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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 48) New Years Day In The 19th Hole

It was one thirty on New Years morning when I drove Pandora home after our wonderful New Year ball.
Perhaps not the start to the year I had planned it was supposed to be the start of “New Year New Me” but it was a bloody marvellous end to the old year.
Now technically I hadn’t been unfaithful to Georgia in the New Year as my cock was already in Pandora’s mouth well before Big Ben struck 12.
But in the event that that wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny I decided that New Years day wouldn’t start until after I had been to bed.
After kissing an exhausted Pandora goodnight and dropping her outside her house I drove to the Club to pick Georgia up from work who was also exhausted but for totally different reasons.
She went straight to bed when we got home.
I decided to tidy up in the lounge before I joined her and it’s a good job that I did as the back of the sofa sticky from Pandora’s secretions, there were more wine glasses in circulation than was to be reasonable expected for someone who spent the evening alone and Pandora’s black silk knickers were still on the floor.
I washed up the wine glasses, I took a damp cloth to Pandora’s sticky bits and I locked her panties in my desk drawer before I joined Georgia in bed.

I woke up annoyingly early next morning, well later the same morning really.
I couldn’t sleep, guilty conscience I suppose, not because I was unfaithful, again, but because I enjoyed it so much.
I sat in the kitchen drinking coffee and thinking about my New Year’s resolution to stop sleeping with other women and the all but inevitable likelihood of my failure to keep it.
I concluded that it was obvious I was incapable of keeping my dick in my pants and the inevitability of Georgia losing patience with me.
And at my abject failure to comply with her ultimatum the prospect of her ultimately dumping me was overwhelming so I began to think the best coarse of action would be for me to break up with her.
Saving both of us pain in the long run
The problem was I was very much in love with her and the sex was outstandingly good.
So why wasn’t that enough for me?

We were due to eat New Years Day lunch at the Gregory’s so at nine o’clock I stopped my ruminations and made Georgia a cup of tea.
Tea mug in hand I was on my way upstairs to wake her when the phone rang.
I stopped and did a u-turn and picked up the phone.
“Simon?” the voice said “its Geoff”
“Hi Geoff, happy New Year” I said
“Yes Happy New Year” he responded vaguely
“Is everything ok?” I asked
“No” he replied, “it’s the twins”
“They’ve been throwing up all night so we thought it best to cancel lunch as a precaution” he continued “I’m sorry to let you down”
“Nonsense” I said, “these things happen”
“I suspect it’s been brought on by two much chocolate but just in case it is a bug” Geoff elaborated “Perhaps it would be better if Georgia stayed with you tonight”
“Of course” I said “No problem”

After I had put down the phone I decided not to continue my journey up the stairs to wake Georgia. As we were now not going out I decided to let her sleep in.

I spent an hour pottering about the kitchen, firstly trying to decide what to cook for lunch, as we were not dining out.
And then after having looked out the window at the thick freezing fog I settled on a warming hot pot so I started to prepare it.
Once lunch was ready to go in the oven I had a quick peak in on Georgia who was still sleeping soundly and then proceeded to my study to do some work.
There was more to me than philandering, I was after all a writer, even if only of erotic novels; bodice rippers and slutty romances and I had targets to meet.
The flexibility of being a writer suited me very well indeed.
In fact it suited in many ways, but the main benefit was that I was able to work at home, so had no tedious commute every day and my working day was flexible to the point that some days I didn’t write at all.
This afforded me the opportunity of playing a round of Golf during the working week when most people had their noses to the grindstone.
It also afforded me access to women during the working week when most people had their noses to the grindstone.
The downside to that was it wasn’t helping with my promiscuous behaviour.
The down side to it in general was that to facilitate my lifestyle I sometimes had to work on weekends and holidays, New Years
Day was no exception.

At twelve o’clock I looked in on Georgia again and she was beginning to stir so I made her a fresh cup of tea.
I opened the bedroom door and she opened her eyes as I walked in.
“Hi honey,” I said brightly
“I don’t feel well Simon” she replied
“What’s wrong?” I asked with concern
“I think I have the flu,” Georgia croaked
I tested her forehead with the back of my hand and she was burning.
I went into the bathroom and got some max strength cold capsules.
“Take these,” I said as I gave her two with a glass of water.
Georgia did as instructed
“Now go back to sleep babe” I said
“What about lunch?” she queried
“Its been cancelled” I told her
She looked puzzled.
“The twins are hurling,” I said
“Oh” she responded and closed her eyes.
As I was going out the door she said weekly
“Will you go to mums and pick up some things for me?”
“Ok babe” I replied
“Mum will no what I need” she continued
“Ok I’ll go out later and pick up what you need” I answered and left the room.
The hot pot lunch had suddenly become dinner.
I went straight downstairs and phoned Laura.
I explained that Georgia had the flu, hardly surprising with her propensity to be sans pants in the dead of winter, and repeated what she’d said
“Mum will no what I need”
Laura said she understood and she would put a bag together and I could pick it up in an hour.
In the mean time I returned to my study and penned a few more paragraphs of salacious smuttiness while I waited for the hour to pass.
I wanted to go sooner rather than later so I could get back home and draw the curtains against the weather.

