Sunday, 19 May 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 79) Good News Week (Part Three)

After breakfasting on Georgia on the kitchen table in Roehampton I checked my watch and then quickly redressed myself as I had to get back to Bushy Down and I was now late.
When Georgia finally rose from the scene of her disgrace I was amused to see she had left a rather magnificent snail trail on the kitchen table.
Georgia made a rather half-hearted effort to redress as she donned a T-shirt, which covered her top half, though her nipples still protruded and the fabric defined her breasts as if she was still naked.
Her bottom half however was still naked as the shirt was too inadequate to preserve her modesty, stopping just above her luxuriant bush and her cute ass.
She walked me to the door.
“I want more of that on Sunday” she said and kissed me
“Don’t worry you’ll be getting more” and I kissed her back.
Then after we had said our goodbyes on the doorstep I battled the rush hour traffic back to the village so I could drive Anne to Heathrow.

I parked in the short stay and took Anne into the terminal.
After she’d checked in and dropped her bags I walked her as far as the security gate.
“Thank you for everything” she said and kissed me warmly
“Katy thought the world of you”
“I’m afraid Katy thought me a better man than I actually am” I responded
“She was a very good judge of character,” Anne said
“Goodbye” and she kissed me again before going through the gate.

After paying for the parking I returned to the car and was very soon on the way back to the village.
It was eleven o’clock when I parked in the surgery car park.
I knew I was early but I didn’t know exactly when Claire was leaving so I was happy to wait as long as necessary.
I had a good view of her car from where I was parked and as I waited I jotted down some outline notes for a rather sordid tales of domestic lust, about a horny girl in a utility room, an accommodating nurse bent over a kitchen worktop and another one about the table manners of a student.

It was twelve thirty when I saw Claire emerge from the surgery.
I didn’t mind the fact I had been waiting for an hour and a half I was just pleased I had managed to produce some very salacious material and an accompanying erection while I was waiting, but most of all I was pleased I hadn’t missed her.

I got out of the car and intercepted her.
“Hi Claire” I said
“Hello Simon” she answered without looking at me “I can’t stop”
“I know” I said, “You have somewhere important to be”
“Yes, Yes” she replied
“Which is why I’m coming with you” I stated
“But...” she started “How did yo…?”
“Come on we’ll go in mine” I insisted before she had chance to think about it and she got in the car without protest.
She sat quietly for a moment and I took her hand and said
“You don’t have to do this on your own”
And Claire began to cry.

When we got underway Claire was still dabbing at her eyes with a hankie.
“I asked Olivia not to tell anyone” she said, “She’s never broken a confidence before”
“She didn’t this time,” I said
Claire looked puzzled
“I was suspicious of absence at the lunch yesterday” I told her “So I got her pissed”

We drove into the driveway of a big private house, which was the home and office of an eminent specialist in all things mammary.
“I’m a bit of a breast specialist myself you know,” I said
“You’re just a tit man, there’s a difference” Claire responded accompanied by a weak smile.

I parked the car and we sat quietly in the car and it was Claire who broke the silence.
“I’m scared Simon” she blurted out “I’m scared I’ve got cancer, I’m scared I’m going to die”
“Aren’t you getting a bit ahead of yourself?” I queried
“I’m not brave like Katy, she was so calm, so serene” Claire said “But I’m terrified,
And what will happen to Brian if I die”
Brian was her disabled husband who needed perpetual care.
“We will cross each and every bridge as and when we reach them” I said holding her hand “I will be with you every step of the way”
Then she hugged me and completely broke down

After several minutes she calmed herself down and said
“Thank you Simon, I’m ready now”
We got out of the car and walked into the doctors and seated ourselves in the lavish reception
“Why did you do it privately?” I asked
“I wanted discretion” she replied, “So many health professionals know me, know my name”
“So why this one in particular?” I said
“Gerald is a friend, I trained with him when I was an S 1” she replied
“I see” I said I wasn’t really interested in the whys and wherefores I just wanted to keep her mind busy while we were waiting.
I didn’t need to think of another question, as there was a buzz from behind the receptionist’s desk.
“Doctor will see you now” she announced
I gave Claire’s hand a squeeze and she said
“Come in with me?”
So we stood up and walked into the doctor’s office.

