Thursday, 21 June 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 02) Family Relations

Simon Fisher’s star was definitely in the ascendency but the change in the fortunes of my writing career was not universally well received, my publisher liked it, my new agent loved it, the bank manager was ecstatic about it but my mother was disgusted by it.
Furthermore my darling supportive mother said she would rather tell people I was in prison than tell them I wrote “bodice rippers”, or as my father called them “Trouser ticklers”.
Still every cloud had a silver lining, this one being that mum would ignore me for a while and leave me in peace, which suited me as I was looking to find a suitable recipient for my resident lust.
I should perhaps explain but since I embarked on my latest literary journey, my agent came up with that phrase, but since I began I have been permanently horny.
Georgia had gone back to University and wouldn’t return until after her exams, Emily and Jenny, the flirty virgins were also deep into their exams and the weather had kept me off the Golf course and everyone else indoors.
However as it was Friday also known as gardening day, or Frankie’s day, there was some hope on the horizon.
Frankie would be in my sights.
She was my buxom ginger gardener, a big chested thirty something with a great unruly shock of ginger hair.
Not at first glance an obvious choice for my advances you might say and I would normally have agreed with you.
I suppose you’re thinking that I’m a really shallow man, any port in a storm, that kind of thing.
But the truth of the matter is that I really started to fancy her after I discovered she had hairy armpits which for some reason really turned me on.
I extrapolated that the unruly mass of hair plus hairy armpits equaled the prospect of a very hairy growler, and when I mused on the prospect of her having unshaven legs it gave me the very slightest hint of an additional trouser tickle.
So I’m not the shallow person you thought I was I am in fact just a pervert.
Now she’s quite a muscular unit about 5ft 10 probably not the most agile partner and she would not be easy to maneuver but I estimated she would not be left wanting in the stamina department.
So it was while I was staring through the window watching the robust Frankie bent over a planter, her dungaree’s stretched tight across her well-defined buttocks that I thought to myself I would love to have a crack at that.
I was about to formulate a plan as to how I was going to impress her with my dibber when the phone rang.
“Oh shit” I said reading the caller ID.
“Hi mum, its lovely to hear from you” I said with as much sincerity as I could muster
“Hello Simon, you’re not getting any better at that are you? Listen I’ll get straight to the point, Auntie Liz and Uncle Ken have asked if you could put Molly up for a week, and I said yes on your behalf”
“What?” I said shocked
“You remember Molly, you were inseparable when you were kids” she continued oblivious to my protest.
“Yes I do remember her but why the hell did you do that” I shouted
“Calm down Simon, for goodness sake, stop making such a fuss.
She is family after all, how bad can it be?
The girl’s doing some training at Kiddingstone general and it’ll save her the cost of a hotel”
“But it’s not Convenient” I protested
“It will interfere with my work”
“I’m not even going to discuss your so called work” she retorted
“You’ll have to call them back and say no” I said firmly
“I can’t possibly do that; it will make me look foolish”
“But it’s really going to cramp my style” I said as I spotted one of Frankie’s nipples standing proud through her tee-shirt.
“You haven’t got any style Simon especially since you started writing pornography” mum retorted
“Now listen Simon this will really help to cement family relations you know how bad things have been between the families, how strained and difficult it’s been since Uncle John impregnated Kens sister Lucy”
“Apart from the inconvenience” I explained “I don’t really want a stranger in the house”
“Nonsense you used to get on really well when you were children”
“I haven’t seen her for 10 years” I responded but I knew I was losing
“Molly will be no trouble at all she was always a nice girl and you’ll hardly see her anyway”
“She’s arriving Saturday” she said hurriedly
“But” I interrupted
“Must dash Bye” and she was gone.
“Bollocks” I said and put down the phone.
How was I going to cope with her in my house, perhaps I could go and stay in a Hotel.
Mum was right Molly and I did get on well when we were kids, she was five years younger than me and yes we were inseparable.
But what mum didn’t know was that when I was seventeen the 12 year old Molly tried to kiss me and that was only the first time she tried at every opportunity until when she was 14 I found her naked in my bed.
I don’t know how it may have escalated after that all I can say is that I was mightily relieved when Uncle John knocked up Lucy and we stopped spending holidays together.
Now she was going to be staying under my roof for a week
It was going to be so embarrassing.
Well I thought encouragingly at least I’ve still got time to have a bash at bashing in Frankie’s back door before Molly arrives but when I turned around I just got sight of her big round arse disappearing through the side gate.
“Oh shit”
Clearly I was going to have to take myself in hand.

