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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 57) Turning 30

It was after a phenomenal visit to Pandora Parker Browns luxury home in millionaire’s row, known locally as Nob Hill, where we mutually slaked each others lustful thirsts that I made my way home under cover of darkness across the golf course.
It had been the most exceptional of days where I enjoyed Randy Pandy’s delights to the absolute max.
Although I feared it might be for the last time because Pandora had an admirer of whom she was mutually attracted to.
And if things did develop between Pandora and “Harry of the beautiful hill” it was more than possible that Harry Beaumont would be exploring Pandora’s beautiful hills exclusively.
Of course I should have excluded myself from her goodies voluntarily; after all I had a girlfriend, Georgia, who should have been the sole beneficiary of my lust.
So if Pandora’s Box was to be closed to me I would have to be content, and I should be content.
But as the mythology goes when Pandora’s Box was opened and all the evils escaped into the world all that remained was hope
so if it did close after that day then there was always hope it would open again.
All of this was running around my brain as I trudged through the darkness towards home.

When I got into the house I made a coffee and finished watching the DVD from the night before, “The Fifth Element”, the film of which my enjoyment was so rudely interrupted by randy Pandy.
I imagined I felt a slight stirring down below but it had to be my imagination after how it had been made to perform.
Together we had opened a whole new account in my wank bank

After the film was finished I went upstairs to my bed and when I walked into my bedroom I found Pandora had left her black silk knickers laid out neatly on my pillow.
And as I stood looking down at the expensive black panties that I had pulled off her full plump buttocks only the night before I really did feel a stirring.

Sunday I deemed to be predominantly a day of rest,
I did go to church however and although I didn’t intend to, I ended up lunching with Victoria at the Cross Keys.
Her usual companion Judith still hadn’t returned from Kiddingstone after the Burns Night Supper and with Maisie working at Mahajak’s she was at a loose end so I went with her instead.
And my gallantry was rewarded with a very enjoyable luncheon in very good company.
After the meal we were joined by Tilly Bushe and her brother Tristan.
Tristan was in ebullient mood as he had just heard that his offer on the Overend house had been accepted.
Suffice is to say we were in the pub considerably longer than I originally intended.
In fact the session only ended when Robert came to meet Tilly and take her to spend the afternoon with Katy.
Tristan and I helped Victoria to her bed I mused that had I taken her home alone I would probably have joined her.
We then went back to mine as Tristan was too drunk to drive and he promptly fell asleep on the sofa while I was making drinks and he was so drunk he ended up staying until morning.
As I found myself alone with an unresponsive guest I decided to pop back to check on Victoria and found her to be much better company.

On Monday morning a very hung-over Tristan thanked me for my hospitality and walked off in the direction of the pub to find his car.
I myself set straight to work to rearrange the contents of my recently added to wank bank into titillating tales of lust and lasciviousness.
My hope was to dash off a sufficient quantity of dirty stories to keep my publisher Gay Gordon off my back for at least a month.
Thankfully by early evening I was able to say
“Mission accomplished”
And I promptly emailed the latest batch of smut to Gordon.

My reason for wanting to clear the decks so to speak was because Tuesday was the day of the meeting at the church hall to make the final arrangements regarding Katy Oliver’s palliative care.
And as a result I wanted to ensure I had no more demands on my time than was necessary.
My February schedule was pretty clear save for the birthday treat Georgia had planned for me and Valentines Day.
The only other commitments in February were my Roving Angels Patrols.
Normally it would only be one patrol a month but I had missed my January stint because of my impromptu Tunisian sojourn.
As a result I had volunteered to do an extra one to redress the balance.
Neither of which would interfere with the immediate demands on my time.

Just after one o’clock there was a knock on the door and when I opened it I found it was Molly Curtis.
“Hey Moll” I said
“Hello cuz” she said and we embraced.
“You’re early” I added, “have you come for a quickie”
“I wish” Molly said “But unfortunately I have a visitor”
“Shame” I said
“Oh don’t worry it’s only a short visit” she replied with a leer then we had a bite of lunch and then walked down to the church hall together.

The meeting wasn’t long in duration as all those previously tasked with particular elements of the overall care plan had completed each one with meticulous thoroughness.
The rotas of every description were compiled and a timetable had been drawn up with teams of volunteers at the ready.
The only fly in the ointment was that the medical equipment was to be delivered on the 1st of February, my birthday, when I was to be away from home.
However the news of this detail failed to raise even a flicker of concern with the committee who took it all in their collective stride and said it would be taken care of and I could go off on my birthday trip without a care.
On my return I would have a day or two of normality before Katie moved in on the 4th.

