Sunday, 19 May 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 80) Return To The Dragons Lair

On Saturday Morning I was lying in bed, while Claire was getting clean in the shower, waiting impatiently for her to finish so I could get her dirty again.
Bored with waiting I had decided to go and shower in the other bathroom when there was a knock on the front door.
I slipped on my dressing gown and went downstairs and opened the door.
It was the same guy who had woken me the previous Monday when he came to pick up the hire car before I’d finished with it.
This week however I had, so I handed over the keys.
I went back upstairs and Claire still hadn’t appeared so I went and showered myself.

Showered and shaved I went back into the bedroom where I found Claire sitting on the bed loosely wearing a dressing gown
Which gaped from neck to thigh.
She was talking on her mobile.
“Really?” she said
I couldn’t hear the other side of the conversation
“Yes of course I will” Claire said
Again I couldn’t hear anything and to be honest my attention was drawn to what she was doing rather than what she was hearing.
She was sitting on my bed and absentmindedly toying with her freshly laundered pubic hair.
“Yes I’ll let you know” she said “Good bye”
“You’ll never guess what that was about” she said
“You’ll have to tell me then” I replied
“When we were seen by my car last night it was reported to the police” Claire said still twiddling tufts of her pubes in her fingers.
“Are you listening?” she asked and then she realised firstly what she was doing and secondly that I was watching
Which was when she began rubbing herself quite brazenly before my libidinous eyes and my impatience was finally rewarded which was when the fun really started.
What a wonderful start to the day that was.

I would have happily spent the whole day making love to Claire but alas she had to go.
However the problem was how to get her out of my house in broad daylight without being seen.
We decided to have a coffee while we made a plan, and two mugs of coffee later as if in answer to a prayer.
It started to rain, but not just rain, an absolute deluge.
“Oh shitty bloody weather” Claire cursed
“Excellent” I said
“What?” she asked, “It’s horrible”
I went into the utility and came out with a set of waterproofs and a Golfing umbrella.
“If anyone sees you in the woods they’ll think you’re a Golfer” I said “Ditto when you emerge into the lane”
“Perfect” she said “but what if I’m seen getting in the car?”
“Then you say you’re going to the club,” I said
“You’re a very devious man,” Claire said
“I know but the rewards are well worth it” I stated and Claire blushed crimson red.

But having provided Claire with the appropriate clothing we immediately hit upon a snag, the trousers didn’t fit over her skirt, it bunched up under the waterproofs and made it look like she had a bustle.
So she removed the trouser and then had to take her skirt off.
“Don’t get any ideas,” she said when she noticed me looking at her in her knickers and tights.
“Well you could stay a bit longer,” I suggested
“Don’t temp me,” she said quickly pulling on the waterproof trousers they were a little on the large side and the waistband sat just below her bust line.
Then she pulled on the top over her head before slipping on her shoes.
“That’s not going to work,” I said
“Why?” she asked
“No one would wear footwear like that on a golf course,” I told her
“They are a bit of a giveaway, aren’t they?” she admitted
“Indeed” I agreed
“What can I wear then?” she asked
“Molly’s trainers” I said
“What about all my stuff?” she queried
“I’ll drop then into the surgery on Monday, I’ll tell Olivia that you left them in my car yesterday” I said
“God you’re good at this stuff,” Claire said

After I had kissed her goodbye I let her out into the rain.
“Text me when you reach your car” I said
“Will do” she responded and off she went

Meanwhile I gathered her stuff together and put it in her backpack and put it and her overcoat by the front door.
Which was when I got a text
“Made it,” it read
After which I tidied up, changed the bedding on my bed in preparation for Georgia’s demands the next day, washed the soiled set and had an early lunch.
I spent the rest of the day resting because that night I had other fish to fry.
I slept away most of the afternoon in front of the TV and after dinner I spent most of the evening re-watching the DVDS I fell asleep in front of earlier in the day.
I ate supper of cheese and biscuits about 11.30pm and then fell asleep during Match of the Day.

When I woke up it was 2.45am.
I got up from my chair, went for a pee and headed for the clubhouse.
On arriving I checked around the building looking through the windows making sure everyone had left for the night, well almost everyone.
When I was happy the coast was clear I walked round to Snipes office and I saw her sitting at her desk with her back to the window.
She was counting the night’s takings and I smiled to myself as I thought how much she looked like Scrooge in his counting house.
The last time I spied on Agnes I caught her stuffing bank notes into her handbag and punished her accordingly.
Now I was under no illusion that Agnes Snipe “The Wicked Witch of the West” wasn’t still fiddling the books.
But if she was I didn’t care as long as Georgia was looked after.
Now on this occasion I wanted to speak to Agnes in regard to a wedding reception booking, namely that of Simon Fisher and Georgia Gregory.
Agnes had told Georgie that the dates we wanted were no longer available, however Miss Snipe and I knew differently.
Agnes merely wanted to enter into negotiations with me over the dates.
Or to put it another way she wanted me to enter her and negotiate her arse off.
On the night I caught her with her fingers in the till I had let myself in the staff entrance using Georgia’s code.
However since I sullied both Shula Mahajak and the Billiard table on New Year’s Day, they had tightened up on security and now employed a biometric system requiring the staff member’s thumbprint.
So on this occasion as I was expected I just tapped on her office window.

