Monday, 13 May 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 67) Good Golly Miss Molly

Although Doreen was very upset at the time by her enforced incarceration in Kiddingstone, due to her failure to get back to her mother, she seemed to quickly come to terms with the situation as she took every ounce of satisfaction from me that night and twice again the next morning.
The second time of which occurred when I was in the shower and it began when she sat on the edge of the bath and took my cock in her mouth and sucked me up to full erection.
Then she stood up wearing a broad grin and leant back against the tiles and eased her small frame into the corner as droplets of water ran down her freckled skin to her pert breast and drip off her hard proud nipples.
Doreen lifted one foot up and planted it on the edge of the bath, and then the small delicate fingers of one hand combed their way through her wet pubes before descending between her hairy lips.
I watched intently and began tugging on my shaft in rhythm with her fingering until she suddenly stopped and opened her legs as far as she could, which I took as my signal to fuck her.
I slipped in between her greasy lips easily and my presence inside her was greeted with an appreciative moan.
With each thrust her buttocks slapped against the tiles but as I banged her on the short strokes her buttocks squeaked like new shoes until we both came in a juddering climax.
Afterwards I was shattered and my legs had completely gone, talk about a knee trembler.
I had to sit in the bath to recharge my batteries; I just sat there with the shower spraying down on me for about twenty minutes.
By the time I re-emerged from the bathroom, still dripping wet, Doreen was already fully dressed.
“You’ve recovered then” she said and laughed
“I’ll remember that the next time you’re gagging for it,” I said in response
“You’ll still shag me though” she said and walked over and kissed me.
I grabbed her and scooped her up in my arms
“Put me down you’ll get me all wet,” she protested
“That’s just how I like you” I teased her and then we kissed.
But that was all we did as I had to vacate the room and we both had trains to catch and I was so knackered I probably wouldn’t have been able to go again for at least 24 hours.
So I put her down she giggled as she sponged herself dry.
Then she sat down and watched me drying myself and by the lascivious look in her eye I couldn’t tell if she was remembering what she’d had or imagining what she was going to get the next time and there would be a next time.

Although physically I was a spent force, my mind was awash with erotic images of my time with Miss Clarke, or perhaps I should say the times with Miss Clarke.
So on the way to the station I called into the newsagents and picked up a reporters notebook so I could jot my filthy thoughts and reminiscences down on the journey home.
After all my philandering were the antidote to my writers block and as such were both my bread and butter and the icing on the cake.

Although we walked to the station together Doreen and I were getting separate trains as we lived in opposite directions and once we had bought our tickets we both went our separate ways with just a cheerio, we’d said a proper good bye back at the hotel.

Although the station was open and trains were running there was a greatly reduced service due to the previous day’s cancellations, which resulted in a rather lengthy wait on the platform.
I noticed Doreen didn’t have to wait long for her train and when she saw me she gave me a wave from her carriage.
I made good use of the time though and got some good outlines on paper, which I would flesh out later.
When the train did finally arrive I got on and consciously made an effort to keep jotting notes in my book because I knew after what Doreen had put me through the motion of the train would very quickly lull me off into a coma.

When I returned to the house Katy fussed around me like I’d been gone for a week, which was a bit over the top but it was nice to be missed.
It was one of the things you miss out on when you live alone, having someone to come home to.

Over the preceding week Katy had begun to spend ever so slightly more time in bed each day and less on her throne in the kitchen.
I had thought for a while that she looked visibly different each time I saw her, which I convinced myself was just my imagination but having not seen her for 24 hours I realised it was not.
Marion had made lunch and the three of us sat and ate it together in the kitchen.
While we sat at the table Marion said that while she was in England she really wanted to go shopping, but she didn’t really want to go alone.
However as Katy and I, for quite differing reasons, were unable in the former and unwilling in the latter to assist her, we set about finding a suitable companion.
After much deliberation between Katy and myself we decided the perfect choice would be Pandora or Judith or both so I phoned Pandora that afternoon and she was thrilled to be asked and said she would speak to Judith and set something up.
Low and behold not an hour later Judith knocked on the door and after introductions invited Marion round to hers for tea and a chat with her and Pandora, who would be arriving shortly.
So Marion grabbed her things while I cleared away form lunch, after which Katy said she need a rest so I carried her upstairs and settled her down,
“She’s definitely getting lighter,” I thought as I walked down the stairs.

