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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 60) Jewel In The Crown (Part Two)

I continued with my chores while Claire was upstairs with Katy, I had a plateful of broken biscuits that I had emptied from the cookie tin so I took them up the garden to put on the bird table.
I had just brushed the last of the crumbs off the plate and had turned to go back to the house when my attention was drawn to a sound in the trees that separated the garden from the golf course.
It sounded like a horse snorting and that meant only one thing, so I walked towards the trees and my suspicions were correct, stood among the trees was a familiar beast and its rider India.
“What are you doing here?” I said
“Is now a good time?” she asked
“No better than yesterday was” I replied
“But I’ve been a bad girl” she confessed “a really bad girl”
And she fidgeted and clenched her thighs together like she needed to pee, which of course was not what she needed to do at all.
“I know you’re a bad girl,” I said “but I’ve got the Vicar and the Doctor here at the moment”
“I promise I’ll be quiet” she begged
“India Carrington, you squeal like a stuck pig when you come” I stated
She smiled and blushed in response to my words and finally averted her eyes.
“Listen hon, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to deal with you in my customary manner, but I can’t do it while the Vicar is in the house”
“But...” she protested
“You’ll have to get Maisie to do it for you in the meantime, but I promise when the time is right I will spank you black and blue”
“Maisie can’t do it like you, her hands are too small” she protested “and she’s too gentle”
I couldn’t discuss it any longer as I was frozen, I had only intended being outside for a couple of minutes, India on the other hand was dressed for the weather.
It was a shame because I would really have liked to warm my hands on her little cheeks,
India wanted to be punished and I would really enjoy punishing her.
But that was for another day
“I’ve got to go in,” I said stroking her cheek “we’ll do it soon I promise”
I went back to the house at a jog and when I looked back she was still standing in the trees looking forlorn.
India was a really attractive girl, and having a pretty girl chasing after me didn’t detract from her allure.
But there was one thing about her that did and that was the fact that she didn’t do anything.
She was born to rich indulgent parents and given every advantage in life but she did nothing with it.
Her girlfriend Maisie on the other hand had no advantages, no doting parents and worked her socks off doing three jobs.
One of which was mucking out the stables for India.
Although I suspect now she spent more time munching India’s carpet than she did shovelling muck.
I suppose I was responsible for her current situation Vis-à-vis her and Maisie, I had introduced them to each other and to spanking for that matter.
It was partly the emptiness of her days which was fueling her desire for me, and a damned good spanking.
I think in the long run if they stayed together Maisie will sort her out and they will end up working together in some capacity.
But whatever was fuelling her wants and needs her desire of me was fanning the flames of my desire for her.
But that was an itch I would scratch soon enough.

Back in the house I closed the door and shivered as I switched the kettle on,
Five minutes later Claire came down the stairs with Katy following her less gingerly that I might have expected obviously the bath had had some benefit.
“How was it then?” I asked
“Very nice” Katy replied, “That bath is fab”

Claire had to return to her rounds so Katy and I had lunch together and then we watched “It happened one night” with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert before Katy settled down for a nap.
By the time she had woken from her nap Molly had arrived, in uniform, to dispense the evening medication.
This was followed by an hour of visitors and one of the donated dinners from the freezer, a shepherd’s pie, for tea.
Then we watched TV together until she fell asleep.
Wednesday and Thursday followed in similar vein.
While Katy had her afternoon nap I occupied my time tidying the garage.
It had always been a bit of a mess ever since I moved in. but since I made the decision to invite Katy to stay it had become very cluttered indeed.
As I made a start amidst the chaos on Tuesday afternoon a germ of an idea formed in my mind and by the time I had completed my labours on Thursday it was fully developed and come to fruition.

On Friday the pattern was to be broken when Robert and Katy would be picked up in a taxi and taken to the Bishops residence for high tea, a singular honour by all accounts.
Selfishly on hearing this news I thought that, that would be my chance to punish the very naughty Miss Carrington.
I didn’t think it would take too much encouragement to get her to come to the house.
After all India had been gagging for it all week, a text would probably be enough.

On Thursday evening Katy had expressed a desire for bolognaise for tea with garlic bread.
We had a bolognaise in the freezer and I had plenty of pasta but I was out of garlic bread so after the first visitor arrived I popped out to Mahajak’s.
As I came out of my front door I saw Maisie and India leaving Victoria’s.
Maisie worked at the shop in the evenings so she was obviously headed to Mahajak’s as well and her girlfriend was walking with her.
I soon caught up to them and felt a stirring when I saw them holding hands, it didn’t take much to get me going.
But then I had seen them in action.
“Hello girls” I said
“Hi Simon” they chorused and we chatted for a few minutes before walking together down to Mahajak’s.
Outside the shop Maisie kissed India and rushed inside the shop.
Before I followed her in I spoke quietly to India
“Do you still want to play?” I asked
“Yes please” she said excitedly “are we going to play now?”
“No” I replied and she looked disappointed, that is until I continued “tomorrow afternoon”
I told her that she should secrete herself in the garage and at what time she should do it.
Just then Maisie came into earshot
“It’s been nice to see you again Indy, bye” I said and as Maisie went to serve a customer I added softy
“I look forward to seeing more of you tomorrow”
With that she smiled broadly and I went into the shop.

I returned home with the garlic bread and finished cooking dinner in time to rescue Katy from a particularly long-winded visitor.
Then we indulged ourselves with a glass of wine and a Romantic comedy.

