Saturday, 13 April 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 62) St Valentine’s Day (Part Two)

After I watched Claire drive off in her 4 x 4 into the snowy late afternoon I went inside and drew all the curtains, turned on the lights and cranked the heating up.
Then I went into the kitchen and boiled the kettle.

I made Katy and I a drink, but before I carried them upstairs I went into what used to be the lounge and picked up a couple of DVD’s and the Harry Potter book I had been reading to her.
With the entertainment tucked under my arm and two steaming mugs in my hand I knocked on the door with my free hand.
“Are you decent?” I asked as I slowly pushed open the door.
“You don’t have to knock” she said weakly
“It’s the polite thing to do before entering a ladies boudoir” I said gallantly
“There you are Milady” I said as I put her tea on the nightstand
“Thanks” she said “I’m really gasping”
“I bought up a couple of films” I said with a frown as I drew the curtains and noticed the snow was falling faster
“Or we could carry on with the book” I added as I put on the bedside lamp
“Could we just have some music?” Katy said “I don’t think I can concentrate on anything else”
“Of course, do you have a preference?” I asked
“Something classical would be nice” she replied “no Wagner or Mahler, something light”
“I have just the thing” I said as I got up and left the room.
I came back about five minutes later with my laptop and connected it to the TV.
After a moment or two a selection of John Barry tunes began to play.

While Katy drank her tea I settled myself into the armchair in the corner, which was probably the most uncomfortable chair I had ever sat in, though in truth I only got it for decoration.
“I like this” Katy said after about half an hour, though in truth she kept drifting off to sleep.
I passed the time away scribbling vague story outlines in my notebook, brief snatches of dialogue; character studies that kind of thing.
All of which would be fleshed out on the computer at a later date.
Then the phone rang, I picked it up and could see it was Claire
“Hey you” I said “I was beginning to get a bit worried”
“I’m quite safe” she responded “how’s the patient?”
“Sleeping” I replied
“No I’m not” interrupted Katy
“How’s her temperature?” Claire asked
“I’m not due to take it again for another half an hour” I replied
“Well take it now while I’m on the phone” she insisted
So I did as she asked and it hadn’t changed since lunchtime.
“Should I give her, her tablets now?” I asked
“No the nurse can do that when she gets there” Claire replied
“Ah” I exclaimed
“Ah what?” she asked suspiciously, so I told her about the phone call I took while she was in with Katy.
“I wish you’d told me Simon” she said crossly, “I would have stayed”
“That’s precisely why I didn’t tell you” I replied
“Were you that desperate to get rid of me?” she asked sadly
“Never that” I replied
Claire eventually conceded my motives were well meaning and gave me my instructions for the evening, and promised to ring again later.

It was about 7 o’clock when I woke up in the armchair after a short doze just in time to see Katy coming out of the bathroom.
As she stood in the doorway with the bright bathroom light behind her, her nightie became completely see through.
Despite the facts, that she was a woman of the cloth and terminally ill this was a very pleasing sight.
“What are you up to?” I asked
“I needed the loo” she replied
“I should have been helping you” I said
“I didn’t want to wake you” she said “and I don’t need help to pee”
So I helped her back into bed.
“If you promise to behave while I’m gone, I’ll make you some supper” I said “what would you like?”
“I’m not hungry” she said
“You should try and eat something” I insisted “how about some soup?”
“No not the soup again, it gave me wind” she answered
“I noticed” I said
“Oh, you didn’t?” she exclaimed and blushed
“I think my fever is getting worse” she continued fanning herself at the same time.
“Could I just have another cup of tea” she asked and sank back into the pillows.
“Of course you can?” I said but I don’t think she heard the answer.

While I was in the kitchen I made myself a sandwich and ate it at the table before I went back upstairs.
After her cup of tea Katy said she felt up to watching something so I held up the two DVDs I brought upstairs earlier and let her pick.
So we watched “The Philadelphia Story”, well in truth I watched it while Katy drifted back off into a fitful sleep.
I touched her forehead and it was still burning hot but although the room didn’t feel cold she was shivering so I pulled the throw up over the top of the duvet.