After the meeting, Molly went off to work and I returned home with complete peace of mind, on the subject of Katie’s care at any rate.

Alone with my own thoughts for a couple of days I used the time to reflect on the extraordinary month of January.
It had been a funny month, which began with my New Years resolution to adopt monogamy, and be faithful to Georgia.
It was my “New Year, New Me” resolution which ended in a spectacular failure on New Years day afternoon when I sullied the Presidents club billiard table with Shula Mahajak’s.
That wasn’t the worst of it though; my display of shameful behaviour was demonstrated while Georgia was in my bed at home with the flu.
But as if that wasn’t low enough for me to stoop, I then went on to defile a woman of the cloth in Godalming, twice.
That was difficult even for me to come to terms with and in order to try and forget my sinful desecration of Reverend Oliver I sought solace in the arms of a stranger in numerous and prolonged dalliances in Tunis.
On my return to the UK I almost died of exposure before coming close to ruining the reputation of a well-respected doctor after she raised me from the dead, not for the first time I might add.
I then proceeded to add to the infidelity, blasphemy and general immorality I had already succumbed to when I committed a lewd act in a public place, namely when I shagged Shula in the swimming baths changing room.
This still left time before the end of the month for me to enjoy Pandora’s delicious delights, home and away so to speak.
Which was a bittersweet experience, though in truth it was incredibly sweet with the only bitterness being the prospect of it being for the final time.
But I did almost ruin her reputation into the bargain.
Despite my busy week I still managed to find the time to reacquaint myself with Victoria Braithwaite as she lay both in her bed and in her cups.

So as the month came to its close I chose to reassess.
I knew I wasn’t going to kick my philandering ways altogether, because I knew that I didn’t really want to.
But like a habitual smoker I needed to wean myself off slowly.
If I could at least keep them to a minimum then my little indiscretions would be the equivalent of nicotine patches.
As I had completely failed, by any measurement, in January, I would begin again in February.
I was going to meet Georgia on the 31st and spend my birthday with her.
As my New Year’s resolution, “New Year New Me”, didn’t work and January had turned into a total fuck fest. I decided my new clarion call would be “30 day” instead.
My thirtieth birthday was on the 1st of February so that would be my new line in the sand.

On Thursday morning I caught the train to Kiddingstone where I picked up a hire car from Clarion Cars after which I returned home and collected my overnight bag.
I then drove to the doctor’s surgery and left a front door key to my house with Olivia Adamson before continuing on to Roehampton.
Georgia had a lunchtime lecture but she had finished and was back home by the time I got to the house.
It had only been two weeks since we had last been together but that was clearly 14 days too long for Georgie because she was all over me like a rash the moment I stepped through the door.
Horny Miss Georgie of course was not; I was pleased to say, supplementing her lusty diet like I was.
So that kind of took care of the rest of the day.

When I awoke on Friday morning, it being my birthday, I was expecting some more of the same.
But Georgia was already up and showered and apart from wishing me a happy birthday with a kiss she was not giving me anything else.
I had to get a move on apparently; the day was wasting, places to go, inside her knickers not being one of them.
So I had to get up and shower, I was also ordered to shave and make myself presentable and dress smartly and still not a sniff of a birthday shag.
I did what was asked of me and made myself as agreeable as I could.
When I finished and was past fit to be seen with by Georgia, I noticed she was also well turned out in a smart two piece suit and all the trimmings, we were both done up as if we were going to a wedding.
That was an interesting though random thought.
At ten o’clock, the two of us set off in the car, although only one of us knew the destination and it wasn’t me.
I was completely in her hands, Georgia gave me directions and I drove.
It was my birthday treat which she had planned to the last detail, none of which she had told me, so I drove on following her every instruction.
With each twist and turn I tried to guess our destination as she chattered away, but in the end I gave up and decided to just enjoy the company and the scenery.
We arrived in Salisbury on a sunny and unseasonably mild day and I still wasn’t sure if that was our final destination, until
“Turn right” Georgia shouted
“What here?” I asked
“Yes” she answered
I followed her instructions and drove into the car park of the Castle View Hotel.
I was a little alarmed as it looked like a very expensive hotel and Georgia was treating me for my birthday.
“This looks nice” I said “Maybe too nice”
“Don’t be silly,” she said, “you’re worth it”
We checked in and went upstairs, Georgia had booked us into the bridal suite, another random thought crossed my mind, complete with four poster bed and a fantastic view of the Cathedral, although to be fair, as we were to find out later, there weren’t many places in Salisbury that you couldn’t see the cathedral from, however from our room it was a particularly fine view.
Not as fine as the view of Georgia pulling her drawers down and sitting on the loo.
I felt a familiar tingle in my pants as I listened to her peeing, and thought it was time to christen the four poster bed in the usual manner, but much To my regret I wasn’t given the opportunity as Georgia had booked us into the hotel restaurant for lunch, a well patronised establishment and a well deserved recipient of a Michelin star apparently.
I could have given her a few more stars than that if she was the recipient of what was brewing in my trousers.
Still it was lunchtime and I was hungry and not just for her so we head towards the restaurant, God alone knew how much it was all costing her.