Finally the hour passed and I was ready to leave.
I decided to drive as it was such a horrible day and it was the last day I could use the car as it was being picked up the next morning by the hire company.
So I drove down to the Gregory’s and pulled on the drive.
Just as I got out of the car the front door opened and Laura appeared holding a bag.
“Hi Simon” she said, “How is Georgia”?
“I’ve dosed her up and she sleeping soundly” I replied “What about the twins”?
“Still not good” she said shaking her head “I think it is a bug”
“Oh dear” I said sympathetically “I’ll keep Georgie with me for a couple of days then”
“Thanks Simon, kiss her for me”

I shivered as I got back in the car
“This freezing fog gets right into your bones” I thought
I gave Laura a final wave and drove off the drive.
Just after I passed the station and the shops I spotted Shula walking along the road.
I sounded the horn and stopped along side her before lowering the window.
“Do you want a lift Gorgeous?”
“Yes please” she said smiling broadly and quickly got in the car.
“Where are you going”? I asked “on such a horrible day”
“Nowhere” she replied, “I Just needed to get out for a while”
“Omid”? I asked
“Yes he’s still very ill” Shula replied “and he’s not getting better, if anything he’s getting worse”
“Well I’ll keep you company until you need to get back” I offered
“Lovely” she said beaming her toothy smile
“Where would you like to go”? I asked her
“Anywhere will be nice” she replied amiably
It wasn’t really appropriate weather for a country drive and that wasn’t really what she wanted to do anyway so I quickly thought where I could take her that would be quiet and the golf club sprang to mind.
The land on which the Golf club stood is owned by the church and in the terms of the lease dating back to when the club was founded in the 19th century.
It was stipulated that the Club had to close on Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and New Years Day and so it still did to this very day, much to the annoyance of the commercial manager Agnes Snipe.
So knowing the Club would be shut I drove Shula to the golf club and parked in a quiet corner out of view of the entrance and due to the fog out of sight of everyone.
Once we had come to a halt we undid our seat belts and proceeded to kiss and Shula’s pent up frustrations were made manifest in the urgently of her kissing.
after a long five minute snog I came up for air and I asked
“Do you want your Christmas present now?”
“Not here” she said alarmed “Not in the day time someone will see”
It was unlikely that anyone would see given how foggy the day was.
We kissed again while I thought of the next move; she was definitely up for it as she said “not here” and not “no”.
Well we couldn’t go to Mahajak’s with Anjuli in the shop and Omid upstairs in the marital bed, I couldn’t take her back to mine with Georgia asleep in my bed.
Shula didn’t want to do it in the car, but she really wanted to do it.
Eureka! I had an idea, the clubhouse.
I disengaged my mouth from Shula’s so quickly that she was momentarily left with her mouth open and her tongue out.
“Come with me” I said and kissed her forehead.
“Where are we going”? She asked suspiciously
“We’re going to play some billiards” I replied as I got out the car.
I had quite a substantial erection by this time and it was difficult to stand up straight.
As Shula got out of the car I took the opportunity to unzip and reposition my one eyed buddy.
Then I grabbed Shula’s hand and ran towards the clubhouse dragging a confused Shula behind me.
“Where are we going”? She asked again a little more anxiously this time
“Somewhere private” I replied enigmatically
“What does that mean”? Shula replied
“Somewhere safe, now stop asking silly questions and run” I said within twenty yards of the building.
Finally we were stood by the staff entrance.
“Just wait here a moment” I said as I went off to scout around, the car park was empty and there were no lights on in the building.
So satisfied that the building was vacant I returned to a worried looking Shula and kissed her trembling lips.
“All clear” I announced and keyed in Georgia’s staff code on the door panel.
The door opened with a buzz and I pushed it open and slipped in, then I reached a hand back and dragged a reluctant Shula in with me.
Once inside I closed the door and attended to the alarm, which was bleeping.
Although I had watched Georgia do this numerous times I had no idea if it was going to work but it occurred to me that any organisation who were lax enough to use 0 0 0 0 as there alarm code in the first place was unlikely to have changed it in the few months since I last saw Georgia use it.
But you never knew, I took a deep breath and I keyed in 0, 0, 0, 0, but it kept bleeping for what seemed like an eternity although in reality it was just a brief moment, before the tone changed and it stopped.
“There” I said expecting Shula to be impressed.
“Where are we going”? She asked a little impatiently
“As I said before, somewhere private,” I said
She was about to say something else but I interrupted her
“So I can give you your Christmas present”
“Ok” She said and smiled coyly
I took her hand and led her down a couple of gloomy corridors until we reached a door marked “Private Billiard Room”
“You see, somewhere private,” I said smugly
The rest of the signage read
“Presidents club Members only”
It always grated on me that within an elitist golf club that was not easy to join in the first place had an even more elitist group within it and the Presidents Club inner sanctum was its Exclusive Billiard room.
I always wanted to play in there but I knew I would never get the opportunity.
So I thought it would be a little victory to have my way with Shula on their upholstery.
But the main reason for picking that room was the lack of windows, which meant we could have lights on without alerting the outside world of our presence.
The cleaning crew weren’t due in until the early hours of the morning and with Georgia ill in bed I had plenty of time to pot Shula’s pink a couple of times.
When we entered the room in was pitch black and it took a moment or two of fumbling in the darkness until my hand found the light switches.
First of all I switched them all on and then turned off the ones we didn’t need.
Then with the lights set at an acceptable level I took her by the hand and led her towards the green baize table.
Once there I dispensed with my coat and dropped it on the floor and Shula followed suit before I pulled her towards me and resumed the kiss.
She immediately responded pressing her mouth hard against mine and darting her tongue into my mouth.
Her arms immediately wrapped around me holding me so tight.
I put my hand on her hip and pulled her pelvis towards my now throbbing cock.
