Monday, 13 May 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 70) One Night In Paris

After spending a very exhausting Bank Holiday Monday with Georgia I returned to my own home when the Gregory’s returned from their day out.
While we were together we did get to spend some time engaged in conversation when we weren’t engaged in role-playing games.
Which was when I told her I had a surprise for her birthday.
However despite her employing an array of temptations and inducements I refused to divulge the nature of the surprise.
Georgie was going away with her family for a week and then when she returned she would get her surprise gift.
Meanwhile my attention returned to the Oliver girls.

As Katy was spending all of her time in bed now I spent much of the time of that week reading to her from the Harry Potter series or playing crib while Marion knitted baby clothes and Anne played Solitaire.
It was an almost idyllic scene but for the fact that one of us was dying.
Marion’s health however continued to be a source of concern to Dr. Claire Andrews.
Eventually after a week and a half of fainting spells and erratic blood pressure it was decided that Marion should return home to Alaska before she reached the point where she would not be able to or worse endanger her health or that of the unborn baby.
There where a good deal of tears shed before and after the decision was made.
So it was on the second Tuesday of April that Claire, accompanied by Anne, drove Marion to the Airport, while I stayed with Katy and consoled her.
“I’m sorry about Marion,” I said feebly as I held her.
After a moment or two she replied.
“I’m not crying because Marion had to go home, I’m crying because I got to see her again before I die”
I had no response but to softy weep.

Later when the tears subsided Katy said
“I’m so glad my sisters are happily married and doing good things in the world”
“They are good people,” I said
“Yes they are” she said proudly “thank you for making it possible”
I didn’t want to have that conversation again so I quickly changed the subject
“Why did you never marry Katy?” I asked
“That’s an easy one” she replied, “I never met a man I loved more than God”

The next day I reluctantly had to leave Katy and Anne because I had promised to join the Gregory’s to celebrate Georgia’s 21st birthday along with close friends and family at the Oak Park Hotel in Kiddingstone.
It was not as grand an event as Geoff Gregory may have wanted for his daughter but he did her proud and Georgia was rightly delighted.

On Thursday morning, nursing a hangover I packed my bag for Georgia’s birthday treat.
I was uneasy about going away for the best part of three days but any suggestion however that I might postpone the trip till a later date was immediately snuffed out
“Life goes on,” Katy said
I said my goodbyes, making sure they knew where to reach me and walked down to station.
Shula and Alois were outside the shop arranging the assortment of goods on display.
“Hello you two” I said brightly
They were both in a state of great excitement
“Is everything ok?” I asked
“Oh yes” Shula said grinning from ear to ear, then after an exchange of looks between them and a nod from Alois she waved her slender hand under my nose and displayed the sparkling engagement ring.
“Congratulations” I said shaking hands with Alois
“Congratulations” I said again kissing Shula “I couldn’t be more pleased”
And I really couldn’t have been more pleased, especially with myself as I had engineered the union unbeknown to both parties.
After leaving the lovebirds I continued on my way to the station where I bought the tickets and then I only had to wait a matter of minutes before Geoff drove up to the station approach in the family Passat and decanted Georgia and her bags onto the pavement.
“Have you got enough luggage?” I asked, “We’re coming back on Saturday”
“Yes but back from where?” she asked, “All you said was pack an assortment of clothes”
“Well let’s get going then,” I said
“But where are we going?” she pleaded
“London” I replied curtly
“Where in London?” Georgia asked impatiently
I stopped and turned towards her
“London is all you need to know for now” I said and kissed her
“You’re very annoying,” she said sulkily

When we got to Waterloo I led Georgia to the taxi rank.
Taking our turn I opened the door for Georgia and quietly instructed the cabbie.
“The Waldorf please” I whispered
“No problem guv” he replied
“What was that? where are we going?” she asked cursing herself for missing what was said.

When the taxi pulled up outside the Waldorf Hotel the concierge opened the door and Georgie got out, open-mouthed.
I followed her and turned to settle the fare with the cabbie and then taking Georgia’s arm we headed in to the lobby.
“Are we really staying here?” she whispered in disbelief.
Her eyes were like saucers as she took in her surroundings.
Once in our suite we christened the rather lavish accommodations in the style befitting the location before celebrating her birthday in grand style in the lavish restaurant.

The next morning we had a sumptuous unhurried breakfast before:
“Come on” I said draining my coffee cup
“What?” she gasped
“Come on we need to pack” I instructed
“Why?” aren’t we staying here?” she asked crestfallen
“We have a train to catch,” I said heading towards the door
“But” she stuttered and trotted after me quizzing me all the way
“I thought this was my treat”
“This was just part one” I informed her

An hour later we were sitting in the back of another taxi, this time I didn’t whisper
“Kings Cross Station please”
“Where are we going?” she said petulantly and then stamped her feet.
So I laughed
“I hate you,” she said

Once at Kings Cross we made our way towards the International terminal.
Half way along the concourse Georgia stopped in her tracks.
“I refuse to take another step until you tell me where we are going” she said
“Paris” I answered “on the Eurostar”
“Paris?” she responded quietly “I’ve never been to Paris”
“I know,” I said, “so let’s go”
After another twenty yards she stopped again
“I haven’t got my passport,” she cried, “you didn’t say I needed my passport”
Georgia sat down on her case
“I can’t go without a passport,” she said sadly
I walked over to her and fumbling in my pocket I fished out her passport.
I had acquired it on Bank Holiday Monday while I was left alone in Georgia’s bedroom.
“You’ve got it?” she said in amazement and took it from my hand.
“You had it all the time”
She stood up and added
“I hate you” but undermined her statement by kissing me.

