Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Love And Relationships # 1


When did the love die?
At what moment
Did love turn to odium
Was it that, once too often
He smelt the stench
Of ardours odour upon her
The smell of another man
On her clothes,
On her skin
That made him snap
Making him commit uxoricide
Snuffing out the life
Of his unfaithful wife


They call you lonely girl
Because you are a girl
And you are always alone
But are you really a lonely girl?
Or are you happy where you are?
Living inside yourself
Alone and self contained
Are you content to be alone?
Defying us all for our conceit
Do you look upon us?
Thinking us odd for our neediness
Needing to be noticed
Needing to be wanted
Needing to love and be loved
They call you lonely girl
And await the day
When your abject unhappiness
Will cause you to merely fade away
Out of your lonely existence
Or for you to succumb to the solitude
And end your bitter life
Dying as you lived, alone
But you don’t look sad
Nor unhappy with your lot
You look serene and at peace
So be content, lonely girl


I am in love with a little angel
Who I see at the bus stop each day
It’s been more than a year now
But I can never find the words to say

And if I could, should I say them?
Or should I keep my feelings to myself
Never speaking my love aloud
And spend my lifetime on the shelf

Maybe some day I will tell her
Of the deep love that I conceal
But I think that she will laugh at me
If I dared to tell her how I feel.

So each morning I will smile
At my sweet angel so petite
And not speak to her of love
But stare nervously at my feet


Whenever you feel sad and lonely
And the days are cold and grey
Think of me and the love we had
That filled our hearts each day

Whenever you feel life get you down
And you feel alone and scared
Think of me and the love we had
And the happy moments that we shared

Whenever you feel you can’t go on
And you feel weighed down with pain
Picture me standing at your side
And you will feel strong again

Whenever you feel sad and lonely
And the days are cold and grey
Just remember what I told you
I’m with you in spirit every day


I have been struck down by delirium
I am restless and unable to focus
I try to read a book
And read the same paragraph repeatedly
I am in a state of confusion
One minute I am sure of something
The next moment I’m not
And sometimes I hallucinate
I think I see something or someone
I’ve looked it up online
I have all the symptoms of delirium
But none of the causes
I don’t have a fever
Nor have I been poisoned
And I’m pretty sure
I don’t have a brain injury
No I have to face facts
I either have a brain tumour
Or I’m in love
I don’t know which is worse


When we are apart
I love the way you miss me
And when we reunite
I love the way you kiss me
You love, care and nurture me
You can’t do more than this for me
I give my heart and soul to you
I love you oh so blissfully


Like a buccaneer
Sailing the Spanish main
The vivacious creature
Swept into my life
And like a pirate
Went for my treasure trove
Pillaging my heart
And stealing it away
Leaving my soul in chains
And my coffers empty


I saw you in a different light today
A dazzling light of femininity
You were not the normal little tomboy
In the cargo pants and baggy “T”

The usual beaten up old trainers
Had been replaced by four inch heals
Which shaped your normally hidden legs
Whose black clad debut certainly appealed

The sheer black of your stocking-ed legs
Disappeared beneath the tailored hem
Of a skirt that fitted hitherto, unknown curves
Accentuating hips, thighs and of course them

Tucked into the tiniest of waistbands
Was a crisp white blouse tailored to fit
Buttoned at the wrist and open at the neck
Three undone buttons so that it gaped a bit

I saw you in a different light today
Where you emerged from tomboy obscurity
Causing heads to turn and eyes to stare
And thoughts were those of impurity


The night was of crystal clarity
No clouds obscured the stars
A new moon graced the sky
And the lover’s moon was ours

A shooting star crossed the sky
And we both made a wish
Then I held you in embrace
And we shared our first kiss


Dawn was a Glaswegian lassie
With the broadest accent
Which made it difficult when she spoke
To understand what was meant
This was exacerbated
By a lisp and a stutter
And because she didn’t open her mouth very wide
She had a tendency to mutter
As a result I couldn’t understand her
Apart from when she said yes or no
But despite all of that
We went out for three months or so

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