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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 49) Twelfth Night (Part One) Dr Claire's Special Consultation

After my abject failure to keep my one and only New Years Resolution, namely to stop shagging other women for even one single solitary day I retired to the spare bedroom.
To make matters worse I was doing it or rather doing Shula when I should have been home looking after my sick girlfriend.
I was heartily ashamed of my behaviour and yet got a trouser tickle at the reminiscence of my afternoon at the billiard table.

The next day Georgia still wasn’t vey well and slept for most of the day and had all her meals in bed.
The hire car was collected and I spent most of the day at my computer and although my unfaithfulness was a cause of great guilt on my part in was generating reams of output on the word processor.
I was veritably prolific in my tales of lust and frolic almost as prolific as I was at spreading my seed.

On Thursday Georgia was feeling a lot better, her fever was gone and she looked much more herself.
I still made her stay in bed for the day but she had the TV to watch and I supplied her with a stack of DVDs as well.
She thought I was being wonderfully kind but the truth was I just wanted another undisturbed day at the computer.
I was in the groove and I had already turned out a mountain of filth by the middle of the afternoon when I was interrupted by the telephone.
“Hello” I said
“Hello Simon” a quiet voice said
“Claire”? I asked
“Yes it’s me,” she sobbed
“Are you ok?” I queried
“No” she replied “No I’m not”
I hadn’t spoken to Claire Andrews for a couple of months and we hadn’t had one of our “have it away days” since October.
When we had a three-day Parisian romp/romantic interlude, for which I was still struggling to find the appropriate pigeonhole to place the experience in.
I was left with a very different feeling than after our normal outings and the whole thing was more like a romantic getaway.
Not that that was the reason it had been so long since we indulged.
At least not on my part.
The last five of six weeks had been different though; she had avoided me, ignored me and generally acted out of character with me.
When I went to see her professionally at the surgery she could barely look me in the eye.
Conceitedly however I attributed this behaviour to the fact that she had fallen in love with me.
I thought that our “outings” were mutually beneficial she got to have the sex that her disabled husband couldn’t supply and I got to shag a beautiful doctor.
She seemed happy with the arrangement, she loved her husband very much and would never leave him, but what would happen if something happened to hubby would she want more from me then? More than I could give her.
“What’s wrong?” I asked
“I so need to see you,” she said
“Ok” I replied
“There is something I have to talk to you about, something that has been eating away at me”
“What is it?” I asked not sure if I wanted to know.
“I should have told you before, but…” she tailed off “now time is running out”
“So tell me already” I said impatiently
“I can’t on the phone” Claire stated, “I need to do it face to face, it’s important”
“Ok” I said “when?”
“Can we meet Saturday?” she said
“Yes Saturday is fine” I replied
“Ok then I’ll meet you at the Kings Arms Hotel Godalming Saturday afternoon at 3.00pm” she said coldly
“I’ll book two rooms”
“Ok” I said “I’ll see you then”
“Promise me you won’t be angry” Claire added randomly
“What?” I asked with surprise
“Promise me” she insisted
“Ok” I relented “I promise”
And she hung up leaving me completely confused.
I was worried that my worst fears were being realised and she wanted us to be together, as a couple, but I didn’t understand where the two rooms would fit into that scenario.
And what was all that about promising to not get angry.

On Friday morning Georgia was feeling much better and we actually got to spend the day downstairs together like a proper couple.
Georgia was very lovey dovey all day; I think she believed I was some great prize because I had looked after her.
When really I was total bastard, who was out skewering the shopkeepers wife, while my beloved was sweating out a fever in my bed.
Her opinion of me was totally at odds with the reality.
But I did love her very much.
By 9 o’clock she could barely keep her eyes open so I walked her back to her parent’s house.
After I had turned in I spent a very fitful night tossing and turning as I mulled over the conversation with Claire.
The usual tingle of anticipation I felt when we were meeting clandestinely had been replaced by feelings of great trepidation.

When I got up on Saturday morning I was completely shattered and it took a long hot shower and several coffees to shift my lethargy but I still harboured feelings of dread regarding my rendezvous with Claire.
About nine o’clock I had a surprise visit from Georgia
“Hello hon” I said, “what are you doing here?”
“I just came to say I love you” she replied
“Really”? I asked
“Yes, and I also came to tell you my visitor has left” Georgia replied as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me.
It was only a brief visit she only stayed long enough for me to split her whiskers before she went off to work.
And she left me with the promise there was more where that came from when I returned on Sunday.
I had told Georgia I had a writer’s dinner, what was one more lie in an ocean of lies.

