Saturday, 19 January 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 53) House Call

It was about 6 am and Claire was still sitting on my lap wrapped in bath sheets and my arms when she said.
“We need to get a wriggle on; Olivia will be here soon to open up”
Olivia Adamson was the snooty practice manager who held me in very low esteem.
“Do we have to move?” I whined, “I’m cosy”
“Yes” she said curtly as she stood up “I have a reputation to preserve”
“I have a reputation as well,” I said indignantly as I watched her pull up her big knickers and leggings.
Claire turned and gave me the raised eyebrow look before walking briskly from the room.
She returned a minute or so later carrying my clothes over one arm and a red blanket in the opposite hand.
She dropped everything in the chair she had been sitting in and said
“Everything is dry apart from your jacket, the trousers are still a little damp around the ankles but not desperately so”
Then she turned and headed for the door again, she paused in the door way looked at her watch and said.
“Get yourself dressed while I make some calls, and put the blanket around your shoulders”
“Ok Doc” I replied
While I was dressing Claire made a couple of calls, one to the local garage to have the car towed out of the ditch and a second to a lock smith, Harry Beaumont, to help me get in the house.
It was about half past six when she came back into the staff room carrying a mug of coffee in each hand.
I was sitting back in our seat of sin dressed in my unsuitable garb and draped in the red blanket,
Claire put the drinks down on the table and scooped up the pile of damp folded towels
“These will definitely need washing” she said with a giggle and blushed
“Yes they’re very damp,” I agreed.
She dumped them in a laundry bag in the corner of the room and came and sat down.
“I phoned Richards Recovery and they will tow the car either to your house or the garage depending on the damage” She said “And Harry Beaumont will meet us at your place at 7.30 ”
“Blimey” I said quite astonished “how did you manage that?”
“Alan and Harry are both patients of mine and are obviously in awe of my prowess as a medical practitioner extraordinaire,” she said
“No seriously” I said, ““how did you manage it?”
“You cheeky git” Claire said as she stood up and tried to clip me round the ear.
I caught hold of her hand however and pulled her on to my lap and kissed her slowly and sensually.
I don’t know where it would have lead to but we were interrupted by the front door opening and a woman’s voice calling.
“Hello?” Olivier called
Claire jumped quickly to her feet and began rearranging her clothing making sure that there was nothing untoward, before leaving the room
“Good morning Olivier” she said
Then I could only hear muffled voices. So I finished my coffee and started down the corridor
“Are you going home to change?” Olivier asked
“Yes” Claire replied “I’m going to drop Mr Fisher home first, and then I’ll do my home visits”
Then almost as an after thought she said
“Put him on the end of my list for today”
“What’s wrong with him?” Olivier said coldly
“Mild exposure” Claire replied
“I can well imagine what he was exposing,” she said with contemp.
“You’ll have to keep on imagining it you stuck up cow,” I thought as I emerged into the reception area.
Olivier was un-phased by my sudden appearance but Claire looked a little uneasy and glanced at her watch
“Let’s get you in the car Mr. Fisher” she said in her best patronizing clinical professional voice.
“See you later Olivier”
As we reached the car she whispered
“Do you think she suspects anything?”
“Not for a second” I said, “You are after all a medical practitioner extraordinaire”
“No seriously” She said as she brushed snow off the windscreen. “Do You?”
“No” I said reassuringly “you are too highly thought of”
I got in the car and she seemed satisfied with my answer and ten minutes later we drove out of the car park.
When we reached my house it was 7.25 and there was no sign of a locksmith.
Claire parked the car but left the engine running as it was still cold
“So you’re coming to see me later?” I said smugly
“When I’ve done my other visits,” she replied matter of factly.
“I have sick patients to see”
“And what is the purpose of this visit?” I asked
“There are certain tests that have to be done” Claire said
“I have to make sure everything’s working properly”
“I thought everything worked quite well this morning” I responded proudly
“Yes” she said “but you didn’t really do much did you?”
Just then a top of the line Range Rover pulled up and as the driver got out I could see it was a very well turned out man in his mid forties.
“Who on earth is this?” I asked
“That is Harry Beaumont” Claire answered
“He doesn’t look much like a locksmith,” I told her
“Harry owns Beaumont Security” Claire said
“Really?” I said impressed
“Yes but he started as a locksmith and he likes to keep his hand in” Claire answered and got out of the car.
“Harry!!” she said warmly
“My dear Claire” he responded and embraced her
“Thank you for doing this Harry” She said “This is Simon Fisher”
“Ah” he said shaking my hand “So you are the lucky man”
Lucky man? What on earth did he mean? Did he know about Claire and me?
