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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 71) St George’s Day Parade

After out Parisian engagement party in the park Georgia and I walked back to the hotel.
I thought we should go in the bar and celebrate but Georgia wanted to get to the room and phone her Mum and tell her the news, not about the sex in the park obviously, so I ordered a bottle of champagne from room service instead and we celebrated in style.

The journey home the next day was a much quieter one, as we were both so hung-over.
On the Eurostar we slept the whole way from the Gare du Nord to Kings Cross.
When we got back to Bushy Down Georgia’s parents were at the station to meet us, and there were lots of hugs and kisses and a few tears.
They took us to the Cross Keys for a celebratory drink and then Georgia went off with Geoff and Laura and I went home alone.
I had a sandwich and sat with Katy, who was anxious to hear all the details of the trip for, for about an hour.
She was absolutely delighted to hear about Georgia and I.
As Katy drifted off to sleep I left her and went to have a catch up with Anne, principally on how Katy was doing, because it was glaringly obvious even after just two days that she was visibly different.
Eventually tiredness overcame me and I had to excuse myself and go and get some sleep as I had a Roving Angels patrol later that night.

As Tristan now lived in the village and was on the same patrol he picked me up and drove us into town.
It was a very busy night in Kiddingstone as it was the first spring like night of the year.
Fortunately being busy kept me awake, as I was still exhausted from the night before.
But when Tristan dropped me off at 4 am I crawled off to bed and slept until mid-afternoon.

We settled down into an uncomfortable routine, as all week long Katy seemed to be fading away before our eyes.
Anne and I tried to keep our own spirits up as much as Katy’s as we tried to keep to the established routine.
Claire came in whenever she could and the nurse was there every night but we didn’t get many visitors.
Frankie and Maisie still came and did the gardening and Mrs Beamish still came and cleaned and bless her she took the cookware, from the donated meals, away with her every time she came and returned them to their rightful owners.
But apart from that it was just me Katy and Anne.

The week passed slowly and I was grateful for that as the time I spent with Katy was precious and I knew that the time she hand left was dwindling away.
One afternoon we had a familiar conversation, one that we had, had a number of times.
“You’re a good man Simon Fisher” Katy said
“Nonsense” I replied “let’s change the subject”
“Don’t be modest,” she continued, “you are a good man”
She wasn’t going to let it go so I tried to steer her away instead
“I was in church once and the vicar said, “It’s not enough to be a good person and do good things”
“What an extraordinary thing to say” Katy said, “What did you do?”
“I walked out and never went back” I replied “in fact I didn’t go to a church of any kind for over a year”
I had successfully managed to steer her away from me and onto theology, which kept her going until she began to tire and she closed her eyes and I got up to leave. I walked over and kissed her forehead.
“I still think you’re a good man,” she said quietly
“Hush” I said

At 10 o’clock On Saturday morning there was a knock on the door and when I opened it I was surprised to Olivia Adamson, the practise manager at the surgery.
“Hello Simon” she said
“Hello Olivia” I replied, “This is a nice surprise”
“Weren’t you expecting me?” she asked
“No, I don’t think so” I replied
“Katy asked me to come” Olivia said
“Oh” I responded “you’d better come in then”
I showed her into Katy and closed the door and she was in there for over an hour before Pandora arrived, quickly followed by Judith, who had also been summoned.
So I showed them both into Katy’s room and closed the door again.
“Do you know what’s going on?” I asked Anne
“No I don’t” she replied with a puzzled expression.
Half an hour later the door opened and everyone decanted and much chattering ensued before they all evaporated away.
When they had gone Anne and I walked into the Katy’s room.
“What was all that about?” Anne asked beating me to the punch.
Katy gestured towards two envelopes on the bed
“My last will and testament” she replied “and the funeral arrangements, the hymns, the readings, every detail”
“Oh” was all I could manage while Anne had to leave the room and stood in the hall crying.
“Isn’t that a bit premature?” I asked trying to make light of it.
“We both know it’s not” Katy said and forced a smile
I picked up the envelopes, one was a do it yourself Will sealed, the other was open and contained the funeral arrangements.
“Can I?” I asked
Katy nodded and said
“I don’t see why not you’re in it”
“Am I?” I enquired
“Yes, you need to write and deliver the eulogy and say how wonderful I am, I was” she replied
“Ah a work of fiction then” I said
“Very funny” Katy chuckled

On Sunday morning I felt the need for spiritual refreshment and walked down to St Lucy’s for the Sunday service it was a bright sunny morning outside the church where the villagers were thronging around and I realised I had forgotten it was the St Georges Day Parade.
I wandered around the crowd shaking hands, stopping to chat with friends and catching up on local news taking comfort from the hum drum, eventually I ended up talking to Tristan and Tilly.

Amidst the representatives of the services, old soldiers, the scouting fraternity, local dignitaries et al, I spied a familiar face.
Wearing army dress uniform and carrying the union flag was Dakota Browning.
I was about to walk over and say hello when the parade began to form up and I missed my chance.