Well Saturday came and Uncle Ken and Aunty Liz arrived to drop Molly off, it was a family reunion totally lacking even an ounce of warmth, I offered them both a drink but they declined,
And I have to say I was not disappointed when they did.
So they kissed their daughter goodbye before perfunctorily thanking me for helping out and all at once they were gone leaving me and Molly quite alone apart that is for the elephant in the room.
As I suspected there was a distinct awkwardness and I got the distinct impression she wasn’t any happier being my house guest any more than I was to be her host.
She was still as pretty as she was when I last saw her but she had lost the puppy fat if that’s the PC way of saying it.
She was taller now about 5ft 6 with shoulder length blond hair, a nice arse, great legs and very decent tits
I could give quite a clinical appraisal of her assets because she did nothing for me sexually at all any more than she did when she was a teenager, even the fact that she was a nurse didn’t add to her allure and you know how much I like a uniform.
But I don’t want to sound shallow because it wasn’t because she was a bit of a chubster when we were kids she was well cute it was never about her physical form its just that we were very close and Molly was more like a sister and how could I shag my own sister.
I can tell you now that when I was 17 I had a permanent hard on and if it had been any other chubby 14 year old naked under my duvet I would have shagged her in a heartbeat.
I hope that proves that I’m not shallow.
“Its very kind of you to do this” she said “Thank you”
“No problem” I lied
Then came the first of the embarrassed silences as we stood together in the kitchen without the first idea what to talk about.
“Look I’ll give you a quick tour show you where everything is, settle you in your room and then I’m afraid I need to get some work done, I have a deadline fast approaching” I lied again.
“Sure I have some studying I need to do before Monday” she said unconvincingly.
Then another embarrassed silence.
“Spare key” I said pointing to the table “just come and go as you please”
“Thanks Simon” she said
“You have the run of the house except my” I almost said bedroom “study, that’s a definite no go”
She nodded
So I gave her the tour and carried her bag to her room.
“And this is your room, bathroom is next door, and I’m sorry but I really have to get on now” and I quickly turned and walked away.
“Thanks Again” she called after me, and I’m sure I heard her let out a sigh.
I think she was just as relieved as I was that, that was over and I’m sure she was equally happy that we would be seeing as little as possible of each other.

We managed very well to avoid one another, the occasional meeting on the stairs, a coincidental clash in the kitchen, contact minimal, conversation likewise. Embarrassed silences kept to a bare minimum.
That was until Wednesday when we both happened to be going out the front door at the same time and although we desperately wanted to; neither of us could, either think of an excuse to go back or didn’t have the time to, so we ended up walking into the village together.
The conversation was forced and painful and was littered with our stock in trade, the embarrassed silence, and I think we both sighed when we reached our parting of the ways, me towards the doctors surgery and her towards the station in her uniform.
It was my first visit to the doctor’s surgery, as a patient that is.
I registered with them when I first arrived in the village back in January but this was my first appointment.
The reason for this visit was quite routine, I had surgery on my knee the year before and the hospital had contacted my GP in London to book me a follow up appointment with a view to discharging me. But because I’d changed GP and now came under an entirely different hospital trust my new GP had been asked to ascertain my status as she was a part time orthopedic consultant for my new trust.
I expected the doctor to be some geriatric old fart who still set broken jaws in pre war American football helmets.
However on arriving at the surgery I was informed that my appointment was with Dr Andrews, with no indication of age or gender and my vision switched between male geriatric old fart and female 1970s Russian hammer thrower.
Oh yes I was still frustratedly horny.
At that moment I would have taken the hammer thrower.
I sat down and grabbed the top magazine off the stack and turned the page, full page advert for healthy breakfast cereal featuring a girl in her underwear.
Next page and advert for toothpaste with a girl in skimpy nightie, the next page was a double page spread for mascara with several ear naked girls in matching underwear.
I through the magazine back down where I got it and sat back and tried not to thing about crumpet.
My name was called after about half an hour and I walked down the corridor and through the open door and was greeted not by a geriatric old fart, nor a Russian hammer thrower but a very attractive female Dr, who was emitting a very exotic perfume every time she moved.
I made a quick appraisal; I was getting quite good at those now, pretty face, blue eyes, soft shoulder length brown hair,. 5t 3 or 4, early thirties, nice figure, everything where it should be, equally proportioned.
Oh oh a trouser tickle.
“Good morning Mr. Fisher” she said as she perused my notes “take a seat”
“Morning Doctor” I replied as I sat
Then almost as soon as my arse hit the seat she said.
“Sorry, let’s have you up on the table”
I got up and proceeded to climb onto the table when she said
“Ok let’s have the trousers off first”
So I got off dropped my trousers and got back on again feeling more than a little pissed, Sit down, get up, up down up again, it had even curtailed my horniness.
As soon as I settled on the table she said “well I can see straight away you have full mobility in the joint and you’re not favouring your other leg which is good”
Which is when I realized that the sit down, get up, up down and up again was just to test my knee without giving me a chance to think about what I was doing.
Then she began a more detailed exam of the knee which is when I started to notice a little bit of pale pink bra strap, a glimpse of lace edging inside her sweater, the silhouette of a nipple, pushing through the wool, the neat hips and the beautifully round buttocks, and oh yes the horniness was back.
I was conscious that I might start a bulge in my pants and was aware that I still had to get off the table again which could be a bit tricky not to mention undignified with a boner.
So I started thinking about cricket that normally works but then it was women’s cricket and they were all naked save for their shows, gloves, hats and pads.
God knows what the reading would have been if she took my blood pressure.
“Well that all looks fine” She said then added “do you have any swelling?”
“Pardon” I said rather dry mouthed
“In you knee, do you ever have any swelling”
“No, no never” I said
“Any pain or discomfort otherwise?” asked the doctor
“It aches sometimes in the damp weather”
“Sadly that happens to us all and has nothing to do with the surgery” and smiled
“Ok get your trousers on” and added “I’m very happy with it so I have no reservations about giving the trust the green light to discharge you”
“That’s great thanks doctor” I said as I got up to leave.
“Obviously if you do develop any problems with it just come back and see me” she added finally
“Thanks again Doctor” I gave her a smile and left.

