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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 64) St David’s Day

When I returned to the village after a rattling good shag with Shula in the back of the Mahajak’s shop van, Shula was in much higher spirits after our adventure in the lay-by than she was before it.
I parked the truck by the back door to the shop and got out; I went around to the passenger side and helped Shula step down and managed to slip a hand up her sweater and even uncupped one perky little tit before her feet hit the floor.
“Thank you Simon” she said “but you’re only supposed to take my hand”
“I’ll remember that for next time” I said
She opened the rear door to the shop while I opened the back doors of the van.
“Alois, Alois” she called and the amiable young man appeared.
“Yes Shula” he said attentively
“Can you unload the van please” she asked kindly “So Simon can return home”
“Yes Shula” he said surprised at being asked to do something rather be ordered “of course Shula”
He looked at me and I nodded sagely and he smiled before going about his task.
I patted him on the shoulder and said
“She’s warming to you Alois”

When I got back home Katy was sat in the kitchen with Maria Cherry-Thicket who stood up and excused herself within minutes of my return.
I think she still harboured her suspicions about my moral suitability.
Of course she was perfectly correct about her instincts regarding me.
She did after all catch me and Tilly Bushe in Santa’s Grotto or more precisely caught me in Tilly in the grotto.
Though Tilly and I covered our tracks before she raised the alarm she knew what she saw and she was uncomfortable in my presence.
As the front door closed Katy let out long sigh.
“Thank you God” she said looking to the heavens,
“Katy” I rebuked her
“I don’t mean it” she said, “Maria is a lovely person but a little too pious”
In the evening Claire called in on her way home, it was only a very short visit but we would see more of her on Saturday.
Later that night as I sat in the uncomfortable chair next to Katy’s bed she said
“You’re a very kind man Simon”
“What’s brought this on?” I asked
“Well letting me stay here, in your house, in your bed, looking after me” she elaborated “and today driving the van to help Shula”
Well I felt a bit guilty about that, although I meant well and did it to help her I did end up helping myself.
“We all have to do what we can as we go along the road” I said “that’s all”

On Saturday I rose early to a beautiful sunny morning, the nicest morning we had seen for several weeks.
Katy also woke early and prompted by the certain knowledge that her future didn’t hold many such glorious mornings she arose.
It pained me greatly on such a morning that I had to chastise her for attempting the stairs unaided.
“I came down on my bum” she said, “It was quite safe”
As a result of her solo ascent she was seated on her throne in the kitchen when the nurse arrived,
And I was much surprised to see Molly had sent me a pretty one with strawberry coloured hair, she was barely five feet tall, slender and pale.
Things were looking up, though we did nothing more than smile and flirt and I was reminded of Molly’s words to me “if I sent you a pretty one, what would you do with her”

We had a number of visitors during the course of the day; all sanctioned by the formidable Olivier Adamson, but none of them stayed for long.
In the evening there was no repeat of the pretty nurse but instead we were blessed with a pretty doctor when Claire Andrews walked through the front door.
“Hello!!” she called “Anybody home”
“In here” I called back
I was alone in the kitchen at the time Claire walked in
“Where’s Katy?” she asked a split second before the toilet flushed.

Claire took Katy into the lounge and did the medical stuff while I prepared the evening meal, well when I said prepared I should more aptly say I put a frozen Pasticcio into the oven.
Claire was staying for dinner and was also staying the night while I did another Roving Angels Patrol.

After dinner and when everything was cleared away it was time to get Katy upstairs for the night.
“Right miss” I said “Are you going to be miss independent again or do you want me to carry you up”
“Carry please” she said quietly like a naughty child.
I picked her up and instantly thought she was getting lighter.
I carried her upstairs and Claire followed behind us.
I sat her on the bed and Claire took over while I got ready to go out.

I was in the spare room just about to pull up my trousers when Claire pushed open the door and stood staring.
“Can I help you?” I asked
“Oh yes” she answered with a leer
I pulled up my trousers and walked to the door
“That will have to wait until later” I said and kissed her
Then she put her keys in my hand
“This will get you home quicker” she said and we kissed again.

