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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 65) Mother’s Day

The morning after I unwrapped the pretty nurse that Molly sent me I rose early, which could only mean one thing, I had to split her strawberry whiskers again before breakfast.
When we eventually got out of bed I went upstairs to ready Katy for the day while Freya showered downstairs.
Then she pretended to arrive through the front door at 8 o’clock, I don’t think Katy was fooled for a moment but it made us feel better.
We repeated the experience on two more occasions over the following week and then she never came again, well not with me anyway.

The rest of the first week of March passed in a comfortable routine in which, day by day saw Katy spending almost imperceptibly more time sleeping. And weariness came over her at great speed.
Nothing much else happened though, I saw little of the village and my only contact with the world was through the visitors who came to see Katy and skypes with Georgia.

The only significant moment of the week was on Thursday when Olivier called around to see me.
“Any news about the sisters?” I whispered to her in the kitchen.
“Yes” she replied “and no”
“Ah” I responded
“I managed to track down Marion and they’re flying into Heathrow on Saturday afternoon” she said
“Excellent” I said thoughtfully
“You did mean for me to get two tickets?” she asked doubtfully
“Of course” I said “sorry for being so ambiguous”
Olivia paused for a second relieved she hadn’t over stepped the parameters of her brief.
“Anne on the other hand is proving to be a little more elusive, she and her husband are visiting outlying villages and I haven’t been able to contact her yet,” she said with a sigh before adding “she may not get here in time”
“All we can do is pray,” I suggested

On Friday lunchtime I left Katy in the very capable hands of Laura Gregory, who thought she would relieve me for a couple of hours, and I took a walk over to the Golf Club for some R & R.
I hadn’t set foot in the club since New Years Day when I rogered Shula over the billiard table.
In one corner I found my very good buddies Victoria Braithwaite, Judith Hunt and Pandora Parkinson-Brown.
“Simon” Judith shouted and the other two cheered in response
“Hello stranger” Pandy said with a distinct leer and stood up and kissed me.
“I’m glad you’re all here” I said genuinely “I haven’t seen you all together for an age”
Then Victoria and Judith also embraced me.
After all the hugging and kissing Judith was about to go to the bar and get me a drink when the barman arrived with a tray upon which sat my drink.
“Courtesy of the Captain, Mr Fisher” he said formerly
“Thank you” I said and nodded in the direction of the Captain.
And that set the trend for the afternoon as drink after drink appeared courtesy of appreciative members.
I had to take it a bit steady as it would not have been difficult to get completely shit faced thankfully another member stumped up for lunch.
It was very enjoyable catching up with the girls and what they were up to.
Judith updated me on how things were going with her new man Mortimer Beaumont while we ate.
Then Pandora talked about how things were progressing with Morty’s brother Harry.
And even Victoria had a beau, who she had known when she was a girl who she had recently met again after 30 years.
“So tell me what you’re up to this weekend,” I said
“Its mothers day weekend” they all said in unison, Victoria included
The Beaumont brothers were away visiting their mother in Cornwall, Judith was being taken up to London for the weekend by her sons, Pandora husband was having the children until Sunday lunchtime and Victoria was being treated by Maisie.
“She said I’m her adopted mum” Victoria said her eyes filling with tears.
“You old softy” I said handing her my hankie,
“Thank you Simon” she said and then blew her nose, not quite what I had in mind.
“So you’re not away for the weekend”? I asked Pandora
“No I’m having a very lazy weekend at home alone” she said giving me a sideways glance.

I spent Friday evening feeling a bit dopey as a result of all the hospitality but I still managed to finish reading “the Chamber of Secrets” to Katy and then read the first three chapters of “the Prisoner of Azkaban” before we called it a night.
Saturday began in much the same way as any other day of the preceding weeks.
Nurse, bath time, breakfast and visitors, same old same old,
With one notable difference namely a constant stream of text messages from Olivier updating on the progress of Katy’s sister Marion.
The flight leaving from Alaska was delayed, which meant they missed there connecting flight in New York.
Which meant waiting to get on the next available flight.
And all of this information was conveyed to me via text, which meant I was up and down like a tarts drawers.
Finally the message came saying they were on their way, this meant instead of the flight landing early on Saturday afternoon it wouldn’t arrive until tea time so they wouldn’t arrive at the house until well into the evening so I left Olivier to arrange for their collection from Heathrow.

I was a bit disappointed about the delay, as I had hoped I might pop over to Pandora’s after supper and avail myself of her delights.
Unless I had misread the signs I was defiantly invited, and was almost certainly expected – oh well some other time.
And I heard no more, now as annoying as Olivier’s constant texting became I soon found that hearing nothing was ten times worse.

