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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 59) Jewel In The Crown (Part One)

I greeted Sunday morning with mixed feelings, the sex with Molly was every bit as good as it had always been but I had let myself down again, though filled with good intentions to only sleep with Georgia, I was also filled with lust, and the lust won the day as usual.
After the Hospital bed had been well and truly road tested, Molly went home on Sunday lunchtime which left me an hour to get showered before the village helpers arrived with Katy Oliver’s goods and chattels.
Katy herself wouldn’t be arriving until Monday when Molly would be back to help settle her in.

On Sunday evening after all the comings and goings were done with I took myself off to St Lucy’s for the evening service and having recharged my spiritual batteries I returned home for an early night.

On Monday morning the door knocker was rarely quiet and it began at 8 o’clock with the dreaded Mrs. Beamish coming to get the house spick and span before the patient arrived.
While Mrs. B did her stuff I took the opportunity to drive over to Kiddingstone and drop off the hire car at Clarion, I could have phoned them and had them pick it up but I found from bitter experience that when Mrs Beamish was in the house it was best if I wasn’t.
So having dropped the car off I rushed around and did a bit of shopping, rushing around was certainly a necessity due to the weather.
Where it had been sunny and mild for my trip to Salisbury with Georgia the cold had come back with a vengeance after the weekend carried on a biting wind.
As I was making my way to the station a timid voice called out from behind me.
I turned around but couldn’t identify the source of the voice so I turned back and carried on walking
The voice called again a little louder
I turned around again and this time I was faced by a short smiling young woman, who I didn’t recognize.
She was wearing one of those furry hat with ear flaps, a heavy thigh length coat, skinny jeans and Ugg boots.
I don’t know what fashion statement she was trying to make, I suspected it was more likely a determination keep warm.
“It’s me” she said from beneath the fur hat.
But I still didn’t know who “me” was.
Clearly some unfortunate young woman that I’d slept with at some time and the encounter was so unmemorable I instantly forgot her, how embarrassing was that.
So I tried to picture her dressed in a different outfit, school uniform, evening dress, underwear or work clothes, but nothing registered.
So she lifted the hat off her head so I could get a clearer look but this only allowed the wind to blow her fine blonde hair across her face, obscuring it completely.
It took a moment for her to take control of her wayward locks but when control had been achieved she announced
“Its me” and gave a beaming smile.
“India?” I said “I didn’t recognize you without your horse"
"You’re silly" she giggled as she put her hat back on "you mean you didn’t recognize me with my clothes on"
I smiled at her and she suddenly realized what she had said and blushed
“I meant with my winter clothes on” she corrected herself and we both laughed.
She shuffled her feet awkwardly wanting to lean in and kiss me but she wasn’t sure if she should or not.
So I put her out of her misery and kissed her instead
“Thank you for the birthday card” I said
“Did you like it?” India asked and blushed again
The reason for this slight embarrassment was the message she wrote in my card alluding to some shared “horse play” in her stables.
I was quite amused when I open my cards, because there was one from India and Maisie as a couple, but both girls had also sent individual cards presumably without the others knowledge.
“Yes I did” I replied and shivered and checked my watch.
“Oh damn I’m going to miss my train if I don’t run”
I leant in and kissed her again.
“Bye India” I said
“I can give you lift” she called after me
“Are you going home now then?” I asked
“Yes I’ve done what I needed to do” she replied
“Ok” I said “that will be great”

As we were driving back to the village India said
“You haven’t been to the stable for a while”
“No” I replied “but then I did make rather a mess the last time”
I laughed but she continued
“I don’t mind if you make a mess”
I knew what she was after, and it would have been a pleasurable distraction on any other day.
But I had too much to do on that day.
I was just about to deliver the news she didn’t want to hear when my house came into view and her face dropped as she exclaimed
And the reason for that exclamation was the sight of a number of villagers exiting or entering my front door like worker ants from a nest.
“Yes, the vicar takes up residence today” I said
“Oh” she repeated forlornly
“Were you wanting to come in and play for a while?” I asked
She didn’t answer but she nodded
“Well obviously today isn’t a good day to play” I said
She looked crest fallen and I wanted to hug her but because of the watching eyes I couldn’t and I couldn’t kiss her goodbye for the same reason so I took hold of her hand instead and said
“We’ll do it another day, ok?” I said “Thanks for the lift honey”
She held my hand tightly as she implored
“When can we?”
“Soon” I replied “Not today, but soon”
“When though?” she persevered
“Soon” I said and squeezed her hand before I got out of the car
She was clearly disappointed and she would probably dwell on that disappointment because she had nothing else to distract her.
The problem was that India suffered from too much time on her hands; her parents indulged her, and didn’t push her to do anything with her life, for all of her adult life since she left college she had occupied all of her time with her horse riding.
That was until her sexual awakening and subsequent alfresco rogering in the woods, by yours truly.

