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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 44) Christmas Baubles

In the week following the unwrapping of Judith Hunt’s bumper Christmas beauties and the associated shagging, my feet barely touched the floor.
Spurred on by Andrea’s words to me when she said
“You should give more of your self, If everyone gave one hour a week, what I change could be made to the world”
I knew I couldn’t argue with that so I threw myself into it and agreed to do everything I was asked.
As my knee still wasn’t a hundred percent and it was to be such a hectic week and as several of my commitments were in Kiddingstone I decided to hire a car, just a little puddle jumper, that would serve me all week which I could then use it to pick Georgia up in time for Christmas.

My busy week started on the morning of the third Sunday of advent where I was involved as a greeter, Katy Oliver wasn’t well enough for the service but she did put in an appearance for the carol singing at the Golf club that evening looking pale and wan.
She was under strict instructions from Dr Andrews not to attend any of the usual clutch of seasonal outdoor events, which although she was most unhappy about it she thankfully did as she was told as winter had arrived with a vengeance.

On Monday it was my turn to man the Soup Kitchen in Kiddingstone on a bitter cold night.
It was my first time there and what an eye opener it was.
I was absolutely staggered firstly by the number and variety of homeless people in a relatively small town and secondly by how human beings could survive living at the mercy of the elements.
Some of them, the lucky ones, we were able to place in hostels or shelters but for the rest all we could do was give them hot food and a blanket.
I had clearly found another deserving recipient for any money raised from the Overend stories.

I slept in until lunch time the following day and reflected on how lucky I was to have a comfortable home and a roof over my head.
On Tuesday night I was again out on the streets this time with the Christmas Charity Wagon.
It was an old brewer’s dray pulled by two white shire horses.
The whole thing was bedecked with tinsel and lights and carried on the back the church choir.
The rest of us went from door to door, as the wagon drove around the village, collecting donations in plastic buckets and handing out sweets to the children, Judith Hunt was among our number and her cheeks still looked flushed from our festive fuck.

On Wednesday afternoon it was The Santa Express, a renovated steam engine and coaches, which ran from Bushy Down station to a secret location where Santa was waiting in his grotto.
It picked up the local children and there parents late afternoon so that they arrived at the grotto in darkness in order to make the most of the spectacular lights.
The kids were going crazy with excitement and I have to confess I found it quite exciting myself.
But my job on the trip was to make sure none of the over excited little darlings fell off the train.
Victoria Braithwaite among others from the committee were also present and at one point she managed to trap me between the carriages armed with a bunch of mistletoe and only when she had satisfied herself and the pagan ritual she let me go.
Also helping on the trip were Robert and Tilly who seemed to have become inseparable in the short time since I introduced them.
I have never believed in love at first sight or in soul mates I thought them rather fanciful notions the stuff of romantic fiction and sentimental movies.
That is until I introduced them where they were instantly smitten. Afterwards when I saw them together, they were like two halves of a different whole.
Each of them was the missing piece in the others puzzle.
It wasn’t long ago that she said to me “I’m not looking for a life partner” well I think she’s found one whether she was looking or not.
I was so pleased for them especially Tilly, even if it meant I would no longer enjoy her hairy delights.
Now if the kids were excited on the way to the grotto then judging by the decibel level they were even more so on the way back.

Thursday was my day off but it was also the nativity play at St Lucy’s School and shortly after breakfast I took a phone call asking if I could help out but I had to decline.
I really needed to rest my knee for a few hours at least so apart from doing a machine full of laundry I did absolutely nothing all day until I Skyped Georgia in the evening, during which she asked me to pop round to her Mums because her Dad said he couldn’t get the web cam to work.
We both knew it probably meant that he had disabled it by accident but I had to go out in the cold just to tick a box.
The car was covered in frost so I decided to walk on the basis that I could walk there and back in the time it would take to sufficiently defrost the car.