After lunch we went up to the room, the food had been incredible, the desert we both agreed was better than sex,
We lay down on the four-poster bed staring up at the canopy, but we both felt too fat for a fumble so we roused ourselves and went for a walk instead.
There was a long winding path that crossed over the river, past a water mill then over the mill stream and a weir before it dissected the water meadow on its way to the town and at every turn we were blessed with a fresh view of the Cathedral bathed in the winter sunshine, so once we reached the town we just had to go in.
And it was an afternoon well spent; the Cathedral had a fabulous façade that merely hinted at its grand interior, the stained glass illuminated by the sun was breathtaking.
We spent hours inside reading every plaque and inscription and when we left I felt cleansed and refreshed.
We took the same route back across the water meadow though in the half-light it wasn’t nearly as picturesque.

By the time we got back to the hotel we were feeling a bit tired so we decided on a long soak in the bath, together of course.
“No funny business” Georgia said her round plump naked buttocks only inches from my face.
“Why’s that” I said
“That’s for later,” she said and she lowered her cute arse into the water between by legs, then she leant back against me as the hot water lapped up over her titties.
“We have a table booked for eight o’clock”
“You’re spending too much on me” I admonished her
“I’m really not” Georgia replied
“The bridal suite, Michelin starred restaurant” I corrected her
Then she giggled until her tits jiggled in the soapy water.
“My dad gave me a whole load of vouchers,” she confessed with laughter still in her voice “it hasn’t cost me anything yet”

After Georgia had washed her hair we lay in the soapy water until it started to get cold.
I watched with lustful eyes as her gorgeous body emerged from the water and she wiggled her arse in front of me as she stepped out.
I really wanted her, but she said I had to wait and I knew she was well worth that wait and my patience would be suitably rewarded, but I wanted then and again later.
I turned the hot water on and as I continued to soak. I stared appreciatively at my erection as I listened to Georgia drying her hair my mind obviously strayed towards her damp un-towelled pubes.
Becoming curious to know what she was doing when the hairdryer stopped I craned my neck so I could see her stunning reflection in the mirror as she dried herself.
This voyeurism was doing nothing to diminish my erection so I decided to get out of the bath and drying myself off before shaving, and then I cleaned my teeth and applied my aftershave.

I emerged from the bathroom just in time to see Georgia, wearing a little black dress, walking hornily through a freshly atomised cloud of perfume.
Then with the final touches applied she sat on the bed and looked at me with complete and utter, and shamelessly undisguised lust.
It was almost bordering on the perverted; I looked forward to dealing with her later.

As we walked through reception I am not ashamed to admit I felt exceeding proud to have such a beautiful girl on my arm.
Just before we entered to restaurant I turned to her and said
“I love you miss Gregory”
Georgia smiled and kissed me.
“I love you too” she responded “old man”
“Old man?” I exclaimed as I watched her walk ahead of me.
“Come on keep up granddad” she called.

We were seated in the conservatory section of the restaurant and it was a little cool so I asked the waiter to close the skylight as Georgia had goose bumps on her arms and her temperature gauges had activated.
The waiter duly obliged and then Georgia asked
“Are you staring at my nipples?”
“Of course” I replied
“Well that’s alright then” she said so I continued staring
“You didn’t bother with a bra then” I stated
“Are you complaining?” Georgia asked
“Not at all, less for me to take off later” I replied
“Don’t assume you’re getting lucky just because it’s your birthday” she said aloofly
“So what was that lustful leer you were giving me earlier?” I asked
“Indigestion” she replied
“You’ll soon change your tune once I get my hand inside your knickers” I told her
“No chance of that” she said and blushed crimson red
I put my hand on her knee and moved my hand up under her skirt and beyond her stocking top to her knickerless nonny.
I pulled one of her pubes and made her yelp.
“The last time you went out without any knickers on you were in bed for three days” I reminded her
“That’s a result I would settle for this time,” she confessed

