Thursday, 4 September 2008


Suspended baskets spill scented color
Gently swinging in the summer breeze
Pollen drifts unseen in the fragrant air
Causing sufferers to cough and sneeze

Maids scantily clad in pastel colors
Girls wearing little to keep them cool
Scanty outfits set men’s pulses racing
The men who watch sit back and drool

Men in shorts wear socks with sandals
Middle-aged women dressed up as lamb
Deciding to satisfying their appetite
Eating sandwiches of cheese and ham

Lunch consumed and glasses emptied
The drink is drunk so no more boozing
Homeward now they make their way
To end the day by dozing or snoozing

Babies asleep in buggies or prams
Children laugh from slide and swings
The garden full of carefree chatter
Roaring trade till the last bell rings

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