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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 63) Coq Au Vin

It was the Friday morning after Valentines Day when I was rudely awakened from my slumber by a persistent banging sound.
This was particularly annoying as I was snuggled up comfortably behind Claire on the sofa beneath a tartan blanket and was in no mood to relinquish my privileged position.
The banging continued and I suddenly remembered.
“Nurse” I shouted
“No, me doctor, you writer” Claire said and chuckled then she added.
“I can dress up as a nurse if you like, blue cotton dress, puffy sleeves, starched white apron, black stockings and no knickers”
She chuckled again
Bang, bang, bang,
“No” I said, “That’s the nurse”
“Oh shit,” Claire exclaimed
I jumped out of bed and pulled on my trousers as I went out the door I looked back and said
“I like the sound of the nurse’s uniform hon, so hold that thought”
I tugged my shirt on over my head as I rushed down the hall to the front door.
I took a breath and then opened it and a tall ruddy-faced woman was standing there.
“I’m so sorry nurse,” I said “it was a bit of a long night, do come in”
“And how is the patient now?” she asked as she stepped inside.
So I briefly told her that after a restless night Katy’s fever had finally broken in the early hours.
She paused briefly at the foot of the stairs to ask if she had eaten anything and what fluids she had, had and then she went upstairs.
I went back to the study and found Claire hiding behind the door with the tartan throw wrapped around her.
“My clothes are in the upstairs bathroom,” she whispered
I had wondered what she had done with them
“You have your big knickers” I corrected her and laughed
“It’s not funny” she said crossly and then contradicted herself by laughing.
“Come on” I said taking her hand and leading her out into the hall
“Where are we going?” she asked
“Well you are going in here” I said and opened the shower room door “You can have a shower while the nurse is upstairs, I will come and get you when she’s gone”
Then I kissed her and left her to it.

I was in the kitchen washing up when the nurse came back down.
“Ok Mr. Fisher she’s still sleeping soundly, her temperature is fine, and I didn’t wake her so I have left her meds in a cup on the bedside table” The nurse said
“You can leave her sleeping for another hour or so but no more than two”
“Thank you nurse” I said and showed her to the door.

When the front door closed behind her I went up stairs and retrieved Claire’s clothes from the upstairs bathroom and carried them down to the study.
Then I undressed in the hall outside the shower room before opening the door and going in.
I could see Claire’s well-defined shape through the glass before I opened the door and joined her in the cubicle.
“And what do you think you’re doing?” she asked
“I’m just making sure you don’t miss anything” I replied
“I don’t think anything will be missed” she said and kissed me as her soapy hand took hold of my shaft.
“In fact I think I’m probably going to get everything”

Once I was satisfied every inch of Claire’s body was absolutely clean, and having paid particular attention the parts of special interest, I sullied her anew in the shower and then washed her all over again.
I left Claire drying herself as I was apparently only drying the interesting bits and ran upstairs to get dressed.
When I was decent I looked in on Katy who was just getting out of bed.
“Morning Katy” I said
“Morning Simon” she responded “Is it time for breakfast yet?”
“Yes it is” I replied with a chuckle “do you want it in bed?”
“I think I’d like to come downstairs for it” she said
“Bath first?” I asked
“Mm, please” she answered
I left her sitting on the bed and went in the bathroom and ran the bath.
“Can I come in” Claire called as I was on my way back to get Katy
“Yes” we chorused
Claire took over the bath routine and I went down to cook breakfast.

As Claire was technically on call the night before, even though due to the problems with the mobile network she didn’t get called, she didn’t need to be at the surgery until around eleven which was much later than usual so she joined us for breakfast.
Obviously her previous exertions had left a hole in her reserves, which needed to be filled because she cleared her plate and had some off of mine as well.
She nearly choked as she stole the second chipolata off my plate and I said
“Haven’t you had enough sausage yet?”
“Not nearly enough” she replied

It was almost 10.30am as we sat at the kitchen table having consumed our full English breakfasts and were just finishing our tea when I said to Katy as she yawned
“Tired already, all you’ve done is eat and sleep since your fever broke”
“Well you know me and fried food, and that bed is so comfortable”
She replied
“There’s no reason why you can’t carry on sleeping up there” I suggested
“No I couldn’t,” she said definitely
“Of course you can” I insisted
“Where will you sleep?” Katy asked
“Well, when I’m here I can sleep in the spare room or my study”
I replied
“You don’t need all the paraphernalia down here yet and you can see visitors up there just as well as in the lounge”
“You’ll be much more comfortable up there” Claire added “that hospital bed is so hard”
Then Claire blushed as she had just alluded to an afternoon of lust in the lounge with me.
“I’ll change the bedding of course,” I said changing the subject “you were a bit of a sweaty Betty”
Then still blushing Claire said
“I need to get to the surgery” and got up and kissed us both on the cheeks.
I followed her out of the kitchen and helped her on with her coat before kissing her goodbye properly.

