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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 81) Randy Pandy

After a vigorous session of negotiations with Agnes Snipe in her office I crossed the fairway towards home thinking that it would be very interesting to see how the negotiations with “The Wicked Witch of the West” would develop over the coming months.
Dawn was breaking as I reached my back door and I smiled as I recalled how I left Agnes draped on her leather couch naked and despoiled breathing hard with her shaven Minge moist and bejeweled on full display.
I smiled to myself at the sight of the dragon slain in her lair by the good knight and his lance.
Though in truth she wasn’t the Witch or Dragon that she liked people to think she was.

I went inside and made coffee while the bath filled then I took my drink into the bathroom and had a long soak. After which I took myself off to bed.
When I got up it was after lunch and I felt fresh and revived until an hour later when Georgia came home and wore me out again.

First thing on Monday morning I dropped into the surgery to see Olivia.
I spoke to the receptionist and then waited by the desk.
After 5 minutes Olivia appeared.
“Good morning Mr Fisher” she said coldly
“Olivia” I said, “How are you”
“How can I help Mr Fisher?”
“That’s very formal from someone with an intimate knowledge of my kitchen floor” I whispered.
“Come into my office” she said
Once inside she closed the door
“You mustn’t talk about what happened after the funeral,” she said
“Why? Didn’t you enjoy it?” I asked
“You know I did, that’s not the point,” she said
“The warm Olivia was wonderful” I said “don’t let the cold one take over again”
There were a few moments of silence before she said
“I won’t”
“Good, now Claire left these things in my car on Friday” I said “Can you look after them for me?”
“Claire’s not in today” she said
“I know and I’m going with her,” I said
“Why couldn’t you give it to her yourself?” she asked
“Because I’m meeting her in Guildford, so tongues wont wag” I said “and I didn’t want to take all this on the train”
Olivia nodded
“Plus I wanted to touch base with you” I said and she blushed.

Until it was time to catch the train to meet Claire I busied myself writing and catching up with correspondence.
About 10.30am Georgia phoned me in a state of great excitement to tell me that Agnes Snipe had told her that we could have our first choice for the wedding reception, the date and the main ballroom because of a sudden cancellation.
“I don’t know what caused the sudden cancellation” she said “and I don’t care”
I think you might have cared had she known that I had to skewer Snipe on her desk to free up the date.

I met Claire in the car park at Guildford station and she drove to the to the specialists surgery.
I stayed with her throughout the procedure and then drove her home afterwards, which left me stranded, I hadn’t really thought it through, but in the end I got a cab to the station and got the train home.

When I got back to the village I went straight to the Vicarage, it was well into the afternoon by them and I met with the Vicar Robert Hunter to book St Lucy’s Church for the wedding.
“I think were booked up,” he said perusing the diary.
“Oh no” I said, “Georgia will be so disappointed”
“Don’t worry only kidding,” he said, “I’d already penciled it in”
“How did you know?” I asked
“I overheard Laura Gregory discussing it with Mrs. Beamish” he replied
“It was Tally’s idea to tell you it was taken” he said “isn’t she a wicked girl”
“If only you knew just how wicked,” I thought.
Later that afternoon I met Georgia from work and took her to the pictures.

The rest of the week Georgia was working double shifts so I found myself largely left in my own company, which I had to admit I had finally come to enjoy again.
On Thursday however my peace and tranquility was shattered by a visit from my cleaner Beryl Beamish.
“I’ll be spring cleaning tomorrow Mr. Fisher” she stated “All day”
“All day?” I responded
“It hasn’t had a thorough going over since the dear Vicar moved in,” she said quietly
“I had best make myself scarce for the day then” I said
“Thank you dear” she said using a term of endearment she had never used to me before Katy took up residence.

As luck would have it just as Beryl was leaving I saw Judith pull up on her drive.
So I stood on the path as she disembarked.
“Hi Simon” she said brightly “Everything ok?”
“Hi Judith” I replied “Mrs. B just told me I need to vacate the premises tomorrow”
Judith raised her eyebrows
“Spring cleaning” I said replying to her unasked question.
“Ah” she said sagely
“Are you and the girls playing tomorrow?” I asked
“Well Mortimer and I are” she replied and “Pandora and Harry were going to make up a foursome but Harry has to work so Pandy dropped out”
Mortimer and Harry were the Beaumont brothers and the romantic partners of the two ladies.
“If you phone Pandora you two could make up the four” she suggested
“Good idea, thanks Judith” I said and went back inside and phoned Pandora.