Just before lunch I went into the kitchen and found Katy sitting on her throne with her arms folded and a real sulky expression on her face.
“What’s up grumpy?” I asked
“Shut up I’m sulking” she replied
“I can see that” I responded “but what are you sulking about?”
“I’ve been trying to get in touch with Marion, we always live chat on a Saturday morning at breakfast time, breakfast time here yesterday bedtime for her, But this morning nothing” she said despondently
“I wouldn’t worry, its probably just the weather, they have a lot of it up there you know” I suggested
“You’re a great help” Katy retorted
Katy soon shook off her sulky mood and spent the afternoon soundly thrashing me at crib.
I had had numerous more texts firstly from Olivier updating me on arrival times and then from Tilly, who along with Robert was meeting Bob and Marion Loader at Heathrow.
They had picked up the baton as I had to stay with Katy in order that she wouldn’t suspect anything, which she undoubtedly would have had I gone myself.
So as it was, Katy and I spent the afternoon and early evening as we would any other day.
Tilly texted just after five to say
“Flight landed”
The nurse came slightly earlier than usual to attend to Katy in the usual manner and then stayed later than normal.
Meanwhile I was preparing dinner; again this involved frozen meals and a preheated oven.
The only difference being that I had to cater for more than the two of us.
Just as I showed the nurse out I received another text from Tilly
“20 minutes away” it read
Katy hadn’t yet reappeared downstairs, which was not a bad thing as it meant I didn’t have to distract her, but it was time to find out where she had got to.
So after I had checked the food wasn’t burning I went upstairs and found her lying on the bed asleep.
I sat on the bed next to her and took hold of her hand in mine,
“Katy” I said softy, but there was no response
“Katy” I said again a little louder and she murmured before opening her eyes
“Oh Simon” she said surprised “Oh dear I only closed my eyes for a second”
“Its time to come downstairs for supper Hon” I said
“Can I have it in bed tonight?” she asked
“No not tonight” I replied
“Oh go on,” she begged
“No” I said and stood up “now come on lazy bones”
I knew only too well that in not many more weeks she would be have all of her meals in bed
“You’re just mean” she said and begrudgingly got up

I did however concede to her request for a piggyback down the stairs.
I had just got her settled on her throne in the kitchen when there was a knock at the front door.
“Who can that be?” Katy said, “I hope its not more visitors”
Then as an after thought she added
“Sorry God”
“I’ll go and see,” I said
When I got to the front door and opened it I found Tilly and Robert standing there either side of a slightly older version of Katy, and behind them was a tall thin gaunt looking man who I assumed to be Bob.
“Hello” I said then in a whisper I added in a whisper
“She’s in the kitchen”
“Who is it?” Katy called
“Its Robert and Tilly” I called back
“Ok” she answered
“Come in, come in” I said
There was a brief period of silent greetings and handshakes then I led the way up the hall to the kitchen with Marion following closely in my wake.
Katy was stood at the table laying place mats and cutlery as I walked in.
“I think you might need to set a few more places,” I said
“Why?” Katy began to ask and then I stepped aside and for a moment there was complete and utter silence
“Maz?” Katy asked, “Is that really you?”
“Who else would it be?” Marion replied as she walked towards her floundering sister and they embraced.
“How?” Katy uttered as tears welled up in her eyes
“Its all thanks to Simon” Marion said and she began to cry as well.
After an emotional five minutes Marion gathered herself sufficiently to say
“Look Bobs here as well, you haven’t met him yet”
After Bob and Katy had been introduced Marion unbuttoned her coat
“And you haven’t met this one either” she said and laid Katy’s hand on her bump.
“A baby?” Katy said and then the tears rained down again.
After the tears had subsided Katy turned her attention to me
And wrapped her arms around my neck
“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she said “God bless you Simon”
Then Marion joined in and it all got a bit messy, and I was really way out of my comfort zone.
“Lets eat” I said and kissed the two women on the forehead

We were all sitting around the table after the meal drinking coffee when bob asked
“Is there a hotel near by?”
“Yes there is” I replied “but you’re staying here”
“No we can’t impose on you any further” Bob protested
“You have already done so much for us,” Marion Added
“Nonsense, you’re staying here and that’s an end to it” I insisted

Tilly had to leave after the meal as she was meeting up with Tristan and driving to their mums for mother’s day.
So I helped Bob and Robert retrieve the Loaders luggage from her car and then Bob and I left Robert and Tilly having a snoggy farewell on the doorstep and carried the bags upstairs to the spare room.

As it was a special occasion we opened some wine and sat around chatting.
When Katy got up and went to the loo Marion said
“You are a very kind man”
“Nonsense” I said rather embarrassed “let’s change the subject”
“What would have happened if you hadn’t been here when she had to leave the vicarage?” Bob asked
“Katy could have stayed at the Vicarage until the end if she’d wanted to; Robert was in no hurry to push her out he was quite happy staying at the pub”
“Rather” was Roberts’s only contribution
“The truth of the matter was Katy wanted to get out of Roberts way, but didn’t want to go into a hospice so as I live alone here in a huge house, and I work from home it seemed like the perfect solution”
“You are a kind man though” Marion persisted
“I’ve been very lucky in my life and when I was in a position to help someone who is much loved in the village, I took it”
I said
“Katy needs company, someone to help occupy her time and her mind so that’s my role, so now can we change the subject”

