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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 51) Twelfth Night (Part Three) Serviced With Reverence

When I got back to Claire’s room after reluctantly agreeing to make love to Katy Oliver, I was still drying my eyes.
I knocked on the door and waited, and as she opened it she blurted out
“Yes” I said bursting into tears
And as Claire hugged me she started crying herself.
Obviously I had lost people dear to me during my life and had to cope with the resulting grief.
But this was something else, something for which I had no frame of reference.
She was a dear friend and a minister of God
A good and godly person, an ally against the dark, a force for good
There was no point asking why the God she loved so much was taking her.
And she didn’t question it; she was prepared for it and content with it.
What complicated things for me and what added a different dimension to the situation was that she wanted me to make love to her.
It was the only thing that she wished for.
She could have demanded any number of things and they would have been fourth coming because she was so beloved.
It was the only thing she craved, she was content to go then.
All I had to do was agree and I did, how could I refuse the dying wish from the most unselfish person I had ever met.

Once Claire and I had composed ourselves it was well into the evening and we were very hungry.
Claire went in to see Katy and I went in search of food
I requested to have our food sent up to the room as our friend was ill but the manager wouldn’t accommodate us.
“This is an Hotel” he announced “not an Hospital”
“Pompous twat” I said as I left the hotel and went out to find a Chinese takeaway.
I ordered a broad selection of dishes and took the order back to the hotel.
A kind waitress called Lisa smuggled plates and cutlery upstairs to Katie’s room for us and we ate our Chinese together.
I’m not sure why but there was no awkwardness considering the reason we were breaking bread together.
Looking back It was quite surreal, laughing and joking, me, my lover/pimp and my vicar/client, as we shared a meal never once mentioning what was to happen afterwards.

After we had finished the meal I went back to Claire’s room and showered and shaved while Claire helped Katy prepare.
I’m not really sure what was actually involved in preparing a vicar to be rogered by a serial philanderer but what ever it was Claire was doing it.

I had just finished putting my dressing gown on when the door opened and the good doctor walked in wearing a frown.
“Everything ok?” I asked
“Yes, yes” she replied and forced a smile
“Well I’m ready for action,” I said as I gave her a super hero salute in a vain attempt to lighten the mood as much for me as for her.
I didn’t feel much like a super hero.
Claire stepped forward and hugged me and we stood there for a full five minutes just holding each other in silence before she broke both the embrace and the silence.
“Off you go then stud” she said with false light heartedness “don’t keep the lady waiting”
“Ok boss” I said
“Nothing too vigorous” Claire added “she’s ill remember”
I just nodded,
“And if anything out of the ordinary happens, call me” she said
“You don’t think this is already out of the ordinary?” I asked
“Oh god” she said and sat down heavily on the sofa
“If this goes wrong they’ll lock me up and throw away the key”
“Calm yourself” I said as I sat next to her
“As if it’s not bad enough that I’m shagging a patient” she continued, “I could be struck off just for that alone”
This was accompanied with a firm shake of her head then with barely a breath she added
“But no I have to pimp him out as well”
She got to her feet and turned to me
“And to a Church of England minister no less”
“Its ok” I said as I stood up and took hold of her gently
“Were doing this for her”
“But what if Katy dies during the act or as a result of it, they’d lock me in the Tower for sure”
“Relax,” I said firmly “nothing will go wrong, I will be very gentle”
Then she hugged me tightly.