As I watched the taxi drive away on Friday lunchtime I felt a tingle of excitement.
It was the secrecy and the planning as well as the anticipation that was stirring me.
I dropped the latch on the front door and then went out through the kitchen locking the door behind me.
I walked into the garage and called
A grinning face appeared from behind some boxes.
“Hi” she said
I turned and locked the door; the stirring I had felt earlier had now been replaced with a full-blown erection.
India was dressed pretty much the same as she had been when we met in Kiddingstone on Monday with her fur hat and thigh length coat.
But instead of skinny jeans she had on a skirt and woolly tights
I walked over to her and placing a hand on each side of her face
I angled her face upward and kissed her eager lips.
Then I took her by the hand and I led her inside the simple maze of boxes to the small-concealed play space I had created, where I could punish India without being seen or heard.
“How naughty have you been?” I asked
“Very” she replied
““Six of the best” naughty?” I enquired
“No, I’m Twice as naughty as that” she said coyly
“Twelve?” I asked and India nodded.
I had placed a little fan heater in the play area to dispel the chill I didn’t want to curtail the fun for the sake of the cold, I intended to take my time punishing her and enjoying myself.
“Time to play,” I said
I took off her fur hat and then slipped off her coat, and that was when I realized the skirt I had seen below her coat was actually a pinafore dress, which was quickly removed over her head.
India giggled as she stood in front of me wearing a white blouse, woolly tights and Ugg boots.
“So Miss Carrington” I said sternly “you find something amusing?”
“No Simon” she gasped “Sorry Simon”
“I don’t think you’re sorry at all” I said and gave her a thorough appraisal
“I didn’t mean to giggle” she said defensively “honestly Simon”
“Really?” I asked
“I think you’re very naughty though,” I continued sternly
“I’m a good girl honestly” she said childlike
“Well I think you deserve a spanking,” I told her
“Ok” India said resignedly
“The naughtiest girls need to be punished” I said
“Yes Simon” she answered quietly
I took her by the hand and made her kneel on a box and bent her over until she was on all fours.
I lifted the tails of her blouse away from her arse and pulled her tights and knickers down over her hips, exposing her perfect little white buttocks.
“So twelve of the best for you naughty girl” I said “and you must count”
Then I gave a firm crisp slap on one cheek
“One” India said
Then on the other cheek
Then the first again
Then the second
Then another crisp slap
And then a harder one
“Six” she squealed
Back the first cheek again
“Seven” India said
Then on the other cheek
Then the first again
“Nine” the pitch of her voice grew higher
Then the second
“Ten” almost a scream
Then another crisp slap
“Eleven” this time it was a scream
And a very hard one to finish
“TWELVE” she yelled out as she came and this was followed by a long languorous sigh.
I moved behind her so I could admire my handiwork, I looked at her perfect little cheeks, once round and white now mottled with a blue hued bloom.
Like a glorious purplish crown of glory.
Then I allowed my hand to caress the round pert buttocks, my digits stroking the streaks left by my fingers.
From her perfect cheeks my fingers traced her shape to the top of her thigh and she squirmed as she let out another sigh
I could see as my fingers explored her inner thigh and I felt her tense and she let out an involuntary murmur the moment when my finger tips touched the first coarse wispy pubes of her lush bush.
My swollen cock pressed itself hard against my pants as my fingers parted her labia and elicited a divine moan.
When my forefinger entered the moist jewel in India’s crown
And she growled as I explored the creamy wetness of her hot young pussy.
I worked at her rhythmically and each stroke of her slippery slit brought another exquisite moan from her, and rubbing her clit brought yet another and then I felt her body spasm as she came.
The naughty little kitten purred like a cat as she knealt before me.
But as much as I was enjoying the moment I had an ache which had to be relieved.
I was stood directly behind her and I lifted the white shirttail, which had flopped down across her buttock when she came as
I uncurled the beast from my trousers.
India took a deep breath as I put my hands on the naked skin of her waist and she let the breath out again.
I ran my hands slowly up her back; I could feel her ribs beneath my fingers and her heart thumping behind them.
My eager hands traversed her back before slipping around to cup her beautiful little tits and toy with the perfect rose bud nipples.
Then I introduced my swollen cock to her waiting pussy and she gasped as I penetrated her and she was still as tight as that first day in the woods
My hands slipped down to her hips as I continued and the cheeks of her little arse were quivering with each penetrating stroke into her nice tight cunny.
I was relishing my task as I went into her again and again and with every deep penetration she let out little high-pitched grunts.
I could feel myself on the threshold now and India had started to squeal louder and louder.
I banged into her again and again and her squeals turned to screams and ended with a screech of satisfaction when she went rigid and I finished inside the honey cunnied little Philly.
I left it deep inside her until my cock twitched its last.
We were both breathing hard as I pulled out of her and she let out a long satisfied sigh.

As we sat on a box in the same state of undress as during the act I said
“Maisie doesn’t need big hands you know, she could use a riding crop,” I said
“I know” India agreed “but she can’t give me that”
She was nodding in the direction of my dwindling erection.
“Well there are attachments and accoutrements that come quite close,” I informed her
“Really?” She asked naively
“Look on the Internet, you have a computer don’t you?” I said
“Yes but dad checks the history so I can’t look at sexy sites,
And Maisie doesn’t have one” India replied
“Well you can use mine” I offered, “no one checks what I look at”
“Or Maisie could get one” I suggested
“No she’s not into computers and electronic stuff,” India said
“Well I can guarantee she’ll like the electronic stuff I have in mind,” I said and India giggled
After a minute she said
“You mustn’t tell Maisie we did this” she implored, “I told her she wasn’t allowed to shag you because we are a couple now”
“Ok” I said as I unbuttoned her blouse to expose her little rosebud nippled titties,
Then I stood up in front of her and she took me in her mouth.

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