Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Love And Relationships # 3


Denise was a strawberry blonde
Beautiful and bubbly
Tall and statuesque
Built for comfort
Gloriously curvaceous
Big soft and round
Amply proportioned
Everywhere that was important
Her body was like a rollercoaster
You could never tire of riding
More exhilarating than a theme park ride
And more worthy of a queue
A breathtaking experience
A quivering delight
Of erotic pleasure


My memory takes me back
To a time when I was young
And I was pleasurably distracted by Doreen
Dear Doreen who people rather unkindly called plain
True her face was heavily freckled
And she rarely wore any makeup
But her eyes were the most dazzling blue and always smiled
Her hair was straight and chestnut brown
She was a skinny little thing and flat chested
But with the most exquisite bottom
I don’t know why people thought her plain
Maybe it’s because Doreen is a plain sounding name
I know one thing that is true
They would never have called her plain
If they had seen her in the bedroom


She looked at me
With those wondrous eyes
Mysterious bright blue eyes,
That could see inside my soul
Then she gave me one of her smiles,
A truly amazing smile
That says hold me close,
Kiss me, stroke my hair,
You’ll never have too miss me.
Then we embraced
A wonderful sensual embrace
Where we seem to merge into one entity
Then as we part she smiles another smile,
Which speaks another language,
And she leads me off to bed
Where we melt together in passionate congress
And love reaches its zenith
Afterwards in the afterglow
She wears contentment on her face
And her cheek bares a rosy blush
As she lies draped across me
Like a robe of exquisite silk
I love it when she lies beside me in bed,
I love her breath on my skin
And the smell of her hair
But most of all
I love her loving me


I sit in the beer garden
Not because I wanted a drink
Or because it was a nice day
But because I wanted to see her
I didn’t know her name
I just knew her as the cute red head
The girl with the open smiling face
And the full bountiful lips
Jade green eyes, and of course the red hair
I’m really rather sad
To come to the same ghastly pub,
To drink luke warm beer each day
Just for a glimpse of an angel


I first met Fiona at a Christmas party
A beautiful woman in a young girl’s body
Fiona was far more mature than her years
And she chose me that night
Despite a host of more suitable suitors
And we danced into the night
Her firm body pressed against mine
Her intoxicating scent enveloping me
Arms clinging tightly to me
Her breath against my neck
In full view of envious eyes
And later in passionate embrace
Just the two of us in the darkness
As I kissed her goodnight


Hey pretty girl, yes I’m talking to you
Don’t think you can keep hidden from view
You may try to hide in your tomboy guise
But I can see you; I can see the hidden prize
You may dress in oversized jeans and a baggy T
And try to hide yourself in shapeless anonymity
But I can see the real you beneath the scruffy hair
I can see the pretty girl who’s hiding in there
You’ll come out soon and everyone will see
The girl inside the tomboy who will marry me


Of course, you know I love you
And how much you mean to me
Of course you must know
It must be plain for you to see

Ok It's not every day that I tell you
And I would if I didn’t think you knew
It’s obvious so you must know
Exactly how much I love you

I know I don’t say it in so many words
Ok I don’t ever say it to you
But that just because I thought you knew
How much I’m in love with you


We were an innocent couple,
We were naively sweet
Fluffy and soft
Embarking on a great love
We were an unremarkable couple
Just a couple of lovebirds
Sharing secrets, passing notes
We were an uncomplicated couple
I loved her and she loved me
And we just wanted to hold hands
And always be together
Fluffy and sweet,
Coyly smiling
Making wishes
And stealing kisses
We were an unbreakable couple
When we were seven

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