It was a bitter cold night for patrolling with the Angels and I was pleased at the end of the shift to get into Claire’s car and put the heater on full blast.
I was suitably thawed out by the time I pulled onto the drive.
In my absence Claire had sat up with Katy for the evening and when I walked into my study she greeted me warmly in my bed.

A few hours later I was woken by the alarm on Claire’s phone.
She had set it so she could get up and return to the spare room before Katy woke for the day.
She silenced the alarm and she quietly and carefully tried to slip out of bed unnoticed.
But as she sat on the edge and prepared to stand up I hooked my arm around her waist and pulled her back under the covers.
“I have to go,” she protested
“Come first, and then go,” I insisted.

After obliging my lusty request she slipped away upstairs and I slipped into a coma and it was almost one o’clock when I came to.
I awoke to the marvellous aroma of Roast pork wafting down the hallway.
I padded along to the kitchen to find Katy and Claire hard at it cooking Sunday lunch.
“Wow roast dinner” I said “that’s great I’m starving”
The two women turned their heads towards me and simultaneously looked me up and down and said in unison
I did as instructed and when I returned every thing was on the table with both women seated I walked to the vacant seat and Claire handed me the carving utensils.
“Thank you doctor” I said in my best Dr Kildare and we all laughed.

After lunch Claire and I cleared away while Katy sat at the table and chatted to us.
“As soon as were finished its Sunday Matinee time,” I said
“What do you fancy?”
“I don’t mind” Katy said
“Do you have “It’s a wonderful life””? Claire asked
“Oooh that’s my sisters favourite” Katy announced
“I didn’t know you had a sister,” I said
“I have two,” she replied proudly
“Older or younger?” Claire asked
“Both older,” Katy replied, “I’m the baby of the family”
Claire and I just smiled and nodded
“Anne is the oldest, and she and her husband Clive live in the Sudan where they run an orphanage, and Marion lives in Alaska where she married a local man Bob and they run a Church school in a remote settlement”
“Wow, do you get to see them often?” Claire asked
“No, no I don’t” she replied sadly
“When did you see them last?” I queried
“Seven years ago at Maz’s wedding” she replied
Then Claire asked the difficult question
“Do they know?”
“Yes” she answered
“Are they coming back to see you?” Again it was Claire with the hard question
“No, I’m afraid not” she said sadly “they live too far away and they don’t have the money to fly over”
There was a brief silence when Claire and I didn’t know what to say, I think Katy picked up on our failure and filled the silence
“We write and email and talk on the phone when we can, we’ll get to say goodbye one way or another”

After the film Claire stayed for supper and helped get Katy settled before she went home.
Then I read the Philosophers Stone to her until it was finished.

On Monday Molly sent me the pretty nurse again, the one with the strawberry coloured hair.
Her name was Freya St David, and I managed to get in some first class flirting before she rushed off.
“See you this evening,” she said as she left
Things were definitely looking up.
However apart from a marked improvement in the crumpet quality of the nurse it was an uneventful day.

On Tuesday while pretty Freya attended to Katy I searched in the lounge for the Vicars address book, which only took me a few minutes to locate and it took another five to find the information I was looking for.
I was just leaving the lounge as the nurse was coming down the stairs.
I offered Freya a coffee and to my delight she accepted.

Just after she left the phone rang, when I answered it, it was Robert Hunter asking if, providing she was up to it, he could steal Katy away for a few hours for a Women’s Institute lunch.
I check with the vicar and she was actually quite exited at the prospect so I agreed.
After I waved her off I went down to the surgery to see Olivier.
I gave her the names and addresses of Katy’s sisters and asked her to arrange tickets for them.
“I didn’t know she had sisters,” she said
“Nor did we” I answered and took my wallet out of my pocket.
Then I placed my credit card on the counter.
“First class open return” I said “and charge it all to this”
“Yes Simon” she said rather out of character, she’d never called me Simon before. “Leave it to me”