About 9 o’clock the phone rang, I got up from the armchair and hurried downstairs.
“Hello?” I said
“Oh Simon, thank god” Claire exclaimed
“Claire? Why are you ringing on the landline?” I asked
“The network is down because of the blizzards” she explained
“And it’s taken me an absolute age to get this number, I had to phone the Gregory’s first, then they phoned Georgia, who phoned Molly, who phoned your mum who phoned me”
“I’m guessing the call from my mum wasn’t a quick one”
“No, she’s a chatty woman isn’t she?” Claire said with a laugh
“Well you got me in the end” I said
“Anyway how’s the patient doing?” she said back to business
“She’s still very hot and she’s sleeping a lot” I explained
“But she’s not sleeping soundly and she’s not resting comfortably”
There was silence from the phone so I continued
“I think that’s a good sign isn’t it? That means she’s fighting it off” I said hopefully
“How’s her appetite been”? Claire asked avoiding my question
“Not good” I answered “she hasn’t eaten much at all, but I’m keeping her hydrated”
“Hmmm” she responded
“Is hmmm good or bad” I asked
“Neither” she said “Keep watching her closely and hopefully the fever will break by morning”
“And if it doesn’t?” I asked
“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, call me if there is a change” She said, her voice cracking “I’ll get to you as early as I can in the morning”
And then she was gone.

I slept in the uncomfortable armchair in my room and woke up about 2 am with pins and needles in my arm.
I gingerly picked up my dead arm with my unaffected hand while life flooded painfully back into it.
Having successfully restored blood flow to my stricken limb I walked downstairs to the kitchen.
While I waited for the kettle to boil I looked out the window and it appeared to have stopped snowing.
I opened the back door and looked out, it had stopped and the wind had died away and when I looked up I could breaks in the cloud.
I made a mug of Milo and went back upstairs and Claire was still restlessly murmuring in her sleep.
I settled back into the armchair from hell, drank my Milo and dosed off again.

When I came too an hour or so later I forgot where I was I couldn’t see much in the darkness and there were no familiar sounds to aid me, and then it dawned on me, there was silence.
I fumbled with the light switch on the lamp and eventually switched it on.
There before me, peacefully sleeping in my bed was Katy.
I stood up and walked over to the bedside and sat down.
She was breathing un-laboured and when I touched her forehead it was cool and clammy, her fever had broken.
I sat there for about 20 minutes just watching her sleep then quite suddenly she licked her lips and opened her eyes.
After a moment she looked at me and smiled.
“Could I have an omelette?” she said “I’m starving”
And I burst out laughing.

While Katy sat in bed devouring a five egg omelette I went downstairs and phoned the Doctor
“Hello” A tired voice croaked
“Claire?” I asked not sure if I had just woken some poor unsuspecting stranger
“Simon?” she replied “is everything ok?”
“The fever has broken” I said
“Thank god” Claire responded “is she still sleeping?”
“No” I replied “she’s eating an omelette”
And we both laughed

I hung up the phone and went straight back upstairs to find Katy mopping up the last remnants of her omelette with her third slice of bread.
“Was that to madam’s satisfaction?” I asked her in my pompous butler’s voice
“Lovely” she replied wiping her mouth with her serviette.
“Have you had enough?” I enquired
“Oh yes” she replied “if I have anymore I wont enjoy my breakfast”
“What about another tea?” I suggested
“Oh yes please” she replied with a grin

When I returned with her fresh mug of tea I said
“I phoned Claire, she’ll be here when the weather permits”
And as I sat back in the armchair Katy said
“She loves you, you know?”
“I know” I said honestly “But not the way she loves Brian”
“Yes” she mused “she still loves him very much”
“She’s still in love with him” I continued “And Claire will never leave him”
“It’s a real “till death to us part” kind of thing for her" Katy said "which is how it should be”
I nodded in agreement and then Katy said
“You love her though don’t you?”
“Yes I do” I replied “but not in the way I love Georgia”
“But its love all the same” she added
"Yes it’s definitely love" I conceded
"What a tangled wed we weave" Katy said philosophically
"Yes life can be very complicated"
"Its not life that’s complicated, life is just life, its people who add the complication" Katy corrected me
"You are very sage Katy" i said
"Don’t mention food" she said "I’m still hungry, when’s breakfast?"
I looked at my watch and said
"Not for a couple of hours yet"
"Damn" she cursed and holding out her mug "can I have some more tea then?"
She gave me her trademark lopsided grin as I took the mug from her.