After Claire had gone I made Katy another drink.
“Are you ok sitting in here while I go and make the bed?”
“Of course” she replied “I rather like it in here”
I went upstairs and changed the bedding and after depositing the dirty set in the wash bin I carried the laundry basket downstairs.
“Your bed chamber is ready for you madam,” I announced
“Could I stay down here a bit longer?” she asked
“I don’t see why not” I replied.
So I set up an armchair in the corner of the kitchen for her, she was very pleased.
“Great” she said, “now I can enjoy the view”
It was a nice view I agreed though I rather took it for granted.
“More importantly” she continued, “from now on I’ll be closer to the food”
We both laughed but it was a pleasure she wouldn’t be able enjoy towards the end so to quote the Reverend word for word
“I intend to make the most of it while I can”

Later that morning, having discussed it with Katy first, I phoned Olivier at the surgery about resuming visiting.
Katy felt guilty for letting people down by not being able to see them, now that she was feeling better she was keen to try and reduce the backlog.
We didn’t see Claire anymore that day as about and hour after speaking to Olivier we heard the news that Omid Mahajak had collapsed in the shop.
It happened shortly after Claire left us and she was actually passing by the shop on the way to the surgery when it happened.
Claire attended to him and stayed with him until the ambulance arrived, which was some time as there were delays due to the previous night’s snow.
This made her exceptionally late for her rounds, which kept her, occupied for the rest of the day and as she was away for a family occasion we wouldn’t see her until Tuesday.
I have to say that the first thought to enter my mind was how it was going to affect me.
The last time Omid was in hospital I was comforting Shula every other night infact I was comforting the arse of her three days a week.
I just didn’t have time for that kind of commitment this time.

After lunch Katy went upstairs for a rest, and she slept all afternoon.
That gave me a chance to catch up on the laundry.
In the evening she had a couple of visitors, who she received in the lounge, and then a very apologetic out of breath district nurse arrived.
When she had gone Katy and I had a very passable lasagne courtesy of Clemence Carrington from the European home cooked Meal Mountain in my chest freezer.
After that Katy watched me clear away before I carried her upstairs where she got herself ready for bed.
I stayed on hand just by the bathroom door in case I was needed.
But I wasn’t and she emerged and made herself comfortable in bed.
“There’s nothing quite like fresh bed linen is there?” she said
“No indeed there isn’t,” I agreed
Then we finished watching “The Philadelphia Story” and I read a few chapters of Harry Potter before the long blinks set in and she was ready for sleep.

Saturday morning was a much quieter affair than the day before and I was up and dressed before the district nurse knocked on the door.
I think Molly had finally run out of frumpy nurses and had started to recycle them because I had definitely seen that day’s specimen before.
Mid morning, with Katy sat on her throne in the kitchen we had two unexpected visitors, Judith Hunt and Pandora Parkinson-Brown.
They were very apologetic for not going through the proper channels; they were going out for the day with the Beaumont’s
“We were on our way out so we thought we’d just pop in and say hello,” Judith said.
They stayed for an hour then left us in peace to eat lunch.
In the afternoon I asked Katy what she would prefer TV or book and she answered
So she spent the next couple of hours wiping the floor with me until the new Vicar Robert Hunter and his fiancé Ophelia Bushe arrived.
They were staying that night as I was on patrol with the Roving Angels.
We were all sitting around the kitchen table laughing and joking when there was a knock at the door, I checked the clock on the wall and thought to myself “that will be this evenings frumpy Nurse”.
But when I opened the door I found it was Molly.
“Hi Moll, I was right then” I said
“Right about what?” she asked
“I was just thinking that its time for the frumpy nurse to call and here you are,” I said
“Cheeky git” she said punching my arm
After she had attended to Katy she joined the rest of us for an Indian takeaway.
As we were demolishing our curry banquet Katy declared
“This is one thing I am definitely going to miss”
Now far from this putting a dampener on proceedings it prompted raucous laughter and a deep theological discussion on whether heaven could truly be heaven without Indian food.
In the end the consensus was that Indian and Chinese would be available but Pizzas would not.
After dinner Tilly helped Katy get ready for bed and Robert and Molly cleared away while I got into my Roving Angels uniform.