About an hour later Robert excused himself, as he still hadn’t finished writing Sundays sermon.
As Bob was sitting in an armchair snoring loudly and Katy and Marion were talking 10 to the dozen completely oblivious to their surroundings
I decided to leave with Robert
“I’m going to leave you two to catch up as I’m obviously surplus to requirements so I’m going to take a wander and get a nightcap at the Keys”
“Ok” Katy responded with a knowing look, she knew it wasn’t a nightcap I was going out for.
I walked with Robert as far as the Vicarage and then I turned down the lane by the church, which led to the path that crossed the golf course.
From there I traversed the course until I reached Pandora’s house.
I was pleased to see some of the house lights were still on.
So keeping in the shadows I made my way up to the house and tapped on the window,
It took a few minutes, but then Pandora came to the door already in her nightclothes.
She gave me a smile and opened the door
“I thought you weren’t coming,” she said
“Marion’s flight was delayed,” I responded while I watched her nipples erecting through her silk nightie in the cool night air
She noticed me looking at her tits but she made no effort to conceal them instead she said
“I thought I might have to attend to myself”
“Oh that sounds nice can I watch?” I replied
“You are incorrigible” she said and laughed, and then she took my hand and pulled me in through the door.
She closed the door behind me and drew the curtain then she slithered up against me and kissed my mouth.
“Where would you like me darling?” she asked
“Bed I think” I answered
“A good choice” she said and giggled
“Anywhere would have been a good choice Pandy,” I told her
“Shut up and get upstairs,” she ordered
I followed Pandora as she climbed the stairs my eyes fixed on her magnificent buttocks as they taunted me through the silk of her nightgown
“So if you had needed to attend to yourself what would you been thinking about?”
I asked
“I can’t tell you that,” she said coyly giving me a quick glance over her shoulder
As we reached the top stair I insisted
“I think you can”
“I cant” she reaffirmed as we reached the bedroom door I took hold of her and turned her towards me and kissed her
“Please” I said,
She stood staring at my chest and let out a huge sigh
“That day in the woods, by the 17th green, where you took me from behind over that fallen tree” she said quietly
“You enjoyed that day didn’t you?” I said proudly
Pandora nodded
“When I play that hole I still get a tingle down below,” she admitted still staring at my chest.
“And what else?” I asked as she opened the bedroom door
“The night of the summer ball” she answered as she pulled me into the room
“On the golf cart in the moonlight”
“And”? I persisted as we stood by the bed
“In the woods in the thunderstorm” she replied as she began to undress me, “and later in your house”
My shirt and trousers were discarded when I asked
“Is that all?”
“St Andrews day” she barked as she yanked my pants down “when I kidnapped you”
“And the day after” and one sock had gone
“And the day after that” and the other sock was removed.
“Is there anything in your Wank Bank that doesn’t involve me?”
“No” she said and kissed my helmet before standing up again
“So what do you want to do now?” I asked
“Put something else in the bank” she replied and slipped her fingers around my cock and kissed me.
“And how would madam like her deposit?” I asked
“Surprise me,” she answered tightening her grip on my shaft and kissing me again.
My hands were fondling the cheeks of her silk clad bum while she tugged on me.
I released the handfuls of arse and grabbed handfuls of her nightie and dragged it upwards.
Pandora released her hold on me and I pulled her nightgown off over her head.
Then I lifted her up so she was standing on the bed.
Pandora wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my head towards her great globes surmounted by huge aroused nipples which she wafted about my lips, tempting and teasing me until she allowed me to engulf a great pink teat and sucked hard on it,
After a minute or so she pushed my head back leaving her misshapen saliva coated nip and then unceremoniously latched me on to the other.
After giving the appropriate period of attention I released her wet teat and pushed her backwards onto the bed.
Pandora bounced spectacularly on the bed and giggled as her tits bounced independently of the rest of her.
As I moved toward her Pandora, still giggling she tried to turn and scramble away.
I rapidly crawled up the bed and grabbed her ankle and pulled her back.
Having prevented her escape I could then slowly crawl up her tidy bod, kissing her belly as I crawled then her plump tits, sucking both teats before I reached her mouth and when our tongues engaged in a passionate duel my throbbing cock homed in on her moist crack like a missile.
I entered her pussy all the way, and as I pushed my cock into her welcoming wetness breath exhaled from her mouth.
Pandora’s thighs gripped me tightly and her noisy responses to my strokes urged me on and I pounded on her more, the pace increasing steadily, faster and faster.
Her nails were in my back as we moaned and grunted in unison. We sped on quickening the pace and shortening the stroke until we reached maximum velocity and we both exploded in utter ecstasy.
We lay locked in that embrace, a single, sweating panting beast for several minutes until I rolled off her and there we lay exhausted and spent for an indeterminate period.
Eventually I looked at her and said
“Will that make it to the bank?”
“Oh God yes” she replied still panting.

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