Sunday, 19 May 2013

Just Nature


On the Mull of Kintyre
I stood atop the steep cliffs
Looking out across the sea
To the distant misty shores
Of Antrim far away


The familiar forked tail
And crescent wing
Of the agile Swift in sky
Performing aerobatics
Above the fields of gold
So pleasing to the eye


Wisps of White
Decorate the azure blue
Like absent minded stokes
Of an artist’s brush
While the sun bathes the land
With its benevolence


Butterflies flutter by
In Magnolia melancholy
On gossamer wings


In springtime
I walk in dappled shade
Down along
A woodland brook
Where Narcissi grow
And bow their heads
In deference
To the singing stream


On the Mull of Kintyre
I stood atop the steep cliffs
On a day so crisp and clear
And looked out towards the west
Where it was possible to see
Rathlin Island clear as day
And Ballycastle just beyond


Long tailed Linnet
Sweet flying Finch
Trill and twitter
Your pleasant song
All Summer long


The air was sultry and stale
The heat oppressive
I sought the sanctity of the shade
Embracing its coolness
I walked beneath the leafy canopy
Where the silence welcomed
Contented I walked
In the leafy summer forest
Until within a glade
I came upon a woodland pool
its still dark waters
Looking glass flat.
I peered through my own reflection
Into the charismatic depths
And felt unnervingly as if
I were staring into the depths
Of my own soul
And for the first time
On that sultry summers afternoon
My skin felt cold


In the summer forest
I stared into the silent waters
Of the mirrored pool
It was a place spoken oft in lore
An eerie haunted place
The stillest place I’d known
To stand too long
Appreciating its tranquillity
Could cost you your soul
There were no fish
To break the surface
No insect ventured near
Bird song fell silent at its edge
And no creature quenched its thirst
No one knew if its waters were deep
Or merely murky shallows
It was not an inviting place
But if you stared too long
Into its mesmeric shadows
You would not tell the tale


The purple depths
Of heather on the hill
Looked down at their reflections
In the watery shadows
Of the timeless loch


We sat becalmed on the cold ocean
I wished to see the waters move
But they remained mirror flat
Still as a silent thought
Lost in the absent echo
As we remained motionless
Beneath a relentless sun


On the Mull of Kintyre
I stood atop the steep cliffs
On a day so crisp and clear
And looked out towards the west
Where it was possible to make out
Malin Head in Donegal


Kingfisher, Kingfisher
A glint of silver
Catches your eye
And like an arrow
You dart with purpose
Beneath the water
With barely a splash
Disappearing for a moment
Before returning
With the silver prize


When we come out
Of winters shadow
And it’s finally spring
There is fire in my heart.
And a lightness in my step
And the world seems full
Of infinite possibilities


The rich fed grouse thrive on the moor
The golden hare lives on the valley floor
In the meadow you’ll find rabbits there
While the fox sits patiently in his lair


A bumble bee busies
A Butterfly rises and dips
And there amid velvet petals
A single hummingbird sips


The piercing of the wind
Iced like the mountain peaks
Brought water to my eyes
And a stinging to my cheeks
It left hands too cold to grip
And lips to numb to speak
It cut through my cloak
And made the outlook bleak


The storm raged
Thunder roared
And lightning flashed
As rain fell unrestrained
From leaden skies
Like liquid knives
Dropping into the sodden land
Night came early
Beneath the slate grey
Until a tear in the fabric
Of the unremitting deluge
A perfect patch of blue
Showing through the heavy sky
Brought tranquillity
With a glimpse of heaven
Through the darkness
A beam of heavens light
Shone down upon the land
A beacon from above
To let us know
We are not forsaken


The chill wind
Bitter and biting
Buffeted the house
Rattling the windows
And whistling at the door
Exploiting every weakness
Exposing every crack
To chill us to our bones


The heavily laden
Mountain slopes
Slowly shed their winter coat
Beginning the slow spring melt
The snow and ice
Releasing the water
Imprisoned within it
Metamorphosing as it seeps
Into every crevice
Rivulets gently trickling
Into dormant streams
Gaining volume and momentum
As it tumbles downward
Swelling and growing
Feeding cascading waterfalls
And white water rapids
As it races to the valleys below


On the Mull of Kintyre
I stood atop the steep cliffs
On a day so crisp and clear
And looked out towards the east
And it was possible to see
The mystical Ailsa Craig
And the Ayrshire coast beyond


The cherry blossom
Filled the tree
A brief spectacle
Of perfect beauty
Until the petals fell
Like pink snowflakes
And in the breeze
Danced like confetti
Outside the church
On our wedding day


White as Lunar light
Moonshine birds fly lonely skies
Where echoes can’t be heard


Snowdrops in winter
Mother natures heralds
Of the coming spring

Butterflies flutter by
On pale Cabbage white wings,
Heralds of beauty


Joyous sensuality
In summers scented garden
Under temperate sky


Spring rain is pouring
Battered blossoms falling
Pink snow is lying

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 80) Return To The Dragons Lair

On Saturday Morning I was lying in bed, while Claire was getting clean in the shower, waiting impatiently for her to finish so I could get her dirty again.
Bored with waiting I had decided to go and shower in the other bathroom when there was a knock on the front door.
I slipped on my dressing gown and went downstairs and opened the door.
It was the same guy who had woken me the previous Monday when he came to pick up the hire car before I’d finished with it.
This week however I had, so I handed over the keys.
I went back upstairs and Claire still hadn’t appeared so I went and showered myself.

Showered and shaved I went back into the bedroom where I found Claire sitting on the bed loosely wearing a dressing gown
Which gaped from neck to thigh.
She was talking on her mobile.
“Really?” she said
I couldn’t hear the other side of the conversation
“Yes of course I will” Claire said
Again I couldn’t hear anything and to be honest my attention was drawn to what she was doing rather than what she was hearing.
She was sitting on my bed and absentmindedly toying with her freshly laundered pubic hair.
“Yes I’ll let you know” she said “Good bye”
“You’ll never guess what that was about” she said
“You’ll have to tell me then” I replied
“When we were seen by my car last night it was reported to the police” Claire said still twiddling tufts of her pubes in her fingers.
“Are you listening?” she asked and then she realised firstly what she was doing and secondly that I was watching
Which was when she began rubbing herself quite brazenly before my libidinous eyes and my impatience was finally rewarded which was when the fun really started.
What a wonderful start to the day that was.

I would have happily spent the whole day making love to Claire but alas she had to go.
However the problem was how to get her out of my house in broad daylight without being seen.
We decided to have a coffee while we made a plan, and two mugs of coffee later as if in answer to a prayer.
It started to rain, but not just rain, an absolute deluge.
“Oh shitty bloody weather” Claire cursed
“Excellent” I said
“What?” she asked, “It’s horrible”
I went into the utility and came out with a set of waterproofs and a Golfing umbrella.
“If anyone sees you in the woods they’ll think you’re a Golfer” I said “Ditto when you emerge into the lane”
“Perfect” she said “but what if I’m seen getting in the car?”
“Then you say you’re going to the club,” I said
“You’re a very devious man,” Claire said
“I know but the rewards are well worth it” I stated and Claire blushed crimson red.

But having provided Claire with the appropriate clothing we immediately hit upon a snag, the trousers didn’t fit over her skirt, it bunched up under the waterproofs and made it look like she had a bustle.
So she removed the trouser and then had to take her skirt off.
“Don’t get any ideas,” she said when she noticed me looking at her in her knickers and tights.
“Well you could stay a bit longer,” I suggested
“Don’t temp me,” she said quickly pulling on the waterproof trousers they were a little on the large side and the waistband sat just below her bust line.
Then she pulled on the top over her head before slipping on her shoes.
“That’s not going to work,” I said
“Why?” she asked
“No one would wear footwear like that on a golf course,” I told her
“They are a bit of a giveaway, aren’t they?” she admitted
“Indeed” I agreed
“What can I wear then?” she asked
“Molly’s trainers” I said
“What about all my stuff?” she queried
“I’ll drop then into the surgery on Monday, I’ll tell Olivia that you left them in my car yesterday” I said
“God you’re good at this stuff,” Claire said

After I had kissed her goodbye I let her out into the rain.
“Text me when you reach your car” I said
“Will do” she responded and off she went

Meanwhile I gathered her stuff together and put it in her backpack and put it and her overcoat by the front door.
Which was when I got a text
“Made it,” it read
After which I tidied up, changed the bedding on my bed in preparation for Georgia’s demands the next day, washed the soiled set and had an early lunch.
I spent the rest of the day resting because that night I had other fish to fry.
I slept away most of the afternoon in front of the TV and after dinner I spent most of the evening re-watching the DVDS I fell asleep in front of earlier in the day.
I ate supper of cheese and biscuits about 11.30pm and then fell asleep during Match of the Day.

When I woke up it was 2.45am.
I got up from my chair, went for a pee and headed for the clubhouse.
On arriving I checked around the building looking through the windows making sure everyone had left for the night, well almost everyone.
When I was happy the coast was clear I walked round to Snipes office and I saw her sitting at her desk with her back to the window.
She was counting the night’s takings and I smiled to myself as I thought how much she looked like Scrooge in his counting house.
The last time I spied on Agnes I caught her stuffing bank notes into her handbag and punished her accordingly.
Now I was under no illusion that Agnes Snipe “The Wicked Witch of the West” wasn’t still fiddling the books.
But if she was I didn’t care as long as Georgia was looked after.
Now on this occasion I wanted to speak to Agnes in regard to a wedding reception booking, namely that of Simon Fisher and Georgia Gregory.
Agnes had told Georgie that the dates we wanted were no longer available, however Miss Snipe and I knew differently.
Agnes merely wanted to enter into negotiations with me over the dates.
Or to put it another way she wanted me to enter her and negotiate her arse off.
On the night I caught her with her fingers in the till I had let myself in the staff entrance using Georgia’s code.
However since I sullied both Shula Mahajak and the Billiard table on New Year’s Day, they had tightened up on security and now employed a biometric system requiring the staff member’s thumbprint.
So on this occasion as I was expected I just tapped on her office window.

