Monday, 13 May 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 68) The Long Good Friday

When Molly had finally finished with me, she had to rush off to work, as she was already an hour late, I was completely knackered again.
I know I should have felt guilty after my sinful afternoon interlude, I should have felt guilty but I didn’t, Molly was my fuck buddy, my kissing cousin and as blood is thicker than water I wasn’t really cheating on Georgia.
It was just after four o’clock when Molly drove away sticky lipped and smiling.

Marion phoned to say not to cater for her at dinner, as she and Pandora would eat out.
So I went to the freezer and selected a pasta bake from the well-stocked freezer and put it into the oven to warm.
Meanwhile I made a cup of tea and went upstairs to wake Katy.

At six o’clock I was sitting in the kitchen when the front door opened and Claire walked in with her medical bag.
“Hello” she called
“In the kitchen” I called back
Because she had been away at a conference and then she was on call we hadn’t seen her for a while.
When she walked in she was dressed in her familiar professional garb.
“You’re looking very lovely doctor” I said, “Do you want to feel my pulse?”
“Shhh” she whispered
“Its ok she’s upstairs” I reassured her “she’s in the bath”
“Ok” she said, “I’ll go up and see her”
“Then will you feel my pulse?” I asked
“Stop it” she said quietly and kissed me
The kiss was lingering and provocative and when she broke off Claire smiled coyly at me
“Something smells nice,” she said
“Not as lovely as you” I said cheesily
“Behave,” she said
“Are you going to eat with us?” I asked
“Yes I’d like that” she replied
As I walked her to the stairs I thought that, as she hadn’t seen Katy in a while I should warn her that she might notice a significant difference.
“I know what to expect,” she said

We ate together and I could see Claire assessing what Katy was eating and making a mental note.
Her portion size had decreased significantly over recent weeks and when I helped her into the bath it was obvious that there was less flesh on her bones.
I noticed just carrying her up the stairs that there was less of her.

After we had finished eating, Claire helped me clear away and when Katy went off to the loo she asked
“What are you doing over Easter?”
“Nothing much” I replied, “Georgia isn’t coming home until Easter Sunday”
“Do you fancy a couple of days away?” she asked
“Are there any hotels left that we can show our faces in?” I replied
“Not at a hotel, a colleague has a cottage near Godalming we can use” she corrected me “You’ll have to suffer my cooking”
“I’m willing to take the risk,” I said
“I’ll pick you up at Farncombe Station on Thursday night then” she said “and we can stay until Saturday”
Just then Katy returned from the toilet.
“What are you two hatching?” she asked with a chuckle “as if I didn’t know”
Claire left soon after that and met Marion at the door coming the other way.

Friday evening passed with the three of us enjoying simple pleasures and congenial company, but it proved to be the lull before the storm as later on Friday night Katy took a turn for the worse so the weekend was rather less tranquil than I would have hoped and was spent in constant anxiety.
Her appetite had been slowly tailing off for some while but she had been in a lot more discomfort than she allowed us to know.
Claire was called and we had two days of uncertainty as the doctor tried to get her medication right.
On Monday it was decided to move her back downstairs and into the hospital bed in the lounge.
Claire was in regular attendance while still covering her commitments at the practise.
Late on Monday Claire met will Molly to put the second phase of nursing care into effect.
This plan dispensed with the district nurse visits which were to be replaced by a night nurse arriving at 7.00 pm and leaving 12 hours later.
When we first started discussing nursing care back in February I remembered Claire saying the night nurse wouldn’t be required until near the end.
So on Tuesday morning when Claire told me a night nurse would be there that night I went cold.
I grabbed her arm and asked in hushed tones
“Is it that time already?”
All Claire said in reply was
“You’d better find the other sister soon”

After Claire had gone I phoned Olivier at the surgery to see if there had been any word from the Sudan.
“Yes” she replied “and no”
“Here we go again,” I thought
“I had a very garbled call from a woman, who I think was Anne, but she was very incoherent”
“What makes you think it was her?” I asked
“Well she sounded very far away,” she said realising as the words left her mouth how stupid they sounded,
And they sounded very stupid indeed and had it been anyone other than Oliver Adamson saying it I would have dismissed them.
“Could you make anything out at all”? I asked
“She definitely said “two days” and I think she also said call again”” she said “but the rest was all rather Norman Collier like”
“Ok thanks Olivier” I said “let me know if she calls again?”
“I will” she replied and hung up.

