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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 55) The Burns Night Supper

On Monday afternoon, my progress was followed every step of the way as I left the leisure centre swimming pool complex, by the stern faced female employee who suspected me of having sex in a changing room cubicle.
She didn’t actually accuse me but I knew that she thought it and she was 100 percent correct in her suspicion.
But discretion being the better part of valour I thought it might be wise not to try that again for a while.

Early on Tuesday morning Frankie phoned me to say that she and Maisie would start work on the new path on Thursday but that the materials would be delivered sometime Wednesday afternoon and would I be at home to receive it, I confirmed that I would.
In fact I was going to be home all week and planned to catch up with my salacious writings, as I had some groin tingling research material under my belt.
After lunch however I did have a call from Dr Claire Andrews, asking if I could meet her at the village hall at 2 o’clock.
I would normally develop an immediate semi at the mention of the words “meeting” and “Claire” in the same sentence.
However I knew immediately by the unusual location that this was not a meeting for “Pleasure”.
So I had an early lunch and walked into the village for the appointed time.
As I approached the village hall I saw Claire and her practice manager Olivier Adamson walking through the gate.
Once inside I found the new vicar, Robert Hunter and his girlfriend Tilly Bushe along with several members from the church committee.
Pleasantries were exchanged and Olivier Adamson even smiled at me, it was the type of smile that a baby makes, which you think is cute but it turns out to be wind.
After which the business of the day could commence and given those assembled the only item on the agenda was Katy Oliver.
First of all I informed them that a new front path was being laid that week, it was suggested that it might be widened to accommodate a wheelchair, but I had already thought of that and it was all in hand.
The front door was already wide enough as was the hallway.
The second item discussed were the arrangements for when the medical equipment could be delivered.
Claire and I had provisionally agreed the first Monday in February; she had already done all the preliminary work it was just the final details to be sorted out.
Although I protested, it was decided a couple of volunteers would come and help me clear the lounge in readiness to receive a hospital bed and all its associated paraphernalia.
One area that took up quite some time to sort out was the nursing care.
The dioceses was to provide 24 hour nursing care for the last weeks but not for the whole period required so a Rota of volunteers would be required and someone to Co-ordinate it, the obvious choice for this was clearly Claire but I suggested my Cousin Molly, who worked in Kiddingstone now, to assist.
Equally important as Katy was such a popular person was a visitor’s rota and someone quite strict to administer it, this was a no brainer, so Olivier took this on.
The final item on the agenda was a date for when Katie would leave the Vicarage and take up residence in my house, however short that stay might be.
Katy was keen to do it sooner rather than later and get out of Roberts way.
Robert on the other hand was not eager to hurry her out the door any sooner than was necessary, so we could only narrow it down to the second week of February.
Robert and Tilly both volunteered to help her pack or redistribute her things as per her wishes.
I was keen that she should be able to surround herself with her personal things so I suggested I should make provision for that when preparing the room.
We adjourned the meeting and agreed to meet the same time the following week for a progress report.

Afterwards when almost everyone had left I got a chance to speak with Tilly alone for the first time since before Christmas.
“I have a confession to make,” She said sheepishly.
“What’s that?” I asked
“I haven’t finished your tapes yet” she said and covered her face with her hands.
“Is that all?” I asked
“What? You’re not cross with me?” she said through her fingers
“Of course not” I replied
“But I have no excuse” she admitted “no convoluted set of circumstances that would constitute a noble reason for not doing what I promised”
“You fell in love,” I said simply
“Yes I did” She responded blushing
“Well what better reason is there than that?” I continued
“Not very professional though” Tilly said hanging her head
“Sometimes life just has a habit of getting in the way,” I said philosophically
“I’m so sorry” she said
“Don’t be silly, it’s not important,” I said “just do them when you can”
But she didn’t look convinced
“Look, you’re so lucky, you’ve found love, just be happy”
“I am happy,” she said “and…”
“And what?” I asked
“We’re getting engaged” Tilly told me.
“That’s fantastic,” I said genuinely
“We’re not telling anyone yet” she explained, “we don’t want to upset Katy”
“Why would she be upset?” I asked
“Well I feel guilty enough that she has to give up her home” she said “To tell her about getting engaged feels like rubbing salt in the wound”
“Katy knows that life goes on” I explained, “Tell her, she will be so happy”

After a kiss and a hug we said goodbye and I returned home from the church hall, I phoned Molly and told her what I had volunteered her for.
As I suspected she was only too happy to help and promised to make next weeks meeting,
She also made other promises which I looked forward to her fulfilling, after that I threw myself into my work with relish and wrote well into the night.

