Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Abundant rain
And warm sunshine
Paints the landscape afresh
Replacing the drabness
Of greys and browns
When the greens appear
In their infinite variety
Nature’s pallet used abundantly
Greens of every hue and shade
Fields of luscious green grasses
Trees speckled with bright buds
Like a vivid rash
Against brown limbs
Hedgerows sprout into life
While bulbs push through
The contrasting earth
Everywhere awash with viridity
Only in spring
Can the same colour
Appear in so many guises
So many variations
A veritable myriad
Across the spectrum
From dark olive to bright lime
Drab khaki to exotic emerald
Shades vivid and vibrant
And all this is but a pre cursor
Preparing the senses
For the coming
Explosion of colour

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