Saturday, 19 January 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 46) Leaving For The Missions

As usual St Lucy’s was well attended for Midnight Mass, despite the bitter cold.
And to the great delight of everyone in attendance Reverend Katy Oliver led the service.
After the mass was over we all gathered at the rear of the church and shared the peace.
Then Georgia went home, sticky lipped, to her parent’s house and I went home alone.

Christmas morning began with a frosty glaze decorating the rooftops and lightly dusting the evergreens.
And as the bells rang out to celebrate the birth of the Lord the joyous faithful arrived under a clear blue sky.
It was a most glorious Christmas morning and my spirits were high.
I met Georgia outside St Lucy’s and kissed her lovingly in the sunshine before we went inside to join the rest of the Gregory’s.
It was an excellent service with Katy Oliver back to her very best while Robert Hunter graciously took a back seat.
Afterwards it took some while for the Church to empty as everyone wanted to share their best wishes with Katy and she was clearly over come with all the attention.
In the days preceding Christmas she had also been inundated with invitations to share Christmas dinner and was quite overwhelmed by people’s kindness.
In the end she accepted Victoria Braithwaite’s invitation and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas lunch with Victoria and Maisie, which was to be Katy Oliver’s final Christmas as the vicar of Bushy Down.
After I left the church and said my goodbyes I spent the rest of the day at the Gregory’s.
Where I ate too much, drank too much and left just before I over stayed my welcome but still returned home quite late.

On Boxing Day we were invited to my Parents house for the day but due to a mix up between Georgia and I as to who the designated driver was, we both got pissed and had to stay the night.
This caused a bit of a reshuffle on the accommodation front due to my mother’s insistence that we sleep in separate rooms.
Not just because my mother was a good Christian woman but for the simple reason that as a writer of pornography, even if its disguised as adult literature, I could not be relied upon not to disgrace myself and degrade Georgia under her roof.
The result of this meant Georgia shared the spare room with my cousin and fuck buddy Molly while I was enduring our enforced separation on the lounge sofa.
I found it difficult to drop off, partly because it wasn’t very comfortable but mainly because my head was full of images of my girlfriend sharing a bed with my bi-sexual cousin.
Which had given me a major hard on.
After tossing and turning for about an hour my erection had began to abate but that urge was merely replaced by an acute need to pee.
I tiptoed my way upstairs to the loo and relieved myself.
I was yawning as I stepped back onto the landing not really paying attention and I bumped into Molly coming the other way.
Who pushed me back into the bathroom and planted a wet sensual kiss on my lips, this immediately relit the fire in my loins.
And as my cock was pressing into her flesh I made a move to grope her tits but she pushed me away.
“We can’t be doing that,” she said indignantly
“I’m on the blob anyway,” she continued as she pulled down her knickers and sat on the loo.
Molly then proceeded to pee; this did nothing to diminish my erection as I always found it inexplicably arousing.
Molly obviously noticed my cock twitch in my pants because after she wiped herself dry she slipped her fingers inside the waistband and pulled me closer.
Once she had me standing in front of her Molly began pulling my pants down and she licked her lips as my cock uncurled itself from its confinement.
Then she reached out and grabbed hold of it and kissed my helmet.
For the first time she took her eyes off my cock and looked at my face as she played with me and said.
“This is for Christmas”
I closed my eyes as she gently tugged on me and I felt delicate soft kisses on my sensitive knob.
“This was a real Christmas surprise,” I thought as her tongue flicked around my helmet in quick feather light licks.
Until all at once in one smooth slurping instant I was in her mouth.
I could feel Molly’s fingers still caressing my shaft lightly and
I looked down just as my glistening wet knob reappeared accompanied by a sucking sound, she looked up and smiled wickedly before devouring me again with her hot mouth.
I could see the bulge of my cock in her cheek as she sucked on me.
Her fingers tightened their grip on my shaft as her lips slurped around my cock.
“Oh that’s so nice Moll,” I gasped
“It’s a shame she’s on the blob,” I thought as I was fast approaching the point of no return but I could tell by the lip smacking and slurping that she had already decided what she wanted to do.
I had one hand on the back of her head; fingers threaded amongst her hair while the other caressed her bulging cheek.
Her fingers were gripped tight around the base of my shaft and she was tugging on me furiously.
Then Molly took one final pause for air before my saliva soaked cock slipped comfortably between her lips again and her mouth sealed tight around my throbbing cock.
Snorting through her nose, her mouth joined her busy fingers in the rhythmic wanking of my cock.
I was so close now and Molly could sense it and she was going at me like fury,
So close, so close
“Oh Molly”
My buttocks clenched tight
Closer, closer
“Babe, Babe”
And then my hands were pulling her head onto me as I shot my load into her mouth and her eager lips sucked me dry.
Molly was still sucking and licking at the last of my seed before her lips smacked one last time as she released my shaft.
“Merry Christmas” She said
“And a Happy New Year” I responded as she gave my helmet one final licking suck.
A moment before we left the bathroom Molly asked
“If I wasn’t on the rag would you have fucked me with the gorgeous Georgia just down the hall?”
I answered her question with another question
“If you weren’t on the rag would you have tried giving Georgia head and wishing her a Happy Christmas”?