On Wednesday I continued my fruitful writing with gusto interrupted only by occasional pangs of hunger and the promised delivery of building supplies Frankie had forewarned me about being deposited on my drive.

Bright and early Thursday morning Maisie knocked on the door.
“Hi Simon” she said brightly “Frankie’s on her way”
“Maisie!! You’re early” I replied
“Yes I know” she said “is the kettle on?”
“Its not, but come in anyway” I said
As I showed her into the kitchen I thought how confident she was now, with not a hint remaining of that timid creature I caught stealing from my garage.
After making a drink we sat at the kitchen table and chatted for the first time for ages.
India Carrington, her girlfriend, was the main topic of conversation.
It was quite sweet to hear her gushing about the girl she clearly loved.
“India said this” or “India did that” I of course could only picture them doing “this” or “that” to each other.
Which brought a tingle to my trousers and had Frankie not have knocked at the door I might well have taken advantage of the situation and nailed Maisie over the kitchen table, it wouldn’t have been the first time after all.
Anyway it wasn’t to be and the girls set about laying my new front path and I took my tingle into the study and put my dirty thoughts onto paper, or at least the page.
Which is where I stayed for the best part of the day, only stopping to feed and water the girls.
The weather couldn’t have been better for the job in hand and by the end of the day Frankie and Maisie had done really well and had got all the foundation work done.
Because the old stepped path was being replaced by one all on the same level, much of the first day was spent building up the level confined within retaining walls, they worked on until 7.30pm to make sure they completed stage one.
As they had stayed so late I ordered an Indian Takeaway and we sat in my lounge eating off trays on our laps.

Friday began dull and overcast but the sun soon burst through and was perfect for Frankie and Maisie to lay the paviers.
While they toiled outside I made a start packing away the contents of the lounge and apart from providing a regular supply of hot drinks and giving them a hot lunch I worked on the packing all day and the girls pressed on outside.
When I stopped at four o’clock all the paviers were down and Maisie was just hosing off the drive.
So after another successful day all that was needed was for Frankie to return on Saturday morning to apply the finishing touches.
When they had left for the day I carried the boxes of books and ornaments I had packed away through to the garage and then I was just on my way upstairs for a long relaxing bath when there was a knock at the door.
I thought one of the girls must have forgotten something but when I opened the door it was a young man in a smart suit.
“Mr. Fisher?” the young man asked
“Yes” I replied
“Clarion cars” He said and gestured towards the hire car
“Oh yes” I said and picked up the key from the hall table and handed it to him.
After a brief inspection of the vehicle and a signature he drove away.
I resumed my previous coarse and headed towards my relaxing bath, After which, cleaned and rejuvenated, I went downstairs in my dressing gown and made myself something to eat.
After dinner I decided to open a bottle of wine and put my feet up and watch a DVD.
There were only DVD’s and CD’s left in the lounge and the few remaining books that I deemed fit for a vicar eyes.
I went to the shelf and selected one of my all time favourites “Where Eagles Dare”.
While I was watching TV and struggling to keep my eyes open I suddenly remembered it was Burns Night and Pandora’s blind date with Harry Beaumont.
The Burns Night Supper is normally held on or near the poet, Robert Burn's birthday, 25 January, which this year fell on a Friday.
It was significant as it was not only Pandora’s first blind date ever but it was also her first date of any kind for almost 20 years.
She was understandably nervous about dating again and unsure she wanted a strange man going to her house so she had taken my advice and Pandora was driving to my house where she would leave her car on my drive and then walk next door to Judith’s where Mortimer would pick them both up and take them to the Oak Park Hotel.
I looked at the clock and saw that she would be there in about ten minutes, and Pandora was always punctual, so I thought I ought to put some clothes on.