Despite the fact that my visit was not a surprise I nonetheless startled her because she almost jumped out of her chair, which she then swung around so she could check out the source of the tapping.
When she saw it was me she relaxed into a smile and began to fuss with her hair.
I pointed in the direction of the staff entrance and she nodded her understanding.
As I stood outside the door I looked through the glass panel as Agnes appeared in the corridor.
She clearly wasn’t aware I could see her because she began straightening her clothes and when she was about ten yards from the door she hitched up her skirt and adjusted her stocking tops.
I stepped away from the door as she opened it and once inside I said
“Good morning Miss Snipe and how are you”
“I’m well Mr Fisher what a pleasant surprise?” she said
“Well I thought we had things to discuss” I replied
“Perhaps you should come to my office then” Agnes suggested
“I think you know the way”
As we walked down the corridor I said
“I hope you are prepared for some vigorous negotiation Agnes”
“Always” she replied
When we arrived at her office she said
“Take a seat while I prepare the negotiating table”
The desk was already considerably clearer than normal so it didn’t take her long to scoop the remaining clutter into the drawers.
I sat back and watched her as she moved, stretching and bending and judged by the stirring in my pants that preceding’s had made a promising start.
Just as she dropped the last items into her top draw I stood up and as she bent down to place her telephone on the floor I walked up behind her and grabbed her arse with both hands.
Agnes straightened up immediately and said
“Oh no, not from behind Mr Fisher, I want to see it coming this time”
“Whatever you say Miss Snipe” I said and unzipped her skirt before turning her around to face me.
She smiled her thin-lipped smile as I unbuttoned her silk blouse and cast it aside and then she kissed me after which I sank to my knees and dragged her skirt down over her narrow hips.
“Let the negotiations begin Mr Fisher” Agnes said as she stepped out of her skirt and I slipped my hands up her stocking clad legs.
As I undressed her I noticed her skirt and blouse were good quality garments, Agnes did not by from a catalogue.
Her underwear was also of good quality, the stockings were sheer and the teddy was expensive silk.
I had to say that whatever else people might say of her she was she always exquisitely dressed.
Agnes was standing with her bony buttocks resting on the end of the desk with her hands resting on the polished wood as my hands reached her stocking tops and as my fingers began to un-pop the crotch of her Teddy, her hands gripped the edge of the desk.
I pulled the front of her Teddy aside to expose her hairless pussy and as I knelt before her shaven pussy I leant forward and kissed her hairless lips and she murmured in approval.
I parted her lips with my tongue and tasted her umami tang and noshed on her juicy cunt.
As wet as she was it was obvious she had been simmering all day in anticipation of our meeting so it didn’t take long for me to take her to climax.
When I stood up in front of her she was still sitting on the edge of the desk, I quickly pulled the Teddy off over her head and just as swiftly she un-trousered my cock and gripping it firmly she plugged me into her hot cunny.
As my balls reached her labia she wrapped her skinny legs around me and hooked her ankles behind my arse and her arms locked around my neck as I fucked her hard, which is after all what she wanted from me, a good hard fucking.
Agnes was no stranger to cock and she was moaning delightfully as she received one stroke after another appreciating every inch, and the noises she made were not what you would have expected from the prudish well-dressed Miss Snipe that everybody knew.
And as she released her grip from around my neck and lay back on the desk the tone of her moaning became wonderfully dirty.
She had thrown her head back and arched her back displaying her ribs as she neared the end.
And the surprisingly satisfying shag came to an end as I emptied my lot inside her.
I withdrew my dripping stork from her tidy pussy and pulled my trousers up while she was still panting and sighing
“Time for a drink I think” I said as I left Agnes Snipe spread-eagled across her desk oozing onto the blotter.
“I’ll be back for round two in ten minutes”

When I returned to her office from the bar after a well-deserved pint I found Agnes was now completely naked and sitting in her leather chair.
“I think you are a bit over dressed,” she said
I nodded agreement and promptly undressed before walking towards her and sat on the edge of her desk.
Agnes looked at me with a leer before leaning forward and taking my cock in her mouth.

After round two of the negotiations I was redressed and just being let out of the staff entrance when I said.
“It’s been a pleasure doing business with you Miss Snipe”
“Likewise” She said
“But I hope that you understand that tonight’s summit has indeed secured the date you wanted for the reception, but not the venue”
“I do,” I said and then Agnes added
“If you want the ballroom then further meetings will be required”
“I never expected anything less” I said, “however another location next time perhaps”
“Yes” she agreed
“I’ll leave the details to you” I said and closed the door behind me.

I had thought before that night that shagging Agnes Snipe in order to get the club for the wedding reception was merely
“Taking one for the team”
But I found it much more enjoyable than I had expected which is why we were to continue our negotiation right up until the week before the wedding

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 79) Good News Week (Part Three)

After breakfasting on Georgia on the kitchen table in Roehampton I checked my watch and then quickly redressed myself as I had to get back to Bushy Down and I was now late.
When Georgia finally rose from the scene of her disgrace I was amused to see she had left a rather magnificent snail trail on the kitchen table.
Georgia made a rather half-hearted effort to redress as she donned a T-shirt, which covered her top half, though her nipples still protruded and the fabric defined her breasts as if she was still naked.
Her bottom half however was still naked as the shirt was too inadequate to preserve her modesty, stopping just above her luxuriant bush and her cute ass.
She walked me to the door.
“I want more of that on Sunday” she said and kissed me
“Don’t worry you’ll be getting more” and I kissed her back.
Then after we had said our goodbyes on the doorstep I battled the rush hour traffic back to the village so I could drive Anne to Heathrow.

I parked in the short stay and took Anne into the terminal.
After she’d checked in and dropped her bags I walked her as far as the security gate.
“Thank you for everything” she said and kissed me warmly
“Katy thought the world of you”
“I’m afraid Katy thought me a better man than I actually am” I responded
“She was a very good judge of character,” Anne said
“Goodbye” and she kissed me again before going through the gate.

After paying for the parking I returned to the car and was very soon on the way back to the village.
It was eleven o’clock when I parked in the surgery car park.
I knew I was early but I didn’t know exactly when Claire was leaving so I was happy to wait as long as necessary.
I had a good view of her car from where I was parked and as I waited I jotted down some outline notes for a rather sordid tales of domestic lust, about a horny girl in a utility room, an accommodating nurse bent over a kitchen worktop and another one about the table manners of a student.

It was twelve thirty when I saw Claire emerge from the surgery.
I didn’t mind the fact I had been waiting for an hour and a half I was just pleased I had managed to produce some very salacious material and an accompanying erection while I was waiting, but most of all I was pleased I hadn’t missed her.

I got out of the car and intercepted her.
“Hi Claire” I said
“Hello Simon” she answered without looking at me “I can’t stop”
“I know” I said, “You have somewhere important to be”
“Yes, Yes” she replied
“Which is why I’m coming with you” I stated
“But...” she started “How did yo…?”
“Come on we’ll go in mine” I insisted before she had chance to think about it and she got in the car without protest.
She sat quietly for a moment and I took her hand and said
“You don’t have to do this on your own”
And Claire began to cry.

When we got underway Claire was still dabbing at her eyes with a hankie.
“I asked Olivia not to tell anyone” she said, “She’s never broken a confidence before”
“She didn’t this time,” I said
Claire looked puzzled
“I was suspicious of absence at the lunch yesterday” I told her “So I got her pissed”

We drove into the driveway of a big private house, which was the home and office of an eminent specialist in all things mammary.
“I’m a bit of a breast specialist myself you know,” I said
“You’re just a tit man, there’s a difference” Claire responded accompanied by a weak smile.

I parked the car and we sat quietly in the car and it was Claire who broke the silence.
“I’m scared Simon” she blurted out “I’m scared I’ve got cancer, I’m scared I’m going to die”
“Aren’t you getting a bit ahead of yourself?” I queried
“I’m not brave like Katy, she was so calm, so serene” Claire said “But I’m terrified,
And what will happen to Brian if I die”
Brian was her disabled husband who needed perpetual care.
“We will cross each and every bridge as and when we reach them” I said holding her hand “I will be with you every step of the way”
Then she hugged me and completely broke down

After several minutes she calmed herself down and said
“Thank you Simon, I’m ready now”
We got out of the car and walked into the doctors and seated ourselves in the lavish reception
“Why did you do it privately?” I asked
“I wanted discretion” she replied, “So many health professionals know me, know my name”
“So why this one in particular?” I said
“Gerald is a friend, I trained with him when I was an S 1” she replied
“I see” I said I wasn’t really interested in the whys and wherefores I just wanted to keep her mind busy while we were waiting.
I didn’t need to think of another question, as there was a buzz from behind the receptionist’s desk.
“Doctor will see you now” she announced
I gave Claire’s hand a squeeze and she said
“Come in with me?”
So we stood up and walked into the doctor’s office.