On the way back home I decided to call in at the corner shop and see the lovely Shulah.
The shop was owned and run by Omid although it was his young wife Shulah and her Aunt Anjuli who did all the work.
He was a surly old goat and old enough to be her father in fact he was old enough to be my father.
Shulah and her Aunt though were both lovely Shushu was a few years younger than me, tall and slim but her thick back combed hair made her look even taller.
She was a Skinny girl but not in a boney way she just had a skinny frame I was sure she would be extremely flexible.
Her eyes were big and almost black and she had a huge toothy smile which lit up the whole shop if not the street.
The rest of her figure was concealed beneath her loose fitting robe affair, but I would bet money she had pert little breasts under there.
I always flirt dreadfully with her and her aunt and they would always flirt back.
And when it came time to pay there was always a lingering exchange where our hands would almost touch but not quite occasionally I would caress her hand with my thumb or brush my fingertips against hers and she would blush, and if she was in the shop I would brush passed her very close and she would get very flustered.
Alas today they were at the cash and carry only the surly old goat was in the shop and he was sat on his arse watching cricket.

Later that evening I had a shower and shave and was preparing to spend the evening at the club to catch up with the latest gossip and find someone suitable to scratch my itch, when I remembered I had left my after shave in the main bathroom, I had been using the en suite since Molly arrived for obvious reasons.
So I walked across the landing wearing a towel and without hesitating entered the main bathroom, walked to the sink, found my aftershave amongst all the feminine potions and powders that had appeared on the shelf and was just turning to leave as Molly stepped naked from the shower, with water dripping from her rosebud nipples and running down her beautiful firm young body to her shaven haven.
I know I stood staring at her for longer than I should but I struggled to draw my eyes away.
Then I said,
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t think”
At which point she grabbed the towel and covered herself.
And I headed hurriedly out the door repeating
“Sorry, sorry, I’m so sorry” Until I reached the sanctuary of my room.
I took my towel off and glanced down
“Oh Fantastic, you’re just what I need” I said to my erection
I don’t know what you think you’re doing she’s still like your bloody sister”
And there I stood for God knows how long with my hands on my head muttering to my erect penis.
“I suppose I’m going to have to deal with you in a minute” I said to him
Then the door opened and Molly came in wearing a dressing gown and stared at my erect cock.
“I’m.…” I started to say but she put a finger up to her lips gesturing me to silence.
Then she undid the belt of her robe and it fell open briefly before she dropped the toweling dressing gown to the floor revealing her nakedness, all dry, perfumed and powdered.
She walked towards me and kissed me I put a hand on her face and stroked her cheek she put her on my shaft and began gently tugging on my cock.
Then for some unknown reason I placed my other hand on her neck while her spare hand started rubbing her clit.
Then after what seems like an eternity she pushed me back violently so I was sitting on the bed, she stood in front of me and sucked the grease off her finger before she climbed on my lap and in one fluid motion slid her cunny down my shaft.
I let out a gasp and she released a long soft moaning sigh.
“I’ve wanted to do that since I was 12” Molly said and laughed before kissing me urgently on the mouth.
As she did so she rose and fell on me sliding her tight hot pussy up and down my shaft moaning softly with each penetration her lips sliding from my tip to my root greasing my balls.
Suddenly she stopped kissing me and pushed me backwards saying “get on your back”