Right on time Pandora arrived and reversed her Cherokee up the drive.
I watched through the window as she came to a stop, switched off the lights and got out.
I went to the front door and opened it just at the precise moment she reached it.
Pandora was immaculately dressed as usual in a full length green halter necked designer evening dress and a lavish faux fur shrug.
“Wow” I said, “you look stunning”
“Bless you darling” she responded “but I’m scared to death”
She handed me the car keys, in case I needed to move it
“You shouldn’t be Pandy” I reassured her “Harry will trip over his tongue when he sees you”
I slipped on some shoes and said
“Come on gorgeous I’ll escort you to Judith’s door”
She took my arm and as we walked down the new path she turned to me and asked with panic in her voice
“What if he doesn’t like me?”
Then she immediately looked down at the ground, I stopped and placed my hand under her chin and tilted her head up until I could look into her eyes.
“He’s going to love you the moment he sees you” I said to her softly
“I hope so” she replied forlornly
We continued walking and turned to go up to Judith’s door.
I rang the bell and it was opened in moments.
“Hello” Judith said cheerfully
“Hello Jude” Pandora said glumly as she stepped into the house
“Have a great time Pandora” I called after her
Pandora didn’t reply and Judith gave me a look
“Crisis of confidence” I whispered
“Oh I see,” she said sagely
She assured me she would massage her ego and ply her with drink until she cheered up.
We laughed and then I wished her a nice evening and returned home.
Once inside I resumed my seat and refilled my glass.
After taking a mouthful I leant back into the cushions and promptly fell asleep.
I woke up just after eleven o’clock, and I think I only woke up then because I needed a pee.
So I got up and attended to the matter in hand.
When I finished attending to my call of nature I was decidedly peckish so I went to the kitchen and made myself a snack.
Then I returned to my sofa, restarted the movie I began watching four hours earlier and sat eating cheese and biscuits’ as I watched the Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood taking on the Nazis.
At the end of the film I was still wide-awake so I got up and chose another DVD off the shelf.
I was about a quarter of the way through “The Fifth Element” when I detected the tell tale clip clop sound of high heels from outside.
I glanced at the clock and thought it must be Judith arriving home from the Supper so I returned my attention to the action.
When a moment later there was a knock on my front door.
I checked the clock again before I got up and walked out into the hall.
I opened the door and a rather tipsy Pandora almost fell through it.
“Hello Simon” she said with a flourish.
“You had a nice time then” I said as I helped her into the house.
“I had a wonderful time” she exclaimed
She tottered a few steps then kicked off her shoes, which made her a little more stable on her feet, and she quickly progressed into the lounge.
All the while talking nine to the dozen about how marvelous the evening was.
So much for the crisis of confidence, little miss insecure was nowhere to be seen.
“So Harry did like you then” I asked as she plopped down on the sofa.
“He did,” she said smiling
“And you like him?” I asked
“Yes” she said coyly
“Good” I said as I sat down next to her
“So what are you doing here then?”
“Well I saw your lights were still on from the taxi and I thought I’d come and tell you all about my evening” she explained.
“Why were you in a taxi?” I asked, “Why didn’t you come home with Judith?”
“Mortimer booked a room for them at the Oak Park as a surprise” Pandora said “very romantic”
“You could have got a room with Harry” I said
“No I couldn’t,” she said indignantly
“What kind of a woman do you think I am? I couldn’t do that on a first date, and I don’t think he could either”
Well I did have some experience of what Pandora was capable of but it would have been ungentlemanly to point it out to her so I just said
“High Wycombe”
“That was different” she said “anyway with you it doesn’t really count because you’re such a tart” and she roared with laughter to such an extent that she ended up collapsing in a heap with her head and shoulders on my lap.
“Harry Beaumont is a gentleman, you’re just my bit of rough” And she disintegrated into laughter again.
“So why didn’t Harry take you home then?” I asked when she had stopped chuckling
“Well he was over the limit and I thought it might be a bit awkward, to have him ride all the way over in the cab and then go all the way back” she explained at length
“And it would have been cruel to tantalize him with my gorgeousness for the whole journey only to dash his hopes”
This bought about another burst of laughter and when she eventually composed herself she was laying at full stretch on her back looking up at me
“Do you still think I’m gorgeous?” she asked, regally draped before me.
“Quite gorgeous” I conceded
“Well quite gorgeous won’t get you a look at the underwear I bought in town the other day” she said
“I bet it does,” I said as I slowly moved my right hand, which had been resting on her chuckling belly, up to caress the roundness of her breast.
“Well maybe” Pandora murmured as she tipped her head back and closed her eyes.
Her breast rose and fell in my hand as she breathed and as I caressed the heaving mound I felt her stiffening nipple beneath the fabric.
I was just about to employ my left hand to fondle her other breast when Pandora lifted her head and reached behind her neck and untied the halter.