Twenty minutes later we were sat in the car and Claire was sobbing uncontrollably in my arms.
But they were tears of relief.
The lump turned out to be a cyst, which could be easily removed with a rather large needle.
An appointment was made for Monday morning and the same private hospital she went for the scan.
“Do you want me to come with you?” I asked
“Yes please” she replied

She phoned Olivia and gave her the good news and the relief in Claire’s voice as she spoke was palpable.
“Oh and there’s no need to phone Simon he already knows”
Claire smiled as she listened to Olivia squirming in response.
“He got me drunk,” said the tinny voice
“I know he did” Claire said sympathetically
I couldn’t hear her response but Claire said
“Yes he is a rotten swine”

As we were driving back to Bushy Down in the bright evening sunshine Claire suddenly asked
“Do you have any visitors at the moment?”
“No just me on my lonesome” I replied
“What about Georgia?” she asked
“She’s gone back to Roehampton for a couple of days” I answered and then there was a long silence.
“Do you want some company?” Claire asked coyly
“Are you offering?” I asked her
“I am” she replied
Then after a few moments she continue
“I know I’m a terrible woman, but once in a while it’s nice to feel like I’m part of a proper couple, and I feel that with you and…”
“And today you need that more than ever” I continued for her

It was dark when we got back to the village and I parked the car on the drive.
Although it was Claire’s desire to come to spend the night with me she was conscious of the risk to her reputation if she was seen going through my front door after dark.
So I got out of the car and opened the door while Claire put on one of Georgie’s hats that she found in the door pocket, which disguised her sufficiently to the untrained eye while she dashed in through the door.
We would have to employ a similar subterfuge later on that evening but that was only after we had spent the evening together.
When I had safely smuggled her inside the hall she said
“Is this any kind of way for grownups to behave?” and we both burst out laughing.
But then inevitably we started kissing and began a kind of shuffle along the hall until I picked her up and carried her to the lounge when at the height of passion her stomach started gurgling and it got louder and louder until it culminated in foul tasting belch in my mouth.
“Oh god I’m so sorry” Claire said mortified by her unintentional gastric eruption.
“I haven’t eaten for two days,” she said in her defense
All I could do was laugh, which in turn set her off, and once the giggles set in there is nothing to be done.
So I got the takeaway menus and ten minutes later I was ordering an Indian.
We still had the giggles so I opened a bottle of wine and poured two large glasses.
“I can’t have that much” she said when she saw the size of the glass “I’m driving remember”
“I thought you were staying the night,” I said
“Is that ok?” she asked
“Of course it is, so get that down your neck” I replied
While we waited for dinner to arrive Claire made some phone calls, in between the giggles, just to make sure everything was ok at home.
But every time we thought about renewing our amorous intentions we dissolved into giggles again.
By the time the food arrived we were a little bit pissed and after we’d eaten we were too stuffed for passion so we drank some more instead.
So by the time midnight came around we were quite merry and all of a sudden Claire sat upright and said
“I don’t have a change of clothes”
“That’s ok we’re not going anywhere” I reassured her
“But I’ve got no spare knickers” she emphasized
“You could borrow some of Georgie’s,” I suggested
“No that is wrong on so many levels” she chastised
I was just about to make another suggestion where Claire said
“And commando is not an option”
“Nothing could have been further from my mind,” I said innocently
“Nothing is precisely what was on your mind” she corrected me “and me wearing it” and laughed.
After a few minutes of giggles Claire suddenly announced
“I have an overnight bag in my car for when I’m on call”
“Well lets go and get it then” I said
“But what if someone sees me come in here with my overnight bag” she said anxiously
“They won’t” I said and went out into the hall
“Why not?” she asked
“Because we will be in disguise” I replied and handed her a hoody
She stood up and slipped it on and put the hood up.
“What do you think?” Claire asked as she did her catwalk strut.
I looked her up and down from head to toe.
“You look like a professional woman wearing a hoody” I said frankly “Hold on”
I went upstairs and went to the airing cupboard and then the spare room and returned downstairs.
“Change into these” I said and handed her a pair of joggers, a sweatshirt and a pair of trainers.
“Georgia’s?” she asked
“Molly’s” I replied
“That’s ok then” she said and began undressing but then stopped “Some privacy would be nice”
“I won’t look honest” I lied
Claire gave me a look so I got up and went into the hall, where I could have spied through the crack in the door, which I didn’t, well not much.

Ten minutes later we slipped out the back door into the darkness of the garden like we had just accepted a “Mission Impossible” and then ran giggling into the woods that separated the end of the garden from the 18th fairway.
We skulked our way along the wooded path, like a couple of kids playing soldiers, all the way to the Church Lane where we hugged the shrubbery until we reached the surgery car park.
We gave a long furtive look to make sure there was no one around and then we approached Claire’s car.
She fished the keys from her pocket and unlocked it and it responded with a loud bleep made all the louder by the silence and a flash of the light all the brighter in the darkness.
Startled by the sound of the immobilizer we quickly opened the tailgate and Claire grabbed her backpack, then she reset the alarm and we headed back to the lane.
“Oi you” a voice shouted, “What are you doing there?”
“Come on” I urged her and we ran laughing back into the woods periodically looking over our shoulders to see if we were being pursued.
Once we were in the woods we ran on and on until we crashed in a heap in the undergrowth laughing.
“Shhh” she said, “Someone will hear”
But I couldn’t stop giggling so she decided the only way to shut me up was to kiss me, but what began as a means of suppressing my giggles ended with her tongue darting in and out of my mouth like a viper.
So I returned the kiss to her hot panting mouth.
“This is very nice,” she panted as I rummaged inside her hoody and had just managed to uncup her breasts.
So I can’t express how surprised I was when she suddenly leapt up and said
“Oh no you don’t” and ran off down the path.
I scramble to me feet as quickly as possible and ran after and although she had a good head start it didn’t take long for me to close the ground on her and I grabbed hold of her back pack and pull her back.
But her progress was only halted momentarily as she wriggled free of the straps and I ended up sitting on my arse holding the bag.
And to add insult onto injury she flashed her Charlie’s at me and ran off laughing.
“That’s dirty fighting” I called after her and quickly got back to my feet.
But she managed to show me a clean pair of heels all the way back to the house.
“Well that was quite an adventure wasn’t it?” she said as she kicked off her shoes.
“It’s a shame you couldn’t keep up”
“I don’t think you truly appreciated the difficulty in running whilst sporting an erection,” I said somewhat pompously as I slipped my shoes off
“You have an erection?” she asked smiling “let’s have a look”
“You do realise that, like a samurai, if I draw my weapon I have to use it?” I responded
“Ok” she said and stood biting her lip as I dropped my pants and trousers.
Claire studied my hard on intently for a few moments and then said
“I don’t think I’ll bother after all”
“You cheeky cow” I said affronted as she turned on her heels and ran out of the kitchen giggling like a schoolgirl.
I kicked away the pants and trousers that were restricting my ankles and sprinted after her.
And I caught her halfway up the stairs and she screamed as I grabbed her by the waist.
“Got yer,” I said
“I thought you couldn’t run fast with a stiffy,” she said
“Not when it’s unrestricted,” I said as I tugged her clothes down and exposed her gorgeous buttocks and the moist pink gash between them.
I moved my hands up under her hoody and cupped her luscious fruits as my cock plunged into her wetness and she exclaimed a delicious moan of pleasure.
I withdrew and repeated the action and elicited another moan before withdrawing again but this time as my helmet began its penetration to my great surprise Claire scrambled up the stairs.
I reached out to grab her and got a good hold of her joggers but she continued to wriggle away and I was left holding her empty joggers.
Once free of my clutches she scrambled to the top of the stairs with her knickers around her knees, she quickly slipped them off and bent down to retrieve them.
Claire was giggling as she wiped her moist minge with the pink panties and then threw them in my face.
I picked them up and held them to my nose and watched her giggling on the landing.
“You dirty little doctor” I said and began slowly ascending the stairs.
Claire screamed and bolted in to my bedroom as I pulled my hoody off over my head.
She was kneeling naked in the middle of the bed as I walked into the room, my cock having momentarily preceded my entrance.
Claire was licking her lips as I approached, then as I kneelt on the bed she turned her back on me, I thought she was going to make me chase her again but instead she bent over and offered her pink pussy to me and said.
“Come on then Samurai it’s time to use your weapon”
Always willing to oblige I tucked in behind her and slipped comfortably inside her hot cunny.
Claire moaned whorishly with each penetration and I grunted in my turn.
It was not a long drawn out affair as both of us were at a heightened state of horniness due to our adventurous foreplay.
Almost in record time we grunted and moaned our way to a satisfying climax and collapsed in a sweaty heap.

Our encore however was a much more methodical act of passionate expression and mutual satisfaction.

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 78) Good News Week (Part Two)

After a glorious celebratory shag with Molly in the Kitchen, always a delight to engage with her shaven haven, I only had time for a quick sandwich before driving to High Wycombe to pick up Anne who had been staying with a succession of friends before she had to return to Khartoum.
Courtesy of the SatNav I found the address with ease and after a quick cuppa we were soon on our way.
As I drove I realized it was the same route from High Wycombe I had taken with
Pandora after our St Andrews Day adventure but apart from the obvious trouser tickle I got from the reminiscence of Pandora that weekend.
I was then struck with the realization of how thankful I was that the house would have a visitor again even if it was just for a couple of days.
Anne and I ate together on Wednesday evening and then she enthusiastically reviewed her sojourn and spared no detail in the telling.

On Thursday I spent the morning with Georgia, well for a few hours anyway before she had to get back to work.
But she was a bit down, at first I thought she must have the painters in but she was as horny as hell and I had to shag her in the utility room while Anne was watching Loose Women on TV in the lounge.
It was while she was putting her knickers back on that she told me what the problem was.
“Snipe says the ballroom is booked on the Saturday either side of our anniversary date” she said and started to sob. “She said we could have it if there’s a cancelation, but that’s not likely is it”
The Snipe she was referring to was the commercial manager at the Golf Club Agnes Snipe.
I comforted her the best I could but I couldn’t tell her how, but I knew precisely how to ensure a cancellation and subsequently secure the booking.
Which I thought I might try and accomplish at the weekend while she was away.
“It’ll be ok,” I said

I walked Georgia to work and I made sure that I made eye contact with her boss who smiled knowingly at me.
When I had kissed Georgia goodbye I went in search of Snipe and I found her headed towards her office.
“Hello Agnes” I said
“Oh hello Simon” she replied a little flustered.
“Are you keeping busy?” I asked
“Yes very busy” Snipe replied
“Do you still burn the midnight oil?” I asked her
“Yes I do” she replied with a blush “Especially on a Saturday night”
“I’ll bear that in mind Agnes” I said
Then I walked back across the course on my way to Mahajaks to see Shula as instructed.
I had to admit I was a little intrigued, but when I got to the shop it was obvious to see that Shula and Alois had something to share.
“Simon” she said excitedly and ran towards me.
“Simon” she said again “Alois darling Simon’s here”
“Simon” Alois said as he offered his hand
“We wanted you to be the first to know” Shula said and then danced excitedly on the spot, then after a quick glance at Alois they said together
“We are engaged”
“Isn’t it wonderful?” Aunt Anjuli said
And not for the first time that week I found myself saying