As I suspected Geoff had accidentally disabled the web cam so I worked my magic and went back out into the cold night and by the time I got down the drive it had started snowing and by the time I reached the main road it was coming down hard and fast.
It was coming down so rapidly that visibility was reduced to zero.
It was so disorienting that I couldn’t have even found my way back to the Gregory’s despite being no more than 50 yards away.
So I inched my way along the footpath tucking up close to hedges, picket fences and garden walls so I didn’t wander off course.
When I reached the end of a row of houses I had to take a leap of faith, as I couldn’t see the other side of the road.
As I trudged onward I realised I had gone off course because I hadn’t reach the other side.
I had no idea how far I had gone I had no point of reference, I decided the best course of action was to veer left to try and find the footpath again.
Unfortunately I had no idea how far left to go or for that matter how far left I had already gone.
I was just beginning to panic when I tripped on a curbstone and crashed into another lost soul and we fell to the floor in an untidy heap.
When I got to my feet I found I was outside Mahajak’s
“I’m saved,” I thought as I envisaged taking refuge in the shop until the snow abated, but first I had to help the other poor customer I had left prostrate on the snowy ground.
“I’m so sorry” I said as I grabbed a handful of coat and pulled the stricken body to its feet.
The individual muttered incoherently under their breath as they brushed themselves off and I got the impression my apology was not accepted.
And when they began to turn in my direction I was bracing myself for a volley of abuse but to my great surprise I found the previously stricken figure to be Shula and the muttering scowling indignant face instantly changed to a beaming toothy smile when she recognized the face of her assailant.
“Simon” she said excitedly then cautiously gave a long look in the direction of the shop doorway.
Then in a quieter voice she continued
“I didn’t know it was you”
“Are you ok?” I asked
“I am now” she replied and glanced again at the door
I looked her up and down and I realised why I hadn’t recognized her before she was dressed in western clothes, jeans and trainers and a puffer jacket.
She was still looking anxiously towards the shop so I steered her around the side of the building and kissed Shula in the snow, which she reciprocated eagerly.
After a minute of mutually beneficial passion I unzipped her coat from the bottom and quickly inserted my hand inside her jumper very easily.
I must admit with Shula wearing western clothes it made it much easier to get to her goodies.
And I had just cupped one of her beautiful Christmas baubles when Aunt Anjuli called from the shop doorway
Reluctantly I released my grip on her plump titty and she quickly reshipped her coat
“I’ll be there in a moment Aunty” she called
Then she kissed me again
“Happy Christmas Shushu” I said
“Happy Christmas” she echoed
Then she added, “When will I get my present?”
“Oh very soon” I promised
Then I turned around and continued my journey home as the snow abated.

On Friday I slept until lunchtime, as that night was my first patrol with the Roving Angels.
I have to admit I did have my reservations about doing it despite Andrea’s encouragement and wondered if it was really for me.
I left the house in my newly acquired uniform, worn over several layers including Long John’s and the stout boots and socks I purchased in High Wycombe on St Andrews Day, as there was still snow on the ground.
As it was forecast to be minus 6 that night I was going to need every stitch to keep warm so I donned a woollen hat and scarf and gloves.
The Roving Angels had been in existence for about two years and was similar to the Street Angels, Street Pastors and other groups that had sprung up all across the UK in the previous 10 or 12 years.
They had made a really positive impact on crime and antisocial behaviour in Kiddingstone town centre over their first two years particularly in general vicinity of the bars and clubs.
They provide a calming presence on the streets late at night in situations where a police uniform might have the opposite effect.
In the two years since they began Roving Angels had contributed to a 29% fall in public place violence on the weekends.
It all began when Christian Churches in the area came together with the Police and the Borough Council to establish the Angels in Kiddingstone.
But it took People of Faith to make it work as with so many things in life.

