Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Poems Of A Sexual Nature


The stress of being a teenager
Do you remember?
Especially the instant arousals
Of the little member
The slightest thought
Of a sexual nature
Instantly breathed life
Into your little creature
Your heart starts pumping
And the blood surges
To feed the beast
On sexual urges
All of which
Was fine and dandy
Providing of course you had
Your girlfriend handy
Or some privacy
Then there was no issue
Providing of course you had
A supply of tissue
Not so helpful
If you’re out walking
Or with your granny
Sat small talking
In any place
That you couldn’t touch
That I’m afraid
I didn’t like much
Like on the bus
Or on the train
When a girl gets on
And oh no not again


You can wear an ankle bracelet
And have piercings through your bits
You can even have a tramp stamp
But don’t go messing with your tits

You can wear a thong up your bum
You can remove every hair you’ve grown
You can show everyone your belly
But please leave your tits alone

I’ll admit they’re not the biggest
But you have the perfect little pair
I don’t want you to look like Jordan
With two footballs hanging there

Your breasts were made by nature
And by definition they are perfection
I don’t want a surgeon Frankenstein
Messing with your lovely confections


She looked tarty
At the party
And I got the horn
Dancing with Dawn
Which was great
It was first rate
But I wasn’t thrilled
She left me chilled
The problem lay
I should say
Not in my arousal
At the carousal
But her rejection
Of my erection


All eyes turned towards her
The girl in the black silk dress
With stockined legs, black and sheer
The girl walked lingerie free
Her unfettered breasts
Moving freely beneath the silk
Her buttocks had a rhythm
When she walked that hypnotized
Each movement of her hips
Rolled and rounded
The perfect globes
And returned them with precision,
They moved them again
Her effortless movement
On high stiletto heels
I could only watch
In a heightened state of arousal
The effects on me
Both hypnotic and erotic


Wendy was bendy
And a delight to behold
She was pliant and supple
And easy to fold

Wendy was bendy
Her pliancy had no end
And in the bedroom
She was my flexible friend


Nuclear Petunia was insatiable
A sexual being to her core
She would do it in a cupboard
She would do it on the floor
She never got exhausted
She just wanted more and more
Petunia truly was atomic
She just went on and on
And in between no respite
Just another nuclear fusion


The Lycra fitted her
Like a second skin.
Taut and seamless
Leaving every contour revealed
Each curve, each mound
Every peak and valley
Every ridge and canyon
Of her voluptuous landscape
Her immodesty shown
In stark relief


When I was still but a boy
I went to visit a house of joy
And although I had to pay
I would honestly have to say
That for a coming of age event
It was the best quid I ever spent

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