I was feeling a little tired myself so I poured myself a glass of water and went to my study,
But despite being drained I couldn’t drop off,
Random thoughts kept me awake, all of them about my philandering ways,
Just as my eyes closed another example of my libidinous behaviour would flash into my mind.
I had tried to mend my ways after Georgia gave me an ultimatum about my womanising and I had made some little progress in that regard.
But it was true of late I had slipped back deeper into my old ways, but Georgia hadn’t mentioned my behaviour, or the ultimatum for ages and I wasn’t sure whether that was a good thing or not.
We skyped regularly and everything seemed to be ok.
I thought I would have to give her special attention when she came home at Easter.
“Definitely” I said aloud and promptly fell asleep.

I woke up just in time to see the nurse leave and hear Marion, who had returned from her afternoon tea appointment, fussing around her sister.
I walked into the kitchen and she had already got the evening meal well underway.

All the chat at dinner was about Marion’s new best friends; apparently they all got on famously.
I got on with them famously myself in fact Marion would have been shocked at just how famously I got on with them and the level of intimacy that existed between me and her new buddies.
Then I chastised myself for my childish behaviour and had to admit to myself I was a little jealous of having to share Katy.
I quickly snapped out of my silly mood and listened as
Marion said that she particularly wanted to go to Marks and Spencer, for knickers and stuff, but mainly she just wanted to shop at the British stores she didn’t get in Alaska.
Now Kiddingstone had quite a good shopping center and would probably have met most of Marion’s needs but Pandora and Judith volunteered to take her to one of the big out of town places and make a day of it. So they were going to be out all-day on Thursday.

The intervening days passed without incident and the green-eyed monster didn’t appear again.
On Thursday morning Pandora was knocking on the door even before the nurse had arrived and I watched as Marion and Pandy trotted off excitedly down the path to be met by an equally excited Judith at the end of it.
Almost the very moment Pandora’s Cherokee pulled away the district nurse arrived and another day was off and running.

It seemed like an age since Katy and I had spent the day together, just the two of us but after breakfast I asked her
“Do you wish you could have gone with the girls today?”
“Good grief no” she responded with a scoff “I hate shopping”
“Really?” I asked astonished that there was actually a female of the species who detested shopping
“Yes” she replied, “I buy everything on line”
Then she corrected herself
“Bought everything on line”

We spent a very pleasant day together and Katy managed to resist the urge to take an afternoon nap so she could beat me at crib again.
We had eaten supper and cleared away and were half way through “The Lady Vanishes” before Marion returned laden with bags and spent the next hour telling us all about her day.
And so enthusiastic was she in her description it was difficult not to be interested.

Bright and early on Friday morning when I opened the door it was to the familiar face of my cousin Molly.
“Hi Moll,” I said
“Hi cuz” she replied “and before you start, if you make any reference to “frumpy nurses” I’ll smash your face in”
“Grumpy nurse more like” I said, “I think you need to work on your bedside manner”
“My manner is exceptionally good at the bedside” she corrected me and gave me a kiss “as you well know”
After I had closed the door she asked
“I’m a bit early,” she said looking at her watch “is she up?”
“She’s in the bath” I replied, “come and have some coffee”

As we sat drinking our coffee I asked
“How come you’re here so early?
“I’ve come straight from the hospital” she replied “in fact do you mind if I hang around here for a bit, I’m on a split shift today and by the time I get home it’ll be time to head back again”
“Sure, no problem” I replied

As the morning went on I was beginning to regret my decision as Molly was excessively tactile, invading my personal space at every opportunity and she even kept rubbing up against me like an overly friendly puppy and she did everything to make her affections clear without actually shagging my leg.
Eventually I got fed up of her in constant touchy feely mode and following me everywhere, she was like sticky glue, but it was when she followed me into the utility that I snapped
“What is the matter with you Molly? Are you really on a split shift today or is just that you want me to split your whiskers?”
“I don’t have any whiskers” she replied all coy. “But…”
“But what?” I snapped again
“I’m so horny” she replied
“Well I can’t do anything about that at the moment” I said
“But I’m really horny” she pleaded
“Well you need to go and deal with it,” I told her
“I already did that, twice, and I’m still horny” Molly replied
“Well go and try again,” I said
“But it’s not MY finger that I need” she pleaded again
Just at that moment the washing machine reached the spin cycle
“Sit on that” I said and walked out

