Saturday, 13 April 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 56) The Morning After The Night Before

On the morning after the Burns Night Supper, following an unexpected, but nonetheless extraordinarily passionate sexual encounter, I woke about midmorning to find Pandora Parkinson Brown under the duvet performing toe curling fellatio on me.
Under the circumstances there was only one thing I could do which was to join her under the covers and return the favour.
The result of this mutually generous act was that we didn’t arrive downstairs until lunchtime.
However I don’t wish to convey the impression that we were in anyway slovenly so I can honestly say that we were at least showered, though admittedly not dressed.
So we ate lunch rather decadently in bath robes and to be perfectly honest I was looking forward to spending the afternoon in a similar vein to the morning.
I’m sure that similar thoughts were crossing Pandora’s mind and the heat of passion was coursing through her veins as ferociously as my own, I definitely had a distinct trouser tickle and I felt sure Pandora was feeling the female equivalent there of.
So with that in mind I was just trying to formulate a plan to get inside her again when there was a knock on the front door.
“Who’s that?” Pandy asked with panic in her voice and a look on her face like a startled rabbit.
“I don’t know” I replied “go upstairs and I’ll find out”
I waited for Pandora to tiptoe upstairs and once she was safely out of sight I opened the door.
“My god” Frankie said “you do know it’s the afternoon”
“Shut your face” I responded “I had a late night”
“I can just imagine what you were doing” she said and then gesturing towards the Cherokee added “is this the lucky princess’s carriage?”
“No” I replied “Cinders went home already”
“So whose is that beast?”
“Its Pandora Parkinson Brown’s, she went to the Burns supper with Judith last night” I explained “She obviously went straight home last night so I’m dropping it off for her later”
“Ok” she said “I’m going to be a couple of hours finishing off”
“I’ll leave the door on the latch so you can use the facilities” I said and closed the door.
I ran upstairs to find Pandora pacing around the bedroom in her black silk knickers and her faux fur shrug; I never wanted her more than at that moment.
“What am I going to do?” she said panic stricken
“Well don’t panic for a start” I said
“It’s alright for you” she shouted “everyone already knows what you’re like”
Then she continued pacing, picked up her evening dress and threw it on the bed.
“What was I thinking” she ranted “how can I go home in that, everyone will know I’ve been out all night”
I left the room while she continued her rant and returned a few minutes later carrying some clothes in my arms.
“The Jeans and sweater are my Cousin Molly’s, she’s a similar shape to you” I said handing Pandora the clothes “and the pumps are Georgia’s she has the same size foot”
Pandora looked at me and then ran into my arms
“You’re a life saver” she said and kissed me
“Get dressed” I said and left the room again this time I returned carrying a holdall “Put your party clothes in this”
Pandora did as I told her; I quickly got dressed myself and went downstairs, Pandora walked gingerly down the stairs to join me after about ten minutes.
“Its ok Frankie’s out the front” I called from the lounge where I was looking through the window.
I walked towards the hall and added
“Leave the bag there” and taking her by the hand I led her out through the kitchen and out the back door and then into the garage.
“Wait in there” I instructed and kissed her forehead
I then went back in the house and picked up the holdall and the car keys and opened the front door.
I went to the back of the Cherokee and opened the tailgate and threw in the bag.
There was a car rug in the boot so I picked that up and closed the door again.
Then I opened the rear passenger door on the drivers side threw in the rug and left the door open before going back in the house.
I went straight out the back door and rejoined Pandora in the garage and told her what to do.
I took a deep breath before emerging from the front door and closing it behind me.
I gave Frankie a wave before opening the garage door.
Then I walked down the path to speak to her
“Hey Frankie” I called “I’m going to drop Pandora’s car off”
While I walked down the path Pandora crept out from the garage and onto the back seat of the car where she hid under the blanket.
“Ok” she replied
“I’ve left the door on the latch for you” I added “if you’re done before I get back can you lock it?”
“Sure thing” she replied
“The path looks great by the way” I said “but we’ll have to re-landscape the garden now”
“We?” Frankie said “I will have to re-landscape”
“There’s no “I” in team Frankie” I replied “See you later”
Once I was sure Pandora was safely hidden I went back up the path and closed the garage door.
I quickly checked Pandora couldn’t be seen before I closed the passenger door and got in the car.
“I think your reputation is safe madam” I whispered
“I feel like a scarlet woman” she giggled
“So do I” I replied
“You’re sex mad” she said
I looked in the rear view mirror as we drove though the village, Pandora was laying across the back seat completely covered by the blanket apart from her finger which were gripping the edge of the blanket and the top of her head, she looked like a chad.
Everytime we passed another car or a pedestrian I shouted
“Hide Mrs Chad”
Once through the village I headed towards the posh side of Bushy Down.
“I don’t get to Nob Hill as often as I’d like” I said
“I don’t get knob as often as I’d like” Pandy replied
“Pandora Parkinson Brown!!” I said shocked “I thought you were a lady”
“I am a lady, just Not when I’m with you” she replied “with you I can be a Trollope”
“Fare comment” I replied
When I got to Pandora’s, I drove the car onto her drive.
“Put it in the garage” Pandora said “the remote is in the glove compartment”
I opened the garage door as instructed and drove in, then closed the door behind me.
“We made it” Pandora yelled from beneath the blanket.
“Yes your reputation is unblemished” I agreed