Then it moved inside her sweater and my other hand joined it and began tugging her t-shirt out from her waistband then when they were touching her flesh they moved up her back and unhooked her bra.
Then both hands followed the path between her skin and her bra until they were cupping her breasts.
She sighed and snorted air in deeply through her nose as I toyed with her stiffening nipples between thumb and forefinger.
I disengaged my mouth from hers and I quickly pulled her sweater and both T-shirts off over her head. Her bra was left dangling rather ineffectually and she disposed of it as I watched her tits jiggle she noticed me staring and feeling unnecessarily self conscious she immediately tried to reattach her lips to mine but I broke away again as I had other plans for my mouth.
I resumed my fondling of her breasts playing with her swollen peaks as I started to kiss and nibble down her neck going on a journey down to her shoulder and chest until I found myself kneeling in from of her and her beautiful firm round tits which I took turns on kissing, licking and sucking. Shula was trembling, her left hand was on my shoulder, gripping hard and her right was fingering my hair as I sucked her teat.
My hands were now on her arse kneading her pert cheeks and as they slid slowly yet purposely around her waist I sucked hard on her nipple making her wince and she withdrew her misshapen and swollen teat from my mouth and I thought I had hurt her but instead she thrust her other teat between my lips for similar treatment and I duly obliged.
My hands meanwhile had reached their objective and I unbuttoned her jeans and tugged the zip sharply down.
They then slipped between the denim until they could touch the fabric of her panties before they eased the jeans off her buttocks and down her thighs.
My hands spread out across her firm buttocks squeezing and kneading them until my fingers reached the waistband of her knickers and grasping the elastic firmly I tugged them off her round cheeks and down her trembling thighs releasing them at her knees where her jeans now resided.
My hands were quickly occupied with her naked arse and I stopped sucking her tits and instead began kissing her quivering belly.
Simultaneously I started edging her backward against the table.
Shula adjusted her feet as she shuffled back, at the same time kicking off her shoes and when her arse was touching the billiard table she managed to extricate one foot from her pants and jeans.
I then freed the other leg and began kissing her thighs and very soon I was rubbing my face in her ample black public curls.
I manoeuvred her so she could slide her buttocks onto the table to support her weight while I knelt before her I looked up and saw Shula was biting her lip and then she opened up wide for me to drink deeply of her sensuous juices as I noshed her until I could wait no more.
I raised my head from my task, my face wet with her juice and I looked up and saw her gripping the edge of the table with one hand and playing with her nipple with the other.
I got to my feet and kissed her, her pungent fragrance was all around my mouth and when I stopped kissing her it was all around hers as well and as my hand slipped up her thigh she licked her lips.
Her legs were spread wide and her lips were open and her juicy quim was at the perfect height to receive me,
I fingered her hot pussy with two fingers of one hand making her moan while I released my cock from its confines with the other.
Then as I penetrated her I said
"Happy Christmas honey"
she didn’t reply other than to moan appreciatively.
“And a Happy New Year”
I said as I gave her another, with that her legs locked around me and crossed at the ankles and she pulled me all the way in.
“Ohhhhh” she said as she received me
The same with the next stroke and the next
I gave her three more full lengths and she came
Then she panted a few times through gritted teeth
Then another and another
Shula was really making my balls wet
Then she came three times in quick succession making the same delicious sound.
I hadn’t finished so I just kept pumping her pussy and making her moan.
I knew I couldn’t hold off much longer, I was if not on the brink then I was very close.
Shula’s next orgasm would be the finale
I had a great rhythm going her legs she was gripping me hard and I was playing with her tits as I banged her and banged her
“Orrrrw” she uttered with every hard stroke
Then as the strokes shortened it changed to
Until we reached that perfect point of climax when we both came together
“OORRRRR” she screamed at the top of her lungs
When I finally lost my load into her tight cunny it was like a dam bursting from my pulsating twitching member.
A few minutes later I pulled out of her and she let out a sigh of satisfaction.
Then I bent down and kissed her quivering belly then lay my face against it.
She sighed again and I felt her muscles contract and I stood up just in time to see a little dribble of my cum escape from her hole.
Shula lay there panting for about ten minutes
I held out my hand and pulled her upright and I took her in my arms.
Then I picked her up and lifted her off the baize.
I smiled to my self when I noticed the rather nasty wet stain on the billiard table Where the pink had come to rest on the black spot, there was also a bit of a snail trail on the polished surface of the wood surround.
We went and sat down on one of the large leather sofas and had a bit of a cuddle in the after glow.
I reflected smugly that it was probably the best I had ever played in a billiard room.
I then had a more sobering thought that it was also my quickest ever New Years Resolution failure.
After about ten minutes I patted her bum and said
“I’d better get you home, Anjuli will wonder where you are”
She looked up at me and gave me a toothy smile as she slid onto the floor between my legs.
“I will tell her I got lost in the fog,” she said with a chuckle as she undid my trousers.
I offered no resistance as she undressed me, and when my trousers and pants had been cast aside I felt the moist spreading warmth along my shaft until her mouth completely engulfed my cock.
I looked down to see Shula kneeling between my knees with my cock deep in her mouth.
"Oh Shushula” I said to her as she went about her task with relish.
I had one hand caressing her shoulder and the other on the back of her head as I was nearing the threshold.
"That’s enough now Shushu” I said and she gave me one more full length suck before looking up at me with a broad toothy smile then she climbed onto my lap and guided my cock between her lips and into her syrupy pussy.
Shula rode me like a whirling dervish until she collapsed on me in an orgasmic heap where for ten minutes she lay draped across me sighing with contentment.