When I left the surgery I went across the road to the shop to see if Shula needed me to take her to the Cash and Carry in the van or just to take her in the back of the van.
That thought prompted a stirring of the beast below but when I got there I found Alois and Maisie working in the shop together.
Anjuli and Shula were both at the hospital as Omid had taken a turn for the worse.
That kind of took the edge off my dishonourable intentions towards Shula though my stirring didn’t abate.
So that lunchtime while the vicar was being dined by the W.I. I gave India Carrington a thorough spanking in my garage once more.
Alas our wonderfully stimulating session in my improvised house of pain and pleasure was to be our last which carried with it considerably less significance than the fact that when Katy returned from her luncheon she stepped through my front door for the very last time.

She had much enjoyed her lunch date but she said she was tired and would have a little nap.
I was also quite tired courtesy of India’s appetites so I fell asleep in front of the TV only waking when pretty Freya knocked on the door.

After having attended to Katy a prolonged exchange of significant flirting between Freya and myself followed before I said goodbye to her.
Katy was refreshed by her sleep and was hungry enough for supper though she chose to eat it in bed.
She fell asleep while as I read her “The Chamber of Secrets”.

The next day there was no pretty Freya knocking on the door at 8 o’clock in the morning; instead it was my cousin Molly.
“Hi Simon” she said brightly “did you get my present?”
“Hi Moll, yes I did” I replied “Thank you”
“Have you opened it yet?” she asked
“No not yet” I answered
The present she was referring to of course was Freya St David.
“Better hurry,” she said, “She’s in great demand”
“Don’t worry” I assured her “I will un-wrap it very soon”

The reason Molly was there was to cover for me while I went to Roehampton to see Georgia and reacquaint myself with her tidy bod.
I hadn’t seen her in the flesh for a while and she had an itch to scratch and I had the scratcher.

I called in at Mahajak’s on the way to the station to see if Shula had any needs I could fulfil and Alois told me Omid had died during the night.
I left the shop and was lost in my thoughts as I walked on towards the station; I was snapped back to reality by the sound of a car horn.
When I looked up it was Dr Andrews, who pulled her car to the curbside just ahead of me.
“Where are you off too?” she asked having noticed my overnight bag.
“I’m going off to see Georgie,” I answered
“Lucky girl” she said and looked surprised she had said it aloud and quickly added, “Give her my best” and drove off before I had a chance to speak.
“Well I was planning to give her my best,” I thought to myself

After a thoroughly nerve tingling 24 hours with Georgia, in which I reacquainted myself with every inch of her nubile form, I returned by train to Bushy Down.

It was just after lunch on a cold damp Thursday afternoon.
February was drawing to a close but the winter seemed reluctant to loosen its grip.
I called in to the shop to offer Shula my condolences, not in this case a euphemism but she was in bed asleep.
I did however speak with Alois at length, and I found my original assessment of him to be borne out, finding him to be a very likeable young man.
I thought that Shula could do a lot worse than to set her newly widowed cap at the young man before me.
I thought they would make a good match even though it meant potentially losing another of the fillies from my stable
He was very timid and he would be perfect for Shula to manipulate and shape, in the shop as well as in her bed.
“Look after her” I said to him “she needs your support”
“I will,” he said earnestly
“She might talk tough but inside she’s really just marsh mallow”
I said as I shook his hand.

When I got to within sight of the house I saw Pandora’s mini pull up outside Judith’s house.
Judith got out of the passenger side and gave me a smile and a wave as she made her way up the path.
As I approached the car Pandora wound down her window and said
“Hello darling, when are you coming to the club?”
“Never mind hello darling” I said “I got a proper telling off from Olivier Adamson for letting you and Jude in to see Katy without going through the proper channels”
“Oh dear” she said unsympathetically
“Don’t worry I’ll make it up to you darling, I promise”
“I would look forward to that,” I thought as I watched her drive away.

