Saturday, 13 April 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 58) Candlemass Day

On the morning after my birthday treat I woke up in a Salisbury hotel to find Georgia was still in a very playful mood.
“You’re insatiable,” I said as her brunette head rose and fell on my dawn horn.
“You don’t normally complain” she slurped in reply.
“I’m not complaining now,” I said
“Good” she slurped again “this is it for me until Valentines Day”
She didn’t say it in so many words but the implication was clear, in that she would not be getting any cock till the 14th but I would probably be dipping my wick as normal.
Well actually I had so much enjoyed my treat with Georgia, her company, her humour, her conversation and her taught young body, she had everything a man could want, so why did I bother looking elsewhere.
“I’m thirty now, time to start acting like a grown up” I said to myself.
Then I lost my train of thought as the ecstasy of the moment diverted me.

After Georgia had finished despoiling me we had a quick shower and went downstairs for a non-Michelin full English fried breakfast.

Once we had checked out we had plenty of time to take in at least one of the local sights before we headed home.
We both agreed on Stonehenge as it was on the way we were headed.
“I haven’t been there for years” Georgia said “not since junior school”
“Nor me” I agreed
“Yes but they were still building it when you were at school”
Georgia said and laughed raucously
“Cheeky cow” I said

After Stonehenge we took in the ruins of Salisbury Castle and the old Cathedral after which we headed towards home, though we took the scenic route and we talked all the way.
Mainly about her University work or what was going on in the village.
“I’m really proud of you,” she said
“For what?” I asked
“What you’re doing for Reverend Oliver,” she explained
“It was the right thing to do,” I said simply
The thought never crossed her mind to question my motives.
If she knew the truth of it she might be forgiven for thinking I was doing it out of guilt for defiling her, but it wasn’t that at all. I really was doing it because I could and because it was the right thing to do.

I really had enjoyed being with Georgia and I wished we could have spent the rest of the weekend together, or the rest of the day for that matter, but sadly Georgie had deadlines and she had to work right up until the wire.
When we got back to Roehampton I didn’t go in, I carried her bags to the door and kissed her goodbye.
“I really do love you,” I said
“I know” she replied, “I love you too”
“I’ll see you in two weeks hon.” I said
“I can’t wait” Georgia said and rushed inside as the tears arrived.

I left her with a new resolve, determined to be faithful to her,
This epiphany coming as it did on The 2nd of February was quite apt.
It was Candlemass day, the festival of the purification of the Virgin Mary, which marked the last day of Christmas.
Falling midway between the winter and spring equinox it was a time for looking ahead at the bounty ahead.
I felt it was like the end of one chapter and beginning of another.

I stopped at my parents house next as I hadn’t seen her or dad since Christmas and she had said she wanted to do me a birthday tea.
Although I was twenty years too old for a birthday tea I played along and I passed a very enjoyable few hours with them.
By the time I got back to Bushy Down it was after ten o’clock. So I was surprised to see there was still a light burning in the window and there was a strange car parked on the drive, I assumed the light was left on to deter burglars but I couldn’t explain the car.
I parked the hire car behind it on the drive and went inside not knowing who or what was inside,
But as I went in all was quiet, in the hall I immediately noticed there was a bookcase standing against the wall that had preciously stood in the lounge.
That was when I remembered that the Hospital bed was due to be delivered the day before.
I guessed that as the bookcase had been moved that it had indeed arrived.
I took my case upstairs and unpacked and wasn’t at all surprised to find no one in the guest rooms.
But as I walked back downstairs I again wondered why there was a strange car on the drive especially if I didn’t have a houseguest.
I went into the kitchen and boiled the kettle and then sat down to begin opening the pile of birthday cards that had accumulated in my absence.
Most of the cards contained the normal felicitations but a significant number of them had extra little messages that only meant something to the writer and me.
These missives of course referred obliquely to a previous assignation or assignations known only to the two of us.
For example Pandora signed her card from Scarlet and the doctor wrote from Dr Andrews “raising the dead a speciality”.
There were so many cards and so many secret messages I was kind of overwhelmed but just how much of a philanderer I was.
But although I felt a certain pride at my prowess I had resolved to put that all behind me that was all in the past.
I finished my drink and was on the way upstairs when I thought I would just take a look in the lounge.
I opened the door and the light from the hall flooded into the room and I did a double take.
In the centre of the room was the hospital bed but that was not what surprised me.
What had got my attention, directly in front of me perfectly illuminated, was the most perfect round arse.
And it was an arse I was very familiar with, for laying with her back to me on the hospital bed in the foetal position, partially covered by a hospital blanket, was Molly’s naked body.
I walked over to the bed and put my hand on one of her firm buttock and it was cold to my touch so I began caressing the cold fleshy cheek and it eventually began to warm, as did my ardour.
I caressed her around the full curve of her buttocks until my fingers reached her shaven pussy.
Molly began to stir as my fingertips lightly traced across the mole on her lip before my finger peeled her lips apart and entered the creamy heat inside.
She murmured in her sleep as I continued stroking her juicy cunny.
My other hand steadied her hip as I worked on her and then she gasped.
“Ohhhh” she said “What kept you?” and she grabbed my spare hand and pulled it up to her breast and squeezed my hand onto tit as I continued frigging her and bringing her closer and closer to orgasm until she screamed out.
As I undid my trousers I thought “So much for my new resolve on Candlemass day”, of course the 2nd of February was also Groundhog Day and the phrase “Groundhog Day” is often used to express the same events or actions occurring repetitively, how ironic was that.
Molly wriggled her arse to the edge of the bed as I stood cock in hand
“Oh hell” I thought as realised I was clearly condemned to repeat my shortcomings for all eternity.
“Mmmmm” molly exclaimed as I pushed my helmet between her sticky lips.
“Mmmmm” she repeated as I followed through with the rest of me.
I was sure when the committee made the arrangements for the bed to be delivered and accepted Molly’s help with the nursing care they never envisaged the scenario where I would be banging her on it from behind.
As I was pounding her pussy, I stood looking down on her as she was biting her lip and pulling her hair.
And as I groped at her breast, which was rising and falling with every insertion, I could feel her heart pounding in her chest.
Molly was in a frenzy as she received what she had clearly desired all evening.
She was gripping the frame of the bed and grunting rhythmically with every nerve tingling stroke until she came so hard the bed shook and she juddered again as I finished in a pulsating ejaculation.
“Well I think the bed will do the job,” I said between pants.
But just to be certain sure after half an hour we tested it once more and twice again the next morning.

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