After we were dressed we had a quick scout around to make sure we hadn’t forgotten anything and when we were satisfied that the only evidence of out presence was a damp patch on the billiard table and some snail trails on the leather sofa I turned out the lights and we left the way we had come in,
I reset the alarm and after we emerged into the foggy late afternoon and we returned to the car with slightly less urgency than we left it.
I dropped Shula just far enough away to be out of sight of the shop but close enough so I could see her all the way safely to the door then I returned home and after quickly washing away any trace of Shula’s pussy from my face I went in to check on Georgie.
As I opened the door I could see her stirring
“Hi Georgie” I said “How are you feeling”?
“I feel awful” she replied
I felt her forehead again and it was still very hot.
“Time for more medicine” I instructed as I went to the medicine cabinet and dosed her up again.
“Are you hungry”? I asked
“A bit” she croaked
“How about some soup?”
“Oh yes” she replied “cock-a-leekie”
I went down stairs and open a tin of Chicken and leek soup and warmed the contents in the microwave.
I took her lunch up on a tray and while she ate it I ran her a bath.
When she finished all of the soup I helped her into the bathroom.
The bed sheets were quite damp from her sweats so I changed the linen while she bathed.
I helped her out of the bath and dried her thoroughly and helped her into her nightdress, which I took from the bag I picked up from Laura.
Just as I was getting her back into bed Georgia crossed the room and rummaged in the bag and fished out her cuddly dog.
“I need this” she said and blushed.
She got under the crisp clean bedclothes and snuggled down with her dog and I kissed her forehead.
“I love you Simon,” she said
“I love you too” I replied
“You are so good to me” Georgia continued, “I am so lucky”

As I sat downstairs I felt so guilty, I had spent the afternoon shagging Shula while Georgie was on her sick bed and she said, “I am so lucky”
I could believe what a bastard I was.
I couldn’t even keep my New Years Resolution for one full day how did I expect to live up to her expectations for a lifetime.
“I’m so pathetic” I said to myself as I put the hotpot in the oven.
Dinner had now become supper for one.

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