Monday, 13 May 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 69) Easter Bunny

After the tearful reunion of the Oliver girls we all retired to bed.
The nurse stayed up all night with Katy, Marion slept in my bed, Anne went in the spare room, Claire crashed in the study and I was in the Dining room, well that isn’t quite true, obviously, I pretended to sleep in the dining room for the sake of propriety but really I slept with Claire.

The next day Claire and I woke early and after an early morning fumble we lay awake talking.
She said she would be spending Easter with her husband Brian as she did all the holidays and I reluctantly told her I would spend it with Georgia.
I was reluctant to say because I felt guilty talking about Georgia when I was in bed with another woman.
Though on the guilt front I figured that even though I hadn’t adhered to Georgia’s ultimatum I had at least accumulated a considerable amount of brownie points looking after Katy which should have balanced the scale in my favour, that was what I was hoping at least, that coupled with the trip I was planning for her birthday.
I also felt guilty discussing my other life with Claire; she clearly picked up on my hesitancy because she said
“This is the only way for us, don’t feel guilty, it’s supposed to be guilt free sex”
“With a little bit of love thrown in” she continued and kissed me.

After we made love again, quietly, we made sure we were still up and about before anyone else.
She spent much of day with us, which was just as well as Marion had another fainting episode.

Claire again ordered her to her bed and then spent some considerable time examining her.
Marion recovered sufficiently to come down for dinner after which Claire went home.

When I woke up on Easter Sunday I found the village in the teeth of a storm, I suppose as March had come in like a lamb it was duty bound to go out like a lion.
The first thing I did was to phone the Gregory household to see if Geoff was still going to Roehampton to pick Georgia up.
As I suspected he was going to do the sensible thing and delay it until later in the day when the storm had moved away, which meant I wouldn’t see her until the next day.

As I was then at a loose end I decided to brave the elements and take Anne down to St Lucy’s for the Easter Service, Marion wanted to go too but we managed to convince her otherwise.
Anne’s appearance in the church turned a few heads because of her striking resemblance to Katy but she was warmly received to such an extent I had to drag her away on the pretence of being late for lunch.

It was a lie about lunch, as it wasn’t going to happen until after I went home and cooked it.
As I wasn’t planning to be home on Easter Sunday I hadn’t anything special planned, in fact I had nothing planned at all.
So lunch was a bit of a mish mosh cobbled together from what I had in.

After lunch was eaten and cleared away Marion went to bed for a rest while Anne sat with Katy and I went to my study to catch up with correspondence.

On Monday morning before I left the house, the three sisters were all together in Katy’s room, talking ten to the dozen.
“Blimey, it’s like the witch’s scene from Macbeth” I said
“Don’t be Cheeky” Katy said, “Are you off to see Georgia?”
“Yes, I’ll be back later” I replied “by the way, for lunch you’ll find There’s some eye of newt and toe of frog in the fridge”
“Yes thank you” Katy said “see you later”
Then I stuck my head round the door and said
“The scale of dragon is in the cupboard with the other condiments”
“Go now or we’ll shrivel your extremities” Anne shouted after me.

When I got to Georgia’s house I noticed Geoff’s car wasn’t on the drive.
I knocked on the door but there was no reply, so I knocked again and was just about to give up and go home when the door opened, well just a crack, and Georgia peered around the door at me.
“Hi Hon, I was beginning to think you weren’t in” I said
“Hello Mr Fisher” she said in a lispy Violet Elizabeth voice “Mummy and Daddy aren’t here”
“Oh” I said and then it dawned on me that little Georgie wanted to role-play “perhaps I should come in and wait”
“Yeth” she lisped and opened the door.
As I closed the door She stood in the hall with her hair tied in pigtails and wearing her old school uniform.
“Do you like my uniform?” she asked as she stood pigeon toed in her stocking feet with her hands behind her back.
“Yes you look very pretty” I said answered as I took my coat off.
“Would you like to see my toys?” Georgie asked
“Yes please” I replied, “I think I’d like that”
“Come on then” she said and darted upstairs.
As I followed the giggling schoolgirl up the stairs it occurred to me that I’d never seen her bedroom.
I reached the top stair just in time to see Georgia skip across the landing and into her room I quickly followed her into her room, which was decorated pretty much exclusively in girlie pink.
Georgia was kneeling on the bed bouncing up and down excitedly and as she bounced so did her unfettered breasts.
“Would you like to see my cuddlies?” she asked
“I can already see them,” I thought to myself
“Yes I would” I replied and Georgia turned around and crawled along the bed towards the great pile of soft toys displayed across her pillows affording me a great view of her navy blue knickered arse.
“this ones called Bunny, this ones called Henry” she said “and this ones called Charlie”
“Oh I like Charlie’s” I said as I reached around her and fondled her breasts
“Oh Mr Fisher, I don’t think mummy and daddy would like you playing with my cuddlies like that” she said
“Well show me more cuddlies then” I said, “what’s that one called right at the other end?”
I reluctantly let go of her tits as she reached over to pick up a threadbare Tiger.
As she did so I reached under her little plaid skirt and rolled her navy blue knickers off her buttocks.
“Oh Mr Fisher” she said a second before my fingers slipped into her creamy gash.
Georgia with her face now buried in the mound of cuddlies moaned loudly as I buried my fingers into her cunny.
I was perfectly positioned behind her, where I could comfortably fiddle with her fanny with my right hand and extricate my cock from my trousers with my left.
It wasn’t long before. I brought the naughty little schoolgirl to climax.
“Oh Mr Fisher” she gasped minus the lisp.
I removed my fingers from her pink moist pussy and using my left hand I guided my cock towards its juicy destination.
"Ohhh” Georgia said as I penetrated her. "So good”
Her moans were stifled amongst the Teddy’s as I skewered her syrupy quim.
As I shortened my stroke the bed started to squeak and the headboard began to hit the wall before Georgia screamed a loud muffled scream into her toys and a second later I erupted inside her.
Just before I withdrew my sticky shaft from her I thought to myself that having Georgia in her bed amidst all the soft toys of her childhood was like taking her innocence all over again.

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