Monday, 13 May 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 74) Anniversaries (Part One)

In the early hours of the morning after the funeral, when Olivia Adamson slipped out of my bed I was left completely fatigued.
But I was also left with a newfound appreciation of a woman who prior to that day had not in any way appeared on my sexual radar.
She had over recent months earned my respect and admiration regarding all things surrounding Katy’s last months but she had never “rang my bell” in a sexual way.
It just goes to show you should never say never I suppose.

Later that same morning I awoke refreshed and at peace but when I walked into the kitchen the sight that I beheld was not a pretty one.
Anne was sitting at the kitchen table nursing a black coffee and judging by the fact she looked like there was to be another death in the family, a pretty savage hangover.
“Oh my goodness” I said
“Shhh” she gestured “have some respect for the dead”
The day after the funeral Anne was planning to go away for a few days to visit friends in various parts of the country before her return to Khartoum.
But after her over indulgence the day before, she was in no fit state to go anywhere except back to her bed.
She was adamant that she should not let people down but I persuaded her to phone her friends and delay her departure until the next morning, she could even delay her flight home as she had an open ticket, that way she could still get to see everyone.
Eventually she saw the sense in what I was saying and after a handful of phone calls she went back to bed.

So it was on Thursday morning with Anne restored to her pre binge best, full of vim and vigour and ready to take on the world, that I set her off on her journey by driving her to Godalming in the car I had hired for the week for the first leg of her sojourn.
Once I returned home I found the house eerily quiet and I didn’t much like it all but I was spared my own company for a little while at least by a visit from my next door neighbour Judith Hunt who called round to ask me if I was going to lunch at the club the next day.
As much as I loved the lunch club with the girls I didn’t really feel much like socializing so I said
“No I don’t think so”
Judith gave me a look so I added
“I have to put the house back together”
“But its Pandy’s birthday” she insisted, “You have to come”
“Well we’ll see,” I said, “if I get finished in time”
“That means no then,” she said crossly
“It means if I get finished in time” I said
“Hmmm” she said as she was leaving with obvious disbelieve but she kissed me anyway and added.
“Please come you’ll enjoy it”
“We’ll see,” I reiterated
It wasn’t really a lie I hadn’t yet put the room back together since the bed and stuff had been taken away, but I really didn’t fancy socialising.
I could have spent the rest of Thursday straightening the house bud I didn’t.

I was up early on Friday which was just as well as at 8 o’clock Pandora arrived at the house dressed in joggers and a T-shirt not her normal apparel at all in fact, I had never seen her dressed down to that degree and I was quite surprised that she actually owned a pair of joggers.
“What are you doing here?” I asked “on your birthday”
“I’ve come to help,” she said
“Help with what?” I asked puzzled
“The stuff that’s preventing you from coming to my birthday lunch” she said
“I did say I’d come if I was finished,” I said
“Well the sooner we get started the sooner we’ll be finished” Pandora said cheerily.

So we set to work, Pandora set about dusting and hovering the lounge while I started carrying things in from the garage.
And by eleven o’clock we were almost finished, there was just one small sofa to bring in and then we were done.
So the two of us set about the task and having maneuvered it through the hall and into the lounge all that was required was to push it into place and with both of us pushing it moved easily into position.
Which was when with the job done and me suitably position southwest of her casually clad arse I thought I might give her birthday present.
I put my hands on her shoulders and said
“Thanks Pand, I couldn’t have done this without you”
Pandora leant back against me and I kissed the top of her head, then I ran my hands slowly down from her shoulders until they were caressing her breasts.
She leant her head back so she could look up at me and said
“We haven’t got time for that” and smiled
“I think we do” I said and bent down and kissed her smiling lips
And as I did so I began pulling the front of her t-shirt up so I could get a better hold of her tits.
“Oh no you don’t” she said and leant forward pressing her tits against the back of the sofa, denying me access and giggling like a schoolgirl.
“Playing hard to get are we,” I said and quickly lifted the back of her shirt up and unfastened her bra
“You sneaky git” she said still laughing, but pressed her front even tighter against the furnishings denying me access to her un-holstered breasts.
So a change of tack was called for and I abandoned my quest for breast and got my hand inside her jogging bottoms instead, but Pandora instantly countered my new assault by pressing her pelvis up against the frame of the sofa and wouldn’t let me get to her minge.
There was only one option left to me, which was to spin her around and push her backwards on to sofa.
She was laughing as she span around and then let out a girlish yelp as she landed on her back.
Pandora’s legs were sticking up in the air so I grabbed one ankle so she couldn’t get up again and then yanked her joggers and pants off her arse before she knew what was happening.
From then on it was relatively simple to pull them off over her ankles despite the fact she was trying to kick her legs.
“We really don’t have time,” she said still giggling
“Well you’re almost naked now” I responded as I unbuttoned my trousers and pulled my cock from my pants and gave it a bit of a tug.
Pandora’s arse was parked on the arm of the sofa while her head and shoulders were on the seat pad, as a result her fanny was looking up at me.
As I immobilized her legs with one arm I placed my hand on her bush, combing her pubes with my fingers and slipping my thumb along her greasy crease.
Pandora stopped giggling at that point and moaned softly instead
“We’re going to be late for lunch” she purred as I rubbed her clit with my thumb.
“Then the sooner we get started the sooner we’ll be finished” I said using her own words against her as I plugged into her.
The moment my shaft was greased up to my balls I released Pandy’s legs and she relocated them either side of my head and crossed her ankles behind my neck.
There were no more protestations about a lack of time only murmurs and moans of pleasure as I entered her cozy cunt again and again.
As I banged her the sofa moved inch by inch across the room as her moans grew louder until right on cue when the sofa would move no further we both came.
I withdrew from her and waddled penguin like around the sofa and sat down on the seat next to panting Pandora and put my hand on her belly.
“Happy birthday” I said

We didn’t speak for the next 10 minutes or so we just panted and reflected on a job well done.
That was until Pandora stretched and sighed, as she lay in the same position I left her in, and rolled over.
She looked up at me with a familiar look in her eye and smiled before taking my limp member in her mouth, which of course didn’t stay limp for long.
“You want to go again?” I asked
“Mmmm” she mumbled
“I thought you didn’t want to be late for lunch?” I said
Then with a slurp she released me and crawled onto my lap.
“We’re already late” she answered taking her T-shirt off and impaling herself on me.

We arrived at the club almost 40 minutes late for lunch.
“Sorry we’re late” Pandora said kissing everyone in turn before sitting down.
I kissed everyone too and sat down opposite her.
“Did you get everything done?” Judith asked
“Yes” I replied, “it just took a while to maneuver a big piece into the lounge”
Pandora kicked me under the table.

It was just after dark when I arrived home from the club slightly the worse for wear after a long leisurely lunch and a considerable amount of wine.
“God those women can drink,” I said to myself as I staggered across the 18th fairway to home.
When I got inside I went straight off to bed.

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