And with a brief lick of the lips she returned to her serene reclining.
With my free hand I tugged gently on the halter until both magnificent breasts were fully exposed, topped by her succulent nipples standing proud like dark pink sentinels.
My eager hands grasped greedily at then and kneaded them like warm dough.
Her bottom squirmed discernibly as my fingers traced around her areolas and teased and toyed with her nipples until the stood as stiff as my little finger.
Her breasts were still heaving like two ships caught in an Atlantic swell as my right hand returned to her belly and joined my other hand in pulling the fabric of her dress upwards slowly exposing her black stockinged legs until the bulk of her skirts rested above her knees.
When the hem was in reach I placed my hand on her knee so it could begin its journey under her skirts and up the inside of her thigh.
The rising and falling of her chest increased exponentially with the progress of my hand, as did the licking of her lips.
It excited me very much looking down on her as I played with her body like a musical instrument.
I slowly stroked the inside of her upper thigh, almost reaching the source of her heat and then stroking away from it, repeatedly teasing her and delighting at the reactions on her sweet face.
Until, just at the point when she thought I would stop short again, my fingers reached her groin and the expression on her face was pure joy as my digits traced lightly up to her pubis and down to site of the itch she wanted me to scratch.
Even through her tights and panties the heat of her passion was palpable.
Then as I rubbed her pussy through two layers of material
Pandora suddenly sat bolt upright
“Ok” she said frantically “I’ll let you see my knickers”
Then she reached up and kissed me, she was a great kisser.
The quality of a kiss is difficult to define and it is like many other things of a sexual nature dependent on the perspective of the participants.
With kissing it can be the thickness of the lips, the width of the mouth, the size of the tongue, the size of the oral cavity and the amount of saliva produced.
Pandora scored highly on every criterion for me.
As she kissed me, she pulled herself up so she was seated on my lap,
This allowed my hand, which was still up her skirt, though dormant between her thighs, to make progress into her pants,
Her tights had begun falling down as she squirmed and fidgeted but when she suddenly sat upright the waistband had rolled down off her belly completely.
My hand was very quickly inside her tights and an instant later it was in turn inside the silk of her panties.
It paused momentarily with her public hair beneath my palm and the back of my hand pressed against expensive silk.
“Woarrr” she exclaimed in my face as my fingers slipped into her creamy wetness.
In fact so well primed was she that it was only a matter of minutes before she came and she was again on the move.
This time she scrambled up so she was straddling me I managed to get my hand out of her knickers just in time otherwise she might have broken my wrist.
She was kissing me almost absentminded as she struggled desperately to undo my belt.
I had both hands up her skirt at this point and quickly tugged both knickers and tights off her plump buttocks and even had time for a long appreciative squeeze of each buttock before she finished with my belt and moved onto my fly.
She had now stopped kissing me and was concentrating so intently that she had her tongue poking out the corner of her mouth. So along with her great arse I took matters into my own hands.
I rolled her sideways onto the sofa and swiftly removed her tights and panties then I knelt between her naked legs stroking her thighs while she finished her task on my trousers.
Once she had finished she lay back smugly and watched on, as I stood up and stripped off and with her gaze firmly fixed on my erection she said.
“Now come and enjoy my gorgeousness”
But I knelt down on the floor and as I began kissing her thigh I said
“I want to enjoy your deliciousness first”
“Do that later darling” she urged “I want you now”
I stopped kissing her flesh and looked up at her
“Oh there’s a later is there”? I asked
“There’s going to be a later and twice in the morning if I’m a lucky girl” she replied
So I decided not to give her head and climbed on top of her pausing only a moment to suck on one of her teats.
Then I kissed her as she grasped my cock firmly and guided me between her moist lips.
“Woarrr” she exclaimed in my face again as I penetrated her.
I couldn’t recall at that precise moment the number of lips I’d parted on that sofa but I knew that I wouldn’t forget Pandora’s warm welcoming wetness for a long time.
Pandora dug her heels into the sofa and gripped my buttocks hard; digging her nails into my flesh as she repeatedly pulled me into her hot cunny.
I rested my weight on one arm as I fondled her breast with my free hand and watched the ecstasy etched into her face as she urged me to finish her and in three spine tingling thrusts we both came in noisy unison.
As we lay panting on the sofa still entwined and with me still inside her, Pandora said
“Do I get to stay for later’s?”
“I think you might just about qualify” I replied

So after an appropriate period of recovery and a well-earned drink I took Pandora off to bed and let her take me to paradise.
And as we lay together spent and disgraced I thought to myself
“I’ll have to finish watching that movie tomorrow”

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