As it turned out I didn’t have to leave the house as early as I had thought.
As Molly was on nights at Kiddlingtone Hospital she offered to drop me off as it was on her way.
On the journey I felt I had to broach the subject of the undesirable nurses she had been sending and by undesirable I mean unattractive.
As nurses I had no complaints at all they were just a bit dowdy.
“I’m not sending them for your benefit” she pointed out.
“And anyway if I sent you a pretty one what would you do with her?”
“Or put another way when would you do her?”
I had to admit she made a valid point; it was difficult to make a move on one of the nurses.
“Fair comment” I admitted
“If there was any chance of a shag I’d be doing all the visits myself” she said as she pulled into the car park.
“Well I promise to jump you the first chance I get,” I said and I gave her a quick kiss, which soon turned into a snog.

After a long boring shift on the mean streets of Kiddlingstone I Arrived home in a Taxi just before 5 am.
I dumped my fleece and coat on the back of a kitchen chair and went upstairs to look in on Katy before I crept into my study and crawled onto a sofa and fell instantly asleep.

I didn’t see or hear the Nurse in the morning so had no way of knowing if she was another frump or not.
Robert went off early to St Lucy’s for the morning service while
Tilly stayed to attend to Katy until I resurfaced.
Katy had wanted to go to church herself but as she was still recovering from the fever she got the last time she went it was decided in her best interests that she should stay home and credit to Tilly she stood her ground.
She had a lot of visitors that Sunday, 12 in all and she had already had 4 before I got up and another 2 before I appeared in the kitchen showered and dressed for the day.
Within ten minutes of my arrival Tilly rushed off to join her beloved Robert and Katy and I settled back into our own routine.
Had I known however that she had already spent much of the morning with visitors I wouldn’t have agreed so readily to the six she had in the afternoon.
It completely wore her out and Katy had a very uncomfortable night as she had done too much.

As a result of her poor nights sleep and her obvious discomfiture the nurse gave her a sedative and Katy slept a lot of the day.
This enabled me to spend Monday afternoon spanking a very obliging India Carrington in my garage.
Thankfully Katy had a much better nights sleep on Monday night.

The next morning I left Katy sitting in the kitchen while I took a walk down to Mahajak’s store to pick up some bread and milk.
I saw Victoria Braithwaite walking the opposite way carrying a bag of shopping and we engaged in conversation.
I was in a hurry as I didn’t really want to leave Katy on her own for any longer than necessary but Victoria did like to chat.
But she obviously picked up on my anxiety as after a few minutes of chatting she suggested she could go and sit with the Vicar while I did the shopping.
I gave her a hug and a kiss and told her that the front door was on the latch.
In the shop I saw Maisie stacking shelves at the back of the shop
“Hi Mais” I called
“Hello Simon” she called back, smiled and carried on working.
I quickly dashed around the shop and picked up the few bits I wanted and went up to the counter just as Shula’s tidy little arse appeared as she reversed out through bead curtain.
“Just do it the way I asked for Gods sake” she snapped
As she turned around her face looked tired and drawn but her frown melted away when she saw me and her face beamed.
“Simon” she said flustered “I didn’t realise it was you”
“How are you doing hon?” I asked
“Oh not bad” she replied “Maisie has been a terrific help but she cant be here as many hours as we need her with Omid in hospital and with Anjuli or me spending so much time with him its difficult”
“Is there anything I can do?” I asked
She smiled and blushed and I think she was about to say exactly what I could do for her when the bead curtains parted and there appeared a nice looking young man only a year or two older than Shula who tutted loudly at his arrival.
“Simon Fisher, this is Alois Zunguzah,” She said and we shook hands.
“Alois is my cousin and he is here to help us out while Omid is in hospital. It was decided by the family to send him”
Then he slipped back through the curtain.
“It’s just a shame the family have sent me an idiot” Shula said somewhat harshly loud enough for him to hear.
I returned home and relieved Victoria and the rest of the day passed off without incident.