When I left the happy group in the shop I walked home and freshened up before driving Anne to the Golf Club where Pandora and Judith had arranged a farewell lunch for her before she flew back to Khartoum on the next day.
When we walked into the club the other guests were already there.
They were all people whom she had come to know as a result of her sister Katy’s illness and passing, the Vicar, Robert Hunter and his faience Tilly, Molly who organized all the nursing care, Pandora, Judith and the practice manager Olivia Adamson.
There was however one notable absentee, Dr Claire Andrews who was not only the clinical lead on Katy’s care but was also her friend.
Once we were all settled at the table and the wine was flowing I asked Olivia where Claire was.
“Something came up” she replied which to me felt very much like a brush off.
I didn’t say anything though I just bided my time and kept her wine glass topped up.
By the time the coffee arrived she was totally bladdered and she dropped her guard.
“So where did you say Claire was?” I asked her casually
“She’s seeing a specialist” she replied
“Really?” I asked “Why?”
“Because of the lump” Olivia answered
“What lump?” I asked her directly
“Oh god I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone” Olivia said and put her head in her hands.
“Everything ok over there?” Pandora asked
“Too much wine” I replied and laughed
“I’ll take her outside for some fresh air”
Once outside I sat her at one of the tables and said sharply
“Now tell me everything”

After Olivier had spilled the beans completely I told her to call me as soon as she knew what was happening.
But just as we were returning to the meal her mobile rang.
She took it out of her bag and looked at the screen.
“It’s Claire,” she said
I nodded to her to answer it, which she did.
When she had finished she put her phone away and too my unasked question she said
“She’s at the breast clinic”
“And?” I asked
“She’s having a scan” Olivia said “She’s seeing the specialist again tomorrow lunchtime for the results”
“Ok” I said and we went back to the table.

The next morning I was up very early so I could drive a very sleepy headed Georgia to Roehampton.
I had risen early in both senses of the term thinking I might start the day by skewering my girlfriend.
But she rebuffed my advances
“I’m too sleepy Simon,” she said
She was going to a gig on Saturday night with her housemates; it was a kind of end of term celebration.
The house was empty when we got there; I took her bags up to her room while Georgia went into the kitchen to make coffee.
I put the cases on her bed and went back downstairs.
As I got to the bottom I called out to her
“I don’t think I’m going to have time for coffee”
“Oh ok” Georgia called from the kitchen “You’d better come and say goodbye then”
“Where are you?” I shouted
“I’m in the kitchen” she called back so I walked down the hall and into the kitchen and found Georgia lying draped across the kitchen table like an erotic buffet completely naked casually teasing a large pink nipple with one hand and fingering herself with the other.
“Do you have enough time for some of this?” she asked
“Always” I replied as I un-trousered my stirring beast.
“I thought you were too sleepy for a shag,” I said
“I’ve woken up now” she replied
“So I can see,” I said as I watched her busy fingers vigorously frigging herself.
And I stood there looking down on her, keenly watching her small fingers, wet with her juice, slipping and sliding her to orgasm as I tugged on my cock.
When she had writhed and wriggled herself to orgasm and then she lustily sucked the tangy grease from her fingers I grabbed her by the knees and dragged her horny carcass towards my waiting cock.
Having pulled her pussy to the edge of the table Georgia’s cunny was presented to me at perfect cock height so I wasted no time at all in spearing her.
“Oh God Simon” She moaned, “That feels so good”
I withdrew but so impatient was she that Georgia wrapped her long legs around me and pulled me back into her.
She moaned loudly and smiled smugly at how clever she had been in making me skewer her again.
Then I gave her another one and her hands gripped the sides of the table to brace herself.
Georgie gave great panting moans with each stroke and her head rolled from side to side as the frenetic pace quickened.
The table legs began to screech on the tiled floor and her knuckles showed white as gripped the table harder with each thrust.
I had to grip the table myself to try and halt its progress across the kitchen floor.
Her chest was heaving up and down as she neared the end and her moans had long since merged into one continuous whorish wail until her face contorted into an orgasmic grimace as her back arched and her whole body shuddered in a climactic crescendo and I lost control and in short pumping spasms I shot.
When I looked down at the sweaty panting wreck I thought the erotic buffet now looked like it had been well and truly enjoyed.
As it most certainly had been and by the time I had put the last length into her pussy the table had moved two feet from its original position.

When we had finally stopped panting she said
“Now you may go about your business” and released me from the grip of her legs and I withdrew from her.
“Cheeky mare” I said and lifted her legs and spanked her arse.
She let out a yelp as my hand slapped a red handprint on her cheek but then she chuckled.

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 77) Good News Week (Part One)

After entertaining Emily in an Artistic manner in the courtyard outside the Art Gallery it was after two o’clock when I reached The Bell, and under normal circumstances they wouldn’t let anyone else in at that time but as I was an Angel the doormen all knew me, they let me in.
It was very busy and took me a while to find Tristan but I eventually tracked him down.
He was hidden in a corner and greeted me with a warm smile and a cheer although it was so noisy that I didn’t hear the cheer but I still knew it happened anyway.
We had a beer together and stayed until closing time.
Conversation was difficult in the pub due to a combination of the music and everyone shouting to make themselves heard.
It wasn’t until we emerged on to the street that we had a proper conversation that is to say “a proper conversation” when one party is pissed and the other one isn’t.
He was gushing about the love of his life, Dakota Browning, and how wonderful she was.
“Wait until she shags you” I thought to myself “Then you’ll know how wonderful she is”
“Things are going well then?” I asked
“Oh yes” he said, “I think so”
He then proceeded to give me all the minutiae of their burgeoning relationships.
Despite the very real risk that he might bore me to death I offered to drive him home, but my worst fears weren’t realized as he rewarded me by promptly falling asleep.
When I got back to the village I stopped the car on his driveway and shook him awake.
He got out of the car rather ungainly and took a few unsteady steps to his front door; he fumbled briefly in his pocket for his door key, which he waved at me with a flourish before inserting it into the lock at the third attempt.
When he had the door open he turned and waved before stumbling inside and closing the door.

On Sunday morning I woke annoyingly early and couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up and was greeted by a quiet empty house again.
I made coffee and sat in the kitchen feeling rather lonely and pondered how I was going to fill my day.
Georgie was working all day and I wouldn’t see her until the next day.
As I stared into my coffee cup I heard a familiar voice.
“For goodness sake pull yourself together,” it said, “it’s a good news week”
The voice belonged to Katy Oliver, though she wasn’t really there.
“Ok Katy” I replied and instead of feeling sorry for myself I got up and got myself ready for church.

As I walked to St Lucy’s I tried to think what Katy meant by saying “its a good news week”, but the only thing I could think of was a song from the 1960’s by a one hit wonder group of RAF men, Hedgehoppers Anonymous.
And the reason I was so familiar with it was because it was a favourite of my Dads and it was on one of the tapes he always played in the car.
And the song just went round and around inside my head even during the service.

It's good news week
Someone's dropped a bomb somewhere
Contaminating atmosphere
And blackening the sky

It's good news week
Someone's found a way to give
The rotting dead a will to live
Go on and never die

Have you heard the news
What did it say?
Who's won that race?
What's the weather like today?

It's good news week
Families shake the need for gold
By stimulating birth control
We're wanting less to eat

It's good news week
Doctors finding many ways
Of wrapping brains on metal trays
To keep us from the heat

Now although I wasn’t sure exactly what Katy’s disembodied voice meant, I was pretty sure it wasn’t that.
But with my head stuck in a constant loop of Hedgehoppers I decided there was no point in beating myself up over it.
And the moment I stopped trying to divine the meaning the sound tract stopped and I was able to enjoy the rest of the service in peace.

After the service ended most of the congregation spilled out through the doors and the milled around chatting and spreading the word along with a little gossip.
Which I did in my turn, there were many familiar faces in the crowd and I spoke to most of them in the spring sunshine.
Just as the crowd had visibly thinned and I was about to amble away myself I felt a tug on my arm.
“Simon” the voice said
I turned around to face the source of the voice.
“Hi Tilly” I said
“You can’t go yet,” she said in a hushed whisper.
“Why not?” I asked, “I’m hungry, and I missed breakfast”
“Because you can’t” she insisted “come into the church”
“What for?” I asked as she steered me unceremoniously through the door, smiling and the remaining parishioners as we went.
“What is going on?” I asked again as we reached the transept, where a very green looking Tristan was slouched in the nearest pew.
“Have you kidnapped him as well?”
“Sit down and stop your fussing and wait until Robert gets here,” Tilly said forcefully, so I sat down next to Tristan.
“What’s this about?” I asked him
“Don’t know,” he answered “she just came to the house this morning and dragged me out of my sick bed and forced me to come here”
“You aren’t sick you’re just hung over” Tilly snapped “So stopped whining”
“Harsh” He replied
“Very” I added
Just then we heard Roberts distinctive footsteps coming down the aisle, which turned out to be quite appropriate in light of what we were about to hear.
Robert joined Tilly and stood holding her hand
“Well” he said slowly and deliberately “we have an announcement to make”
Tilly was fidgeting and shuffling her feet as he spoke and it was clear he wasn’t speaking fast enough for her
“We have finalised, at least decided, or perhaps chosen…” he faltered
“We’ve set a date for the wedding” Tilly blurted out
“Great” Tristan said unenthusiastically
“That is good news” I said more sympathetically “and when is it?”
“August the 10th” they said in unison
“Great” Tristan said again
Then Robert cleared his throat and said
“And I want you to be my best man Tristan”
“What?” he queried “Me?”
Robert nodded and Tristan jumped to his feet and shook Roberts hand and then kissed his sister.
“I’ve never been a best man before” he said proudly
“Well done” I said and slapped him on the back.
“And as for you” Tilly said looking at me “I want you to give me away”
“Seriously?” I asked
“Yes” she replied
“Wow” I exclaimed
“Is that a yes?” she asked
“Of course it is you silly woman” I said and kissed her.