Thursday in contrast to the previous two, was a very quiet and uneventful day.
We left my mums shortly after breakfast and had a clear run back to the village.
Feeling rather fragile we recovered from our overindulgences and had a quieter day of television and slobbery.
We retired early and made gentle tender love.

On Friday morning Georgia left the house early to go home as the whole family was off to Lincoln to visit relatives, they would be back some time on Sunday.
I thought I might knuckle down and put pen to paper so to speak and make some headway into the backlog which would keep Gordon happy at least.
But just as I sat down at my desk Mum phoned
“Could Andrea stay for a couple of nights before leaving for the missions”?
Andrea could most certainly stay for a couple of nights; I got a very distinct trouser tickle just at the thought of it.
She would be arriving some time that afternoon so I went off and made up the spare bed for her though I hoped we wouldn’t be needing it.
Unfortunately the weather had taken a turn for the worse with heavy snow moving across from the east.
I had spoken to Georgia several time during the day and they managed to avoid the snow in the main And they had got some way north before the weather closed in so they at least had made it to Lincoln safely.
I had no way of knowing however where Andrea was I didn’t even know where she was coming from.
I didn’t even have a phone number for her.
I phoned mum about seven o’clock and she did have a phone number but all she could do was leave a voice mail as she wasn’t picking up.
Then about an hour later I had a call from Miranda Goodman’s brother to say that Miranda and Andrea were stuck on the M11 in heavy snow and would get to me as soon as they could.
They finally arrived a little after eleven o’clock with the snow falling fast again.
Due to the lateness of the hour and the treacherous conditions I insisted Miranda stay the night, which meant sadly that I wouldn’t be exploring amidst Andreas unruly pubes.

I left them both in the kitchen making a hot drink while I went up stairs to make up a bed for Miranda in the box room.
It was a bit frustrating having the expectancy all day of enjoying Andrea’s delightful bod only to be denied it by my own generosity.
It was the only thing to do though under the circumstances.
I would just have to go to bed with the same nagging want that I had the night before but this time however there was no Molly to suck me off in the bathroom in the dead of night.
Georgia was hundreds of miles away and unable to slake my thirst.
The only consolation was that I thought Andrea might be lying under the duvet just as horny and disappointed as I was.

I had a very disturbed nights sleep full of erotic imagery.
Past and present lovers dressed as snowflakes frolicking before me.
Molly and Georgia enjoying a sixty-nine on a sheepskin rug, Shula bent naked over the shop counter wearing nothing but fairy wings.
In fact every woman I had ever had or wanted to have appeared during the course of the night.
As a result I awoke the next morning un-rested and very, very horny.
I decided to get up and shower in an attempt to buck me up, but although I felt clean and fresh it merely masked my fatigue.
I slipped on my dressing gown and I went downstairs and was surprised to find Miranda sitting at the kitchen table nursing a mug of coffee.
“Morning” I said far more brightly than I felt “Sleep well?”
“Good morning Simon, yes very well thank you” she replied formally before continuing
“I hope it was ok, but I made myself breakfast”
“Yes of course it was” I replied as I looked out the window.
“It’s stopped snowing then?” I observed
“Yes” she replied, “I’m going to make a move shortly, get while the going is good as it were”
She smiled broadly after her statement
I didn’t know if it was because I was feeling so washed out or not but Miranda certainly appeared to be a much brighter person than I was expecting compared the Ms Frosty knickers that I met the last time she was here.