Luckily at that moment the starters arrived and it was so delicious that my thoughts were completely distracted from Georgia’s freshly laundered and unfettered fanny.
It was only when we were sipping our coffee that the lascivious leer returned to her innocent face and a trouser tickle to my pants.
This tickle grew as I remembered that the founder of the feast seated next to me was “sans pants”.
I put my hand back on her knee and gently pulled her legs apart.
Then my hand crept along her thigh, dwelling momentarily on the lacy fringe before proceeding along the soft silkiness of her inner thigh and ultimately the luscious moist jewel of her young pussy.
Her lips were already open and very accommodating to my approaching fingers, which slipped along her slippery gash and entered her easily.
She instantly closed her legs
“Upstairs now” she ordered “sign the bill and get upstairs you dirty old man”
“Yes miss” I said feigning a tug of my forelock
My cock was ready to burst out of my trousers and I was going to leave the restaurant with a very awkward gait, which would give the appearance to the untrained eye of an old man walking.
The throbbing in my trousers was now accompanied by an ache dwelling deep in my balls.
We left the restaurant slightly less together than when we entered, I was still walking awkwardly and Georgia was walking extremely quickly but only from the knees down.
Her thighs were together and her buttocks appeared clenched.
We said goodnight to the reception staff and once out of sight Georgie charged up the stairs taking them two steps at a time.
I went off after her in similar vein and caught up with her on the first floor landing.
I pushed her up against the wall and kissed her,
Then I hitched up her dress and my hand went straight to her fluffy brown bush
“I like your new habit of not wearing any drawers,” I said
“It saves me having to yank them down around your ankles”
“I knew you’d like it you dirty old man” she said wickedly
I pushed two fingers into her tight wet cunny and rubbed her clitoris with my thumb and she let out a long breathy sigh.
She wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and raised one leg off the ground,
There was the sound of voices below and in an instant she had extricated herself and was away up the stairs.
“You’ll have to catch me if you want more” she called over her shoulder.
The swelling in my trousers was not making movement any easier and Georgia had a head start on me.
But on the next flight of stairs she paused to remove her shoes and I managed to grab one of her stockinged ankles.
Georgia was giggling as she tried to wriggle free but I wasn’t letting go and as she tried to scramble up the stairs on all fours I improved my hold on her by grabbing her about the waist with my left arm.
Meanwhile my right hand returned up her dress and fingered her pussy once more and she squealed with delight as I frigged her.
After a minute of this I yanked her dress up and exposed her round white buttocks, this gave me a great view of the object of my attentions and I felt the sudden need to drink of her,
But as soon as my lips touched hers and before my tongue could taste her hot cunny juice she managed to wriggle away and I could only watch on as she scampered up the stairs.
When she reached the top stair she sat there triumphantly with the dress still rucked up around her middle.
“Come on then, birthday boy” she said taunting me by opening and closing her legs and as Georgia spread her legs wide I could see her juicy moist lips as she slipped her finger down her crack.
Then Georgia stood up holding her shoes in one hand and still fingering herself with the other, before she headed towards the bridal suite.
She was stood leaning against the door waiting for me and as I got close she took the room key card from her stocking top and opened the door.
Giggling and squealing as she did so, then she dropped her shoes and jumped onto the four-poster bed.
I rushed into the room and closed the door to find Georgia was kneeling on the bed with her back to me.
I kicked off my shoes and undid my trousers and by the time I reached the end of the bed I was naked except for my socks, which under normal circumstances I would have removed as well but my balls were fit to bust.
Georgia was kneeling at the end of the bed with her arse on full display as she gripped on to the bedpost with both hands.
She giggled as I unzipped her dress and slipped it off her shoulders so my hands could play with her beautiful titties.
“Do you have vouchers for this?” I asked as I stood there my legs trembling
“Just fuck me,” she ordered “this is your birthday treat”
“Credit then” I said as my cock slipped effortlessly into her tight cunny.
Georgia exhaled a low animal grunt as I went into her up to my balls.
My hands abandoned her titties and grasped onto her hips while she held, white knuckled, onto the bed post as she pushed down onto me as she grunted ever louder with each successive penetration.
With the length of stroke shortening her moans became more urgent, more guttural, and more animal
Until Georgia’s whole body went into spasm as she came with a sensual scream and my cock pulsed and twitched inside her.
Then we collapsed onto the bed where we lay in a panting heap
Until Georgia wriggled herself out of her dress and went down on me,
“Happy birthday to me” I said

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