Tris and I then headed to the Cross Keys to celebrate, Tilly and Robert declined our offer to wine and dine them as they had other people to give the news to, now that they had spoken to us.
So we had a roast dinner and then got bladdered.
The next thing I knew it was Monday.

About 10.30am I was rudely awakened by a persistent banging on the front door, which was in turn banging inside my head.
I staggered clumsily downstairs and opened the door.
“Good morning sir” a man said brightly
“That’s a matter of opinion” I replied
“Ah well” he exclaimed, “I’ve come to pick up the car”
He nodded in the direction of the hire car and I was just about to hand him the keys when I suddenly remembered.
“I extended the hire until Saturday” I said
“Oh dear” he responded, “I have no record of that”
“I spoke to Amanda” I said “on Friday”
“Oh dear” he repeated, “I’ll give her a call”
I waited at the door feeling quite unwell while he phoned the office and confirmed with Amanda, and then he apologised for disturbing me and I closed the door and was heading back to my bed when the phone rang.
I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Lionel and was going to ignore it but then I thought I should speak to him, as I hadn’t touched base with him for a while.
“Hi Lionel” I said
“Simon dear boy” he replied
Now when Lionel called me dear boy it was either exceptionally good news or I was about to be admonished.
“I have great news,” he continued
Well it transpired that the great news was in relation to the sales of the Overend tapes that had taken off in a big way, due mainly it seems to YouTube on which some clips had gone viral, whatever that means.
There was a tiny note of admonishment before he hung up just pointing out that I was overdue with my submissions to the publisher.
I promised I would rectify the situation that week and then I return to my bed and stayed there until Tuesday.

On Tuesday morning I was up at 5am having slept the clock around and I found myself in a doing mood.
After putting on some washing I got to grips with my Laptop and spent two hours clearing my inbox.
It was at about 10 o’clock when I walked into the kitchen and was surprised to see Frankie in the back garden, she didn’t normally come until Friday, and so I opened the back door.
“Hi Frankie” I called
“Hello Simon” she called back
I walked across the patio towards her and asked
“How come you’re here on a Tuesday?”
“I had to rearrange things,” she said as she put down her rake and walked towards me
“I’m pregnant”
And then she grinned at me quite soppily
“I take it you’re pleased?” I asked “Congratulations”
And I hugged her as Maisie came around the corner
“Oi” she called “you sex maniac, put my partner down”
“Partner?” I asked releasing Frankie
“Yes” Frankie said, “Your gardening needs will now be met by Carpenter and Stewart”
“That’s fantastic news” I said “now it’s your turn for a hug”
When all the hugging was done with and congratulations were gratefully received the girls went back to work and I headed back into the house.
“Oh Simon” Maisie Called “I almost forgot”
“What?” I said and turned around
“Shula wants you to pop into the shop, sooner rather than later,” she said

The rest of Wednesday was spent writing and I was in such a rich vein of creativity that I didn’t stop until midnight.

On Wednesday I got up and emailed my latest output to my publisher Gordon and then had breakfast.
It was just before 10 o’clock when Molly walked through the front door
“Hi cuz” she called
“Hi Moll” I responded, “I’m in the kitchen”
When she walked in the kitchen she was dressed in a dark blue uniform that I hadn’t seen before.
“What’s this then, new uniform?” I asked
“New job” she replied and gave me a twirl “Ward sister at Kiddingstone”
“Well done” I said and hugged her,
Her uniform was all crisp and new and still had that fresh laundered smell.
“Do you have time for Celebration shag?” I asked
“Why do you think I’m here?” she replied and then kissed me
“Where would you like it Sister?” I asked between kisses
“Here will suffice” she replied, “I don’t want to be late for my new job” as she rubbed her mound against the bulge in my jeans.
“Just don’t spaff on my uniform”
Then she returned her attention to my mouth and her tongue darted in and out of my mouth as her hands undid my trousers and before long she was tugging on my cock.
After a moment or two she disengaged her mouth from mine and turned around and bent over resting her elbows on the counter top and wiggled her round arse at me.
Apparently she was ready so I shuffled up behind her like a horny penguin and began tugging her uniform up over her arse, which was naked.
“Where are your drawers?” I asked
“In the car” she replied
“Nuff said” I responded and undid the zip of her uniform
And slipped my hands inside and roughly groped at her tits.
While she rubbed her hind quarters against my cock.
But every time she was about to engulf me I withdrew and teased her until the fourth time when she looked over her shoulder at me as she rested on her elbows and pleaded with her eyes so I grabbed her hips and in one easy movement I penetrated her tight hairless fanny and judging by her vocal response it was very much to her satisfaction.
I took hold of her tits and cupped them as I pounded on her creamy pussy, the sound of her arse cheeks slapping against my belly was like applause and the coarse moans were like encores.
So I pounded on her harder and faster.
The applause grew.
Her vocalizing grew
The electric pace grew
The wobble of her tits grew
Until to rapturous applause and what sounded like baying wolf calls we both came.
And there she was my kissing cousin spent and disgraced bent over my kitchen counter with my twitching cock inside her.

Monday, 13 May 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 76) Art And Entertainment

After serving up a banquet of sexual delights on the dining room table, the first time that room had been privy to such activities in my time incidentally, there was only just enough time for a quick bite of lunch before Georgia had to leave to get to work.

When she had gone I chose to take a nap for the afternoon as I was on Roving Angels duty later that night.
When I woke up it was so strange to have the house so empty and quiet in fact it was eerily quiet.
I made myself some food and was feeling quite down as I sat in the kitchen alone eating some rather uninspiring pasta and sauce.
During the previous few months the house had been such a hive of activity and now there was only me.

I still hadn’t managed to shake my depression as I drove into Kiddingstone later that night.
I had to admit that I welcomed the distraction of Roving Angels and having a reason to be away from the house.
I parked the car and carried my gear into the HQ and met that night’s team.
My usual partner, Tristan Bushe, wasn’t on duty that night so I was paired with a little dumpy black middle aged woman called Vienetta, and quite honestly she looked like she’d eaten more than a few of them in her time.
We went out for the first hour and she was actually a very pleasant companion though a little over enthusiastic.
It was quite a busy shift as it was a warm night and the slappers were out in force and where there are slappers there are young men looking to shag them.

We were just into our second shift, a little after midnight, when we ran into a slightly tipsy Tristan Bushe just leaving the Pump Room.
The Pump Room was a fashionable rather overpriced pub with bouncers on the door.
I often wonder if they’re there to keep people out or to keep the punters in.
“Give us a lollipop big boy,” he said
“I’ll give you a slap with a flip flop if you’re not careful” I replied
“That’s not the attitude” Tris said “and I was going to buy you a drink”
“I’m afraid I’m on duty sir” I replied
“I meant when you finish” he corrected me “you knob”
“Charming” I said
“We’re off to the Bell, meet us there when you’re finished” Tris added
“Ok, I might see you there” I said

Vienetta and I finished our shift and returned to HQ about quarter past one and the supervisor said that as we had done two patrols we could call it a night so after a little small talk I left.
My first thought was to get home to my bed but that was before
I remembered the empty house so my mind turned to Tristan’s earlier invitation to go for a beer.
So I dumped my gear in the car and went off to meet Tris for a much-needed beer, which is when I came across Emily.
It was when I was walking passed the library when I spotted a group of about a dozen noisy teenagers spilling out of a pub.
Among them were some familiar faces from the village, Jenny Smithson and Emily Gomez, the former flirty virgins of Bushy Down, among them.
They now both had boyfriends who were doubtless benefitting from my tutelage in their girlfriends sexual education.
They were about fifty yards ahead of me and didn’t see me and I was heading to a different part of town to them so I didn’t try to close the distance.
Suddenly Emily broke off from the main group and said something to her friends, I couldn’t make what, but it provoked some laughter then as she headed towards the art gallery she called.
“I’ll catch you up”
I was curious to see where she was going as that path she was on didn’t go anywhere other than the Art Gallery and the small courtyard in front of it.
She was an imprudent and impetuous girl and in many ways still an innocent and I was more concerned then curious in truth.
Because she had a head start on me she was out of sight by the time I set foot on it.
So I stepped up my pace and when I got to the end of the path and entered the courtyard, I was just in time to see Emily disappear behind the shrubbery.
I made my way hastily to the place I last saw her and peered through the shrubbery until I could see Emily’s tidy little body.
It wasn’t a cold night but it was cool enough and I couldn’t help noticing her nipples prodding through the fabric of her skimpy top.
What happened next however took me completely by surprise.
With her back flush against the wall she slid down the wall and squatted with her knees at right angles making her look like a skinny Sumo wrestler.
Emily reached down her hand between her legs and pulled her white knickers aside revealing her black curly whiskers and then she smiled as she released a jet of piss the like of which I had never seen before and I found it very arousing.
But what made it even more arousing was the distance achieved by the arcing jet and its duration.
When she had finished and she had pushed out every last drop she smiled and let out a long sigh.
She then pushed herself back up to a standing position and sighed again.
Emily adjusted her pants and walk towards where I was standing.
“That was very impressive,” I said
“Oh” she gasped with a jump
“Did you see?” She asked blushing
“Yes I did” I said impressed
“Oh god I’m so embarrassed” she said covering her face
“Don’t be,” I said, “I liked it”
“You really are a dirty old man,” Emily said with a giggle
“I know” I said and kissed her.
I pushed her gently back against a rather ugly piece of modern art and played with her nipples through the fabric of her top.
She pulled her mouth away and said urgently
“We can’t do anything here”
“Don’t worry” I reassured her “there is no CCTV coverage here its a blind spot”
I knew that because on my first ever Roving Angels Patrol, Tristan pointed all the blind spots out to me, I’m sure he didn’t realize at the time exactly what use I would put the information to.
“How do you know that?” she asked,
“Because I’m a dirty old sex maniac,” I replied
“Oh fare enough” Emily said and kissed me again
I slipped my hand beneath the hem of her skirt and inside her knickers.
Her whiskers were still wet against the back of my hand as I pulled her knickers aside and probed her gash, which creamed up instantly, she was always very responsive.
That night however she was tuned, lubed and ready to go and she couldn’t wait, almost the second my fingertips touched her cunny she was trying to extract my cock from my trousers.
I stopped fingering her pussy and aided her in the release of my throbbing dick.
The moment I had it free she gripped it tightly in her finger and pulled it towards her moist lips.
As soon as my tip was wet I thrust the rest of it into her and she moaned in appreciation.
She was wrapped around me like a vine as I banged her against the statue and the cheeks of her arse slapped against the marble with each ball wetting thrust.
And each one I put into her she responded with a long satisfied
As the rhythm increased and the strokes shortened so did her responses.
And finally “AH SIMON” As I emptied my sac into her.
We stayed in that position for about a minute panting hard until she said.
“I think I need to pee again now”
“Good, can I watch?” I asked

I walked her to the end of the path and kissed her goodnight safely in a blind spot and then she tottered off up to KFC to rejoin her group.
I waited another five minutes before I emerged and headed the opposite way to find Tristan.