As did Wednesday apart from a visit from Olivier Adamson
who called in to tell me off for letting Judith and Pandora in to see Katy without an appointment.
“Without rules there would be anarchy Mr Fisher” she sermonised
I apologised but suggested to her that perhaps visitors should be spread out across the day so Katy could rest between visits.
Olivier seemed to take the suggestion on board.

Life with Katy had seemed to settle into its own pattern and Thursday was no exception.
Lunchtime briefly found me back in the shop where I found Shula in a blue funk.
“What where the family thinking?” she asked me
“What kind of an asset is he supposed to be when he can’t even drive the shop van?”
In an effort to calm her down I took Shula outside the shop to talk to her and managed to pour oil on troubled waters and calm her down sufficiently and then I heard myself volunteering to drive the van to the cash and carry for her on Friday, provided I could find someone to look after Katy while I did so.

On Friday morning I left Katy in good spirits with Maria Cherry-Thicket, who taught drama at St Lucy’s school, to keep her company while I drove Shula to the cash and carry.
It was an amazing place, I had never been to one before, and it was like an Aladdin’s cave of goodies.
But Shula was not as impressed as I was and nor was she in as good a humour.
We finished the shopping as we began it, in silence.
I loaded the stock into the van and exited the car park also in silence.
On the way out of Kiddingstone it started to rain, I tried to coax her into conversation but still Shula sat in ill humoured silence.
When I turned onto the Bushy Downe road the sky had grown really dark and thunder cracked in the distance.
Then the rain fell ever harder until the wipers could barely cope.
As luck would have it we were just approaching the same lay-by that Georgia and I stopped in the previous summer when we disgraced ourselves in the family Passatt.
Anyway on this occasion I turned into the lay-by to wait for the rain to abate.
I had barely applied the handbrake when Shula started nibbling my earlobe as the thunderstorm took hold. I had clearly established the reason for her ill humour, she was frustrated.
“That’s not the reason I stopped here,” I said weekly but that was the sum total of my resistance as moments later I had her sweater off and I was sucking on her chocolate coloured nipples while I unzipped her jeans.
I tugged the denim off her buttocks and her cotton panties quickly followed.
Thunder clapped loudly overhead as my finger explored the moistness of her minge.
And it was while I was considering exactly how I was going to finish her off, that a HGV roared loudly into the lay-by and Shula was spooked.
She quickly covered herself, conscious that she might be seen, but I knew they couldn’t see us any more than we could see them.
So as quickly as it was possible to do with a throbbing hard on in my trousers I opened the driver’s door and ran around to the passenger side.
I opened the passenger door and unceremoniously bundled her through the side door in amongst the boxes of baked beans and soup.
Then I climbed in after her and closed the door behind me.
With an excited giggle she stripped off her clothes and set about releasing my swollen manhood from its confines.
She was kissing me urgently with her tongue darting in and out of my mouth while she tugged roughly on my cock.
Then with a grin spread wide across her face she settled back on a case of vegetable oil with her legs spread wide and her lips open to her juicy pink quim.
I fingered her hot pussy with two fingers of one hand making her moan while she grasped hold of my cock.
Then she pushed my sticky fingers away from her dewy lips with one hand and pulled me into her with the other.
"This is how you can help me,” she moaned appreciatively.
Her legs locked around me and crossed at the ankles and she pulled me all the way in.
“Ohhhhh” she exclaimed as she received me.
The same with the next stroke and the next
I gave her three more full lengths and she came noisily
Shula panted a few times through gritted teeth
Then when she came again the volume of her climax was almost deafening in the confines of the van.
Shula was making my balls wet and deafening me simultaneously.
As I continued she came twice more in quick succession making the same delicious sound and the van was rocking.
I was on the very brink of ecstasy and Shula’s next orgasm would be the finale for us both.
I had a great rhythm going, her legs were gripping me hard and I was playing with her tits as I banged her and banged her
“Orrrrw” she uttered with every hard stroke
Then as the strokes shortened it changed until we reached that perfect point of climax when we both came together
“OORRRRR” she screamed at the top of her lungs and thunder boomed so loud above it shook the van as if to punctuate our passion.

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