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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 47) New Years Eve

After fucking Andrea awake in the half-light of morning we spent the rest of the day in each other’s company.
It was fairly mundane if I’m honest she did her washing and ironing while I pottered around in my study.
Being a writer of erotic novels; bodice rippers and slutty romances, well being a writer of any kind was the same, meant I could pick it up and put it down whenever I wanted so to speak and suited the day very well indeed.
However the mundanity of the day was more than compensated for by the nerve tingling sexual interludes, which were numerous, and as far from the mundane as it was possible to get.
She wanted to make the most of the time we had together as well as packing for the journey.
Her time with me was up all too soon and Andrea left my house on the morning of the 30th of December and she travelled to China the next day and although I never saw her again she left an indelible impression on me.

I spent the rest of the day in reflective mood and felt a little saddened by Andrea’s departure.
However Georgia’s return from Lincoln on Sunday afternoon shook me violently from my torpor.
Baring in mind the village was shrouded in freezing fog she rightly arrived at my house wearing the usual winter apparel, namely boots, woollen socks, long winter coat, hat, scarf and gloves.
So far so good, however when she removed the afore mentioned winter garb she was completely naked save for the black thigh length socks.
She then proceeded to shag my brains out for the remainder of the day.
“You missed me then”? I asked after her first assault.

The next day was New Years Eve and I spent a very pleasant day with Georgia and we didn’t do a thing all day except slob around and watch old movies, it was great.
And when I say we didn’t do anything, I meant that as well.
Georgia had a visitor, which is probably why she was so horny the day before.
I wasn’t big on New Years Eve, it was not a time that held any deep significance for me and I was normally feeling a bit jaded by the time it arrived and this year was certainly no exception
I would have preferred to have spent the evening in the same vane as the rest of the day, a cosy intimate evening with Georgia would have been nice but she was working at the club.
She always worked when there was a big do on.
Georgia wasn’t really a New Years Eve person either but working at the club that night was a good earner.
With her wages for the night and her share of the tips she could easily earn Januarys rent money.
We had a meal together and then I walked Georgia home about six thirty.
This gave her more than enough time to get ready.
I offered to give her a lift to the club later but her dad had already offered but she did want me to pick her up later though.
So I settled down to a quite evening on my own.
I had my laptop to hand and I worked for about an hour just briefly committing a few ideas to paper so to speak.
Brief outlines for future stories about recent encounters.
The rest of the time I watched TV and picked at any and all of the nibbles within reach.
I couldn’t have a drink because I was driving to the club to pick Georgia up in the early hours.
By ten o’clock I was feeling a bit restless and decided to take a shower.
It was about an hour later as I was coming down the stairs when the doorbell rang.
I had no idea who it might be I certainly wasn’t expecting anyone.
When I opened the door I was surprised to see Pandora standing on the doorstep in full evening wear.
Over her shoulder I could see a taxi pulling away.
“Hello” I said with genuine surprise
“Hello Darling” Pandora said, “Can I come in? Its bloody freezing”
“Of course” I said fussily “come in, come in”
Once inside she slipped off her stole and walked through to the lounge
She looked absolutely gorgeous in a full-length black evening dress.
As usual she was perfectly accessorized with long elbow length gloves clutch purse etcetera, I imagined her to be fully accessorized under the dress as well.
“You’re a bit overdressed even for chez Fisher,” I observed mentally undressing her and trying to imagine exactly what underwear she was wearing.
“I know” Pandora said as she sat down “I was going to the New Year Ball but…”
“But?” I asked
“I couldn’t face everyone quizzing me about Graham”
“About what?” I quizzed
“I’m divorcing him” she replied, “I don’t want him back, I’m moving on”
“I’m sorry,” I said inadequately
“I’m not” Pandora said surprisingly “though its your fault in a way”
“Then I should be sorry,” I admitted
“No, You opened my eyes and showed me that I’m still an attractive woman, still a sexy woman, Graham didn’t appreciate that, and I need to be with someone who see’s me the way that you do”
I raised my eyebrows-
“Oh don’t worry I’m not looking to shack up with you, having you on tap would kill me”
She said and laughed
“A session with you is like Zumba and Pilates combined. You’d shag me into an early grave”
She continued and laughed again
When she finally stopped and dabbed at the tears from her eyes she said
“So I couldn’t face the ball”
“Well you’re welcome to wine and dine here,” I said
“Well thank you kind sir” Pandy said “Lead me to the wine”
I walked to the kitchen opened the fridge and took out an open bottle of wine.
I took two large wine glasses from the cupboard and filled one with wine and the other with lemonade.
When I returned to the lounge Pandora stood up and walked towards me.
I expected her to take the wine glass from my hand but instead she walked between my outstretched hands and kissed me.
As we were in the middle of the room so I couldn’t put the drinks down or prevent her unzipping my fly and pulling my cock out through the opening.
Not that I wanted to stop her.
I was quite happy to be stood in the middle of the room being passionately kissed while she gently wanked me with her gloved hand.
As soon as she had stroked my cock up to a satisfactory state of arousal she stopped kissing me, took the wine glass from my hand and nonchalantly took a leisurely drink while still massaging my manhood.
She smiled at me mischievously before releasing my swollen member and walked over to the sofa where she stood with her back to me.
Knowing full well I would follow and as I did I put down my own drink so I would have both hands free to grapple with her.
As I stepped up behind her she giggled and while I unzipped the back of her dress she drained her glass.
Once I had her dress opened to her waist I slipped my hands inside, she let out a long steady exhale of breath as my hands reached theirs targets and greedily groped her beautiful breasts and played with her stiffening nipples.
Pandora wasn’t giggling anymore and she dropped the empty wine glass onto the sofa.
She slipped her arms through the dresses sleeves and let it fall from her.
It settled about her waist but with a delicious wiggle of her hips it fell in an untidy heap around her ankles.
She stepped out of the remnants of her attire and kicked the black bundle aside with one stilettoe’d foot leaving her dressed in evening gloves, stockings, suspenders and black silk knickers.
I kissed her neck while my hands were still busily engaged with her tits.
Then to my great surprised she said
"Do me like you did the first time" and she stood on tiptoe leaning over the sofa in the same way she leant over the fallen tree trunk in the wood beside the 17th green.
The result of which was a perfect view of her black silk clad arse.
Pandora wriggled her way along the sofa back, which produced a delightful quiver of her buttocks.
I stood looking on at the magnificent view of her black clad buttocks jiggling before my lascivious eyes as I completely undressed
Pandy wriggled forward slightly until her toes were off the floor
And a little of her bare arse was visible then to my absolute delight in an effort to prevent her overbalancing her left leg shot out side ways and the resulting rearrangement of her buttocks caused her left cheek to become completely exposed as the knicker leg rolled between her cheeks.
“Gorgeous” I thought.
Pandora wriggled again on the simulated log and wispy strands of curly hair appeared visible against her black panties.
And I remembered how on that summer day the same sight confirmed my Holy Trinity, a wild and untamed beaver, a natural blonde and the collar and cuffs matched.
I moved in closer and stared at her crotch.
Then one final wriggle and there it was.
I was staring libidinously at her moist Minge, though not my first glimpse of Pandora’s Box it was deliciously inviting.

