Monday, 3 June 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 82) Payment In Kind

In the early evening as the flowing waters lapped against the side of barge I lapped at Pandy’s flowing waters and we made love again with the spring sunlight shining through the window, flooding the cabin in an orange glow.

It was getting dark as we left the barge and returned to the car.
“That was a very pleasant afternoon,” I said
“Wasn’t it” Pandora said with a grin.
“I’m not so sure that your sister in law won’t know that someone’s been there,” I said
“I know, we certainly left our mark on the bed linen” Pandora said with a chuckle

Pandora drove back along the same country lanes we had negotiated early, though with considerably less urgency on the homeward bound leg.
We journeyed in silence, lost in our own thoughts and I watched her as she drove, with a serene expression on her face until we reached the outskirts of the village when she said
“I love Harry”
The Harry she was referring to was Harry Beaumont, brother of Mortimer, who she had been seeing romantically since January.
“Good” I replied, “He’s a good man”
“But I don’t want to stop” she continued
“Stop what?” I asked although I knew what she meant
“You know what” she replied
“Harry is gentle thoughtful lover”
“But?” I interrupted
“But I want my eyes to roll back in my head and have toe curling orgasms once in a while” Pandora admitted
“I don’t want to stop either,” I said
“Why didn’t you say so before” she responded and slapped me
“Because I wanted to hear you say how much you wanted me,” I answered
Pandora blushed slightly and she smiled and took hold of my hand.

Pandora drove me back to the Golf club and dropped me in the car park.
“Are you coming in for a drink?” I asked
“I can’t darling” she said, “I’m desperately late as it is”
“Not even a quick one?” I asked
“I know your idea of a quick one” she laughed “Anyway you’ve monopolized my time all day”
“Time well spent though,” I said
“Definitely” she said
“Well if I can’t tempt you I’ll have to quench your thirst another time then” I said
“You normally do” Pandora shouted as she drove away and then I went in for a drink.

When I walked into the club lounge I found Geoff and Laura sitting at a table in the corner.
“Hello you two” I said leaning in to kiss her
“Hello Simon” Laura said
After shaking hands with Geoff I bought some drinks and sat down.
“We don’t often see you in here” I said
“We came in to chat with Georgia on her break” Geoff said
“Last minute details for the holiday”
This did not surprise me, as Geoff was a meticulous planner.
However on this occasion his problem was that and his plans had been interfered with.
On Sunday he was driving Laura and the girls to France where they were going to visit Euro Disney among other things before returning to the UK on Friday in time for Georgia and me to go away together.
Now when I say Geoff had planned the trip I mean he planned it to the nth degree.
Where they would go, where they would eat, duration of each visit etc.
However Laura and Georgia had thrown a spanner in the works because they wanted to spend a day in Paris doing some girlie shopping and this did not fit in Geoff’s literary in any way shape or form.
Just then Georgia appeared.
“Hi Hon” she said “I wasn’t expecting to see you here”
“I’ve been on the course all day” I said “I just came in for a quick one before going home”
I kissed her and went to get her a drink, when I returned to the table Georgia and Laura had ganged up on Geoff to get him to give in.
“Come on play fare you two,” I said
“But we really want to go shopping” Georgia said in a sulky teenager voice.
“Can we delay our trip by a day?”
“No” I replied, “it’s all booked”
“So that’s that then,” Georgia said sulkily
“Well not necessarily” I mused, “there is a compromise solution”
“What’s that?” Laura asked
“Well you can still do Geoff’s meticulously planned trip” I suggested “but instead of coming home on Friday go into Paris”
“But we have to get Georgia back on Friday” Geoff said
“Not if I meet up with you in Paris on Friday” I said
“We can stay at an Auberge”
“But what about your holiday?” Laura asked
“Well we stay in Paris for two night, the girls can spend Saturday shopping while Geoff and I can go and look at paintings of naked women in the Louvre” I paused “then on Sunday you Geoff and the twins come home and Georgia and I can leave for our holiday from Paris”
“We can leave from Paris?” Georgia “Where are we going then?”
“It’s a secret” I replied
There was silence for a short while as the three of them pondered my suggestion, looking for flaws in the plan.
Georgia’s expression changed as she had clearly thought of something and opened her mouth to speak but I interrupted her.
“You will need to pack for both trips, but don’t forget you can always treat yourself to some new clothes in Paris”
“It’s a sound plan as far as I can see” Geoff said which, was high praise indeed.
“I think it will be great,” Laura said
“Me too” Georgia said and then kissed me and then whispered
“I’ll by new underwear too”
“That’s a plan then?” I asked and everyone concurred
“Ok I’ll book the Auberge tomorrow” I said “my treat and no arguments”

Although I’d only had two pints at the club I felt a bit pissed when I got home, but then I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and I’d expended a lot of energy one way and another.
So I made myself beans on toast and then went to bed.