When I managed to get inside the house I found a crowd scene in the hall and kitchen
Directing traffic in the hall was Tilly, the new vicars wife to be, and in the kitchen surrounded by chaos were Claire, in dress down mode and Molly in civvies, I wondered if Claire was wearing her “practical pants” with her casuals, Molly could have been wearing anything or nothing with hers.
“Hello girls” I said
“Simon?” Claire shouted “Thank God”
“Is everything going to plan?” I asked
“No” she cried “no it’s bloody not, half the village has turned up with meals”
“Oh” was all I could muster as I looked around at a huge selection of Pyrex and Tupperware dishes.
“There’s a lot” Molly added “and no where to put it all, your freezer is full”
“There are hot pots and curry’s, casseroles and bolognaise” Claire exclaimed as she threw her arms up in the air.
“Honestly” I said putting an arm around each of them, “I hope you wouldn’t be this flustered if one of the biddies had had a stroke”
I allowed myself the briefest moment to imagine the three of us in flagrante, but I couldn’t dwell on that delightful scenario.
“We’re trained for old ladies with strokes” Claire said tartly
“We are not trained for this”
“Ok, Claire, there are Labels in that drawer” I said pointing and then directed at both of them I continued
“Write what’s in the dish and who brought it so I can return the container to the correct person afterwards”
“I will go and switch on the chest freezer in the garage”
“You’re marvelous in a crisis” Claire said
“He’s not bad in a clinch either” Molly added
I left them to it and went out the back door and into the garage.
It was nice that Claire thought I was marvellous in a crisis but I wasn’t even sure if the chest freezer still worked, I hadn’t used it for a year.
It was in use when I inherited the house but it had very little in it so I switched it off and cleaned it out and it had stood empty ever since.
The other problem was that I had rather used the top of it since as a dumping ground for boxes and such like, so firstly I had to clear it off.
I was not particular in my task and I rather just relocated the clutter from the top of the freezer onto the top of any other available surface.
One I had cleared the top I lifted the lid and briefly checked inside.
Satisfied nothing was living in it I closed the lid and switched it on.
The light came on instantly and it started to make the appropriate noises of a chest freezer so I was content all was well.
I returned to the kitchen to find that calmness prevailed as Molly and Claire were working methodically through the task I had set them.
They had been joined by Tilly as the flow of visitors had been stemmed so while the others finished labelling Tilly and I began carrying out the all ready labelled meals to the freezer.

It had been rather a strange morning which fizzled out somewhat after that extraordinary deluge of well meaning women who had succeeded in filling my freezer.
Despite all the food on hand I took the three ladies out for some pub grub and a pint.
As we were walking down the road Tilly wanted to pop in and see Katy on the way and Claire went in with her.
Thirty minutes later they re-emerged with Katy walking between them.
“Katy” we cheered
“Did someone mention the pub?” She said
She was walking under her own steam but she had to hold on to Tilly and Claire’s arms.
“Hey” she said to me “if we’re going to live together I think I should be seen on your arm”
I made an elaborate bow and she took my arm.
We were all in the pub until 4 o’clock and the Cross Keys was absolutely rocking.
When we eventually left the pub Katy turned to us and said
“Thanks for that” then after a pause she continued “it was like being at my own wake”
We were all laughing so much we had to sit down again.

We wheeled Katy to my house in her wheelchair, not because she was drunk or anything, she had nursed the same pint of Guinness all afternoon, but she had summoned every ounce of strength she had in her to get her through her “wake” and she was absolutely drained with fatigue, plus the emotion of the day had taken its toll.
Claire and Molly settled her into what was now to be her room for the duration.
Tilly had returned to the Vicarage and along with her fiancĂ© Robert they brought the remainder of Katy’s possessions.
While the four of them fussed and faffed around her I went to the kitchen and made us some food, from scratch.

We all ate together in Katy’s room and afterwards we sat chatting until Katy was too tired to continue.
So we kissed her goodnight and Claire and Molly settled her down for the night.

Tilly and Robert then returned to the Vicarage while the rest of us sat in the kitchen for the next hour or so until they left as well though not before drilling into me what to do if something happened.
Katy didn’t need constant nursing at that point so there was to be no night nurse just regular visits.
But I had a list of contact numbers should the need arise.
So once Claire and Molly were satisfied I knew what to do they left me to it.
I have to admit I didn’t sleep well that night and every time I woke up I went and check on her.

