Monday, 3 June 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 84) Love On The Orient Express (Part Two)

After breakfast we washed and dressed and made our way to spend the morning in the Bar Car and met some of our fellow travellers and chatted over coffee and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Alps.

Shortly before midday the train arrived at the Hauptbahnhof in Innsbruck, Georgia and I decided to get off the train to stretch our legs and enjoy the mountain air and the lovely spring sunshine.

It was about half an hour later when the train pulled out of the station.
We had re-boarded the train in the Lalique car, which was where the on-board boutique was located, because I wanted to buy Georgie something that would be a lasting memento of the trip.
“You don’t have to buy me anything” she said, “I’m never going to forget this trip”
But I insisted that we should buy something that would be both a memento and the first thing for our home together.
We settled on a piece of hand blown French crystal in the form of an angel.

After I had purchased the crystal, Georgia suggested we go back to our cabin rather than returning to the bar car.
“She’s horny again,” I thought to myself
So I concurred with her suggestion but within moments of getting back to the cabin the Stewart knocked to say lunch was now being served.
So instead of enjoying a decadent shag we followed him to the dining car instead and enjoyed a delicious though leisurely three-course lunch.
As I watched a glowing Georgia sipping her wine I was overcome with love for her.
I was so lucky to have her in my life, and I couldn’t bear the thought that I might lose her.
But I knew that I risked losing her with every flirtation and every tryst, but I couldn’t stop.
If a woman offered herself on a plate then it would be rude not to accept her hospitality.
So I was just being polite.
But it wouldn’t be forever after all as I got older those offers would decrease exponentially.
And if they stopped tomorrow and I never fucked another woman for the rest of my life I would be more than content to just shag Georgia.
I smiled at her and said
“I love you”
“I love you too,” she said “but now I need to pee”

While she was in the toilet I gazed out the window at the beautiful scenery of spring.
I loved the spring when it arrived; it was such a long time between the last glimpse of thigh in the autumn and the first sign of cleavage in the spring
When all the girls cast off their winter vests and exposed their pallid flesh.
Of course when I thought back to the previous spring and that terrible writers block and how close I was to having to leave the village.
But then that wonderful May afternoon when the flirty virgins lit the blue touch paper and Georgia felt the explosion.
And the floodgates opened and the block evaporated away and I had no shortage of ideas or scenarios and my biggest headache was a struggle to get them onto the page in time.
My sexual activity since that May afternoon apart from being exceedingly pleasurable had also proved to be a means to an end as whatever lustful exploits I participated in fuelled my Erotic stories, which I published under the pen name of Julianna Molesworth and I had profited very well indeed.
My life had changed inexorable and it had been touched by some wonderful people, some of whom touched me in some very intimate places.
I loved Georgia and I would have preferred when I pledged myself to her to have done so to her alone.
There was no reason why I should not commit to her after all some of the recent recipients of my carnal attentions had moved on.
Judith had a new man in her life, Frankie was pregnant, the ex-flirty virgins had boyfriends who were benefiting from my tutelage, Maisie and India were an item, Shula was being serviced by her fiancé Alois.
Andrea was away with the missions, Tilly was to marry Robert Hunter and Dakota was involved with Tilly's brother Tristan.
Even Pandora had a new man in her life; Harry of the Beautiful hill was now exploring Pandora’s beautiful hills.
That was in part why I proposed to Georgie my ex-lovers were happy and I thought I wanted that and decided I could have that.
And I was very happy with Georgia but alas I had underestimated Cousin Molly and Dr Claire Andrews, it appears that in the case of the former we were destined to be forever fuck buddies and the latter of course I was to be her long term respite carer.
On top of which there were the ongoing negotiations with Agnes Snipe and the payments in kind for organizer extraordinaire Olivia Adamson but I also found it almost impossible to give up Pandora my special older woman.

After Georgie returned to the restaurant car and lunch was over we returned to our cabin.
The bunks had been stowed away and the banquette sofa had been restored and I thought we might while away the afternoon in mutual gratification.
Georgia clearly had a similar idea, as the moment we were back in the cabin she wriggled out of her skirt and was naked beneath it I stood briefly admiring her fluffy bush and then as she pulled her top off over her head I inched forward and ran my fingers through her lush growth.
“I think trains make me horny” she said as I worked my fingers towards her minge.
“Everything makes you horny” I said as my digits progressed through her damp whiskers and tentatively probed at her gash.
She leant back against the door and I kissed her as I fingered her slippery slit.
“Mmmm” she moaned in my mouth and opened her thighs wider allowing me to slip two fingers into her creamy cunny.
As I frigged her and Georgia came loudly she closed her thighs on my hand.
I freed myself and carried her to the banquette where she climbed onto the sofa on all fours and presented me with her pink moist pussy so I knelt behind Georgia’s lovely naked body and slipped into her syrupy quim.
"Oh that feels so good Simon” Georgia said “So hot and so dirty"
Georgia had her face pressed against the glass admiring the spectacular scenery as the train travelled through the Italian Dolomites as I banged her wriggling squirming form.
Her hot panting breath huffed up the glass as I brought her to climax and Georgia screamed, a second later I erupted inside her.
When I withdrew my sticky shaft from her quim she rolled onto her back
"That was so good" she purred,
We had finished in a timely fashion as a few minutes later our afternoon tea was served in our cabin.

After tea Georgia wanted to play some more and I thought to myself
“Trains do make her horny” as she knelt on the floor sucking my cock.
And as the train pulled into Verona’s Porta Nuova station I pulled out of her.

Georgia freshened up and redressed while the train was in the station and I was happy to see her dressed in her matching yellow bra and panties and as she slipped on her yellow dress the train slowly departed and we knew it was time to prepare to disembark and I held her in my arms as we crossed the Venetian Lagoon and pulled into Santa Lucia station and so began our remarkable life together.

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