Twenty minutes later we were sat in the car and Claire was sobbing uncontrollably in my arms.
But they were tears of relief.
The lump turned out to be a cyst, which could be easily removed with a rather large needle.
An appointment was made for Monday morning and the same private hospital she went for the scan.
“Do you want me to come with you?” I asked
“Yes please” she replied

She phoned Olivia and gave her the good news and the relief in Claire’s voice as she spoke was palpable.
“Oh and there’s no need to phone Simon he already knows”
Claire smiled as she listened to Olivia squirming in response.
“He got me drunk,” said the tinny voice
“I know he did” Claire said sympathetically
I couldn’t hear her response but Claire said
“Yes he is a rotten swine”

As we were driving back to Bushy Down in the bright evening sunshine Claire suddenly asked
“Do you have any visitors at the moment?”
“No just me on my lonesome” I replied
“What about Georgia?” she asked
“She’s gone back to Roehampton for a couple of days” I answered and then there was a long silence.
“Do you want some company?” Claire asked coyly
“Are you offering?” I asked her
“I am” she replied
Then after a few moments she continue
“I know I’m a terrible woman, but once in a while it’s nice to feel like I’m part of a proper couple, and I feel that with you and…”
“And today you need that more than ever” I continued for her

It was dark when we got back to the village and I parked the car on the drive.
Although it was Claire’s desire to come to spend the night with me she was conscious of the risk to her reputation if she was seen going through my front door after dark.
So I got out of the car and opened the door while Claire put on one of Georgie’s hats that she found in the door pocket, which disguised her sufficiently to the untrained eye while she dashed in through the door.
We would have to employ a similar subterfuge later on that evening but that was only after we had spent the evening together.
When I had safely smuggled her inside the hall she said
“Is this any kind of way for grownups to behave?” and we both burst out laughing.
But then inevitably we started kissing and began a kind of shuffle along the hall until I picked her up and carried her to the lounge when at the height of passion her stomach started gurgling and it got louder and louder until it culminated in foul tasting belch in my mouth.
“Oh god I’m so sorry” Claire said mortified by her unintentional gastric eruption.
“I haven’t eaten for two days,” she said in her defense
All I could do was laugh, which in turn set her off, and once the giggles set in there is nothing to be done.
So I got the takeaway menus and ten minutes later I was ordering an Indian.
We still had the giggles so I opened a bottle of wine and poured two large glasses.
“I can’t have that much” she said when she saw the size of the glass “I’m driving remember”
“I thought you were staying the night,” I said
“Is that ok?” she asked
“Of course it is, so get that down your neck” I replied
While we waited for dinner to arrive Claire made some phone calls, in between the giggles, just to make sure everything was ok at home.
But every time we thought about renewing our amorous intentions we dissolved into giggles again.
By the time the food arrived we were a little bit pissed and after we’d eaten we were too stuffed for passion so we drank some more instead.
So by the time midnight came around we were quite merry and all of a sudden Claire sat upright and said
“I don’t have a change of clothes”
“That’s ok we’re not going anywhere” I reassured her
“But I’ve got no spare knickers” she emphasized
“You could borrow some of Georgie’s,” I suggested
“No that is wrong on so many levels” she chastised
I was just about to make another suggestion where Claire said
“And commando is not an option”
“Nothing could have been further from my mind,” I said innocently
“Nothing is precisely what was on your mind” she corrected me “and me wearing it” and laughed.
After a few minutes of giggles Claire suddenly announced
“I have an overnight bag in my car for when I’m on call”
“Well lets go and get it then” I said
“But what if someone sees me come in here with my overnight bag” she said anxiously
“They won’t” I said and went out into the hall
“Why not?” she asked
“Because we will be in disguise” I replied and handed her a hoody
She stood up and slipped it on and put the hood up.
“What do you think?” Claire asked as she did her catwalk strut.
I looked her up and down from head to toe.
“You look like a professional woman wearing a hoody” I said frankly “Hold on”
I went upstairs and went to the airing cupboard and then the spare room and returned downstairs.
“Change into these” I said and handed her a pair of joggers, a sweatshirt and a pair of trainers.
“Georgia’s?” she asked
“Molly’s” I replied
“That’s ok then” she said and began undressing but then stopped “Some privacy would be nice”
“I won’t look honest” I lied
Claire gave me a look so I got up and went into the hall, where I could have spied through the crack in the door, which I didn’t, well not much.