It was a pleasant morning as I stood waiting on the terrace for my party to arrive.
I only had to walk from the back of my house and across the 18th fairway so I normally arrived ahead of everyone else.
I looked at the sky and hoped it would stay fine as Claire still had my waterproofs in her car.
It was warmer than it had been over the previous week, with the skies a mainly blue expanse broken only by the occasional passing cloud of fluffy white.
The wind was very light and I thought unlikely to affect anyone’s game adversely that day so I was expecting a pleasant round.
Considering the beautiful weather the course wasn’t overly busy.
Judith and Mortimer arrived about ten minutes ahead of Pandora who appeared in typical Pandora style on time to the minute.
She was looking as lovely as the weather, immaculately turned out as usual.
She was wearing her trademark large peaked white cap with her shortish blonde hair scraped into a ponytail sticking out the back.
The rest of her outfit was all matching, predominately white with jade trim, Polo shirt, short flared skirt and ankle socks.
Her ensemble was then finished off with white Golf shoes and a Jade green glove.
And I knew from past experience that her sports bra and knickers would continue the colour theme.
Now I had noticed that ever since I had started writing bodice rippers, which are according to my mother effectively soft porn,
I seemed to be permanently horny and I looked at every woman with a renewed appreciation.
When I first started I did exclude certain women from the gaze of my pornographer’s eye.
But shagging Victoria Braithwaite, Olivia Adamson and Agnes Snipe had taught me not to be too judgmental.
We tee-ed off at 8.30am and we expected it to be a leisurely round as there was no one waiting behind us.
I smiled as Pandora bent down to tee her ball as I noticed that as I suspected she was wearing white knickers with jade green piping.
I thought to myself that even if I didn’t live in a perpetual state of horniness, and I hadn’t enjoyed Pandora on a number of occasions I would still consider her to be a very attractive woman.
I’m not sure if it was because I was a scribbler of slutty romances that I studied and appreciated her finer points or that I was just a dog.
The way her hips moved when she struck the ball or the way her tits kept moving long after the ball had gone.
The way she wiggled as she walked down the fairway or the way her buttocks clenched when she was preparing to putt.
I think it was probably because I was a man and she was fit.

We were playing match play and it was Pandora and I against Mortimer and Judith.
After we had all hit our tee shots we set off, Pandy and I on foot and Morty and Jude in a buggy.
Well despite my horniness and the distraction of Pandora bending over and flashing her draws I managed to card a pretty fair score and Pandora was having a good round as well so by the time we reached the 7th tee we were two holes up on the others.

On the seventh fairway all four of us had hit to the same part of the fairway and our balls finished up about 20 yards apart.
Up to that point Pandora and I had walked and the other two had ridden but as all our balls were so close Mortimer suggested we all climb aboard.
Mortimer was driving, Judith was riding shotgun, and I shared the back seat with the golf bags so Pandora sat on my lap.

Now all morning I had been in my usual state of semi arousal as I often was when around Pandora but as she climbed onto the cart to sit on my lap her perfume engulfed me my arousal escalated.
Once she had climbed aboard my lap she was positioned, either by accident or design, right over my cock.
“Is everyone aboard?” Morti asked
“Yes” Pandora and I said in unison.
Mortimer took it quite steady but after about 10 yards we went over a bump and the whole buggy lurched and the lump in my shorts hit Pandora right on the money and she let out a yelp.
“Ok back there” Judith asked
“Yes all fine” Pandora said relaxing herself on my lap.
For the rest of the short journey I flexed the ravenous beast in my baggy shorts and tapped it repeatedly on her flange.

We all hit our second shots just short of the green and climbed back aboard the buggy and Pandora once again parked her pussy in prime position and insured a rose once more.
When we reached the apron Pandora lingered on my lap and when she finally dismounted she slithered off me and dragged her skirt right up off her arse.
She stood next to the buggy with her white knickered arse exposed and she appeared to be in no hurry to cover it again, so while Mortimer and Judith played their shots from a safe distance away I helped myself to a generous handful of plump buttock until it was time for us to play.

Unsurprisingly we halved that hole but over the next few holes we increased our lead over our opponents to 5, despite the fact Pandy’s game had gone to shit.
She sliced her tee shots into the trees and hit every ditch and pond in sight.
I took every opportunity to grope her as the game went on,
Every time she bent over I stroked her arse, or put my hand up her skirt and caressed her plump buttock.
But as we stood on the 13th fairway and I casually brushed her breast she snapped at me
“For God’s sake stop it Simon, stop pawing at me. Unless you’re going to back up the foreplay and shag me senseless”
“Well the sooner we finish this round then the sooner I’ll have these drawers round your ankles” I retorted pinging the elastic of her knickers
“And that happy end result won’t come to fruition if you keep hitting the ball like a novice”

After our little pep talk the old Pandora was back with a vengeance and we won every hole.
Even on the 17th, a tricky blind par three, she hit a birdie.
Despite it being the scene of her first debauchment at my hands she still held her nerve.
My game held together despite the fact I was handicapped by a permanent hard on, which never dwindle as Pandora was then either flaunting herself or actually grabbing my cock.
“This isn’t stroke play you know,” I said as she tugged my cock through shorts.
Pandora just carried on until Judith almost caught her at it and she walked away giggling.

