pussy she swung her legs over the side and slid off her bunk so I could dispatch her on the lower bunk.
But as she slithered downwards with her legs flailing I took the initiative, I wrapped an arm around her waist and impatiently speared her before her feet could hit the floor.
I supported her weight with my left arm wrapped around her middle while my right hand grasped the edge of the bunk to give me some purchase while I fucked her.
But after a couple of strokes Georgie planted her feet on the bottom bunk and held tightly onto the top one and moaned uncontrollably as I pummelled her.
Her gorgeous little cheeks were slapping against my belly like waves lapping against the side of a boat.
She was so hot, so tight and so juicy and with every penetration she let out little high-pitched grunts.
I could feel myself on the threshold as Georgia bobbed up and down on me like a monkey on a stick.
And then with a scream of satisfaction she went rigid, but I pressed on with the assault until I too climaxed and exploded inside her sweet cunny.

While we sat in the post coital afterglow cuddling on my bunk we looked out at the magnificent scenery of the Swiss Alps, then a few minutes later there was a knock on the door when I opened it, it was our breakfast being delivered to the cabin.

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