“You could have frozen to death,” he continued
“Yes I was fortunate,” I agreed
With that we went up the path to the front door.
The snow-covered path was littered with the broken fragments of the former concrete pixie but alas I could see no sign of the key
I was impressed with Mr Beaumont, he was a very likeable man, but impressed or not I didn’t think we would gain access to my house with his good graces alone and his tool bag was conspicuous by its absence.
But once we reached the door he slipped his hand in to his pocket and pulled out a bunch of keys and after a momentary perusal of the lock he said
“Ahhh we’re in luck” He announced “its one of ours”
And after a few seconds he selected a key and opened the lock
“Easy as that” he said
“Wow” I exclaimed truly impressed
“Wow indeed” echoed Claire
“I can’t thank you enough” I said and shook his hand
“What do I owe you?”
“Nothing” he said “I did it as a favour for my favourite doctor”
“Thanks Harry” she said and kissed his cheek
“My pleasure my dear” he said looking at his watch “Well I must be off”
Harry Beaumont took his leave and walked back to his car and I whispered to Claire
“I think he fancies you”
“No more than my other male patients” she responded grandly as she led me into the house
“What would his wife think?” I asked
“He doesn’t have one” Claire replied, “He’s a widower”
With that she took her leave of me with a quick kiss and said she would see me later.
My first action was to turn the thermostat up on the central heating and my second was to make myself a coffee.
While I drank it I phoned the car hire company to report the accident and was surprised to find out that Richards Recovery had already notified them and that everything was being dealt with on the insurance and I had nothing to worry about and they hoped I wasn’t injured in the crash and I hoped I would be happy to use them again in the future.
It was nine o’clock by then and the central heating was warming the place up nicely and as I sat in the comfort of my lounge the long blinks set in and I fell asleep.
I was rudely awoken some time later by the persistent knocking on the front door and when I opened it I found a small oily man carrying my suitcase and jacket.
The little man was Alan Richards, I invited him in but he declined, I thanked him for all he had done and asked him what I owed him
“Nothing at all Mr. Fisher” he replied, “it’s all covered by the insurance, all I need from you are the car keys”
So I furnished him with the keys and thanked him again then returned to my armchair and once again went to sleep.

It was 1.30pm when I woke up and I cursed myself for missing Claire’s visit.
Anyway I took myself upstairs and had a shower and I had just finished drying off went the doorbell rank.
I slipped my robe on and made my way down the stairs and the doorbell rang again
“Ok I’m coming” I called
I got to the front door as quickly as possible and on opening it I discovered Claire standing the other side in tears.
“What’s happened?” I asked as I pulled her into the house
I quickly closed the door and she threw herself into my arms.
It was some minutes before she had composed herself sufficiently to be able to speak.
“I’ve just come from the vicarage,” she sobbed
It was apparently now widely known that Katy was stepping down as Vicar of St Lucy’s
And that Robert Hunter would be taking over from her but it wasn’t as yet generally known that she was dying.
But this would all too soon become apparent her condition had begun to deteriorate in the two weeks since I had seen her.
Katy was determined to vacate the vicarage and make room for Robert who was trying to establish himself in the village.
He was at present lodging at the Cross Keys, which was not the most suitable accommodation for a man of the cloth or for a layman, not that he would have minded staying there if it meant not putting Katy out of her home.
But Katy was of a mind to go but she didn’t want to end her days in a hospice; she’d spent too many hours at the bedside of sick parishioners ministering to them as they slipped into the next world to want to breathe her last in one herself.
Robert would let her slip her mortal bonds in her own home but Katy was a practical woman though and she knew the vicarage was too small to accommodate a hospital bed and all the other paraphernalia required for a terminally ill patient.
So it looked like she would face the end in the one place she most dreaded which is what brought Claire to tears.
And they began to flow once more at the retelling of it.
We sat on the sofa and I consoled her as best I could and then it occurred to me, the perfect solution.
“What about here?” I suggested, after all it wouldn’t exactly be for long.
“It’s a big house and there’s only me”
Claire stopped crying and was staring intently at me
“We could easily get a bed in the here with enough chairs for the visitors and the downstairs bathroom is across the hall”
Claire looked around the room and in the direction of the bathroom when I mentioned it and then back at me
“You would do that?” she asked
“Yes” I replied “of course”
“There will have to be twenty four hour care before the end,” she said
“There is a spare room” I replied
“Katy won’t agree,” Claire, stated, “she wont want to be a burden”
“What is it about sick people not wishing to be a burden?” I said crossly
“When my time comes I plan on being a burden to all and sundry”
“She’s not you” Claire rebutted
“I’ll go and talk to her,” I said
“We’ll go together,” Claire said
“Ok” I agreed
“She’s resting now but we can go later” Claire said with a nod.
