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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 54) Sport And Leisure

After making sweet tender love on a cold winter afternoon to Claire and I could regrettably only dwell briefly in the after glow as we had a difficult yet pressing task to undertake.
So after redressing for the second time that day we left the house and drove the short distance to the vicarage as the snow lightly fell again.
We had a long, emotional and at times tearful visit with Katy.
But by the end of it we had managed to persuade her to accept my offer and move into my house as soon as all the arrangements could be made.
We left the vicarage emotionally drained and physically exhausted but nonetheless elated at having achieved our objective.
I declined Claire’s offer to drop me at home as I needed some essentials from Mahajak’s.
“Well I need to get to bed” Claire said and yawned
“What again?” I asked
“Yes” she replied “but not for that”
Claire blushed and got in the car then she said
“I’ll call you”
“Ok hon” I almost responded but substituted “doc” in place of “hon” just in time.
I then walked across to Mahajak’s; I didn’t need much just bread and milk mainly but by the time I had wandered around the shop I had a basket full.
When I got to the counter there was no one serving but I could hear Shula and Anjuli talking beyond the bead curtain.
“Maisie said she can work all day on Monday if we need her” Anjuli Said
“Really Aunty?” Shula asked, “So we can go?”
“Yes all afternoon if you like Shushu” she replied
“I have really missed swimming” Shula said excitedly and then suddenly appeared through the curtains
“Oh” she said on seeing me and as was her habit she blushed. “Hello Simon I didn’t know you were there”
“Hello Shula” I said, “How are you?”
“I’m fine” she replied
And as she handed me my bag of groceries I squeezed her hand and she giggled and as I gave her the money she squeezed mine back.
Then I smiled and said
“I hope you enjoy your swim on Monday” and Shula blushed again.
Then in a quieter voice I continued
“I have fond memories of the swimming baths and in particular the changing rooms”
And she dropped the money I had just given her.

As I was approaching my house a car pulled up outside Judith’s house and a distinguished looking gentleman got out of the drivers side and hurried round to open the passenger door.
He then proffered his hand to the passenger who took it without a second thought and he helped the lady out of the car.
The lady in question turned out to Judith who gave me a wave and a smile when she eventually took her eyes off her escort.
“Hi Judith” I called
“Simon are you all right?” she asked with concern “We heard about your accident”
“I’m fine thanks” I answered, “I just had mild exposure”
“Oh? And what were you exposing?” she asked with a laugh
“Nothing at all” I said and glanced in the direction of her escort
“Oh how rude” she said “Simon this is Mortimer Beaumont”
“Mortimer this is my friend and neighbour Simon Fisher”
“Nice to meet you Mortimer” I said and shook his hand
“You too Simon, but please call me Morty”
“Beaumont?” I exclaimed, “Are you any relation to Harry?”
“Yes” Morty said, “He’s my baby brother”
“Really? He was over here this morning; he got me in when I was locked out”
I said
“Harry’s like that” he said proudly
“Well it was nice meeting you,” I said
“Likewise” he concurred and we shook hands again
Judith and I said our goodbyes and I watched her and her new man Mortimer walk up the path and I surmised by the spring in Judith’s step she was obviously getting mortified on a regular basis.

When I got to my front door I realized I’d made a real mess of my front step.
There were bits of broken pixie everywhere and I had broken the corner off one slab and cracked another, I would have to ask Frankie to replace it.
It had to be up to snuff with all the comings and goings of the next few months.
When I got inside I phoned Frankie straight away but only got her voice mail so I left her a message asking her to come and quote for some hard landscaping work.
I replaced the phone on the cradle and went outside to sweep the debris off the step and path, after which I made myself some food; I was starving, so I made a delicious Spanish omelet.
An hour after that I went to bed and woke at 10 o’clock next day.

When I went downstairs the next morning I noticed something on the doormat and when I went to investigate I discovered it was a car key on a fob.
It appeared that although I hadn’t requested one the Hire Company had dropped off a replacement car.
I phoned them immediately to say that there must have been some kind of misunderstanding but it turned out that there was not.
As I was supplied with an un-roadworthy vehicle at the airport I was to have one-week free hire courtesy of Clarion Cars.
I thanked them very much and assumed that Alan Richards, the good Doctor Andrews Mechanic patient, had given Clarion an unfavorable report on the cars condition and that the accident was due to mechanical failure and not, as was the fact, due to my inadequacy as an all weather driver.
I had no particular need of it as I wasn’t planning on leaving the house all of Saturday and I was only going to church on Sunday But in the spirit of not looking a gift horse in the mouth I thought I might get some use out of it the following week.