While Miranda was outside defrosting the Morris Minor I sat at the kitchen table drinking a coffee when it finally dawned on me what Miranda’s early departure meant.
A revisit to the Missionary position.

Miranda came back inside after warming up the car
“I won’t disturb Andréa,” she said
“Why not”? I thought I’m going to the minute you’ve gone
“She could use the rest,” she continued
“Good idea” I agreed
“Well I will see you on Sunday” she said “Bless you for your kindness”

I watched the Morris Minor drive away then waited for five minutes before I ascended the stairs.
I gently opened the bedroom door and tiptoed inside; I could see her pajama trousers lying draped on the foot of the bed.
The first thought to enter my mind was that she had removed them in order to allow her ease of access to her pussy to satisfy herself after the disappointed of not getting rogered.
I slipped off my dressing gown and let it drop to the floor my pants followed close behind and I got under the duvet and cuddled up close to her and I was delighted to find her naked below the waist.
Andrea was on her side with her back to me and my first thought was to spoon her but instead I backed away and rolled her gently onto her back.
I kissed her lips but got no response so I un-buttoned her pajama jacket all the way down to the bottom.
Once I had dealt with the final button I slowly opened the two halves like the leaves of some great tome.
I looked down on her in the half-light and admired both her body and my craft.
Her breasts had all but disappeared but her nipples sat there invitingly so I took the nearest one into my mouth and sucked on it gently.
Andrea murmured softly but she didn’t waken but my suckling was obviously fueling an erotic dream.
I left her erect swollen nipple wet with my saliva and watched her sleeping face as my hand drifted across her belly to her curly bush.
I dallied there toying with her tousled curls and she still slept.
After a moment my finger parted her lips like opening a pea pod and it was instantly immersed in her hot creaminess.
She murmured again in response to my fingering but despite my attentions she still remained asleep.
Having reached the point where I couldn’t have got her any wetter if I fingered her all night and not awakened her I decided to mount her.
I carefully positioned myself between her thighs and slid my cock between her sticky lips all the way up to my aching balls and she sucked in air through her teeth.
The first stroke just added to her already lip creaming dream.
The second had much the same effect but caused her to stir a little beneath me and lick her lips.
The third brought her to that ecstatic point, that hinterland between erotic dream and sensual reality,
Unsure if she vividly dreaming of receiving cock or if she was actually receiving cock.
However the fourth penetration left her in no doubt as she open her eyes and knew for sure that I was inside of her.
She smiled at me then closed her eyes again as I penetrated her again and she wriggled like a fish on a river bank.
Each penetration made her squirm beneath me
A few strokes later she came deliciously noisily.
Spurred on by her audible appreciation of my efforts I went at her harder and faster and her knuckles whitened as she was gripping the headboard.
As she moaned and writhed beneath me she came again and I was getting close to the summit myself and as I quickened my pace on her pussy her utterances were growing higher in frequency and as I reached the threshold of my own conclusion
“Oh Godddd Simon” she screamed and with her writhing sweating body prostrate beneath me I emptied myself into her hot pulsating pussy.
“I wasn’t expecting that” she panted.
I withdrew and climbed off of her and she let out a rather smug self-satisfied sigh as she cuddled up to me.
“If you weren’t expecting it why didn’t you have your bottoms on?” I asked puzzled
“I took them off because I thought you would come to see me last night” she replied, “Why didn’t you?”
“I didn’t think you’d want to with Miranda in the house in case she heard us,” I said
“You didn’t need to worry” Andrea added, “She’s a bit deaf and she sleeps like the dead”
“Never mind I got here eventually,” I said
“Mmmmm” Andrea replied

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