Monday, 25 February 2008


In God’s name, for centuries
They waged their holy wars
Singing songs to God
As they march in their corps

In God’s name, across the years
From home to foreign shores
Tit for tat acts of religious hate
Are used to settle scores

God’s names, Jehovah, God or Allah
Differ only by rules and law
Although God by any name
Does not encourage acts of war

In God’s name, even to this day
They are prepared to fight and die
And beneath their holy banners
They use God as a battle cry

In God’s name, war is waged
And for every soul who dies
God sits on his throne in heaven
With sadness in his eyes

In God’s name, preach only peace
God is there for all humanity
In Gods name, put down your swords
His gift is love to all who see

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