Then she gave me two slow liquid strokes before she crawled along my body until her creamy cunny was in reach of my tongue its open petals inviting me to taste their tang and I eagerly obliged starting at the heart shaped mole on her lip before sucking on her.
It wasn’t long before she was writhing with pleasure as I devoured her flesh then she shuddered and moaned in orgasm.
All of a sudden she was off me again crawling up the bed throwing herself down when she reached the pillows ending up on her back with her legs spread wide displaying her swollen lips, while her gash oozed her tangy juices.
“Now you can fuck me” Molly said giggling.
I rapidly crawled up the bed and then slowly crawled up her kissing her belly, her plump tits and then sucking her teat before I reached her mouth and when our tongues engaged
My throbbing cock homed in on her crack like a guided missile or should that be guided muscle.
Either way, I was in her pussy deeply and her thighs gripped me tight while I pounded on her the pace increasing steadily faster and faster we moaned and grunted in unison as we sped on and on until we reached maximum velocity and we both exploded in utter ecstasy.
I rolled off her and there we lay exhausted and spent for an indeterminate period.
Then I looked at her and said
“Was that worth waiting 12 years for”?
“Oh God yes” she replied still panting.
“Even if you had fancied me it wouldn’t have been like that when we were kids”
“I never said I didn’t fancy you” I corrected her
“Then why did you react the way you did when I was in your bed”?
“Naked in my bed” I corrected her again
“Ok naked” she snapped
“But why”?
So I told her the whole story all about the feelings I had for her and why I acted as I did.
Then after digesting all I had told her she said
“So let me get this right it wasn’t that you didn’t fancy me when you rejected my advances, it was because you thought of me as a sister”?
“Yes” I replied
There was a prolonged silence then she spoke
“You weirdo you just fucked your sister”
“Yes” I agreed
“Urgh weirdo, your just a pervert” she said laughing
“Well by that token you just fucked your brother, nympho”
“No not at all, I just had sex with my cousin who I’ve fancied since I was 12” Molly corrected me in a rather superior tone
“Fair comment”
“But urgh you did incest, you’re a freaky pervy paedo”
I just looked down my nose at her and said
“Do you want to do it again or not”?
“Oh God yes” She said

Suffice is to say I didn’t make it to the club that memorable Wednesday night as my itch was well and truly scratched by Molly and we spent the rest of the week humping and grunting.
But it was on Friday night that I had Molly laying bent across my lap her black tights down around her knees. Navy blue knicker half way down her thighs and the blue nurse’s uniform rucked up about her hips.
All of which left exposed her firm round buttocks still wearing the fresh red hands prints of an excellent spanking her globes had just received.
There was also a very stimulating audible squelching from Molly’s pussy where I was frigging it with two fingers.
My double digit ministrations eliciting some wonderfully pleasurable moans from her when the phone rang and
I picked it up with my dry hand.
It was mum,
“Listen Simon, Liz and Ken can’t pick Molly up until Sunday, can you put her up for another night”
“No problem” I said my fingers still deep into Molly’s wetness
“I’m going to put it up her any minute”
“What was that dear?”
I said “Tell them not to worry about it for a minute”
“Are you sure its ok darling you really don’t mind? I thought you’d be ready to see the back of her by now”
I looked down at Molly squirming on my lap her cheeks jiggling as I fingered her and thought I’m always glad to see a view like that
“Tell them we’ll see them on Sunday” and hung up
“Is that ok with you Molly?” I said to her
I don’t think she really heard the question but she did shout out oh yes.

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