Monday, 3 June 2013

The Final Frontier


Gustav Holst’s
Bringer of Jollity
The mighty gas giant
Red belted Jupiter
Largest in the solar system
With its great red spot
A storm that has raged
For centuries


Gustav Holst’s
Winged Messenger
The lifeless silver sphere
Races around our fiery star
As fast as its name sake
The fast-flying Roman deity,
Messenger to the gods


Gustav Holst’s
The bringer of old age
In a state of perpetual storm
Saturn the mighty gas giant
With Iconic rings of dust and ice
An image comforting and reliant


Gustav Holst’s magician
Beautiful ice giant
Whose clouds of methane
Present a featureless disk
Of blue-green colour


Gustav Holst’s Mystic
Farthest planet from the Sun
Beautiful ice giant
Whose brilliant blue
Appearance belies
The deadly atmosphere
Of frozen methane


Gustav Holst’s bringer of peace
Second planet from the Sun,
Earth's "sister planet"
To the ancients
The Morning Star
Or the Evening Star
Shrouded by opaque
Highly reflective
Clouds of sulphuric acid


Gustav Holst’s bringer of war
The red planet
A place of high mountains
And deep canyons
Red dust deserts
And frozen Polar Regions


Unknown to Gustav Holst
Pluto, the Dwarf planet
Inhabits the Kuiper belt
And is no longer the ninth planet
Of our solar system
Not even the biggest Dwaft
But Second to Eris


The frozen Dwarf planet Ceres,
The largest asteroid among the stars
Between the belted giant Jupiter
And the red planet of war Mars


For the Auriga constellation
Look up into the northern sky
You will find the charioteer
Between Perseus and Gemini


Saturn VI
Iced water Titan
Largest Moon of Saturn
Dense Orange sphere
A planet like moon
Iced water Titan

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