As Katy was up and down Claire and I had decided to cancel our trip away because of her crisis, there would be time enough for what we had in mind at a later date.
It was a very uneasy time for us all and even Marion, normally very bright and bubbly was very subdued and off colour.
And as we were all focused on Katy no one had noticed she wasn’t eating properly and after lunch she fainted.
Once she was revived Claire ordered her to bed and chastised her for her foolishness, putting herself and the baby at risk.

Later on Wednesday evening the phone rang and when I picked up the call a much-exited Olivier was on the line.
“It was her, it was her,” she shouted.
“Ok calm down” I said, “what did she say?”
“She’s going to catch the first available flight” she continued “which should arrive at Heathrow on Good Friday”
“Brilliant” I said “well done you”
“I don’t have any other details yet, Anne will ring again when she has her flight confirmed”

On Thursday we had a visit from the Bishop who on hearing of Katy’s condition thought it advisable to tend to her spiritual needs.
“How is she?” he asked
“She’s been better, but she’s not on the threshold yet” I replied
“Good” he said “and thank you for all you are dong”
“There is no need to thank me,” I said

“But it’s a very noble thing you are doing Mr Fisher”
“Not really Bishop I just have a lot of sinning to atone for” I replied
“No one sins as much as that” he said
“You really don’t know me at all do you Bishop,” I thought to myself.

Then Olivier called me on with the flight details for Anne’s flight from Sudan.

Originally I was going to spend the whole of the Easter weekend with Georgia, but she called me to say she was going to a gig in Brixton on the Saturday night with her housemates
Then Claire and I were going to stay at a friend’s cottage for a couple of nights but we cancelled that in the wake of Katy’s health crisis.
But actually what we both ended up doing on Good Friday was to wait for hours in the arrivals hall at Heathrow for the inbound flight from Khartoum.
I had left the house at 8 o’clock that morning on the pretext that I was going to visit my parents in Muswell Hill.
In reality Claire picked me up at Guildford station from where we drove to the Airport.
We arrived in the terminal just after 9 am and it was absolutely heaving and the arrivals board was liberally peppered with delays and cancellations.
With cancellations you know the score and you can turn round and go home but with a delay you don’t know what to do, go or stay.
All we knew was that it wasn’t on time, we had no idea of just how long it would be, and had we known we would still have been at the airport four hours later then we would have gone home again.
It was at 1.30pm as we had just finished our lunch when the board started to sort itself out and we finally had a definitive arrival time, 20.45pm.
Claire and I looked at each other in despair.
“This is not how I envisaged spending the day with you” Claire said
“I know” I replied “but I have an idea, come on”
We left the terminal and joined the queue at the Taxi rank.
After about ten minutes we were in the back of a black cab.
And I said to the driver “Holiday Inn, please”.
“Oh Goody” Claire whispered, “I’m horny”

The problem was when we got to the hotel it was also packed and we had to wait, so we went in the bar and we were there for almost an hour and a half before a room became available.
This was problematic because by then Claire was well oiled with the best part of a bottle of wine and the simmering fire in her loins had reached boiling point.

The receptionist handed me the key card and said something banal about having a nice stay and we headed toward the lift at a brisk pace.
“Are you wearing your practical pants?” I asked her as we entered the lift
“You’ll find out as soon as we get upstairs” Claire slurred and pressed floor 9.
Then I pressed 3, which was the floor we actually wanted.
The doors closed just in time to prevent a rather oily looking man in and expensive suit, and the moment doors closed Claire pinned me in the corner and thrust her tongue in my mouth
Then with a “ping” the door opened again to reveal an elderly couple, Claire resumed her position beside me and wiped her mouth on her sleeve.
The couple entered the lift and stood in front of us as the doors closed again.
This was the cue for Claire to start rubbing the bulge in my trousers.
The lift slowly ascended continuing its journey first to the 9th floor then back down to 3, by which time my cock was straining to escape.