I had such a lazy day on Saturday that I didn’t even bother to get dressed and the most strenuous thing I did was put a frozen dinner in the microwave.
I did however take a phone call or two, one of which was from Frankie Carpenter in response to the voice mail I left her the day before.
“Hi Frankie” I said, “thanks for ringing back”
“Hello Simon” she responded, “I got your message, I trust “Hard Landscaping” isn’t a euphemism for one of your perversions”
“No its not” I said laughing “I need you to and give me a quote for a new front path and doorstep”
“I can come on Monday morning as long as it doesn’t involve you grabbing my Charlie’s,” she said
“Don’t kid a kidder Frankie” I replied “you love it when I have a grab for your Norks”
“I don’t know what you mean” she replied innocently and laughed before she asked
“Why do you want a new path anyway?”
I explained the events leading up to the point when I did the damage including how close I came to dying from exposure and she laughed again, heartless cow.
The other phone call was from Claire, which was much longer in duration than the previous one due to the subject matter, namely the arrangements for Katy Oliver’s palliative care.
Part of the discussion was making the arrangements for when the medical equipment could be delivered.
We provisionally settled on the first Monday in February, Claire would take care of all the details and all I had to do was ensure the lounge was sufficiently de-cluttered to receive an hospital bed and all its associated paraphernalia.

By the evening I was exhausted again and I was about to go to bed when I suddenly remembered I hadn’t Skyped Georgia.
So I thought I had better do that first.
During the course of the conversation I told her of my adventures in the snow and my subsequent life threatening exposure.
“Mild exposure” she corrected me “mum told me earlier”
“How did she know?” I asked
“Its all round the village” she replied
I hoped the way Claire brought my stricken manhood back to life wasn’t all round the village.
I finally got to bed an hour later than I had wanted too because of my call to Georgie and considering the total lack of sympathy I got after my perilous tale I wished I hadn’t bothered.

I awoke on Sunday morning to find the thaw had set in and the snow was clearing away.
As it was the Sunday after my near death experience I thought it best to reacquaint myself with the lord.
So I left home early on a bright winter morning and walked alone to the Church, it was a mild morning but the atmosphere was rather frosty, there were lots of hushed whispers and sideways looks, people talking behind hands and the like so by the time I was seated in the church I was not feeling the love after the very unchristian behaviour.
It was only when Judith and Victoria arrived that someone actually spoke to me.
“Morning Simon” they chorused
“Hi girls” I said “you’re talking to me then?”
“Oh don’t mind those small minded morons,” Victoria said giving the rubber Neckers one of her looks.
After the service Tilly and Robert came and spoke to me at the back of the church, it was the first time I’d seen Tilly for a few weeks and she looked wonderful.
It really warmed my heart to see the two of them together.
As the minutes passed by more and more of the congregation came and shook my hand or gave me a smile.
By the end there was just the hard core of village bitches who stood their ground and looked daggers at me.