To be perfectly honest I was feeling a little apprehensive about my maiden patrol as I drove to Kiddingstone.
I was after all doing something I had never done before and patrolling the streets in the small hours was not without its risks one of which being that drunks are such unpredictable creatures.
Not to mention the fact it was a bitterly cold night and I am a bit of a wimp and it was to be a long shift starting at 10pm and possibly finishing as late as 4am.
All the bars and clubs close for the night at 3 am but the clientele have been known to hang around.
I have to confess that when I went into the council building where the Angel volunteers congregated I had butterflies in my stomach.
I suppose I was nervous of meeting a bunch of strangers but when I walked in I found that I knew almost half of the assembled group one of whom was Tristan Bushe.
“Simon” he said offering his hand “good to see you”
“Hi Tris” I responded taking his hand “I didn’t know you were an Angel”
“Yes” he said “since the beginning”
“Really?” I asked
“Yes” he responded proudly “two years now”
Although I had been trained I didn’t really know what to expect so I was quite relieved to find I was going out on the first hour, the quiet hour, with Tris, who was a veteran.
As expected it was an uneventful maiden patrol which saw Tristan taking the lead with me carrying the back pack full of Flip flops, lollipops, space blankets and the first aid kit.
It was useful for me, Tris showed me the boundaries of the patrol area and he pointed out the potential hotspots for later, he showed me all the CCTV camera locations and identified areas not covered and crucially the radio dead zones.
Also the quiet stroll gave Tris and I a chance to chat.
He had also noticed the closeness between Tilly and Robert and he said
“I’ve never seen her so smitten”
He also thanked me for the heads up regarding Eleanor Overend’s house.
He had viewed the property and put an offer in before it even made it onto the market so he was dead chuffed, it hadn’t been accepted yet but he would go to the full asking price if he had to, he liked it that much.
So after the first uneventful hour there was an hour of coffee and chat in the council building then out again at midnight until one.
This also proved to be rather uneventful in fact Tristan said he had never known it so quiet, we concluded it must be the low temperature, no body was hanging around.
On our last lap around town we did come upon a group of girls who had just spilled out of one bar and were negotiating with the bouncers to get in another one and on the periphery of the group was a face I recognised.
I hesitated before speaking because I didn’t want to embarrass the girl but while I was wondering what best to do she spoke to me
“Hello Simon” Emily said a little tipsy
“Hello Em” I said
“What are you doing out this late?” I asked myself after all
She was still only sixteen.
It was then that I noticed a small group of lads lurking in the shadows.
“Are you on your own?” I asked, “Where’s Jen?”
Jenny was her best friend
She nodded in response to the first part and shrugged at the second, which I interpreted to mean they had had a falling out.
“You make sure you get a cab home,” I told her
“Ok” she answered
“Have you got enough money?” I asked
“Yes Simon” she replied
“What’s it got to do with you?” a loud mouthed girl from the main group said
“Are you a paedo?”
“That’s enough of that if you want to get in here,” the bouncer said
Then they all filed into the pub, Emily included.
The other girls were much older than her and I was a little worried, then the group of lads emerged from the shadows and also entered the pub.
“You know her then” Tris said as we headed back to the office.
“Yes” I replied, “Emily Gomez, she lives in the village”
I was mightily relieved to get back inside at one o’clock, I was frozen.
I don’t know how those girls could walk around half naked in that weather.

It took almost all the next hour to thaw out and I was not looking forward to another shift and I was mightily relieved when the Supervisor announced that we would be finishing at 3am.
Because it was so cold no one was hanging around to cause trouble so my final patrol was deemed unnecessary.
With that news Tris and I said our farewells and headed out towards the car park.
As we were walking down the road we saw a most extraordinary sight on the other side of the road.
There was a girl squatting beside a parked car pissing against the hubcap, which to all intents and purposes sounded like it was being jet washed.
At the same time her friend, I presumed she was a friend as they were engaged in conversation, was pissing like a horse against a shop door
But the remarkable thing to my mind was that while this was going on a young man walked briskly down the path between them and said
“Alright girls?” as he high fived them both.
I was absolutely gobsmacked at what I was seeing.
But Tristan on seeing my reaction just laughed, he had clearly seen it all before.

We were parked within a few cars of each other and after a brief chat Tris got in his and had driven out of the car park before I’d even started the engine.
Once the engine had warmed up a bit and hot air started to blow through the vents I got out and took off my coat and fleece.
I knew from the journey over, that once the heater got running full throttle it would be too hot with them on.
As I drove out of the car park the car was toasty warm.
As luck would have it my route took me past the railway station and the taxi rank and as I reached the former I noticed Emily staggering towards the latter.
And more alarmingly just behind her was the small bunch of lads I had seen earlier.
I pulled up just ahead of her and wound down the window.
“Do you want a lift?” I called
“I’ve got taxi fare,” she slurred
“Look” and she waved a ten-pound note at me.
“You’d better get in then” I said
When she got in the car I noticed she was shivering.
I reached over to the back seat and grabbed my fleece
“Put that around you” I suggested
“Ok” she said, “oooh it’s still warm”
Then I gave her my coat and put it over her legs and lap and tucked it around her.
When I looked up the young lads were just passing the car and they all stared in so I locked the doors.