Ten minutes later we slipped out the back door into the darkness of the garden like we had just accepted a “Mission Impossible” and then ran giggling into the woods that separated the end of the garden from the 18th fairway.
We skulked our way along the wooded path, like a couple of kids playing soldiers, all the way to the Church Lane where we hugged the shrubbery until we reached the surgery car park.
We gave a long furtive look to make sure there was no one around and then we approached Claire’s car.
She fished the keys from her pocket and unlocked it and it responded with a loud bleep made all the louder by the silence and a flash of the light all the brighter in the darkness.
Startled by the sound of the immobilizer we quickly opened the tailgate and Claire grabbed her backpack, then she reset the alarm and we headed back to the lane.
“Oi you” a voice shouted, “What are you doing there?”
“Come on” I urged her and we ran laughing back into the woods periodically looking over our shoulders to see if we were being pursued.
Once we were in the woods we ran on and on until we crashed in a heap in the undergrowth laughing.
“Shhh” she said, “Someone will hear”
But I couldn’t stop giggling so she decided the only way to shut me up was to kiss me, but what began as a means of suppressing my giggles ended with her tongue darting in and out of my mouth like a viper.
So I returned the kiss to her hot panting mouth.
“This is very nice,” she panted as I rummaged inside her hoody and had just managed to uncup her breasts.
So I can’t express how surprised I was when she suddenly leapt up and said
“Oh no you don’t” and ran off down the path.
I scramble to me feet as quickly as possible and ran after and although she had a good head start it didn’t take long for me to close the ground on her and I grabbed hold of her back pack and pull her back.
But her progress was only halted momentarily as she wriggled free of the straps and I ended up sitting on my arse holding the bag.
And to add insult onto injury she flashed her Charlie’s at me and ran off laughing.
“That’s dirty fighting” I called after her and quickly got back to my feet.
But she managed to show me a clean pair of heels all the way back to the house.
“Well that was quite an adventure wasn’t it?” she said as she kicked off her shoes.
“It’s a shame you couldn’t keep up”
“I don’t think you truly appreciated the difficulty in running whilst sporting an erection,” I said somewhat pompously as I slipped my shoes off
“You have an erection?” she asked smiling “let’s have a look”
“You do realise that, like a samurai, if I draw my weapon I have to use it?” I responded
“Ok” she said and stood biting her lip as I dropped my pants and trousers.
Claire studied my hard on intently for a few moments and then said
“I don’t think I’ll bother after all”
“You cheeky cow” I said affronted as she turned on her heels and ran out of the kitchen giggling like a schoolgirl.
I kicked away the pants and trousers that were restricting my ankles and sprinted after her.
And I caught her halfway up the stairs and she screamed as I grabbed her by the waist.
“Got yer,” I said
“I thought you couldn’t run fast with a stiffy,” she said
“Not when it’s unrestricted,” I said as I tugged her clothes down and exposed her gorgeous buttocks and the moist pink gash between them.
I moved my hands up under her hoody and cupped her luscious fruits as my cock plunged into her wetness and she exclaimed a delicious moan of pleasure.
I withdrew and repeated the action and elicited another moan before withdrawing again but this time as my helmet began its penetration to my great surprise Claire scrambled up the stairs.
I reached out to grab her and got a good hold of her joggers but she continued to wriggle away and I was left holding her empty joggers.
Once free of my clutches she scrambled to the top of the stairs with her knickers around her knees, she quickly slipped them off and bent down to retrieve them.
Claire was giggling as she wiped her moist minge with the pink panties and then threw them in my face.
I picked them up and held them to my nose and watched her giggling on the landing.
“You dirty little doctor” I said and began slowly ascending the stairs.
Claire screamed and bolted in to my bedroom as I pulled my hoody off over my head.
She was kneeling naked in the middle of the bed as I walked into the room, my cock having momentarily preceded my entrance.
Claire was licking her lips as I approached, then as I kneelt on the bed she turned her back on me, I thought she was going to make me chase her again but instead she bent over and offered her pink pussy to me and said.
“Come on then Samurai it’s time to use your weapon”
Always willing to oblige I tucked in behind her and slipped comfortably inside her hot cunny.
Claire moaned whorishly with each penetration and I grunted in my turn.
It was not a long drawn out affair as both of us were at a heightened state of horniness due to our adventurous foreplay.
Almost in record time we grunted and moaned our way to a satisfying climax and collapsed in a sweaty heap.

Our encore however was a much more methodical act of passionate expression and mutual satisfaction.

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