On Monday morning Frankie came over to quote me on the new path and step.
She said she would phone me with a price but said that she was quite busy and wasn’t sure when she would be able to fit it in
I then explained why I needed it doing sooner and she said not to worry she would rearrange the diary.
Afterwards I drove into Kiddingstone to do a bit of shopping which was when I bumped into Pandora coming out of a very expensive lingerie shop
“Hello darling” she said and air kissed me.
Then she spotted me looking at the designer carrier bag she was carrying.
“No you can’t look at them” she replied to my unasked question
“Ok I don’t mind seeing them on if you insist” I offered
“You’re incorrigible,” she said
“Is that a maybe”? I asked
Unmoved she shook her head disappointedly.
“You still owe me a pair,” she said quietly
“Yes” I agreed “they’re in my desk drawer”
“I’m surprised you haven’t mounted them under glass as a trophy” Pandy said
“That’s an idea,” I said
“Don’t you dare?” she said laughing “have you got time for a coffee?”
“I do” I replied
We went into a coffee house, a nice one, not one of the chains; I ordered the drinks as Pandora sat in the corner.
When I joined her Pandy said
“Tongues have been wagging about the length of time the good Doctor Andrews spent in your house on Friday afternoon”
After a brief pause she continued.
“Until it immerged that you had been discussing the Vicars Palliative care arrangements”
“People have nasty minds” I responded
“People know your reputation” Pandora corrected me
“And she’s a good looking woman, if I were a man I certainly would”
“Pandora?” I Said shocked
We both laughed.
“That’s an amazing thing you’re doing by the way?” she said
“Not really” I replied
I quickly looked around for something to change the subject and I spotted a poster on the wall for the Burns Night Supper at the Oak Park Hotel and asked her, gesturing towards the poster.
“Are you going?”
“No” she said
“Why not?” I asked, “That’s your kind of thing isn’t it?”
“It is yes” she replied “but I don’t want to go on my own”
I looked at her with puzzlement and then said
“Why not? You’re not exactly shy”
This made her blush and avert her gaze after a few moments she looked back at me.
“I know Graham was a useless husband who abandoned me for his cronies the moment we’d get through the door of any event but at least he was an arm to hold on to” she said “so no escort, no supper”
“Well I would offer myself, but as much as I love you, I can’t abide haggis, and bagpipes are too much to endure even for an evening in your delightful company.
We both laughed again before she said.
“Judith’s new man Mortimer suggested his brother as an escort”
“Really? I’ve met him” I said brightly “he’s very nice”
“Yes” Pandora replied, “I like Mortimer”
“Yes so do I, but what I meant was that I’d met his brother, Harry” I responded
“That’s as maybe but...” she left the sentence unfinished
“But what?” I asked
“I’m a bit old for blind dates” she replied “And I haven’t been on a date of any kind for so many years”
“Is that all that’s holding you back?” I asked
“And I’m not sure I want a stranger knowing where I live” she admitted.
We sat quietly for a few moments drinking our coffee when a thought occurred to me and I said
“There is a solution you know”
“What’s that?” she asked vaguely
“Well if you don’t want him to pick you up at your house you could always go with Judith and Mortimer and meet Harry at the Supper”
Pandora didn’t speak but was considering the merits of my suggestion in silence so I pressed on
“You can get a cab to Judith’s, or you can drive there and leave your car on my drive and pick it up the next day if all goes well”
“Do you think I should?” she asked earnestly
“Yes I do” I replied
When we left the coffee house we air kissed and went our separate ways.