There were a few minutes of uncomfortable silence so I said
“I didn’t know you GPs did house calls any more”
“Only for “special” patients” she said with a giggle
So with the mood sufficiently lightened we chatted freely about this and that but until inevitably the conversation got around to the weekend in Godalming.
“When I was alone in my room and you were with Katy” She admitted, “I felt a bit jealous”
“Jealous?” I said surprised
“I know it’s silly” she said “I had no right to, but I did”
“Why?” I asked
“I don’t know really,” she said with a shake of the head “I’m a married woman after all who loves her husband, what I have with you is a bonus but with no strings attached”
“But there is love too” I said
“You feel that too?” Claire asked
“Oh yes” I replied
Claire sighed and looked down at her lap
“That’s why I was jealous of a dying woman,” she admitted, “because I wanted to feel your tender embrace”
I took hold of her hand and said
“Come to bed” I said
“No, no I’m just being selfish” she snapped
I stood up still holding her hand
“Come to bed” I repeated as I pulled her to her feet
“But…” she began
“Shhh I want to take you to bed now”
“Ok,” she whispered burying her face in my chest.
“Come on then,” I said “upstairs”
I led her by the hand all the way upstairs and into my bedroom.
I quickly divested her of her practical attire and I still held her big knickers in my hand as she scrambled under the covers.
I dropped her pants and Claire eyes peered at me over the top of the duvet as I slipped off my robe.
My cock, with functionality fully restored stood proud and ready for action as I joined Claire beneath the covers and cuddled up close to her.
“Do it the way you did it with Katy” she whispered
“Ok Hon” I responded and I kissed her lips softly.
As the kiss continued it grew in intensity and as our tongues entwined, my hand, which had been on her hip had slid down and was fondling her ample buttock and I explored her familiar curves like it was the first time.
While my hand was occupied at her rear Claire’s hand went straight to my cock.
I rolled her gently onto her back we stopped kissing and I looked down on her in the week winter daylight and admired the body I had enjoyed so many times before.
Her breasts were beautiful and surmounted by the dark rose pink nipples, which sat there inviting me to imbibe so I took the nearest one into my mouth and sucked on it gently.
Claire emitted a soft melodic murmur of approval so I sucked on it some more.
Reluctantly I left her erect swollen nipple wet with my saliva and watched her serene face as my hand drifted across her belly to her luxuriant curly bush.
I dallied there toying with her tousled curls as she murmured softly.
To my delight as my hand came to rest on her mound she held her breath in anticipation of its progress.
I continued watching her lying there with her eyes shut and her tongue periodically moistening her lips and after a few moments my finger parted her labia like a hot knife through butter and it was instantly immersed in her hot creamy juice.
I looked down on her again, she was biting her lip and her murmurs had become soft moans of pleasure in response to my fingering of her creamy quim.
She was beginning to become more vociferous in response to my attention and I knew she was on the brink of climax by the way she was frantic tugging on my cock.
So I brought Claire to a face contorting climax and her thighs closed on my hand.
I looked down on her as her face was still contorted with ecstasy. She opened her eyes, looked up at me and smiled.
I leant down and kissed her and as our tongues explored each other’s mouths I caressed her breast and prepared to mount her.
As I carefully positioned myself between her thighs I stopped kissing her and looked into her eyes as I slowly slid into her.
Claire sighed at the instance of penetration and then closed her eyes as she leant her head back into the pillow and sucked in air through her teeth.
I continued caressing her beautiful breast as I withdrew and entered again and again, I would normally just pounded her pussy until orgasm; But Claire wanted it the same tender way as Katy.
Claire began to writhe beneath me and lick her lips as I entered again.
I had to work so hard to control the urge to up the tempo as I normally would.
I had to suppress my animal urges, as Claire wanted this time to be a tender affair, longer in duration and more sensual.
She squirmed beneath me as she reached that ecstatic point, the hinterland between being rooted to the ground and the gravity defying release of orgasm.
She looked up at me as she moaned loudly and writhed beneath me and then she came with a deliciously sweet utterance that spurred me on to my own climax.
And she cried out
“Oh yesss”
Then I kissed her hot panting mouth.
When out lips parted she asked
“Was it like that with Katy?”
“Yes, sweetheart” I replied then I kissed her again before I withdrew and climbed off of her and as I pulled out she let out a rather smug self-satisfied sigh before she cuddled up to me.
“No wonder she was so content” she said with her head on my chest.

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