On the journey back to the village I garnered from Emily that she had indeed fallen out with Jenny.
It was a typically trivial reason brought about by Jenny texting her boyfriend while Emily was on a sleepover at Jens.
Emily admitted she got jealous and stormed out of Jenny’s house and went to see another friend, Summer, who had the bright idea of going into Kiddingstone.
Summer then met her ex boyfriend and abandoned Emily who then tagged along with the group of older girls that I saw her with.
It was then that she started crying.
As luck would have it we were just approaching the same lay-by that Georgia and I stopped in last summer where she got her foot stuck and I banged her from behind over the front seat.
Such a romantic recollection and the reminiscence of that shag left me with a tingling dick
Anyway I turned into the lay-by to comfort Emily, and when I say comfort her I don’t mean shag her.
I had offered her a lift out of genuine Christian kindness and because I care about her and not because I wanted to take advantage of her while she was pissed.
Besides it was too cold for out door shenanigans and anyway I didn’t need Emily to be pissed to get in her knickers she was a game girl.
I really did just pull over to give her a hug and calm her down.
And as soon as I pulled on the hand brake she leapt into my arms.
“Oh Simon what am I going to do?” she sobbed, “I’ve been so stupid”
Well it took about 10 minutes to calm her down enough to establish that Jenny wasn’t expecting her back that night.
I certainly couldn’t take her home in her drunken state.
“You can sleep at mine, in the spare room” I said
“It doesn’t have to be the spare room” she slurred and placed her hand on my cock, which was already semi hard.
“You can stop tha...” I began but she had passed out and her hand went limp, it’s a shame my cock didn’t.
When I got back to the house my hard on was no more.
I pulled up on the drive and set about carrying the drunken Emily into the house.
Not an easy task considering she was barely seven stones.
In the end I chose the fireman’s lift technique, which was easiest once I got her out of the car.
I took her straight up the stairs and deposited her on the spare bed.
I left her there and went back downstairs to lock the car and secure the front door.
I then turned off the downstairs lights and went upstairs again.
In the spare room I found Emily exactly were I had left her.
I then set about undressing her.
The coat and shoes came off easy enough but everything else was anything but.
Of all the times I had stripped her naked I had never struggled so much to undress her.
It was much more difficult than I could ever have imagined.
When I was tugging her tights off I nearly pulled her straight off the bed.
Eventually after what seemed an eternity I had her down to her underwear.
Her knickers had ridden up so high that she had a camel toe and her bra was all askew so she had one tit in and one tit out.
As I stood looking down on her I thought to myself
“A lesser man than I would have fucked her anyway”
But where would the fun be in that, I like a girl to know what she’s getting.
When I finally got to my bed I went out like a light the moment my head hit the pillow.

It was just after eight when I awakened when Emily crawled into bed next to me fully dressed and cuddled up close.
She also managed to wake my one eyed friend as well who thought he might get dipped
“I’m sorry” Emily whispered
“What for?” I asked
“For being a drunken bum.” she said “and embarrassing myself”
“As long as you’ve learned a lesson,” I said sagely
“Am I forgiven then?” she asked
“Of course” I replied “but what about Jenny?”
“I phoned Jenny already and I’m off to see her now to make things up”
Then she kissed me and crawled out of bed again and she was gone.
Despite the fact that I had survived the busiest week I could remember and I been up half the night I struggled to get back to sleep so after tossing and turning for half an hour I decided to get up.
I was quite hungry so I cooked myself a full English breakfast and ate it on my lap in the lounge.
After that I switched on the computer and checked my emails of which there were very few and I quickly dealt with the ones I had.
I still wasn’t tired so I had a long soak in the bath and by the end of it I was yawning and after finishing my ablutions I returned to bed.

I had a lovely restful dream filled sleep, I was dreaming about Georgia’s tight young pussy around my cock and it felt so good.
It was a lovely dream and it was so vivid that I imagined I could feel her wet cunny sliding up and down my shaft but when I opened my eyes, sweet saucy Emily was riding me instead.
Completely naked wearing nothing but a smile Emily was gripping the headboard and looking down on me with a lustily smug expression on her face.
I slid my hands up her thighs and onto her tight young buttocks and as her plump brown tits hovered above my face I reached my lips up to towards her chocolate coloured nipples and then sucked on her delicious confections while she was impaling her eager young fanny on to my swollen shaft, pumping on me like a piston.
Emily’s tits jiggled uncontrollably and I had to abandon sucking on her teats as she rode me like a rodeo cowgirl thrashing about moaning like a wild beast before she screamed out in orgasm and my cock exploded in her tight cunny and she collapsed on top of me and we slept where we had come to rest.

So it was a very satisfying end to the busiest week of my life, which I’m pleased to say, ended blissfully with me getting my baubles wet.

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