My way took me back to the car park where I deposited my purchases and drove to the leisure centre Swimming pool for a bit of sport.
I parked the car and carrying my bag I got to the front entrance just in time to see Shula and Anjuli walk through the changing room door.
I paid at the kiosk and proceeded to the changing rooms myself.
It was a very modern facility with modern unisex changing rooms with two long rows of cubicles’ flanked by lockers.
I liked the idea that when I was in a cubicle drying my tackle there was only an inch of MDF separating me from some naked lass drying her young fanny.
I selected a cubicle at the far end of the row and quickly got undressed and wrapped my towel around my naked lower half; I then waited until I heard the familiar voices and I didn’t have to wait for long.
The first one was almost out side my cubicle door
“Come on Shushu” Aunt Anjuli called. “You always take so long”
The other voice was the shopkeeper’s horny wife Shula
“I’m nearly ready Aunty; you go on and I will catch you up” Said Shula
The anticipation was making me quite hard knowing Shula was only a few yards away from me wearing only a swimsuit.
It wasn’t just the anticipation of course I had once had a sexual encounter with her in a cubicle the precious summer.
But whether it was anticipation or a sensual recollection it left a bulge in the front of my towel.
“Ok I will see you in a minute” Anjuli said moving away.
I left it for a moment or two, listening intently to see if I could detect any movement and when I thought I could hear her close the locker door and pad along the tiled floor I open my door and found I had timed it to perfection as Shula was right there wearing a black one piece swimsuit and clutching a towel.
“Hello Shushu” I said wearing only a towel.
“Oh Simon” she said, but not flustered as she had been the last time, and her eyes went straight to my bulge.
“I’m glad I bumped into you,” I said
“Me too” she said and before I had time to cast an appreciative eye over her swim-suited figure, she pushed me back in the cubicle and closed the door.
Then she took the initiative and pulled down the front of her costume and uncovered her cute titties, before releasing my towel and roughly grasping my cock.
This was a surprising turn of events, she had decided to take full advantage of our meeting and I had no intention of preventing her.
So I feasted my eyes on her two beautiful chocolate confections on full display, which she made no move to cover up.
“So what do you want to do now?” I asked as she tugged on me.
She let go of my erection long enough to completely remove her costume.
“Everything” she replied and took hold of me again.
“Are you sure?” I asked her
“Oh yes Simon” she replied and kissed me.
“Auntie will wonder where you are,” I said feebly
She ignored me and kissed me again so I couldn’t speak again.
The moment our lips touched she locked onto my mouth like a limpet while she still had a meaningful grip on my cock and then she hooked her other arm around my neck in a vice like grip.
It was a warm liquid kiss with hot tongues of passion.
My hands caressed up and down her skinny frame repeatedly ending up on her tight little buttocks until she pushed me backwards so I had to sit down on the little bench.
Shula was above me, kissing down into my mouth, her tongue like a striking serpent in and out of me, lips still locked limpet like on mine, nostrils snorting in air.
My hands continued their travels up and down her rear aspect but I knew all the interesting stuff was at the front of the property so I steered her skinny frame until it was in a position where I could sit her down on my lap.
At the moment her bony little arse made contact with my lap our mouths disengaged briefly and she gave me a toothy smile and locked onto me again.
I now had one arm around her shoulder and the opposite hand on her waist, which I slid slowly up to, cup her breast; she drew in a sharp sighing breath through her nose as I fondled her breast.
I fondled her plump little tittie for a few minutes, which was nice but I wanted more.
Wrapping her arms around me Shula stopped kissing me and buried her face in my neck.
I stopped playing with her hardening nipple and moved my playful hand down across her belly and her thighs sprang open as my fingers reached the coarse hair of her Minge.
They briefly dallied on her prominent mound and then slipped into the abyss of her hot, creamy cunny and she let out a little “Hmmm” of pleasure at my touch.
Her face was buried deep in the crook of my neck to stifle any further exclamation, of which there were many as I stroked her gorgeous wet pussy until she came; her thigh’s closing on my hand at the point of climax trapping my fingers between her lips.
But before I had time to consider my next move Shula was up off my lap in a flash, and pausing only to pick up her costume, bent over on the bench opposite me.
Her moist pink pussy open like a clamshell before my lustful gaze.
She turned and looked over her shoulder wide-eyed and expectant.
I’m sure she would have smiled at me as well but the parts of her swimsuit that she wasn’t biting on obscured her mouth.
I stood up and approached her but she was stooped over too low for me to penetrate her immediately so I reached my left hand across her soft belly and gripped her right hip firmly.
She was breathing through her nose in quick short snorts as I lifted her skinny frame off the ground.
Bringing her inviting pink pussy up to cock height and still gripping her tightly with my left arm I used my right hand to hold my shaft and I introduced my swollen cock to her waiting cunny.
She moaned though her gag as I penetrated her.
I continued to support her weight with my left arm wrapped around her middle but Shula obviously felt insecure with her feet off the ground so planted then firmly on the bench, this enabled her to scrabble her hands up the wall until they grasped the coat hooks this gave her some purchase and enabled her to thrust her juicy lips onto me.
She began moaning uncontrollably as she pumped her pussy on me.
Her tits were jiggling with an equal lack of control until I took them in hand.
Shula was pumping up and down so fast that one of the coat hooks came away in her hand, but without breaking rhythm she dropped it on the bench with a thump and grabbed the next hook along.
She was truly relishing her task as she pumped down on me again and again and with every deep penetration she let out a grunt.
I could feel my self on the threshold now and I knew from experience that Shula was almost there too as her head was rolling wildly from side to side until she thrust down on my cock one more time and let out a long muffled moan as she went rigid and came as I finished inside her.
We stayed in that position for several minutes; me stood like an American quarter back preparing to receive the ball and Shula squatting down on me.
We were both breathing hard and sweating in the warm chlorine scented air.
Shula was the first to move as she pulled her gag from her mouth.
“God I love swimming” she panted.
“Me too” I said as I pulled slowly out of her causing her to let out a long sigh of satisfaction.
We sat on the bench awhile gathering ourselves then Shula put her costume back on, as I watched libidinously while she redressed her lovely titties before I got dressed in my street clothes, I didn’t bother with a swim I had already had what I came for.
So had Shula for that matter but she was anxious to go and find Aunt Anjuli, who was bound to be wondering where she had got to.
So we shared a soft and gentle, affectionate farewell kiss before I opened the door and she went in search of Anjuli.
I went in the opposite direction and I came under the steely gaze of a rather stern looking member of staff.
A young woman who would otherwise have been quite shaggable, if she hadn’t been wearing such a sour expression,
I think she clearly knew what I had been doing and didn’t like it a bit.

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