Monday, 25 February 2008


It was fifty years ago when I first saw her
And I fell for her beauty and her charm
And now in the autumn of our years
I’m still proud to have her on my arm

How long ago it was when we were young
When every minute we were parted
Was full of the agonies and torment
And time alone left us broken hearted

I could have composed wondrous symphonies
And written lofty ballads to her name
I could have written the sweetest love songs
And never expressed what are love became

I would have crossed the wildest seas
And walked on coals to be at her side
I would have slain the fiercest dragon
And fought duals to win her as my bride

I proclaimed my love to her as everlasting
And I told her we would always be together
Through thick and thin, good times and bad
Through calmness and through stormy weather

How my heart soared as the church bells rang
When at the alter she stood and said I do
Now after fifty summers and fifty winters
The love I proclaimed still holds true

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