That left just the par 5, 18th to complete the round.
Judith, Mortimer and I had all hit decent drives but as I stood watching Pandora’s pre swing wiggle I was so lost in my thoughts of sexual gratification with her that I almost failed to appreciate just how good a drive she subsequently hit.
“My God Pand you spanked that one good and proper” I said
“Hold that thought Simon” she replied with a leer and then strode off down the fairway with real purpose.
When she reached her ball, which had kicked on round the dogleg, we paced out the distance to 310 yards, the longest drive she had ever hit in her life.
“It’s amazing what being on a promise can do,” I said
Her second shot was equally impressive finishing on the front apron from where she chipped in for an eagle.
“Well that’s me done” She said then she whispered, “now hurry up”
The three of us all had to chip onto the green and then Judith putted out, shortly followed by Morty and then finally me, all of us finishing on par.
As we all walked towards where Pandora was waiting impatiently by the buggy Judith said
“Wow Pandora you were on fire on the back nine”
“I know, I don’t know what got into me,” she said
I knew that it wasn’t a case of what had got into her but the anticipation of what was going to.
There followed the usual post round banter and leg pulling as we headed towards the car park and we reached it Judith said
“We’re going skip lunch and go back to mine”
“Ok” Pandora said
“Do you want us to take your clubs for you Simon?” Judith asked while Mortimer was returning the buggy.
“Yes please” I replied, “that would be lovely”
And I loaded my clubs and shoes into the boot as Pandora was changing her footwear and then Mortimer returned.
“Thanks very much for the game” he said and kissed Pandora
“Hopefully next time Pandora won’t be so hot” he added and shook my hand
She’ll always be hot I thought releasing his hand and kissing Judith.

As we watched them drive out of the car park I said
“So what would you like to do?”
“I want to skip lunch as well” she replied “but what if they see us going into yours?”
“We can’t go to mine” I said, “Mrs. B has taken over the house”
“Shit” she retorted, “we can’t go to mine either, my sister is staying”
“So lunch after all then,” I said
“No chance” she said, “get in the car”
“Why?” I asked
“Just get in the car,” she ordered
I did what she said and got in car and buckled up tight as I knew it was going to be a white-knuckle ride.
Pandora raced out of the car park and headed off away from the village and also away from where she lived.
We went at speed into the country racing along narrow lanes that I was unfamiliar with.
We drove for about 15 nerve-jangling minutes until she suddenly turned off into a little car park by the river and came sharply to a halt.
“We have arrived,” she said
“Where are we?” I asked genuinely not knowing where the hell we were.
“Come on” she instructed and got out the car.
“But where are we?” I asked following her
“Shut up and keep walking” she retorted
I did as I was told but we only went about 20 yards along the riverbank before she climbed aboard a narrow boat.
“Hey what are you doing?” I said alarmed looking around to see if anyone was looking.
“Don’t panic” Pandora said mockingly as she picked up a plant pot and recovered a key that was hidden underneath it. “It’s my sister in law’s boat”
“Come on” she said brandishing the key like a trophy.
“Are we allowed?” I asked feebly
“They’re away in Florida” she answered and went down the companionway then she popped her head back up and added
“They’ll never know we were here”
“Oh, ok” I said and climbed aboard.
By the time I’d climbed down the companionway and closed the hatch behind me Pandora already had her skirt off and was pulling her polo off over her head.
She threw the polo onto the floor and stood in the middle of the cabin wearing her sports bra, matching pants and ankle socks.
“Your turn” she said
“No problem” I said and a minute later I was stripped down to my socks.
Pandora had slipped her hand down the front of her pristine white pants while I was stripping and when I was naked I grabbed my cock and tugged on it as I walked towards her.
“Now Mrs. Parkinson-Brown, I seem to remember some mention of a spanking,” I said
“Yes” she said “me too” and turned her back on me before slipping her drawers down and bending over the folding table.
Pandora had a beautiful bum and when I playfully slapped her it produced a delightful quiver of her buttock.
“Oh Simon” she said softly “Again”
I obliged her by alternating my handiwork distributing my strokes evenly across her cheeks.
She continued to make appreciative noises but my attention was now drawn to her glistening Minge.
“I think I want to play with this now” I said as my fingers entered her damp crack, when I say damp she would be best described as dripping.
“Mm” she responded
I continued fingering her and she moaned rhythmically to my touch and the tone of her moaning was as syrupy as her pussy.
Then I brought her to climax and it was time to fuck her.
I rubbed my knob along her wet slit and her juice bejeweled my knob before I pushed my shaft into her and she let out the loudest moan of pleasure as I entered, her velvet juices immersed my member like warm honey and she moaned audibly with pleasure.
When I was comfortable inside her I reached up and unceremoniously scooped up the front of her sports bra to release her ripe fruits, which I greedily groped and squeezed.
Her moans gave way to yelps and squeals growing ever more intense as my rhythm increased and then she screamed as her body shuddered in orgasm as I shot into her.

We continued our afternoon delight when Randy Pandy got me into the bed where she exacted more from my cock until we were completely spent and we slept.

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