I prepared my approach so I could slip my two fingers straight between her lips into her creamy crevice
“There” I said as my fingers entered her damp crack
“oh Simon” she purred “Mmmm”
the first time I fingered her gash in the woods she was only slightly moist but she lathered up very quickly to my ministrations tonight though she was already dripping.
I stopped fingering her and removed my wet fingers from her creamy crack a few millimetres and she instantly wriggled backwards until her pussy touched my digits and began rubbing her pussy against my static fingers.
Pandora was moaning rhythmically to my touch the tone of her moans was as syrupy as her pussy.
Then I brought her to climax and it was time to fuck her.
As I continued to stroke her quim with one hands I pulled back my foreskin to expose my purple helmet.
Then I pushed my thumb inside the leg of her panties and pulled the silk aside to fully exposed her hairy cunny, she moaned as I then rubbed my knob along her wet slit and her juice glistened colourfully in the twinkling light from the Christmas tree I repeated this again and again and each time her moan grew louder then she could wait no longer and she wriggled back towards me like a slippery fish and slid down my shaft letting out the loudest moan of pleasure as I entered, her velvet juices immersed my member like warm honey and she moaned audibly with pleasure.
She gripped on to the sofa as I pounded her pussy from behind.
I reached up and greedily groped and squeezed her tits again.
Her moans gave way to yelps and squeals growing ever more intense as my rhythm increased until she screamed and her body shuddered and tensed moments before I shot into her, my cock was still twitching inside her hot pussy as she relaxed and let out a long languorous sigh.
After a moment or two, I kissed her on the neck as I slowly withdrew my cock from her comfortable cunt and she sighed again.
“Now that’s what I call a News Years Eve Ball,” she exclaimed.
I patted her arse and went to the kitchen to get us another drink to toast the New Year, it was almost midnight.
When I returned I sat on the sofa across the room and looked over at Pandora still clinging onto the Sofa.
Pandy was still periodically sighing as she lay in exactly the same position I left her in after I pulled out of her and with each sigh her left leg twitched.
I smiled wryly at the exhausted Pandora and the Christmas lights dancing amidst the bejewelled patch around her Minge as I picked up the TV remote and switched on.
After a few minutes and several more satisfied sighs Pandora
slid herself off the sofa and on unsteady legs tottered her way towards me and she giggled.
I offered her glass and she took a drink and with a distinct leer dribbled wine onto my wilting cock.
Pandora giggled as she sank to her knees and began licking the wine from my now stirring beast.
“New Year New Me”. I was thinking as she began sucking on me
If this is to be my last indiscretion before my rebirth into monogamy then lets make it a doozy
Pandora finished licking every last drop of wine from my genitalia and had sucked me up until I was ready for action and stood up in front of me.
“Knickers” I said
“What?” she responded.
“Knickers off this time hon” I told her
“Oh” she said giggling and blushing as she slipped the black silk knickers off before climbing onto my waiting cock to the accompaniment of Big Ben chiming.
And Pandora rode me from one year to the next.

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