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 75) Anniversaries (Part Two)

On Saturday morning I got up and showered and felt surprisingly human considering the amount of wine I consumed but obviously 12 hours sleep helped.
It was something of a relief not to be hung over as I had Roving Angels later on that night and Georgia was coming round for part of the day as well.

Georgie arrived just after 9 o’clock, which was early for her, but she was working at the club later and would have to leave me after lunch.
Since we returned from Paris we hadn’t really had a chance to talk much about the engagement and setting a date for the wedding so we thought as the house was empty it would be the perfect opportunity.

So we were sitting in the lounge on the very sofa that had been the scene of Pandora’s birthday treat the day before, talking about the wedding.
“Church?” I asked
“St Lucy’s of course” she replied
“Reception?” I asked
“The Club” she replied
“When?” I asked
“Well you know it was a year ago today since you took advantage of me and stole my innocence?” she asked
“I think you might be miss remembering the occasion Miss Gregory,” I told her
“I don’t think so” she said indignantly “I was an innocent, I hadn’t even had my tits felt until you got your grubby hands on them”
“The way I remember it I didn’t have to take anything” I corrected her “you offered it to me on a plate or should I say on a table”
The table of course referred to the patio table that I sullied her on.
“That’s not how it was at all,” she said giving me a playful punch
“The way I remember it YOU seduced me,” I said
“When you sauntered out of the woods in your yellow dress,
“I saw the pretty girls leave” you said, “Everyone really loves the pretty girls,” you said “I’m not pretty,” you said, all sultry and pouty”
“I did not,” she said laughing and punched me again
After a couple of minutes of giggling I said
“Anyway, it was a year ago yesterday actually”
“I know but it happened on a Saturday and today is the nearest Saturday,” she said
“I understand what you’re saying now, you want us to get married next year on the nearest Saturday to the day you seduced me” I said
“Yes” she said “two years from the day you first forced yourself on me”
“Ok you speak to “The Snipe” today about booking the club” I said “and I’ll go down and speak to Robert about St Lucy’s”
“The Snipe” was Miss Agnes Snipe commercial manager at the Golf club and Georgia’s boss.
“That’s settled then” she said and moved in very close so I could smell her intoxicating perfume.
She had a wantonly pure expression on her face with a twinkle of lust in her beautifully hypnotic green eyes that hinted at her intent as she lent in and kissed me.
Her mouth pressed hard against mine as her darting tongue flicked in and out.
Then I thought she was going wrap her arms around my neck and really get into it, but instead she took me by surprise by pushing herself upwards and all of a sudden so she was standing up in front of me.
“You don’t get me that easy” she said
Then she simultaneously pulled the neckline of her top down and lifted up her skirt to give me a glimpse of her Yellow bra and panties.
“Do you remember these?” she taunted
“Yes” I said, “They’re the ones you flashed at me last year”
“If you mean the ones you ripped from a poor maiden’s defenceless body, then yes,” She corrected me
“They’re very nice,” I said
“Well you’re never getting in them again until you admit you took advantage of me when I was an innocence young girl” she said while still flourishing her knickers.
“Well if you put it like that” I said and sprang up off the sofa towards her, taking her completely by surprise.
Georgia leapt backwards and screamed as she ran aimlessly around the room trying to evade capture which she did for about thirty seconds before I grabbed her about the waist.
“Leave me alone pervy git” she squealed as I manoeuvred her around and hoisted her up over my shoulder fireman life style.
“So you were you saying?” I said, “Are these the knickers I won’t get inside”
I ran my hand up her skirt and then up the leg of her pants and squeezed her bum cheek.
“Get off” she squealed and giggled “Get off”
“Get them off did you say?” I asked
“Get off” she repeated still giggling
“No problem at all” I said and yanked her knickers off her arse and pulled them down to her knees, and then I spanked her bare arse.
“Now what shall I do with you”? I asked
“You’re going to take advantage of me again,” she suggested
“Yes but where” I pondered
“Rapist” she shouted “Defiler of virgins”
“I know” I said and carried her to the dining room and plonking her on the table.
“Offered to me on a table just like the first time”
“Oooh yes” She answered and lay down.
I wandered about the room, discarding my clothes as I mused
“Or bent over a chair?”
“Yes, yes” she squealed and pulled off her knickers
“On the floor perhaps” I suggested
“Ok” she said now kneeling on the table divesting herself of her dress.
“Doggie?” I pondered
“Yes” Georgie said discarding her bra
“Missionary?” I asked
“Or cowgirl?”
“Yes, yes, and yes” she screamed
“I just don’t know which one though my innocent little maiden” I said and sat down on the dining chair.
“I just don’t know what I fancy”
“I do” she said and slithered off the table and onto my lap.
Placing one hand on the table and the other on the back of my chair.
She was half biting her lip and half smiling as she then lowered herself towards my purple headed erection.
I felt my helmet touching her creamy lips and Georgia’s whole body trembled as her lips enveloped my knob and she growled as it entered her.
I had both hands on her hips as she completely engulfed me.
“So you’ve thrown yourself at me again honey” I said making eye contact with her
“You weren’t decisive enough” she said, “Some of us have a job to get to”
Her statement was followed by a moan of self-satisfaction “Ohhhhh” she moaned at the deepest point of penetration as her
Cunny slid down to my balls.
My hands were now on her buttocks as she warmed to her task rising and falling on me
Her eyes were shut as she rose again and they opened wide as she slid all the way down my shaft.
She kissed me, and then her arms wrapped tightly around my neck and she began to pump on me like a steam hammer.
Panting hard through gritted teeth she pounded her pussy on my shaft again and again until she jerked to a conclusion and yelled.
“Oh my God” and jerked again as I came too.
“How good am I?” she asked smugly and kissed me
“Not bad” I replied
“I was bloody amazing” Georgie said very satisfied with her performance and her orgasms.

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 74) Anniversaries (Part One)

In the early hours of the morning after the funeral, when Olivia Adamson slipped out of my bed I was left completely fatigued.
But I was also left with a newfound appreciation of a woman who prior to that day had not in any way appeared on my sexual radar.
She had over recent months earned my respect and admiration regarding all things surrounding Katy’s last months but she had never “rang my bell” in a sexual way.
It just goes to show you should never say never I suppose.

Later that same morning I awoke refreshed and at peace but when I walked into the kitchen the sight that I beheld was not a pretty one.
Anne was sitting at the kitchen table nursing a black coffee and judging by the fact she looked like there was to be another death in the family, a pretty savage hangover.
“Oh my goodness” I said
“Shhh” she gestured “have some respect for the dead”
The day after the funeral Anne was planning to go away for a few days to visit friends in various parts of the country before her return to Khartoum.
But after her over indulgence the day before, she was in no fit state to go anywhere except back to her bed.
She was adamant that she should not let people down but I persuaded her to phone her friends and delay her departure until the next morning, she could even delay her flight home as she had an open ticket, that way she could still get to see everyone.
Eventually she saw the sense in what I was saying and after a handful of phone calls she went back to bed.

So it was on Thursday morning with Anne restored to her pre binge best, full of vim and vigour and ready to take on the world, that I set her off on her journey by driving her to Godalming in the car I had hired for the week for the first leg of her sojourn.
Once I returned home I found the house eerily quiet and I didn’t much like it all but I was spared my own company for a little while at least by a visit from my next door neighbour Judith Hunt who called round to ask me if I was going to lunch at the club the next day.
As much as I loved the lunch club with the girls I didn’t really feel much like socializing so I said
“No I don’t think so”
Judith gave me a look so I added
“I have to put the house back together”
“But its Pandy’s birthday” she insisted, “You have to come”
“Well we’ll see,” I said, “if I get finished in time”
“That means no then,” she said crossly
“It means if I get finished in time” I said
“Hmmm” she said as she was leaving with obvious disbelieve but she kissed me anyway and added.
“Please come you’ll enjoy it”
“We’ll see,” I reiterated
It wasn’t really a lie I hadn’t yet put the room back together since the bed and stuff had been taken away, but I really didn’t fancy socialising.
I could have spent the rest of Thursday straightening the house bud I didn’t.

I was up early on Friday which was just as well as at 8 o’clock Pandora arrived at the house dressed in joggers and a T-shirt not her normal apparel at all in fact, I had never seen her dressed down to that degree and I was quite surprised that she actually owned a pair of joggers.
“What are you doing here?” I asked “on your birthday”
“I’ve come to help,” she said
“Help with what?” I asked puzzled
“The stuff that’s preventing you from coming to my birthday lunch” she said
“I did say I’d come if I was finished,” I said
“Well the sooner we get started the sooner we’ll be finished” Pandora said cheerily.

