Monday, 13 May 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 76) Art And Entertainment

After serving up a banquet of sexual delights on the dining room table, the first time that room had been privy to such activities in my time incidentally, there was only just enough time for a quick bite of lunch before Georgia had to leave to get to work.

When she had gone I chose to take a nap for the afternoon as I was on Roving Angels duty later that night.
When I woke up it was so strange to have the house so empty and quiet in fact it was eerily quiet.
I made myself some food and was feeling quite down as I sat in the kitchen alone eating some rather uninspiring pasta and sauce.
During the previous few months the house had been such a hive of activity and now there was only me.

I still hadn’t managed to shake my depression as I drove into Kiddingstone later that night.
I had to admit that I welcomed the distraction of Roving Angels and having a reason to be away from the house.
I parked the car and carried my gear into the HQ and met that night’s team.
My usual partner, Tristan Bushe, wasn’t on duty that night so I was paired with a little dumpy black middle aged woman called Vienetta, and quite honestly she looked like she’d eaten more than a few of them in her time.
We went out for the first hour and she was actually a very pleasant companion though a little over enthusiastic.
It was quite a busy shift as it was a warm night and the slappers were out in force and where there are slappers there are young men looking to shag them.

We were just into our second shift, a little after midnight, when we ran into a slightly tipsy Tristan Bushe just leaving the Pump Room.
The Pump Room was a fashionable rather overpriced pub with bouncers on the door.
I often wonder if they’re there to keep people out or to keep the punters in.
“Give us a lollipop big boy,” he said
“I’ll give you a slap with a flip flop if you’re not careful” I replied
“That’s not the attitude” Tris said “and I was going to buy you a drink”
“I’m afraid I’m on duty sir” I replied
“I meant when you finish” he corrected me “you knob”
“Charming” I said
“We’re off to the Bell, meet us there when you’re finished” Tris added
“Ok, I might see you there” I said

Vienetta and I finished our shift and returned to HQ about quarter past one and the supervisor said that as we had done two patrols we could call it a night so after a little small talk I left.
My first thought was to get home to my bed but that was before
I remembered the empty house so my mind turned to Tristan’s earlier invitation to go for a beer.
So I dumped my gear in the car and went off to meet Tris for a much-needed beer, which is when I came across Emily.
It was when I was walking passed the library when I spotted a group of about a dozen noisy teenagers spilling out of a pub.
Among them were some familiar faces from the village, Jenny Smithson and Emily Gomez, the former flirty virgins of Bushy Down, among them.
They now both had boyfriends who were doubtless benefitting from my tutelage in their girlfriends sexual education.
They were about fifty yards ahead of me and didn’t see me and I was heading to a different part of town to them so I didn’t try to close the distance.
Suddenly Emily broke off from the main group and said something to her friends, I couldn’t make what, but it provoked some laughter then as she headed towards the art gallery she called.
“I’ll catch you up”
I was curious to see where she was going as that path she was on didn’t go anywhere other than the Art Gallery and the small courtyard in front of it.
She was an imprudent and impetuous girl and in many ways still an innocent and I was more concerned then curious in truth.
Because she had a head start on me she was out of sight by the time I set foot on it.
So I stepped up my pace and when I got to the end of the path and entered the courtyard, I was just in time to see Emily disappear behind the shrubbery.
I made my way hastily to the place I last saw her and peered through the shrubbery until I could see Emily’s tidy little body.
It wasn’t a cold night but it was cool enough and I couldn’t help noticing her nipples prodding through the fabric of her skimpy top.
What happened next however took me completely by surprise.
With her back flush against the wall she slid down the wall and squatted with her knees at right angles making her look like a skinny Sumo wrestler.
Emily reached down her hand between her legs and pulled her white knickers aside revealing her black curly whiskers and then she smiled as she released a jet of piss the like of which I had never seen before and I found it very arousing.
But what made it even more arousing was the distance achieved by the arcing jet and its duration.
When she had finished and she had pushed out every last drop she smiled and let out a long sigh.
She then pushed herself back up to a standing position and sighed again.
Emily adjusted her pants and walk towards where I was standing.
“That was very impressive,” I said
“Oh” she gasped with a jump
“Did you see?” She asked blushing
“Yes I did” I said impressed
“Oh god I’m so embarrassed” she said covering her face
“Don’t be,” I said, “I liked it”
“You really are a dirty old man,” Emily said with a giggle
“I know” I said and kissed her.
I pushed her gently back against a rather ugly piece of modern art and played with her nipples through the fabric of her top.
She pulled her mouth away and said urgently
“We can’t do anything here”
“Don’t worry” I reassured her “there is no CCTV coverage here its a blind spot”
I knew that because on my first ever Roving Angels Patrol, Tristan pointed all the blind spots out to me, I’m sure he didn’t realize at the time exactly what use I would put the information to.
“How do you know that?” she asked,
“Because I’m a dirty old sex maniac,” I replied
“Oh fare enough” Emily said and kissed me again
I slipped my hand beneath the hem of her skirt and inside her knickers.
Her whiskers were still wet against the back of my hand as I pulled her knickers aside and probed her gash, which creamed up instantly, she was always very responsive.
That night however she was tuned, lubed and ready to go and she couldn’t wait, almost the second my fingertips touched her cunny she was trying to extract my cock from my trousers.
I stopped fingering her pussy and aided her in the release of my throbbing dick.
The moment I had it free she gripped it tightly in her finger and pulled it towards her moist lips.
As soon as my tip was wet I thrust the rest of it into her and she moaned in appreciation.
She was wrapped around me like a vine as I banged her against the statue and the cheeks of her arse slapped against the marble with each ball wetting thrust.
And each one I put into her she responded with a long satisfied
As the rhythm increased and the strokes shortened so did her responses.
And finally “AH SIMON” As I emptied my sac into her.
We stayed in that position for about a minute panting hard until she said.
“I think I need to pee again now”
“Good, can I watch?” I asked

I walked her to the end of the path and kissed her goodnight safely in a blind spot and then she tottered off up to KFC to rejoin her group.
I waited another five minutes before I emerged and headed the opposite way to find Tristan.

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