I left Claire sitting on the sofa looking anxious, my attempts to reassure her having totally failed.
As the door closed behind me I let out a long sigh and the brave face I had been putting on for Claire melted away.
I was far from convinced all was going to be well; I had no idea even if I would be able to perform, given the circumstances.
I did think of asking Claire for one of her Lazarus pills but thought better of it.
With one of those in my system I couldn’t be relied upon not to be “vigorous”.
So I crossed the hall and sighed again before I opened the door and re imposed the brave face as I entered Katie’s room.
She was sitting up in bed wearing what I recognised even in the dimly lit room as Claire’s pink silk robe.
Although there were as yet no outward signs of her illness I had no idea where I would even start.
Her inexperience was of course a factor but there was the added complication of the limited options regarding positions, flexibility, agility, stamina etc.
In my numerous dalliances I was used to my partner being well and truly lubricated and with her illness and its associated medications I was concerned she might be dry.
There was also a nagging doubt in the back of my mind that it might be painful for her, and not just for the lack of some KY.
I sat on the bed next to her and took hold of her hand.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked
“Yes” she replied “very sure”
There appeared to be no hint of apprehension on her part, though I could feel my own oozing from every pore.
Katy smiled at me and squeezed my hand as if to say, “come old son you can do this”
My main motivation was that I didn’t want to let her down.
However despite my misgivings, my philanderer’s eye soon noticed her dark areolas visible through the pink silk and I felt my inner letch swimming to the surface.
I lifted her hand to my lips and kissed its
“Your wish is my command fair maiden,” I said though I was far from ready for action
I stood up and gazed down at her and she took my getting to my feet as the signal to lie down.
I slipped off my dressing gown and let it drop to the floor, I expected a modest woman of the cloth like Katy to avert her gaze but her eyes never left me.
I got under the duvet and cuddled up close to her, my little Christian soldier was still conspicuous by his absence.
“Hello hon” I said
“Do you call all your um..?” she asked pausing briefly while she selected the right word “partners, hon?”
“Hon or babe” I replied “it means that, and this is going to sound rather shallow, I don’t get the name wrong”
“That doesn’t sound shallow at all” Katie said and laughed out loud.
“Well There is nothing kills the moment more than saying Vera when you’re making love to Alice” I said defensively.
“I can see how that might be awkward,” she said still laughing
When she finally stopped giggling she said
“I think I like hon”
“Hello hon” I said
“Hello” she responded
And I kissed her lips softly and when she responded I felt a stirring.
As the kiss continued it grew in intensity and as our tongues entwined, my hand, which had been on her hip had slid down and was fondling her ample buttock and as I explored her curves I was delighted to find she was naked beneath the robe.
While my hand was occupied at her rear Katie’s hand also went exploring and was very soon gripping my cock.
Virgin she may have been but shy she was not.
Katy had turned onto her side as I got into bed and I had cuddled up to face her but then as we kissed and she continued to play with my shaft I rolled her gently onto her back.
I untied the belt on her robe and slowly opened the two halves like the leaves of a rare first edition.
We stopped kissing and I looked down on her in the half-light and admired her body.
Her breasts were more substantial than I was expecting and were surmounted by dark rose pink nipples which sat there inviting me to imbibe so I took the nearest one into my mouth and sucked on it gently.
Katy emitted a soft melodic murmur of approval.
I left her erect swollen nipple wet with my saliva and watched her serene face as my hand drifted across her belly to her luxuriant curly bush.
I dallied there toying with her tousled curls and she still murmured softly.
As my hand came to rest on her mound she held her breath in anticipation of its progress and after a moment my finger parted her lips like a paper knife opening a letter and it was instantly immersed in her hot creamy juice.
“So much for being dry,” I thought as I looked down on her.
She was biting her lip and her murmurs had become soft moans of pleasure in response to my fingering of her slippery slit.
She had not become excessively vociferous in response to my attention but even if I had not been experienced in such matters I would easily have known she was on the brink by the way she was frantic tugging on my cock.
So having reached the point where I couldn’t have got her any wetter if I fingered her until candlemass I brought to a face contorting climax and her thighs closed on my hand.
I looked down on her as her face relaxed back to her angelic demeanour and she opened her eyes and smiled.
I leant down and kissed her and as our tongues explored each other’s mouths I caressed her breast and prepared to mount her.
As I carefully positioned myself between her thighs I stopped kissing her and looked into her eyes as I slowly slid into her.
Katy winced momentarily at the instance of penetration and then closed her eyes as she leant her head back into the pillow and sucked in air through her teeth.
I continued caressing her beautiful breast as I withdrew and entered again and again.
Katy began to writhe a little beneath me and lick her lips as I entered again.
I had to work so hard to control the urge to up the tempo as I normally would.
I had to suppress my animal urges, her first and only time had to be a tender affair, longer in duration and more sensual.
She squirmed beneath me as she reached that ecstatic point, the hinterland between being rooted to the ground and the gravity defying release of orgasm.
She looked up at me as she softly moaned and writhed beneath me and then she came with a deliciously sweet utterance that spurred me on to my own climax.
And she cried out
“Oh Godddd”
Then I kissed her hot panting mouth.
“That was wonderful,” she panted.
I kissed her again and withdrew and climbed off of her and she let out a rather smug self-satisfied sigh as she cuddled up to me.
“When can we do it again?” she asked with her head on my chest.
“I thought you said, “I just want to feel truly alive one last time before the end,”” I queried
She lifted her head and looked at me coyly and replied
“Well it is twelfth night, I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, two sins for the price of one”

It was one o’clock on Sunday morning when I kissed the sleeping Katy
“Goodnight hon” I said and returned to Claire’s room.
When I walked in the room she was sleeping in on the sofa.
I knelt down beside her and kissed her forehead.
She stirred and opened her eyes then a look of alarm spread across her face.
“Oh God” she exclaimed, “what’s happened?”
“Nothing has happened” I reassured her “Katy is fine”
“Did you do it?” she asked
“Yes” I answered “twice”

Claire went across the hall to check on Katy and I got myself ready for bed.
It was more than an hour later when she returned and I was sitting up in bed reading.
“Ok?” I asked
“Yes” Claire replied, “she wants you to say goodnight”
“Ok” I said and got out of bed
“Don’t be long,” she ordered, “she’s very tired and she’s had her meds”

I knocked lightly on the door and I heard a faint
“Come in”
I open the door
“Hey” I said
“Hey yourself” she replied “come and sit on the bed”
I obliged her and sat next to her as I had earlier and as before she took hold of my hand.
“Thank you Simon” she said weekly “for making feel alive”
“Just rest now” I said and kissed her forehead
“Yes” she said, “you’ve fair worn me out”
And she drifted off to sleep.
I kissed her again and said
“Goodnight Katy”

I quietly left the room and crossed the hall and opened the door to Claire’s room.
She was in bed lying on her side and I slipped in and snuggled up behind her and wrapped my arms around her.
“I think we did the right thing” Claire said “didn’t we?”
“Yes we did,” I agreed
And for the first time ever we went to sleep without making love.

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