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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 78) Good News Week (Part Two)

After a glorious celebratory shag with Molly in the Kitchen, always a delight to engage with her shaven haven, I only had time for a quick sandwich before driving to High Wycombe to pick up Anne who had been staying with a succession of friends before she had to return to Khartoum.
Courtesy of the SatNav I found the address with ease and after a quick cuppa we were soon on our way.
As I drove I realized it was the same route from High Wycombe I had taken with
Pandora after our St Andrews Day adventure but apart from the obvious trouser tickle I got from the reminiscence of Pandora that weekend.
I was then struck with the realization of how thankful I was that the house would have a visitor again even if it was just for a couple of days.
Anne and I ate together on Wednesday evening and then she enthusiastically reviewed her sojourn and spared no detail in the telling.

On Thursday I spent the morning with Georgia, well for a few hours anyway before she had to get back to work.
But she was a bit down, at first I thought she must have the painters in but she was as horny as hell and I had to shag her in the utility room while Anne was watching Loose Women on TV in the lounge.
It was while she was putting her knickers back on that she told me what the problem was.
“Snipe says the ballroom is booked on the Saturday either side of our anniversary date” she said and started to sob. “She said we could have it if there’s a cancelation, but that’s not likely is it”
The Snipe she was referring to was the commercial manager at the Golf Club Agnes Snipe.
I comforted her the best I could but I couldn’t tell her how, but I knew precisely how to ensure a cancellation and subsequently secure the booking.
Which I thought I might try and accomplish at the weekend while she was away.
“It’ll be ok,” I said

I walked Georgia to work and I made sure that I made eye contact with her boss who smiled knowingly at me.
When I had kissed Georgia goodbye I went in search of Snipe and I found her headed towards her office.
“Hello Agnes” I said
“Oh hello Simon” she replied a little flustered.
“Are you keeping busy?” I asked
“Yes very busy” Snipe replied
“Do you still burn the midnight oil?” I asked her
“Yes I do” she replied with a blush “Especially on a Saturday night”
“I’ll bear that in mind Agnes” I said
Then I walked back across the course on my way to Mahajaks to see Shula as instructed.
I had to admit I was a little intrigued, but when I got to the shop it was obvious to see that Shula and Alois had something to share.
“Simon” she said excitedly and ran towards me.
“Simon” she said again “Alois darling Simon’s here”
“Simon” Alois said as he offered his hand
“We wanted you to be the first to know” Shula said and then danced excitedly on the spot, then after a quick glance at Alois they said together
“We are engaged”
“Isn’t it wonderful?” Aunt Anjuli said
And not for the first time that week I found myself saying

When I left the happy group in the shop I walked home and freshened up before driving Anne to the Golf Club where Pandora and Judith had arranged a farewell lunch for her before she flew back to Khartoum on the next day.
When we walked into the club the other guests were already there.
They were all people whom she had come to know as a result of her sister Katy’s illness and passing, the Vicar, Robert Hunter and his faience Tilly, Molly who organized all the nursing care, Pandora, Judith and the practice manager Olivia Adamson.
There was however one notable absentee, Dr Claire Andrews who was not only the clinical lead on Katy’s care but was also her friend.
Once we were all settled at the table and the wine was flowing I asked Olivia where Claire was.
“Something came up” she replied which to me felt very much like a brush off.
I didn’t say anything though I just bided my time and kept her wine glass topped up.
By the time the coffee arrived she was totally bladdered and she dropped her guard.
“So where did you say Claire was?” I asked her casually
“She’s seeing a specialist” she replied
“Really?” I asked “Why?”
“Because of the lump” Olivia answered
“What lump?” I asked her directly
“Oh god I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone” Olivia said and put her head in her hands.
“Everything ok over there?” Pandora asked
“Too much wine” I replied and laughed
“I’ll take her outside for some fresh air”
Once outside I sat her at one of the tables and said sharply
“Now tell me everything”

After Olivier had spilled the beans completely I told her to call me as soon as she knew what was happening.
But just as we were returning to the meal her mobile rang.
She took it out of her bag and looked at the screen.
“It’s Claire,” she said
I nodded to her to answer it, which she did.
When she had finished she put her phone away and too my unasked question she said
“She’s at the breast clinic”
“And?” I asked
“She’s having a scan” Olivia said “She’s seeing the specialist again tomorrow lunchtime for the results”
“Ok” I said and we went back to the table.

The next morning I was up very early so I could drive a very sleepy headed Georgia to Roehampton.
I had risen early in both senses of the term thinking I might start the day by skewering my girlfriend.
But she rebuffed my advances
“I’m too sleepy Simon,” she said
She was going to a gig on Saturday night with her housemates; it was a kind of end of term celebration.
The house was empty when we got there; I took her bags up to her room while Georgia went into the kitchen to make coffee.
I put the cases on her bed and went back downstairs.
As I got to the bottom I called out to her
“I don’t think I’m going to have time for coffee”
“Oh ok” Georgia called from the kitchen “You’d better come and say goodbye then”
“Where are you?” I shouted
“I’m in the kitchen” she called back so I walked down the hall and into the kitchen and found Georgia lying draped across the kitchen table like an erotic buffet completely naked casually teasing a large pink nipple with one hand and fingering herself with the other.
“Do you have enough time for some of this?” she asked
“Always” I replied as I un-trousered my stirring beast.
“I thought you were too sleepy for a shag,” I said
“I’ve woken up now” she replied
“So I can see,” I said as I watched her busy fingers vigorously frigging herself.
And I stood there looking down on her, keenly watching her small fingers, wet with her juice, slipping and sliding her to orgasm as I tugged on my cock.
When she had writhed and wriggled herself to orgasm and then she lustily sucked the tangy grease from her fingers I grabbed her by the knees and dragged her horny carcass towards my waiting cock.
Having pulled her pussy to the edge of the table Georgia’s cunny was presented to me at perfect cock height so I wasted no time at all in spearing her.
“Oh God Simon” She moaned, “That feels so good”
I withdrew but so impatient was she that Georgia wrapped her long legs around me and pulled me back into her.
She moaned loudly and smiled smugly at how clever she had been in making me skewer her again.
Then I gave her another one and her hands gripped the sides of the table to brace herself.
Georgie gave great panting moans with each stroke and her head rolled from side to side as the frenetic pace quickened.
The table legs began to screech on the tiled floor and her knuckles showed white as gripped the table harder with each thrust.
I had to grip the table myself to try and halt its progress across the kitchen floor.
Her chest was heaving up and down as she neared the end and her moans had long since merged into one continuous whorish wail until her face contorted into an orgasmic grimace as her back arched and her whole body shuddered in a climactic crescendo and I lost control and in short pumping spasms I shot.
When I looked down at the sweaty panting wreck I thought the erotic buffet now looked like it had been well and truly enjoyed.
As it most certainly had been and by the time I had put the last length into her pussy the table had moved two feet from its original position.

When we had finally stopped panting she said
“Now you may go about your business” and released me from the grip of her legs and I withdrew from her.
“Cheeky mare” I said and lifted her legs and spanked her arse.
She let out a yelp as my hand slapped a red handprint on her cheek but then she chuckled.

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