We got out of the Cherokee and after retrieving her party clothes from the boot we went into the house safe from prying eyes.
We emerged in the kitchen where Pandora took the bag from me.
“Make a drink darling” she said “while I get changed”
So I boiled the kettle and made us coffee.
I was sat on a stool drinking mine when Pandy rejoined me in the kitchen about 15 minutes later.
She had indeed changed out of the borrowed items she arrived in; she was now standing in the doorway wearing matching red silk underwear, black stockings, high heeled shoes and a lascivious expression.
“Did someone order a scarlet woman?” she asked coyly
It took me completely by surprise and I almost fainted as all the blood rushed to my loins.
“I’m very partial to a scarlet woman” I said as I looked her up and down.
Pandora was such a classy woman even when she was playing the strumpet.
A classy chassis dressed in classy expensive lingerie, the camisole merely hinted at its formidable contents and only her proud peaks betrayed her arousal and her camiknickers were both flattering and tempting simultaneously while her black stockings were again of the highest quality as were their contents.
My hands sweated and my mouth salivated as I surveyed every inch of the gorgeous package
“Especially a posh one”
“Is that why you want me” she asked as she walked towards me on her high heels which probable cost more than my last royalty cheque. “Because I’m posh”
“I do like posh birds” I confessed “but I want you now because you’re hot”
“Good answer” Pandora said as she stood in front of me. “You can have the prize now”
Then she moved in close and kissed me slowly and deliberately and my cock almost burst out of my trousers.
“Can I unwrap it now?” I asked her between kisses
“You don’t have to unwrap it completely” she replied with a coy smile.
I knew precisely what she meant by that so I ran my fingers lightly across the cool silk of her camisole, they caressed gently around her breast and brushed her nipples, stirring them like an autumn breeze and making her suck air through her teeth before kissing me urgently.
My hand made full meaningful contact with her firm round breast and my thumb traced circles around the areola of her aroused teat.
Pandora pressed up against me so close a cigarette paper couldn’t have passed between us.
My hand abandoned her breast and joined its partner to fondle her ample silk clad buttocks.
She fidgeted and shuffled her feet and then lifted one leg and put her foot on the bottom rail of the stool.
This motion offered up her stocking topped thigh to within easy reach of my hand, a situation I immediately took advantage of.
Beginning at her knee I stroked her leg, the stocking was sheer and cool beneath my palm, the lace topping was luxurious and the flesh beyond as soft and silky as the red knickers at the top of her thigh.
We stopped kissing and Pandora rested her forehead against mine as my hand slipped up her knicker leg and my fingers were quickly toying amidst her pubic hairs.
I could feel Pandora’s breath on my face and as my fingers slipped into the creamy wetness between her lips she exclaimed a loud “Woarrr”
As I marvelled at her wetness and how delicious her cream felt between my fingers she moved her head next to mine so I could hear her murmuring and panting.
These erotic emanations soon turned to moans as I rubbed her clit and it wasn’t many moments before she stiffened in my arms as she came loudly in my ear at my tender touch.
Her arms were locked around my neck as she kissed my ear and chewed roughly on my earlobe before she wetly tongued every contour of my ear.
I grasped a handful of fleshy buttock in each hand and stood up, not an easy task with Pandora wrapped around my neck like an anaconda, but made all the more difficult by the added handicap of a rather noteworthy erection trying desperately to break free.
Still I wasn’t planning on a route march I only needed to stagger three paces, there I deposited Pandora’s plump arse on the island in the middle of the kitchen.
As her plump cheeks slapped onto the marble worktop she released her vice like grip, she looked at me very lustfully and smiled before resting her head on my chest.
She remained in that position all the while she was extricating my swollen member from my clothing.
When she had completed her task she looked back up at me, her mouth wearing a distinct leer as she grasped my cock tightly in her small hand.
I could have taken the opportunity to undress her, she wouldn’t have complained, but I knew that wasn’t what she wanted.
I put my hand on her cheek and turning her face towards me I kissed her lustful lips as she held on to my manhood as if her life depended on it.
With the merest of pressure I pulled her legs open and with her open to the fullest, I slipped my thumb up the leg of her silk panties and pulled them to one side and exposed the moist flesh.
So when I inched forward her hand guided me in.
“Woarrr” she roared in my mouth as I penetrated her.
She gripped my hips with her knees and her stiletto heels dug into my calves as I thrust into her a second and third time.
Pandora released her grip from about my neck and leant back, resting on her hands as she continued to receive me.
She was panting and puffing like a steam engine as I thrust again and again.
I was in no hurry to finish her as I wanted to savour every moment of it, after all now she had met Harry Beaumont, Harry of the beautiful hills, I couldn’t be sure if this was going to be the last time I got enjoy her.
But all things must come to an end and Pandora was on the brink of orgasm and exhaustion so as she had collapsed onto her back I slid both hands up under her camisole and groped at her beautiful tits while I quickened the pace until she screamed out in orgasm and I followed her with a grunt.
Pandora squirmed and sighed smugly,
“That was fab” she said
I thought to myself that if it was to be our swan song it wasn’t at all bad.

As it turned out my fears proved to be premature in regard to Pandora as she took me to her bed and kept me there until darkness fell. after which I walked home alone across the golf course unseen.

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