She must have taken my advice, as I didn’t see her for about half an hour.
When she did reappear I was sitting in the kitchen talking to Katy and Molly boosted herself up so she was sitting on the kitchen counter behind Katy.
Then she decided to up the stakes by playing the “Basic Instinct” gambit, sitting in my eye line “Sans Pants” and making quite sure I knew it as she kept flashing her hairless minge at me while I was trying to talk to Katy.
The problem was that the thought of her wanking herself really turned me on ever since she told me that when she hadn’t been rubbing up against me she was somewhere in the house rubbing herself.
I had a semi brewing and the thought of her sitting on the washing machine vibrating her pussy to a climax stirred me even more.
Molly was sitting flashing her fingered flange at me and I just wanted to fuck her there and then in fact I couldn’t have wanted her more if she’d started to wank herself off with Katy sitting there.
I tried to keep eye contact with Katy when she spoke but obviously my eyes kept wandering to from Katy’s eyes to Molly’s lips.
Thankfully before I exploded in my pants Marion came breezing into the kitchen and Molly’s leg snapped shut like a bear trap or perhaps more appropriately a clamshell.
Katy was reading an article from her magazine aloud, the name of which escaped me, as does the content of the story,
Luckily Marion’s arrival was also timely as it meant I didn’t have to show just how little attention I had been paying to Katy.

Any way we all had lunch together and I was trying to figure out how I was going to get into Molly.
I sat there all through lunch looking for a way I could manage to shag her.
We could have tried sneaking off to the study or my house of pleasure in the garage but the most likely outcome was going to be going out in the car for some contrived reason and park in the woods and shag in the car.
I couldn’t wait until lunch was over I was finding it difficult to interact; I have never been able to maintain a conversation and an erection at the same time.

As we were clearing away after lunch all my prayers were answered as Pandora was ringing to invite Marion to go over to Kiddingstone for the afternoon, there were apparently some things that Marion couldn’t get the day before.
So that was that, that was my in.
As soon as Katy settled down for the afternoon Molly would be able to get the rogering she’d been begging for all day.

When I was upstairs putting Katy to bed
“Are you ok?” Katy asked, “You seem a little distracted today”
“I’m fine I’m just a little tired is all” I lied “I didn’t sleep very well last night”
Well she had noticed my distraction but I didn’t know if she had picked up on what was bothering “little miss hot lips”
Katy was normally very perceptive, sharp as a knife, however the combination of her illness and the medication could quite easily dull the blade.

After I put Katy to bed I wandered downstairs and as I approached the kitchen I suddenly caught sight of Cousin Molly sitting on the kitchen counter completely naked fingering her hairless pussy.
The nagging semi I had been nursing for hours stemming from my earlier thoughts of Molly’s self abuse now turned into a full on boner.
Molly wasn’t fazed or embarrassed as I walked into the kitchen, nor did she stop what she was doing.
“What’s going on here then?” I said as I quickly undressed
She didn’t answer but then it was a rhetorical question.
I walked towards her and kissed her full on the mouth.
Molly was still fingering her wet crack and then with her free hand she reached out and grabbed my swollen cock
“I thought you couldn’t take care of my horniness today?” she said mimicking me, between kisses
“A window opened up” I replied “and I see that you have too”
“Shut up and fuck me” she purred and pulled my throbbing cock towards her moist pink pussy.
I hesitated, as I wanted to kneel before her shaven pussy and nosh on her juicy cunt.
But after all her delicious sexy self-abuse she didn’t have time for that.
“I need your cock,” she moaned
So I let her plug my cock into her hot cunny and with her legs hooked behind my arse and her arms locked around my neck I fucked her hard, which is what she wanted, a good hard fucking.
“Oh that’s it,” she moaned
She was so hot and she was so creamy being inside her was like being immersed in warm honey.
As I pumped into her she let out deep rasping moans
“Oh Cuz, Cuz” she panted
Then her breaths became coarser and her moans deeper
Her thighs were holding my hips like a vice and her ankles were crossed beneath my buttocks and holding me inside her.
I could only give her short measured strokes one after another and then another until
“Ohhhhhhhhh” and she came and my climax instantly followed
Then she kissed me
“God Simon I really needed that” she sighed still gripping me like a vice.
“Are you satisfied now?” I panted
“If I say no will you fuck me again?”
“Yes” I replied
“Then I’m nowhere near being satisfied” Molly said
“Then you’d better get your slutty arse into the study then nurse”
I ordered her and she ran down the hall naked and into the study as instructed.
I paused only to pick up all the clothes and then joined her.

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