As I approached the front door I was feeling quite fatigued after answering all of Georgia’s demands and I was hoping that Molly wasn’t going to be in a playful mood, as I didn’t think I had it in me to have it in her.
As luck would have it she had the curse or to quote her own words
“I’ve got the decorators in”
While I was away Katy had been it some discomfort and Claire would be calling in the next morning to see if was time to increase her meds.

Contrary to the old adage March came in like a lamb and gave us our first glimpse of spring.
And along with the early spring sunshine the beautiful Dr Andrews arrived with an expression on her face that didn’t match the morning.
“I’ll go straight up,” She said

She was upstairs for about half an hour and her expression was no brighter when she came down than it was on the way up.
She walked straight over to me and hugged me.
“Every thing ok?” I asked
“I didn’t think we’d have to go onto the strong stuff for another week or two” she replied “It’s progressing faster than I imagined”
For the next ten minutes Claire sobbed into my chest.

This new pain management was stronger than before but had a smaller window of effectiveness, which meant the nurse’s visits would increase and within a week or two would necessitate a nurse on duty overnight.

For my part I wanted to maintain some semblance of routine with Katy as long as possible and I kept up with the Harry Potter.

Claire gave the midday injection and in the evening pretty Freya called in at the usual time.
We flirted a bit as usual and then as she was leaving she said
“See you at midnight”

I was starting to get used to the uncomfortable chair as I read another three chapters from The Chamber of Secrets.
I only stopped at three, as there was a knock at the front door.
I opened it a few minutes before midnight.
The diminutive figure of Freya St David was standing on the step in the cold night air.
“Come in” I urged her “you don’t have to knock”
“I don’t like to enter anywhere uninvited” she said making it sound deliciously dirty.
“I’ll bare that in mind for the future” I said

While she was upstairs giving Katy her injection I was in the kitchen washing up some coffee mugs and glasses.
I didn’t hear her come downstairs nor did I hear her walk into the kitchen and sidle up behind me.
In fact the first time I knew she was standing behind me was when she slipped her arms around me and began to unfasten my belt, she then proceeded to undo the button on my jeans and tug down my zip and before I could blink she had my trousers and pants around my knees and her hands on my cock.
After a minute or two Freya steered me around so I was facing her from where she could kiss me and grab my cock in a more meaningful way at the same time.
Pretty little Freya had taken complete control of the situation, which was something I was quite unaccustomed too and it was rather refreshing.
Nonetheless I reclaimed the initiative by lifting the diminutive little nurse up off the floor until she was standing on a kitchen chair where she continued to kiss me while I yanked her black tights and lacy knickers down to her knees.
I slid my hands up the backs of her thighs until I reached the fleshy little cheeks of her buttocks, which I caressed and squeezed before I seated her on the table so I could completely remove her pants and tights.
I sat down on the chair, which placed me perfectly between her white skinny thighs, and I was about to drink from her velvet cup when she pushed my head back.
“Later” she said taking the initiative again and climbed on to my lap.
She kissed me hard on the mouth and her little tongue darted in and out of my mouth like a tiny serpent as she impaled her hot tight cunny around my cock, her hot breath filling my mouth as she moaned and slid down on me.
I instantly set about separating her from her uniform, which only took a few seconds once I had located the zip.
Once she was naked my hands quickly sort out and found her lovely little breasts.
Freya by that time had her arms wrapped tightly around my neck and was going at me with relish, her mouth was now by my ear and she was moaning hoarsely as she pumped down.
All I could do at the point when the pace became frenetic was to grasp at her buttocks and hang on for dear life as she pumped up and down on my shaft, faster and faster.
“Oh Simon” She whimpered as she moved towards the abyss.
I moved my hands up to her hips to control the rhythm.
As she gripped the back of the chair behind my head and through gritted teeth her moans grew louder and louder and louder
“Ohhhh god” she screamed and throwing back her head she pumped on me again and then I came in her.
Again she pumped and again milking me of every drop.
“Mmmm” Freya exclaimed as she wrapped herself around my neck again and kissed me.
We stayed like that for a minute or so then she was on the move and released my cock from its syrupy tomb with a pleasurable sigh.
And I took her to my bed.

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