This wasn’t the first time I had taken a lover to Paris on the Eurostar but I was mindful to make sure this trip would not mirror the one I took in the previous October with Claire Andrews.
I needn’t have worried as Georgia chattered away for the whole journey so full of excitement was she.
The journey with Claire was spent with her exhibiting a different kind of excitement and the disintegration of her tights.

Once we had disembarked at Gare du Nord we made our way quickly to the taxi rank and joined the queue.
It’s a strange feeling getting into a taxi in a foreign country, not knowing your way around and not knowing the language.
In Paris it’s even stranger because the cabby doesn’t know his way around and he can’t speak the language either.
There is nothing quite as disconcerting as getting into a taxi and the drivers first act after you’ve given him the address is to immediately reach for an A to Z.
That said he seemed to quickly plan his route and get us on our way.
We arrived at the Hilton Hotel and again Georgia disembarked open mouthed.
I had scouted out the hotel during one of “my have it away days” with Claire, in October again not the same hotel that we did the walk of shame from.

Repeating her previous behaviour the first thing Georgia wanted to do was test the bed springs, which she did, in a very accomplished manner after which we indulged ourselves in the lavish restaurant to such an extent that we were completely stuffed.
When we waddled out of the restaurant we decided we should take a stroll to try and walk off our excesses.
It was a warm evening and the city was beautiful in the moonlight.
We eventually found ourselves sitting on the edge of a fountain in a little park looking up at the moonlit sky.
“Georgia I want to ask you something” I said
“No you can’t have a blowjob,” she snapped
“Or a tit wank, not even a hand job”
“That’s very disappointing to hear but that’s not what I wanted to ask” I corrected her
“What then? What perversion haven’t I listed?” Georgia asked
“Georgia Gregory, will you please shut up while I’m trying to ask you to marry me” I said
“What?” Georgia exclaimed
“Will you marry me?” I asked, “After you’ve finished uni of course, and you have your degree”
“And I’ve finished sowing my wild oats” I thought to myself
“Yes, Yes, and Yes” she screamed and threw her arms around my neck.
I fished in my pocket and tucked in the corner I found a cheap little ring I bought from a street vendor at the station while Georgia was taking a pee.
It was only a cheap piece of yellow metal but I gave it to her
“This is just a symbol” I said, “We need to buy your ring together”
“I’ll keep it forever” she said and kissed me
But it wasn’t just a kiss of affection or a kiss of gratitude.
This was a kiss of a wholly different kind this was an opened mouthed, darting tongue, stirring the loin’s type of kiss.
“I think I need to get you back to the hotel,” I said breaking away from her embrace.
“No” she snapped and reengaged her mouth while settling her hand on my lap, which duly swelled in response.
I broke away again and insisted urgently
“We really need to go”
“No” she said again and began to unzip my fly.
“But” I interjected but she reengaged with my mouth again to stop me talking while she deftly removed my cock and provocatively stroked my shaft.
After a moment or two of her delicious attentions she stopped kissing my mouth and stooped down and kissed my knob before taking my cock in her mouth.
“I really think we should …” I began
But in truth it was futile once her lips had encircled my shaft I knew we weren’t going anywhere.
“Oh Georgia” was all I could manage while she sucked on me then there was a smacking of lips and a slurp before she raised her head and gave me that familiar leer which said
“Now you can fuck me you dirty bastard”
The problem was where, we were in a public park after all and although it was late and pretty much deserted we couldn’t trust to luck that we wouldn’t be discovered in flagrante delicto.
While I was dithering about trying to think of a safe place to take her so I could take her undiscovered.
The new decisively dirty Georgia took control of the situation, when she took hold of my cock and led me behind a tree.
Once we were safely out of sight she let go of my tool and quickly undid her jeans and when they were residing just above her knees accompanied by her pink lacy knickers she leant against the tree with her arse pointed provocatively at me her pale cheeks quivering in the moonlight.
With a quick check over my shoulder to see the coast was clear I dropped my pants and trousers and inched up behind her.
I got in close and my cock slipped in between her thighs until I could feel the course hairs of her bush brushing against the end of my knob.
With no time for finesse I just groped inside her jacket and uncupped her breasts while she rubbed her moist lips along my shaft.
Once I had her breasts in hand I moved backwards slightly and bending my knees slightly I thrust purposely upwards into her hot pussy.
“Nice” Georgie said as I slipped into her.
As I gave her more of the same she had to stand on tiptoes on the zenith of each upstroke.
It was a frenetic affair, noisy and raw and by the time we reached the peak we were both panting hard and Georgia barely had enough breath to scream when she came and all I could manage was a grunt as I shot my load.
I quickly redressed while a panting Georgia stood hugging the tree and after I finished I slapped Georgia’s quivering buttock white in the moonlight.
“Does this mean were engaged” I asked

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