When the parade and the service were over, Tilly went off to find her fiancé Robert while I stayed and talked with Tris.
After about twenty minutes we were just about to head over to the Keys when a voice said
“As you were, Mr Fisher”
“I recognise that voice” I thought to myself so I stopped and slowly turned around.
“Dakota” I said, “I thought I recognised you,”
Dakota was wearing the dress uniform of The Downshire Light Infantry.
I hadn’t seen her since November when she was posted to Afghanistan.
Every time there was a news report about Afghanistan my blood ran cold, but she was back and she was safe,
“When did you get back?” I asked and kissed her
“A couple of days ago” she replied
“It’s great to see you back safe,” I said
There was an indeterminate period when we just stood looking at each other as we remembered the last time we were together.
There was a quiet cough from behind me and when I turned around I saw it was Tristan who was waiting for me.
“Oh Tris, let me introduce you” I said
“Tristan, this is Dakota, Dakota this is Tristan”
“Hey” Dakota said
“Nice to meet you” Tris said
“We’re going to the pub” I said, “Do want to join us?”
“I can’t I’m afraid, I’m still on duty” she replied
“Pity” Tristan said “another time perhaps”
And to me he added
“I’ll see you in there”
“Ok” I replied
“I’m flag bearer at tonight’s service, then I’m off duty,” Dakota suggested
“I’ll see you then” I said

Tris and I had a couple of pints in the Keys and then he went off to join Tilly and Robert for lunch at the vicarage and I went home to find Anne in the kitchen making Spanish omelettes.

“I do like a bird in uniform” I thought to myself as I waited for Dakota outside the church hoping she wouldn’t change into civvies before we went to the pub.
I’m sure it’s not just a man thing, after all women go mad for a fireman so I knew it couldn’t just be me that thought birds in uniforms were phwoar.
When she came out I kissed her and we walked across to the Keys with I’m pleased to say Dakota was still wearing her uniform which was a much sexier one than she was wearing the last time we got together.
She looked great in the tailored skirt and tunic, brass buttons and polished belt, peaked cap and seamed stockings.
But what made Dakota sexy, apart from the uniform was the fact she was completely hairless beneath it.
We walked into the pub and I ordered drinks and we sat in a quiet corner and she talked about her tour of duty, at least as much as she could, and I just listened while she unloaded.
When she reached a natural conclusion and she fell silent so I asked.
“How long are you home for?”
“Until Tuesday” she replied
We had already had a couple of drinks when I suggested another but she declined.
“I’ll walk you home then” I said
“Ok” she replied

I offered to walk her home out of gallantry but in truth she could have defended herself better than I could, her body being solid, firm and muscular.
About half a mile along the lane she suddenly turned left into the park
“This way, it’s a short cut,” she said
“Is it?” I replied doubtfully
“Trust me I’m a soldier” she said and marched off at pace
By the time I caught up with her she was playing on the swings.
“Oh very grown up” I said as she propelled herself with great aplomb.
I just stood and watched her until she allowed her momentum to slow and then she leant back and with great athleticism swung her legs up and hooked her ankles around the chains like a trapeze artist.
This allowed her skirt to fall away from her thighs; I walked towards her until I was positioned where I had the best view between her legs as she swung gently back and forth.
Although I had a tantalising view I brought her to a stop by grabbing her ankles and then ran my hands down the inside of her legs all the way down to her groin.
This met with murmurs of approval from Dakota so I proceeded to find the waistband of her tights and yanked them off her firm arse along with her army issue knickers.
“Uncle Will was right about you” she said, “I’m pleased to say”
Having tugged her tights and drawers up around her knees
I knelt on the ground with her pussy naked and hairless before me, I pushed her skirt aside so I could properly appreciate her silky smooth hairless mound.
I again marvelled as I did the first time I saw it in all its soft silken splendour.
It was the most aesthetically pleasing pussy I had ever seen,
No razor burn, no stubble, no pimples, just a silky smooth mound and soft unblemished lips and as my lips moved to touch hers I thought the skin was the softest my lips had ever touched.
I gently pulled her lips apart with my thumbs and opened her then I tongued the moist pink flesh inside and she moaned in a hot velvety purr, a sound she repeated as I continued to work on her with my tongue until her back arched and the divine velvet purr turned into a course gravelly growl.
I lifted my head from her juicy lips and thought it an appropriate moment to release my throbbing cock from its confines.
Dakota growled again as I slipped my purple helmet between her syrupy lips.
As soon as I was completely immersed in her hot juicy minge I used the swing to slide her on and off of me extracting dirty whorish moans with each penetration.
As she reached the abyss, the chains were rattling and the mechanism squeaking before Dakota let out a long loud sensual, erotic and downright dirty moan as her back ached and I jerked and spasm’d inside her.
After a minute or two of relishing the moment I withdrew from her cunny and stowed the beast.
As Dakota raised herself up her fanny farted and we both laughed then she unfurled her legs from the chains.
She sat up straight and wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me.
“Well that will do to be going on with,” she said
“Perhaps I could give you another instalment tomorrow night,” I suggested
“I can’t” she replied “I’ve got a date tomorrow night”
“Oh? Who with?” I asked
“Your friend Tristan” she answered
“Cool” I said, “he’s a good bloke”
Dakota kissed me again and then she stood up and pulled up her knickers and tights and when she had finished rearranging her underclothes she said
“You can come and see me tomorrow morning, when Uncle Will’s at work”
“Ok” I replied and then walked her home.

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