So we set to work, Pandora set about dusting and hovering the lounge while I started carrying things in from the garage.
And by eleven o’clock we were almost finished, there was just one small sofa to bring in and then we were done.
So the two of us set about the task and having maneuvered it through the hall and into the lounge all that was required was to push it into place and with both of us pushing it moved easily into position.
Which was when with the job done and me suitably position southwest of her casually clad arse I thought I might give her birthday present.
I put my hands on her shoulders and said
“Thanks Pand, I couldn’t have done this without you”
Pandora leant back against me and I kissed the top of her head, then I ran my hands slowly down from her shoulders until they were caressing her breasts.
She leant her head back so she could look up at me and said
“We haven’t got time for that” and smiled
“I think we do” I said and bent down and kissed her smiling lips
And as I did so I began pulling the front of her t-shirt up so I could get a better hold of her tits.
“Oh no you don’t” she said and leant forward pressing her tits against the back of the sofa, denying me access and giggling like a schoolgirl.
“Playing hard to get are we,” I said and quickly lifted the back of her shirt up and unfastened her bra
“You sneaky git” she said still laughing, but pressed her front even tighter against the furnishings denying me access to her un-holstered breasts.
So a change of tack was called for and I abandoned my quest for breast and got my hand inside her jogging bottoms instead, but Pandora instantly countered my new assault by pressing her pelvis up against the frame of the sofa and wouldn’t let me get to her minge.
There was only one option left to me, which was to spin her around and push her backwards on to sofa.
She was laughing as she span around and then let out a girlish yelp as she landed on her back.
Pandora’s legs were sticking up in the air so I grabbed one ankle so she couldn’t get up again and then yanked her joggers and pants off her arse before she knew what was happening.
From then on it was relatively simple to pull them off over her ankles despite the fact she was trying to kick her legs.
“We really don’t have time,” she said still giggling
“Well you’re almost naked now” I responded as I unbuttoned my trousers and pulled my cock from my pants and gave it a bit of a tug.
Pandora’s arse was parked on the arm of the sofa while her head and shoulders were on the seat pad, as a result her fanny was looking up at me.
As I immobilized her legs with one arm I placed my hand on her bush, combing her pubes with my fingers and slipping my thumb along her greasy crease.
Pandora stopped giggling at that point and moaned softly instead
“We’re going to be late for lunch” she purred as I rubbed her clit with my thumb.
“Then the sooner we get started the sooner we’ll be finished” I said using her own words against her as I plugged into her.
The moment my shaft was greased up to my balls I released Pandy’s legs and she relocated them either side of my head and crossed her ankles behind my neck.
There were no more protestations about a lack of time only murmurs and moans of pleasure as I entered her cozy cunt again and again.
As I banged her the sofa moved inch by inch across the room as her moans grew louder until right on cue when the sofa would move no further we both came.
I withdrew from her and waddled penguin like around the sofa and sat down on the seat next to panting Pandora and put my hand on her belly.
“Happy birthday” I said

We didn’t speak for the next 10 minutes or so we just panted and reflected on a job well done.
That was until Pandora stretched and sighed, as she lay in the same position I left her in, and rolled over.
She looked up at me with a familiar look in her eye and smiled before taking my limp member in her mouth, which of course didn’t stay limp for long.
“You want to go again?” I asked
“Mmmm” she mumbled
“I thought you didn’t want to be late for lunch?” I said
Then with a slurp she released me and crawled onto my lap.
“We’re already late” she answered taking her T-shirt off and impaling herself on me.

We arrived at the club almost 40 minutes late for lunch.
“Sorry we’re late” Pandora said kissing everyone in turn before sitting down.
I kissed everyone too and sat down opposite her.
“Did you get everything done?” Judith asked
“Yes” I replied, “it just took a while to maneuver a big piece into the lounge”
Pandora kicked me under the table.

It was just after dark when I arrived home from the club slightly the worse for wear after a long leisurely lunch and a considerable amount of wine.
“God those women can drink,” I said to myself as I staggered across the 18th fairway to home.
When I got inside I went straight off to bed.

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 73) Funeral for a Friend

The morning after Anne and I made love I woke early to find the bed beside me empty.
Anne had left my bed sometime during the early morning but I didn’t notice her go.
I got up about 8 o’clock and found Anne in the kitchen making drinks
“Morning” she said “Coffee?”
“Yes please” I replied and the conversation remained at that mundane manner and we never spoke of what happened a few hours earlier.

Claire came to the house about nine and hugged me.
“How are you doing?” she asked, knowing how fond I had become of Katy.
“I’m fine” I replied
Then she repeated the exercise with Anne and the ambulance came for Katy’s body about twenty minutes after that.
The rest of the day went by in a kind of blur and I still don’t really remember a thing that happened.

On Tuesday, Olivia came to the house for the reading of the will and the planning of the funeral, not that Katy left much to plan.
And as part of the plans Katy had wisely made Olivia the executor of the will and because of her obvious organizational skills had asked her to implement the funeral arrangements.

Apart from myself and Anne, Dr Claire Andrews. The Vicar Robert Hunter, Robert’s fiancé Tilly and my cousin Molly were all in attendance.
There wasn’t much to speak of in her will she hardly had a vast estate to bequeath.
To Claire she left her, her gold crucifix, for Robert her collection of books, to Tilly she left her a Celtic bracelet (Tilly often admired it) and to Molly her gold wrist watch, (to help with her time keeping).
All her clothes and the other meagre possession she left to the church to be disposed of as they saw fit and the residue of her estate was to be divided equally between her sisters.
And to me she left her, her bible inscribed:
To Simon
“A good book for a good man”
With love Katy
I had to excuse myself.

When I returned we discussed the funeral which was to be a simple one with Claire and Judith Hunt doing the readings, Katy’s choice of hymns were Amazing Grace, Abide With Me and The Lord My Shepard and the eulogy was to be read by me, when I had written it.
The date for the funeral was set for Tuesday the 7th of May.

During the course of the week Anne and I worked closely with Olivia with the arrangements.
Which we didn’t need to be involved in but Olivia involved us with all the minutiae because it kept our minds occupied.

On the Friday the medical supply company picked up the bed and such, which made the house, feel even emptier.
It was akin to that feeling after the Christmas decorations come down in January.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend Georgia was working everyday so I only got to see her in the evenings so during the day Anne and I spent quite a lot of time sorting through Katy’s things.
Not a pleasant task by any means so I have to say that when the day of the funeral came it was greeted by us both with some relief.
Olivia had been a rock and her hand on the tiller had steered proceedings to perfection.
Warm weather was evidence on the day of the funeral and such was Katy’s popularity that everyone wanted to pay their respects, however seating in the church was quite inadequate for the numbers wanting to attend.
Tilly and Tristan, being in the sound business, had their company rig a sound system outside the church for the many people unable to get inside.
St Lucy’s was packed to the gunwales and it seemed like the whole village had turned out to say goodbye,
The village green and every available inch of verge and lane held the throng of mourners.
The service was a very moving one presided over jointly by the new vicar Robert Hunter and the Bishop.
When it came to the moment for the eulogy I rose from my pew where Georgia had been holding my hand and walked slowly to the lectern.
I stood and looked out at the sea of faces watching me and suddenly I was afraid, but then I felt a calming presence with me.
“Katy Oliver was a good person,” I began “but then that was the very least you expected her to be, but she was so much more than that”
I paused and took a breath
“She possessed a demeanour that instantly put you at your ease, and as a result she was a person it was not easy to say no to, in fact she was a person you didn’t want to say no to, because you didn’t want to disappoint her”
I looked up from my notes briefly to see the heads nodding in agreement and then I continued.
“Not only that but Katy had the uncanny knack of asking you to do something and when she had you firmly committed to the task, left you with the feeling it was your own idea”
A ripple of laughter traversed the church; I paused until it subsided,
“Katy saw through the sinner and into the person within and when she saw YOU, the real YOU inside, the person behind the façade, you felt instantly connected to the world”
I paused again and looked out across the pews.
“And as I look around her Church I know that everyone here has felt her light upon them and for me the world is a darker place with her light extinguished”
I climbed down and returned to my seat; Georgia squeezed my hand and said.
“Well done darling”

As the Bishop finished the service, the congregation slowly stood as the six pallbearers moved forward and proceeded to carry the coffin down the aisle.
The pews then slowly emptied as everyone began to decant into the churchyard.
The burial itself, as per Katy’s wishes, was to be a more private affair.
So the bulk of the onlooker’s leisurely dispersed and made their way to the Golf club for the wake.
Georgia left me in the churchyard with a kiss and joined her parents; I would catch up with her at the club after the burial.
And I walked slowly through the churchyard and joined the group of mourners at the graveside that consisted of those closest to her at the end.

Afterwards we all made our way somberly to the Golf club.
The wake was held in the ballroom, but due to the clement weather the party had spilled out onto the terraces.
It was what I considered to be a Proper funeral where everyone wore black, the men in black suits and ties and the women in the whole somber ensemble.
Which was nice, it was tradition, I liked tradition; I also liked women in black.
This would normally be a source of titillation with all the women dressed in black, as I pictured them completely in black it would be a phwor moment and give me a bit of a semi, perverse I know but there you are.
That day however I was too emotionally drained to be aroused.
So as I found myself at the rear of the group as we approached the entrance to the club, after they had all gone inside I paused and turned around and walked across the 18th fairway towards home.

