Monday, 13 May 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 75) Anniversaries (Part Two)

On Saturday morning I got up and showered and felt surprisingly human considering the amount of wine I consumed but obviously 12 hours sleep helped.
It was something of a relief not to be hung over as I had Roving Angels later on that night and Georgia was coming round for part of the day as well.

Georgie arrived just after 9 o’clock, which was early for her, but she was working at the club later and would have to leave me after lunch.
Since we returned from Paris we hadn’t really had a chance to talk much about the engagement and setting a date for the wedding so we thought as the house was empty it would be the perfect opportunity.

So we were sitting in the lounge on the very sofa that had been the scene of Pandora’s birthday treat the day before, talking about the wedding.
“Church?” I asked
“St Lucy’s of course” she replied
“Reception?” I asked
“The Club” she replied
“When?” I asked
“Well you know it was a year ago today since you took advantage of me and stole my innocence?” she asked
“I think you might be miss remembering the occasion Miss Gregory,” I told her
“I don’t think so” she said indignantly “I was an innocent, I hadn’t even had my tits felt until you got your grubby hands on them”
“The way I remember it I didn’t have to take anything” I corrected her “you offered it to me on a plate or should I say on a table”
The table of course referred to the patio table that I sullied her on.
“That’s not how it was at all,” she said giving me a playful punch
“The way I remember it YOU seduced me,” I said
“When you sauntered out of the woods in your yellow dress,
“I saw the pretty girls leave” you said, “Everyone really loves the pretty girls,” you said “I’m not pretty,” you said, all sultry and pouty”
“I did not,” she said laughing and punched me again
After a couple of minutes of giggling I said
“Anyway, it was a year ago yesterday actually”
“I know but it happened on a Saturday and today is the nearest Saturday,” she said
“I understand what you’re saying now, you want us to get married next year on the nearest Saturday to the day you seduced me” I said
“Yes” she said “two years from the day you first forced yourself on me”
“Ok you speak to “The Snipe” today about booking the club” I said “and I’ll go down and speak to Robert about St Lucy’s”
“The Snipe” was Miss Agnes Snipe commercial manager at the Golf club and Georgia’s boss.
“That’s settled then” she said and moved in very close so I could smell her intoxicating perfume.
She had a wantonly pure expression on her face with a twinkle of lust in her beautifully hypnotic green eyes that hinted at her intent as she lent in and kissed me.
Her mouth pressed hard against mine as her darting tongue flicked in and out.
Then I thought she was going wrap her arms around my neck and really get into it, but instead she took me by surprise by pushing herself upwards and all of a sudden so she was standing up in front of me.
“You don’t get me that easy” she said
Then she simultaneously pulled the neckline of her top down and lifted up her skirt to give me a glimpse of her Yellow bra and panties.
“Do you remember these?” she taunted
“Yes” I said, “They’re the ones you flashed at me last year”
“If you mean the ones you ripped from a poor maiden’s defenceless body, then yes,” She corrected me
“They’re very nice,” I said
“Well you’re never getting in them again until you admit you took advantage of me when I was an innocence young girl” she said while still flourishing her knickers.
“Well if you put it like that” I said and sprang up off the sofa towards her, taking her completely by surprise.
Georgia leapt backwards and screamed as she ran aimlessly around the room trying to evade capture which she did for about thirty seconds before I grabbed her about the waist.
“Leave me alone pervy git” she squealed as I manoeuvred her around and hoisted her up over my shoulder fireman life style.
“So you were you saying?” I said, “Are these the knickers I won’t get inside”
I ran my hand up her skirt and then up the leg of her pants and squeezed her bum cheek.
“Get off” she squealed and giggled “Get off”
“Get them off did you say?” I asked
“Get off” she repeated still giggling
“No problem at all” I said and yanked her knickers off her arse and pulled them down to her knees, and then I spanked her bare arse.
“Now what shall I do with you”? I asked
“You’re going to take advantage of me again,” she suggested
“Yes but where” I pondered
“Rapist” she shouted “Defiler of virgins”
“I know” I said and carried her to the dining room and plonking her on the table.
“Offered to me on a table just like the first time”
“Oooh yes” She answered and lay down.
I wandered about the room, discarding my clothes as I mused
“Or bent over a chair?”
“Yes, yes” she squealed and pulled off her knickers
“On the floor perhaps” I suggested
“Ok” she said now kneeling on the table divesting herself of her dress.
“Doggie?” I pondered
“Yes” Georgie said discarding her bra
“Missionary?” I asked
“Or cowgirl?”
“Yes, yes, and yes” she screamed
“I just don’t know which one though my innocent little maiden” I said and sat down on the dining chair.
“I just don’t know what I fancy”
“I do” she said and slithered off the table and onto my lap.
Placing one hand on the table and the other on the back of my chair.
She was half biting her lip and half smiling as she then lowered herself towards my purple headed erection.
I felt my helmet touching her creamy lips and Georgia’s whole body trembled as her lips enveloped my knob and she growled as it entered her.
I had both hands on her hips as she completely engulfed me.
“So you’ve thrown yourself at me again honey” I said making eye contact with her
“You weren’t decisive enough” she said, “Some of us have a job to get to”
Her statement was followed by a moan of self-satisfaction “Ohhhhh” she moaned at the deepest point of penetration as her
Cunny slid down to my balls.
My hands were now on her buttocks as she warmed to her task rising and falling on me
Her eyes were shut as she rose again and they opened wide as she slid all the way down my shaft.
She kissed me, and then her arms wrapped tightly around my neck and she began to pump on me like a steam hammer.
Panting hard through gritted teeth she pounded her pussy on my shaft again and again until she jerked to a conclusion and yelled.
“Oh my God” and jerked again as I came too.
“How good am I?” she asked smugly and kissed me
“Not bad” I replied
“I was bloody amazing” Georgie said very satisfied with her performance and her orgasms.

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