The next morning the door went at nine o’clock and a district nurse, by the name of Harriet Quimby was standing the other side of it when I opened it who had come to check on the patient.
She was a small bird like woman, with pale skin and strawberry blonde hair, thirty something maybe.
I was expecting her as there was a rota on the kitchen wall, of who was doing what and when.
So I had been up since 7 am, and I took a cup of tea in to Katy and seven thirty who was had also been awake awhile.
By the time the nurse arrived I’d already helped her to the bathroom for her morning pee and made her breakfast and she was sitting comfortably in my arm chair watching TV.
I left them to it and went and made drinks, then Harriet, the nurse, having checked Katy was ok and given her, her medication, left for the next patient.
She had been there for the best part of an hour.

Despite the early visit it was a much quieter day than the previous one.
I pottered about for the morning, a bit of laundry, emptied the bins, that kind of stuff.
I told Katy to just holler if she wanted anything, and I had to tell her off at one point when I caught her on the way to the kitchen.
“Where are you going?” I said crossly “I told you to shout if you wanted anything”
“I didn’t want to bother you” she said
“It isn’t a bother” I reassured her “now take my arm”
She did as she was told and I walked her to the kitchen
“Oh you have a lovely outlook” she said looking out of the kitchen window.
The lounge was at the front of the house so she hadn’t seen out the back before.
She sat down at the kitchen table and I made us a drink.
We had been sitting there for about ten minutes when…
“Simon?” she said “I was wondering if...”
“If what?” I asked
“Say no if you think it’s a bit cheeky” she replied “would it be alright if I have a bath”
“For goodness sake Katy you don’t need to ask my permission” I said “this is your home now”
“Are you sure?” she asked
“Of course” I reassured her “I’ll go and run the bath, while you finish your drink”
So I went upstairs to my en suite and ran the bath and put out fresh towels before returning downstairs to the kitchen.
“Its all ready for you madam” I said pompously and held out my hand which she took.
She led the way slowly up the stairs and I followed closely behind in case she slipped but half way up I stopped her and scooped her up in my arms and carried her the rest of the way.
She was able to undress herself ok but needed help to get in and out of the tub.
Katy called me in to the bathroom and she was standing with her back to me wrapped in a bath sheet.
I held her loosely at the waist and let her step in, once both feet were safely in the water. I un-wrapped the towel from her and held it out like a windbreak.
Katy was then able to lower herself gently into the water.
“Oh wow” she exclaimed “this is fab”
I smiled to myself as I remembered the last time she had told me something was fab, it was just after I made love to her.
I then lowered the towel as her modesty was by then covered by the bubbles.
“Is that to madam’s satisfaction” I said grandly
“Oh yes my good man” she replied in her best Lady Muck voice “this will do very nicely, you may go”
“I’ll leave you too it then ma’am” I said tugging my forelock “and don’t even think about trying to getting out on your own”
“Ok” she replied meekly
But just as I was leaving the bathroom she exclaimed
“Oh bugger”
“Reverend Oliver?” I said with affront
“Sorry” she said with a giggle “I forgot my clothes”
“I’ll bring them up, anything in particular?” I said
“They’re in a pile at the end of the bed” she told me
“Ok” I replied “I’ll bring them up”
“And no ogling my undies” she added
I smiled as I thought that’s the Katy Oliver we all no and love.
“I cant promise that” I called as I went down stairs and picked up her clothes and of course I looked at her undies, a pink bra and matching panties, nice. .
I put the clothes on the bottom stair and went back to the kitchen and put the kettle on.
I made another drink and I was just about to go up and check on Katy when the front door opened and Claire walked in with her medical bag.
“Hello” she called
“In the kitchen” I called back
When she walked in I noticed instantly she was dressed in her more familiar professional garb.
“Nice to see you properly dressed today doctor” I said and kissed her cheek
“No practical pants with that outfit”
“Shhh” she whispered
“Its ok she’s upstairs” I reassured her
“Why what have you done?” she asked suspiciously
“I haven’t done anything” I replied “she’s having a bath”
“Well that’s ok” she said “I’ll go up and see her”
“She’s in the en suite in my room” I said “you know the way”
“Stop it” she said quietly and kissed me
“By the way when am I going to get to see those fishnets you bought in Paris” I asked
“Shhh” Claire urged “don’t worry, when the time is right you’ll be able to feast your eyes”
As she walked towards the stairs I called
“What now?” she said tartly “do you want to know what knickers I’m wearing?”
“I was just going to say can you take Katy’s clothes up with you” I replied
“God you’re sex mad”
“Oops” she said

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