Despite the fact that my visit was not a surprise I nonetheless startled her because she almost jumped out of her chair, which she then swung around so she could check out the source of the tapping.
When she saw it was me she relaxed into a smile and began to fuss with her hair.
I pointed in the direction of the staff entrance and she nodded her understanding.
As I stood outside the door I looked through the glass panel as Agnes appeared in the corridor.
She clearly wasn’t aware I could see her because she began straightening her clothes and when she was about ten yards from the door she hitched up her skirt and adjusted her stocking tops.
I stepped away from the door as she opened it and once inside I said
“Good morning Miss Snipe and how are you”
“I’m well Mr Fisher what a pleasant surprise?” she said
“Well I thought we had things to discuss” I replied
“Perhaps you should come to my office then” Agnes suggested
“I think you know the way”
As we walked down the corridor I said
“I hope you are prepared for some vigorous negotiation Agnes”
“Always” she replied
When we arrived at her office she said
“Take a seat while I prepare the negotiating table”
The desk was already considerably clearer than normal so it didn’t take her long to scoop the remaining clutter into the drawers.
I sat back and watched her as she moved, stretching and bending and judged by the stirring in my pants that preceding’s had made a promising start.
Just as she dropped the last items into her top draw I stood up and as she bent down to place her telephone on the floor I walked up behind her and grabbed her arse with both hands.
Agnes straightened up immediately and said
“Oh no, not from behind Mr Fisher, I want to see it coming this time”
“Whatever you say Miss Snipe” I said and unzipped her skirt before turning her around to face me.
She smiled her thin-lipped smile as I unbuttoned her silk blouse and cast it aside and then she kissed me after which I sank to my knees and dragged her skirt down over her narrow hips.
“Let the negotiations begin Mr Fisher” Agnes said as she stepped out of her skirt and I slipped my hands up her stocking clad legs.
As I undressed her I noticed her skirt and blouse were good quality garments, Agnes did not by from a catalogue.
Her underwear was also of good quality, the stockings were sheer and the teddy was expensive silk.
I had to say that whatever else people might say of her she was she always exquisitely dressed.
Agnes was standing with her bony buttocks resting on the end of the desk with her hands resting on the polished wood as my hands reached her stocking tops and as my fingers began to un-pop the crotch of her Teddy, her hands gripped the edge of the desk.
I pulled the front of her Teddy aside to expose her hairless pussy and as I knelt before her shaven pussy I leant forward and kissed her hairless lips and she murmured in approval.
I parted her lips with my tongue and tasted her umami tang and noshed on her juicy cunt.
As wet as she was it was obvious she had been simmering all day in anticipation of our meeting so it didn’t take long for me to take her to climax.
When I stood up in front of her she was still sitting on the edge of the desk, I quickly pulled the Teddy off over her head and just as swiftly she un-trousered my cock and gripping it firmly she plugged me into her hot cunny.
As my balls reached her labia she wrapped her skinny legs around me and hooked her ankles behind my arse and her arms locked around my neck as I fucked her hard, which is after all what she wanted from me, a good hard fucking.
Agnes was no stranger to cock and she was moaning delightfully as she received one stroke after another appreciating every inch, and the noises she made were not what you would have expected from the prudish well-dressed Miss Snipe that everybody knew.
And as she released her grip from around my neck and lay back on the desk the tone of her moaning became wonderfully dirty.
She had thrown her head back and arched her back displaying her ribs as she neared the end.
And the surprisingly satisfying shag came to an end as I emptied my lot inside her.
I withdrew my dripping stork from her tidy pussy and pulled my trousers up while she was still panting and sighing
“Time for a drink I think” I said as I left Agnes Snipe spread-eagled across her desk oozing onto the blotter.
“I’ll be back for round two in ten minutes”

When I returned to her office from the bar after a well-deserved pint I found Agnes was now completely naked and sitting in her leather chair.
“I think you are a bit over dressed,” she said
I nodded agreement and promptly undressed before walking towards her and sat on the edge of her desk.
Agnes looked at me with a leer before leaning forward and taking my cock in her mouth.

After round two of the negotiations I was redressed and just being let out of the staff entrance when I said.
“It’s been a pleasure doing business with you Miss Snipe”
“Likewise” She said
“But I hope that you understand that tonight’s summit has indeed secured the date you wanted for the reception, but not the venue”
“I do,” I said and then Agnes added
“If you want the ballroom then further meetings will be required”
“I never expected anything less” I said, “however another location next time perhaps”
“Yes” she agreed
“I’ll leave the details to you” I said and closed the door behind me.

I had thought before that night that shagging Agnes Snipe in order to get the club for the wedding reception was merely
“Taking one for the team”
But I found it much more enjoyable than I had expected which is why we were to continue our negotiation right up until the week before the wedding

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