Monday, 13 May 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 72) The Dying Of The Light

I spent most of Monday in Dakota’s bed at her Uncle Will’s house, and it was a time spent in mutually satisfying pleasure.
I have to confess that when I left her house I was completely drained and my legs were sapped of all their strength and the walk home was a slow and weary one.
The only thing that got me through the arduous perambulation was the thought of lying down on my bed.
However when I got home I found Claire, Anne and Molly in the kitchen wearing grave expressions.
“What’s wrong?” I asked
“Katy’s had a bit of a downturn,” Claire said
“Why didn’t you call me?” I said crossly
“Because there was nothing you could do,” Claire said
“Apart from worry”
“And we had that department covered already” Anne added.
A wave of guilt washed over me as I came to terms with the fact that while I was banging Dakotas bald bristle less beaver all morning Katy had was suffering.
“You selfish bastard” I thought to myself as I sat down beside her bed where I stayed for the rest of the day, sitting in the uncomfortable armchair where I eventually fell asleep.

I awoke on the morning of St Georges Day with a stiff neck to find Katy was a little better than the night before.
I resolved not to put my selfish carnal desires before her wellbeing again and I never left her side for more than an hour at any one time and I never left the house for any reason.

Claire was at the house every day that week but despite her best efforts Katy continued to decline.
I sat at her bedside and tried to keep her going though she had little or no conversation in her for the most part so I spent the time reading to her from Harry Potter.

By the weekend she had stabilized but Claire continued to come in daily and on Sunday she advised that we should call the Bishop as the end wasn’t far away.

The mood in the house had been very subdued all week but by the time the Bishop arrived on Sunday evening the mood was positively downcast.
The Bishop went in to see Katy and we all sat in the kitchen.
About ten minutes later Reverend Hunter arrived accompanied by Tilly, Robert joined the Bishop and Tilly came to us and hugged us all one by one.
She told us that the word had spread through the village and the parishioners were holding a candlelight vigil at the church and a number had placed lighted candles on the path to the house.

After the Bishop had left Claire went in with the nurse to check on Katy and when she returned she said to us all.
“If you have anything meaningful you wish to say to her now might be a good time to do it”
We took it in turns to go in and say our goodbyes and the kitchen was awash with sobbing.
“I’ll get Marion on the phone” Anne said
“Good idea” we all agreed.

I spent another night in the uncomfortable chair and the next morning as I stretched out the stiffness in my neck I found Katy awake and lucid.
“I’ll be out of your hair soon” she said
“Don’t you talk like that?” I said crossly forcing back the tears.
I took hold of her hand and continued
“I would give up my bed forever if it meant you could stay”
“Dear, dear Simon” she said and cried

That proved to be the last meaningful conversation I had with her as the morphine took hold and during the course of Monday Katy slipped into unconsciousness.

We took it in turns to sit with her during the day and when it was my turn I sat and read to her.
I had promised in the beginning that we would finish the Harry Potter Saga before the end.
We had just started the last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when she deteriorated but I was determined to finish it.

The next day passed by in much the same way until the evening when Claire, Molly, Anne and I were all at her bedside.
Claire was knitting, Anne was crocheting booties, and Molly was doing something on her Smart phone.
I continued to read Harry Potter to the assembled group and to Katy even though she had long since slipped into unconsciousness.
I finished reading about 9 o’clock and just before midnight less than three hours after I read the last words she slipped away.

After Katy passed away Anne and I had to leave the room while Claire and Molly laid her out.

Long after Claire and Molly had gone home I sat up in the uncomfortable chair next to Katy, or what was left of her,
I knew the essence that was her was already in heaven but the loss was hard to bear.

Anne said her goodbye to her sister and pottered around for an hour or so before going off to bed.

It was shortly after dawn, when I saw the sun rising above the trees, and I thought to myself and smiled
“Of course the dawn is brighter this morning, because Katy’s light is in it”
I kissed her forehead and wandered off to the study and crawled into bed.

I hadn’t been there more than fifteen minutes when the door opened and someone entered, I heard footsteps on the floor and then they were in bed cuddled up behind me pressing their naked flesh against mine.
I could tell by the perfume that it was Anne.
“Do you think this is a good idea?” I asked.
“Yes” she responded in a whisper
As she kissed the back of my neck, her lips soft like petals on my skin. I felt a stirring.
As she continued with her feather light kisses her hand reached around me and was very soon gripping my swelling cock.
Anne tugged expertly on me as her mouth had reached my ear and her tongue licked and darted.
I broke away from her and turned around and pushed her over onto her back, as we kissed she continued to play with my shaft.
We stopped kissing and raised myself up on one elbow and looked down on her in the early dawn light and admired her body, it was almost identical to her sisters she was just an older and more experienced version of Katy.
How experienced I was about to find out.
Her breasts, like Katy’s, were more substantial than I might have expected and they were surmounted by dark rose pink nipples, which sat there inviting me to suckle so I took the nearest one into my mouth and sucked on it roughly.
Anne emitted a satisfying melodic murmur of approval.
I left her erect swollen nipple wet with my saliva and watched her as my hand drifted across her belly to her luxuriant course bush.
I dallied there toying with her tousled curls and she breathed deeply in anticipation of my next move.
I kissed her again as my hand came to rest on her mound,
Anne held her breath in anticipation of its progress and after a moment my finger opened her lips like opening a letter and it was instantly immersed in her hot syrupy juice and she moaned in my mouth.
I stopped kissing her and pushed two fingers inside her cunny and she let out a coarse rasping moan, she was biting her lip and her moans had become barometers of her pleasure in response to my fingering of her slippery slit.
She was becoming excessively vociferous in response to my attention she was frantic tugging on my cock.
So having reached the point of no return I fingered her until her face contorted in climax and her thighs closed on my hand.
I leant down and kissed her and as our tongues explored each other’s mouths I caressed her breast and prepared to mount her.
I stopped kissing and asked
“Are you sure you want to do this?”
“Just make me feel alive Simon” she replied and pushed me onto my back and then scrambled aboard.
Anne quickly impaled her pussy on me and rode me roughly.
All I could do was admire her tits swinging in rhythm with her pumping and fondle her ample buttocks,
While my hand was occupied at Anne’s rear and my eyes fixed on her jiggling frontage she squirmed and writhed on top of me.
I wasn’t long such was the pace before she reached that ecstatic point, the hinterland between being rooted to the ground and the gravity defying release of orgasm.
Anne looked down at me as she coarsely moaned, and then she closed her eyes and came.
She cried out in a deliciously whorish utterance followed by
“Oh My Godddd”
Which spurred me on to my own climax.
Then we both slept.

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