I went downstairs to the kitchen and made her another mug of tea and as I was about to ascend the stairs with it the front door opened and Nanook of the North stepped into the hallway.
The figure was dressed in a fur hat, long winter coat with a heavy woolen scarf wrapped around the neck and knee length boots. Oh and although they couldn’t be seen, practical pants.
“Claire?” I said, “What are you doing here?”
“I didn’t have anything better to do” she replied
As she un-wrapped the scarf from around her neck I took off her fur hat and kissed her forehead.
“Where’s your car? I didn’t hear you pull up,” I asked as she sat on the stairs and unzipped her boots
“Do the honours?” she said holding out a leg.
I put down the tea on the hall table and pulled her boot off to reveal knee length “practical socks”.
“I parked at the surgery and walked up” she replied as she held out the other leg “how’s Katy?”
“Fine, she’s just waiting for this”
I replied and picked up the mug of tea.
“I’ll take that up,” she said taking it from my hand before heading up the stairs.
I went back into the kitchen and made drinks for the two of us.
Half an hour later, long after I’d finished my drink and had poured Claire’s down the sink she came back downstairs still wearing her overcoat.
I walked out into the hall to meet her and asked
”Do you want a cuppa?”
”No” she replied “I want some Valentines loving”
”It’s not Valentines Day anymore hon” I said
"It’s close enough" she responded as she unbuttoned her coat to reveal her beautiful naked breasts with her deep pink nipples standing proud in the cold hallway.
The only other thing she had on beneath her coat were the knee length socks and her big white practical pants.
Claire stepped in close and we kissed as my hands slipped inside her coat and settled on her waist which then pulled her closer to me.
Her kiss was warm and sensual and ever fibre of me tingled.
She pulled her lips away but still close enough that I could feel her breath as she spoke
“Where can we go?” she panted.
I kissed her hot mouth quickly and then took her hand and led her into the study, it was as far away from Katy’s sleeping figure as was possible to get.
So even if Dr noisy knickers screamed when she came it was unlikely to disturb Katy.
We went into the study, which was more crowded than was usual due to the necessity of having to store some of the lounge furniture in there.
But there was more than enough room for what we had in mind.
Once inside I slipped her coat off and pushed her back against the door.
I cupped her firm round breasts and teased her nipples until they resembled Valentine rosebuds.
Then I fell to my knees and kissed her fleshy breasts and took each nipple into my mouth in turn as she ran her fingers through my hair.
My fingers were grasping at the waistband of her big knickers,
So I tugged her big practical pants over her plump shapely buttocks and down her thighs.
The further her pants descended so did my lips as I kissed the skin of her quivering belly her knickers had reached her knees,
When they had settled around her ankles my face was buried in her lush fragrant bush.
I let Claire step out of her drawers as I climbed back up her body.
My hands fell on her deliciously firm buttocks as my lips found hers and we kissed again
Claire quickly undressed me until we both stood naked save for our socks.
I guided her towards the larger of the two sofas but she paused.
“Do it like you love me” she implored.
“Pretend just for tonight that you love me” she asked
“I don’t have to pretend Claire” I replied and with a huge smile on her face she threw herself into my arms and we kissed.
Then with real urgency she scrambled on to the sofa and waited for me.
She didn’t have to wait long as I scrambled after her and lay half on and half off of her.
I put my hand on the side of her face and pulled her head gently towards mine.
I teased her lips with mine several times until she smiled open mouthed and my tongue penetrated her mouth and we dissolved into a sea of passion.
My hand left her cheek and caught her breast as it rose and fell on her heaving chest.
Claire’s hands scratched lightly at my back as my hand crossed her belly and as my fingers combed through her tousled bush I stopped kissing her.
Claire looked up at me open mouthed as my digits progressed, she closed her eyes and sucked in air through her teeth as she opened like a piece of ripe fruit to the gentle touch of my fingertips.
Between her parted lips my fingers reveled in the sensual syrup of her secretions.
Our foreheads touched and she panted in my face with each stroke along her creamy crack.
With her eyes closed and her lips pursed my fingering became more frenetic until her body tensed and she gasped.
I kissed her hot panting mouth as I maneuvered above her; she grasped my cock firmly and guided me into her hot creamy cunny.
Claire exuded a divinely sensual sound as she received me and her hands were on my buttocks groping and squeezing.
As the tempo increased she moaned and sighed and as she neared Shangri-La when I could feel the burning heat from her pussy, her rasping breaths became deeper.
Her panting became erratic, her head rolled and her nails dug into my fleshy cheeks and then with a sensual scream and a satisfying shudder she cried out in orgasm.
I gave her two more extremely short strokes and I followed her over the abyss.
“Oh” she exclaimed and kissed me as I lay on top of her.
“Was that what you had in mind” I asked between pants
“That was exactly what I had in mind” she replied with a sigh Reluctantly, I withdrew and rolled off her where in blissful contentment we cuddled up underneath a tartan throw and went to sleep.

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