On Saturday morning I was starving hungry so I made myself a full English breakfast.
After which I set about making the changes to the holiday arrangements.
First of all I went on line to find a suitable place for everyone to stay.
I finally settled on an Auberge in Marly-le-Roi in the
Western suburbs of Paris.
So I made the booking and emailed all the details to Geoff so he could integrate it into his holiday pack.
Georgia worked on Saturday at the club and then spent the night with me but she left early on Sunday morning so she could finish her packing.
She would have left earlier had she not insisted on farewell shag.
After she had gone I showered, breakfasted and went down to St Lucy’s for some spiritual refreshment.
After the service I walked around to the Gregory’s just in time to wave them off.
Then I went home and settled down to work.
I had quite a bit to catch up with so I slowly plodded on through my emails, when I reached one from my agent Lionel Bloom.
There was a document attached so I clicked on it and I couldn’t believe my eyes.
I picked up the phone and selected his number.
“Lionel Bloom” the voice said
“Lionel” I said “Sorry to disturb you on a Sunday”
“You’ve seen the email then” he said
“I have” I replied “are those figures correct?”
“Absolutely kosher” he answered
“Then the decimal point isn’t in the wrong place?” I asked
“No its not” I said and laughed
The subject matter of the email was the first set of revenue figures for the Overend recordings, and the numbers were incredible.
Easy street incredible.
My royalties for the previous year were quite substantial and more than enough to live comfortably on but this other money was in a league of its own and it was only for the first few months of the year.
I had to do something with it and thinking what course of action to take occupied me for the rest of the day.

On Monday I needed to make the change to the time and location of departure for mine and Georgia’s holiday and for that, as the itinerary was quite complicated, I contacted my travel agent, also known as Olivia Adamson, Practice manager of the village surgery and organizational genius.
There was a small surcharge levied for the changes to the itinerary, which involved me helping Olivia out of her underwear and into a state of disgrace.
As Georgia was away in France I chose to spread the charges over a few days paying once in her office out of surgery hours, the second on the floor in my lounge and a third in the back of her car in the little secluded car park by the river that Pandora drove me to.
I thought that asking favours of Olivia was a much more enjoyable way of making reservation than doing it myself online.

I spoke to Lionel again on Tuesday and asked him to recommend an accountant of a solicitor or both to help me set up a trust fund or something like it.
He knew just the person his younger brother Emmanuelle he set up a meeting for me for the following day.

I was thrilled that Gerald Overend’s tapes and transcriptions were returning such a great sum of revenue but I felt a bit guilty, as they weren’t mine to benefit from.
So I decided that I wanted someone more deserving than me to benefit from it.
After meeting with Manny Bloom he confirmed there would be a sufficient stream of royalties to fund what I had in mind, namely two scholarship funds for pupils from St Lucy’s, one was the Gerald Overend Literary Scholarship and the other was the Katy Oliver Theology Scholarship.
That evening I phoned Eleanor Overend and gave her the news and she broke down in tears.

On Wednesday I arranged a meeting with the Vicar, Robert Hunter and the Headmistress of St Lucy’s, Donna Dauphinais, to discuss my proposal which was well received by them, but I asked that they put my offer forward at the next Governors meeting and would await their response.
The remainder of the day was spent completing my correspondence and typing up my notes onto my laptop.
This left just enough time for me to give Olivia the final installment of her surcharge in the back of her car.
“Come on then Olivia if you want me to pay” I said clambering into the back of the car.
We had already had a significant period of foreplay in the front and I was sitting in the middle of the back seat trouser-less and sporting a large erection still wet with her saliva as she opened the door and climbed in.
Olivia was not a big unit but she was a tall girl and she was sidling between me and the front seats like a cinema latecomer trying to get to her seat.
For some reason she wanted to be on the other side of me before we continued, I didn’t know nor understand her rationale and to be honest I didn’t really care.
But when she was at the zenith above my lap I lifted her skirt to expose her tidy buttocks and gripping her hips I pulled her downwards until her tight pussy enveloped me and she was squatting on my shaft.
Olivia gripped the headrests as she rose and fell on me, rising to the very tip of me on the up stroke and using every inch of my shaft on the down and the wonderfully dirty noises echoed around the car.
But despite her obvious ecstasy she lost none of her rhythm and her stamina showed no signs of wavering as she rode me right up to the point my aching balls were fit to burst and I gripped her boney hips until she milked me dry.
She finally relaxed breathless onto my lap and leaned back against me.
“Do I get a receipt for that” I asked

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