I travelled to Godalming on the train and made my way on foot to the Kings Arms Hotel, arriving just before 3.00pm.
I bought a drink and sat down at a table with a view of the door.
I looked around the bar and happily began ogling a pretty young woman in jeggings, with small well-defined buttocks and skinny thighs.
I liked the fact I could see daylight between the tops of my thighs I liked air between the hairs.
I looked away when I heard someone enter from reception; it wasn’t Claire so I resumed my ogling of the skinny bird.
But when I looked back there was a great fat munter in her place who was bending over and the fabric of her leggings was stretched so tight I could see her knickers.
Someone else entered which drew my gaze and when I looked back the skinny bird was there again.
It was a real “Shallow Hal” moment.
Despite the diversions I wasn’t sure if I should go to the bar and order myself another drink or report to reception. I decided on the former but having sat in the bar nursing a drink for 20 minutes I guessed I had made the wrong choice.
So I finished my drink and was on my way to reception when I met Claire coming the other way.
“Oh hello” She said avoiding eye contact
“Hi” I said, “are you ok?”
“Yes” she replied blandly as she looked randomly around anywhere than at me.
“Let’s go upstairs”
Claire turned around and I followed her upstairs wishing I’d stayed at home.
She didn’t speak a word for the whole way.
We reached the door to the room and still not a word.
She opened the door and we entered, still silence.
I closed the door and dropped my bag on the floor.
“What the hell is going on Claire?” I snapped and she turned around and looked me in the eye for the first time and tears started to well up in her eyes and then ran down her cheeks as she sobbed before throwing herself into my arms.
“I’m sorry” she said and buried her tearstained face in my neck.
I made encouraging noises and stroked her back but being a shoulder to cry on was the full extent of my expertise as usual.
We held that position for some time until Claire’s sobs began to get shallower and shallower and eventually abated.
But still she held on to me tightly and began to nuzzle my neck and I could feel her hot breath on my skin, which was when the sleeping beast stirred and opened his eye.
Still nuzzling my neck her hands began to caress up and down my spine and her nuzzles turned to kisses.
I reciprocated the caresses and in an instant her mouth was on mine.
Her lips were soft, her mouth was hot and her tongue was electric.
Claire’s hands began to claw at my shirt dragging it free of my waistband before turning her attention, with great urgency, to the buttons.
When her fumbling fingers had accomplished their task she almost ripped the shirt off my back.
Then those trembling hands were on my flesh and she sighed and exhaled through her nose.
My hands meanwhile were already inside her sweater and working their way through the layers.

Her kissing became more intense as I turned my attention to her bra and releasing the fastener between her breasts I quickly replaced the cups with my hands and she snorted air in though her nose as I toyed with her enlarged nipples.
I pushed her backwards onto the bed and broke my lips away from her mouth.
As I undid her jeans and yanked them unceremoniously of her arse I almost pulled her off the bed as I tugged them off over her feet.
Then I returned to do the same with her pink knickers she obliged me this time by lifting her arse off the bed so the lacy panties rolled easily off her buttocks.
I hurriedly undid my trousers and bared my throbbing dick and Claire licked her lips as she spread her legs wide to receive me, a neatly clipped triangle of brunette pussy hair pointed the way towards the dewy pink lips of her waiting cunny.
I knelt between her open legs and slid my hands down her outer thighs until I had her buttock in hand and pulling her towards me I thrust my cock into her and savoured the hot liquid velvet as it immersed me.
Claire let out a low animal growl, which excited me very much
And with each successive length she exhaled grunts and groans of epic proportions.
Her legs were around me now so my hands left her buttocks and moved to her breasts as the grunts were growing in ferocity.
I had forgotten quite how delicious a morsel she was.
As the strokes were getting shorter she began to squeal and moan.
Quicker and quicker
Claire became more urgent more produced guttural animal noises.
Faster and faster
Louder and louder
Writhing and wriggling
Quicker and quicker
Louder and louder
Until crescendo.
Claire’s whole body seemed to be in spasm before me as I emptied into her hot cunny, my cock pulsed and twitched as I gasped with pleasure.
I fell forward and her arms went round be like a sprung trap and she kissed me wetly on the mouth, which I reciprocated.
I was about to withdraw from her pussy,
“Don’t,” she begged, “Let me enjoy it a moment longer”
I obliged and we just lay there entwined until my erection diminished.

The room was cool so we slipped under the covers and as we lay there in each other’s arms I asked
“So what’s going on Claire?”
She didn’t reply she just lay with her face turned away from me.
“Why have you been avoiding me? Why have you been ignoring me?” I asked
“I’m sorry Simon” she replied
“Earlier you couldn’t even look at me” I said, “What have I done?”
She quickly turned to look at me
“You haven’t done anything” she said and kissed my cheek
“So why did you make me promise not to be angry?” I asked her
“Because I have to ask you to do something” Claire replied
“That you probably won’t want to do”
“I don’t understand,” I said
“You won’t want to do it, but you must” Claire continued “and because you’re a good person you will do it”
Claire paused and then said
“And I’m worried you’ll hate me for making you”
“You need to ask me the question then,” I said
“What do you want me to do?”
There was a long pause then she took a deep breath and blurted out
“I want you to make love to the vicar?”

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