When I got inside I slipped my jacket off and went to the kitchen and poured myself a drink.
After sitting alone quietly for about half an hour I was disturbed by a knock at the door.
I ignored it and poured myself another drink.
There was another more persistent knock.
I ignored it again and drained my glass.
Then there was another even more persistent knock.
So I got up and walked down the hall and reluctantly opened the door.
It was Olivia Adamson, practice manager at the local surgery and organizer extraordinaire.
She was not unattractive to look at, tall and slender with nice long legs but her chest was as flat as a bowling green and she wore glasses if for no other reason than so you knew which side the was the front.
“I was told to come and get you,” She said
“You’ve been missed”
“I don’t think I can” I replied
“Nonsense” she said, “you’re expected”
I turned around and walked back to the kitchen and sat down.
“You must” she insisted crouching down in front of me.
“I can’t” I retorted
“You have no choice”
“I can’t go, how many times must I say it”? I snapped “its too hard”
“It’s not about you,” she shouted in my face “it’s about Katy”
And then inexplicably she kissed me.
“That’s not helping” I shouted and then kissed her back.
I don’t know what it was the black attire, the heated exchange or the fact that Olivia was so straight laced.
But whatever the reason the woman of whom I had never had a single sordid thought about was making my cock throb like a Formula 1 engine.
In response to my returning her kiss she laced her skinny arms around my neck and pulled her whole frame in close.
My hands began on her back but quickly descended to settle on her the surprising delight of pert little buttocks.
I grabbed a handful of her skirt with one hand and slipped the other one under it.
When I had both hands up her skirt I began dragging her tights down.
Olivia pulled her lips away from mine and I was expecting her to call a halt to proceedings but instead she said.
“Don’t ladder my tights”
“You should be wearing stockings anyway” I replied
And her mouth clamped back over mine and her lounge continued to energetically explore my mouth while I continued to debag her of her tights and knickers.
The cheeks of her arse were even more delightful when naked I fondled the exquisite globes but as nice as that was I relinquished one buttocks in order to probe between her cheeks and slip a finger into her crack.
She stopped kissing me the second my fingertip touched her crease and resting her forehead on mine she moaned at me.
Lacking any finesse on my part I quickly fingered her creamy cunny until she came loudly in my face.
We kissed again before I pushed her away.
“Turn around” I said
She followed my instructions as I undid my trousers and I sank to my knees behind her so I could do her on all fours on the kitchen floor.
I lifted her skirt off her buttocks I entered her superlatively tight cunt.
“We shouldn’t be doing this,” I said
“Shut up and do me,” Olivia begged
Her skirt kept falling over her buttocks as I banged her so I grabbed a handful of skirt and slipped my fingers inside her waistband.
To the casual observer it would have looked like I was a bronco rider as Olivia howled like a hound while I banged her again and again.
And then through gritted teeth she juddered and came loudly and I exploded inside her.
Afterwards Olivia stayed on all fours debauched and dishevelled panting and sighing as I pulled out.
“Will I be in one of your mucky books now?” she asked and chuckled
“Do you want to be?” I asked her
“Yes” she replied
“Then you’re in” I said as I stood up and redressed.
After a few minutes the panting practise manger got to her feet and redressed herself.
I looked her over and said
“What?” she asked
“Tights” I replied
“Shit” She said looking down at herself and noticing the large holes in the knees of her tights.

Olivia had to go home and change so I returned to the club across the 18th fairway.
When I got to the club Georgia came straight up to me and asked
“Are you ok hon?”
“Yes of course” I lied “I just needed an hour to myself to get my head straight”
Georgia seemed content with that.

The wake became quite lively and by the time I got round to see everyone and got back to Georgia it was getting late.
“Sorry darling” I said to her
“Don’t worry I’ve got you to myself the rest of the week” she replied and kissed me before continuing.
“For now I think you need to get Anne home”
I looked around and Anne was completely wasted.
“I see what you mean,” I said
Olivia was sat next to her and she asked
“Do you want a hand getting her home?”
“Yes please” I said laughing, “I rather think I do”

When I got back home after the wake I carried Anne, who was completely slaughtered, upstairs to bed while Olivia waited downstairs.
When I got back to the kitchen she was standing there in her underwear, a lacy black bra and matching panties and this time she was wearing black stockings on her lovely long legs.
“So you want to be in another story?” I asked and Olivia smiled and nodded.

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 72) The Dying Of The Light

I spent most of Monday in Dakota’s bed at her Uncle Will’s house, and it was a time spent in mutually satisfying pleasure.
I have to confess that when I left her house I was completely drained and my legs were sapped of all their strength and the walk home was a slow and weary one.
The only thing that got me through the arduous perambulation was the thought of lying down on my bed.
However when I got home I found Claire, Anne and Molly in the kitchen wearing grave expressions.
“What’s wrong?” I asked
“Katy’s had a bit of a downturn,” Claire said
“Why didn’t you call me?” I said crossly
“Because there was nothing you could do,” Claire said
“Apart from worry”
“And we had that department covered already” Anne added.
A wave of guilt washed over me as I came to terms with the fact that while I was banging Dakotas bald bristle less beaver all morning Katy had was suffering.
“You selfish bastard” I thought to myself as I sat down beside her bed where I stayed for the rest of the day, sitting in the uncomfortable armchair where I eventually fell asleep.

I awoke on the morning of St Georges Day with a stiff neck to find Katy was a little better than the night before.
I resolved not to put my selfish carnal desires before her wellbeing again and I never left her side for more than an hour at any one time and I never left the house for any reason.

Claire was at the house every day that week but despite her best efforts Katy continued to decline.
I sat at her bedside and tried to keep her going though she had little or no conversation in her for the most part so I spent the time reading to her from Harry Potter.

By the weekend she had stabilized but Claire continued to come in daily and on Sunday she advised that we should call the Bishop as the end wasn’t far away.

The mood in the house had been very subdued all week but by the time the Bishop arrived on Sunday evening the mood was positively downcast.
The Bishop went in to see Katy and we all sat in the kitchen.
About ten minutes later Reverend Hunter arrived accompanied by Tilly, Robert joined the Bishop and Tilly came to us and hugged us all one by one.
She told us that the word had spread through the village and the parishioners were holding a candlelight vigil at the church and a number had placed lighted candles on the path to the house.

After the Bishop had left Claire went in with the nurse to check on Katy and when she returned she said to us all.
“If you have anything meaningful you wish to say to her now might be a good time to do it”
We took it in turns to go in and say our goodbyes and the kitchen was awash with sobbing.
“I’ll get Marion on the phone” Anne said
“Good idea” we all agreed.

I spent another night in the uncomfortable chair and the next morning as I stretched out the stiffness in my neck I found Katy awake and lucid.
“I’ll be out of your hair soon” she said
“Don’t you talk like that?” I said crossly forcing back the tears.
I took hold of her hand and continued
“I would give up my bed forever if it meant you could stay”
“Dear, dear Simon” she said and cried

That proved to be the last meaningful conversation I had with her as the morphine took hold and during the course of Monday Katy slipped into unconsciousness.

We took it in turns to sit with her during the day and when it was my turn I sat and read to her.
I had promised in the beginning that we would finish the Harry Potter Saga before the end.
We had just started the last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when she deteriorated but I was determined to finish it.

The next day passed by in much the same way until the evening when Claire, Molly, Anne and I were all at her bedside.
Claire was knitting, Anne was crocheting booties, and Molly was doing something on her Smart phone.
I continued to read Harry Potter to the assembled group and to Katy even though she had long since slipped into unconsciousness.
I finished reading about 9 o’clock and just before midnight less than three hours after I read the last words she slipped away.

After Katy passed away Anne and I had to leave the room while Claire and Molly laid her out.

Long after Claire and Molly had gone home I sat up in the uncomfortable chair next to Katy, or what was left of her,
I knew the essence that was her was already in heaven but the loss was hard to bear.

Anne said her goodbye to her sister and pottered around for an hour or so before going off to bed.

It was shortly after dawn, when I saw the sun rising above the trees, and I thought to myself and smiled
“Of course the dawn is brighter this morning, because Katy’s light is in it”
I kissed her forehead and wandered off to the study and crawled into bed.

I hadn’t been there more than fifteen minutes when the door opened and someone entered, I heard footsteps on the floor and then they were in bed cuddled up behind me pressing their naked flesh against mine.
I could tell by the perfume that it was Anne.
“Do you think this is a good idea?” I asked.
“Yes” she responded in a whisper
As she kissed the back of my neck, her lips soft like petals on my skin. I felt a stirring.
As she continued with her feather light kisses her hand reached around me and was very soon gripping my swelling cock.
Anne tugged expertly on me as her mouth had reached my ear and her tongue licked and darted.
I broke away from her and turned around and pushed her over onto her back, as we kissed she continued to play with my shaft.
We stopped kissing and raised myself up on one elbow and looked down on her in the early dawn light and admired her body, it was almost identical to her sisters she was just an older and more experienced version of Katy.
How experienced I was about to find out.
Her breasts, like Katy’s, were more substantial than I might have expected and they were surmounted by dark rose pink nipples, which sat there inviting me to suckle so I took the nearest one into my mouth and sucked on it roughly.
Anne emitted a satisfying melodic murmur of approval.
I left her erect swollen nipple wet with my saliva and watched her as my hand drifted across her belly to her luxuriant course bush.
I dallied there toying with her tousled curls and she breathed deeply in anticipation of my next move.
I kissed her again as my hand came to rest on her mound,
Anne held her breath in anticipation of its progress and after a moment my finger opened her lips like opening a letter and it was instantly immersed in her hot syrupy juice and she moaned in my mouth.
I stopped kissing her and pushed two fingers inside her cunny and she let out a coarse rasping moan, she was biting her lip and her moans had become barometers of her pleasure in response to my fingering of her slippery slit.
She was becoming excessively vociferous in response to my attention she was frantic tugging on my cock.
So having reached the point of no return I fingered her until her face contorted in climax and her thighs closed on my hand.
I leant down and kissed her and as our tongues explored each other’s mouths I caressed her breast and prepared to mount her.
I stopped kissing and asked
“Are you sure you want to do this?”
“Just make me feel alive Simon” she replied and pushed me onto my back and then scrambled aboard.
Anne quickly impaled her pussy on me and rode me roughly.
All I could do was admire her tits swinging in rhythm with her pumping and fondle her ample buttocks,
While my hand was occupied at Anne’s rear and my eyes fixed on her jiggling frontage she squirmed and writhed on top of me.
I wasn’t long such was the pace before she reached that ecstatic point, the hinterland between being rooted to the ground and the gravity defying release of orgasm.
Anne looked down at me as she coarsely moaned, and then she closed her eyes and came.
She cried out in a deliciously whorish utterance followed by
“Oh My Godddd”
Which spurred me on to my own climax.
Then we both slept.