I walked as quickly as I the swelling in my pants would allow which was actually very slowly where as Dr Feelgood was streets ahead of me.
So after what seemed like an age I reached our room, Claire was already inside and when I closed the door she emerged from the bathroom as good as naked.
Most of her clothes were strewn about the floor the only thing she still had on was a cardigan not quite long enough to conceal her bush.
Her breasts were just about covered and her erect nipples and a single button appeared to be the only things holding the garment in place.
“What kept you?” she said closing the distance between us
“Sorry Doctor” I said eyeing her up and down “Am I late for my medical?”
“Never mind let’s get started and check your blood pressure” she said undoing my trousers with great manual dexterity and tugging my old chap from the confines of my pants.
“Are you sure that you’re a proper doctor?” I said, “I don’t think that’s the way to check blood pressure”
“Trust me I’m a professional” She said and started tugging on my shaft “you’re in safe hands”
“Whatever you say doc” I answered and kissed her as all the while she was slowly manoeuvring me backwards.
I couldn’t go fast, firstly I was going backwards and secondly with my trousers at half-mast I could only shuffle like a penguin.
I felt something pressing against my calves and Claire let go of my cock and pushed me sharply backwards.
To my great relief I landed on the sofa and Claire was instantly astride me.
“Now we need to increase your heart rate,” she said in a very lascivious way.
She wrapped her arms around my neck and hoisted herself onto me.
My cock was so hard and her pussy was so wet and welcoming it took little more than Nano seconds for her cunny to completely engulf me.
“So far, so good” she exclaimed as I gripped onto her buttocks as she rose and fell on my shaft.
We kissed briefly and she snorted through her nose as she upped the tempo.
We stopped kissing and Claire tongued my ear and I felt her breath on my skin and heard her course rasping breaths.

She moaned loudly in self-satisfied receipt of each length she took from me.
Claire had me pinned down and her arms were still wrapped tightly around my neck as she expertly rode me.
I released my grip on her cheeks and sought out her plump tits.
As I squeezed her breasts and toyed with her teats, her moans were growing louder as she raced towards orgasm.
As we reached the summit she was tiring and I had to reluctantly abandon her titties and regain my previous hold on her arse in order to steady the ship.
She drove on through gritted teeth and her hoarse panting in my ear told me she was desperately close and then with a yelp she cried out in orgasm and I came seconds’ later empting my aching sack into her.
We stayed locked in passions embrace for some time, panting hard.
“I think” she panted, “You’re in pretty good shape”
Then Claire laughed lustily which made her muscles contract randomly around my shaft and caused me to twitch.
“Hmmm” we murmured

I woke suddenly with a start, and it took a moment for me to remember where I was.
Claire was still asleep next to me and I cuddled up behind her and began fondling her.
“What time is it?” she asked
I looked at my phone and it was 8.05 pm.
“Plenty of time” I assured her
“Good” she replied

When we had finished and we lay in the afterglow I looked at my watch again and nudged her.
“Come on we have to go,” I said
“What? I thought you said we had plenty of time” she exclaimed
“I lied” I replied

We got to the arrivals hall at 9.15 and quickly checked the boards and the flight hadn’t even landed yet.
“See I told you we had plenty of time” I said

We waited patiently at the gate and studied the passengers as they filed towards us.
We had her name boldly written on a piece of card, which we held up so she wouldn’t miss us.
But as it turned out we didn’t need it as we both instantly recognized her. She was a well-tanned slightly taller version of Katy.

We finally left the terminal at 10.30pm and arrived back in the village an hour later.
Claire had texted Marion to say we were on the way so the lights were still on.
I opened the door and we quietly went in, Marion was in the hall and quietly came to meet us and hugged and kissed Anne.
Then Anne slipped off her coat and tiptoed along the hall.
Once she had reached the door to the lounge she took a breath and walked in.
“Hello baby girl” she said
Katy turned towards the voice and took a double take before she responded
“Annie? Is that really you?” and then she cried.

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