Saturday, 19 January 2013

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 45) Under The Tree

Despite entertaining the very energetic Emily Gomez the day before I arose very early on Sunday morning, well before first light as a matter of fact, as fresh as a daisy.
She let me sleep in between her demanding performances and having satisfied her insatiable appetite with me more than once she left me in bed when she slipped away during the evening and I stayed there for the night.
The first thing I did was to breakfast; I had after all missed two meals on Saturday.
Next on the agenda was to strip the bed and launder the lust stained bedding.
After I had loaded the machine and set the program to wash my sins from the bed sheets I harboured the futile wish that it could be that easy to wash my sins away.
I went up stairs and remade the bed with fresh linen in preparation of sullying them anew this time with my gorgeous girlfriend Georgia whom I was picking up from University after lunch.
My exceptionally early start to the day enabled me to complete all my chores with ease and after a long leisurely shower I left for church.
For a change I was one of the first to arrive and I was delighted to see Katy Oliver in attendance looking much more her old self.
However Robert Hunter took the Sunday service with Katy giving the sermon.
It was a great service and there was genuine warmth emanating from the congregation towards Katy and a collective relief to see her looking so well.
Afterwards the usual suspects were meeting for lunch at the Cross Keys unfortunately I had to give it a miss as I was driving to pick up Georgia that afternoon which was a great shame.
I don’t mean it was a shame that I was picking up Georgia, I meant it was a shame I was going to miss lunch.
That Sunday Tilly Bushe, ever at Roberts’s side, and her brother Tristan were joining the Sunday lunch club.
So while my friends were lunching in the pub and making merry I was walking home to grab a quick sandwich before driving to Roehampton.
When I reached my front door I found standing on the doorstep what was clearly a bottle of something in one of those decorative bottle bags.
I picked it up and read the tag.
“Have a Merry Christmas Simon, with love from a grateful Damsel in Distress”
“Well that was a nice thing to do,” I said to myself “and so was Judith”
I went inside and made myself a rather boring sandwich and I was just drying my hands after washing up my lunch plate when there was a knock at the door.
When I opened the door, I found Maisie Stewart on the other side of it, holding a Christmas parcel.
“Happy Christmas” she said beaming.
“Hey! Happy Christmas hon” I responded, “come in”
“Ok” she said still smiling broadly “but no funny business”
“No funny business” I agreed and Maisie stepped inside
“You didn’t have to get me a gift,” I said to her as I took her coat.
And as she sat down on the sofa she said.
“Last Christmas my mum was drunk for ten days in a row, we had no decorations, no Christmas dinner and no electricity”
Tears were beginning to form in her eyes
“This year, I have three jobs; I have a proper home, I have someone to mother me, I have money in the bank and a girl friend and it’s all thanks to you”
I tried to interrupt but Maisie continued
“If you hadn’t helped me, looked out for me, set me on the right path I wouldn’t be here now having the best Christmas I’ve ever had, I will always be grateful for that, and the other things of course” and she blushed.
Then she stood up and gave me a big hug and an hour later she left my house considerably moister than when she had entered it.
“So much for no funny business,” I thought.
As I was showering for the second time that day I thought how nice it was to get an early Christmas present and she got me a gift as well.
If I got a present from every recipient of my lust I would do very nicely thank you and I would need a considerably larger tree to put them under.

As a result of Maisie’s Yuletide felicitations I was about forty minutes late leaving for the drive to Roehampton.
I called to let Georgia know I was running late but she was ok about it as she was all behind herself.
I thought to myself that she was very adequate in the front as well.

I got to Georgia’s place around three o’clock and miracle of miracles she was ready.
Half and hour after I finished loading the car we finally got away when she had finished saying her goodbyes.

When we got back to Bushy Down I thought Georgia would be eager to be reunited with her nearest and dearest but it turned out that she was more eager to be reunited with something quite different.
We had barely got through the front door before she was on me, not doing it very often obviously made her really hungry for it,
Her lips fastened over mine and her active tongue invaded my mouth.
It was a very sensual kiss and my manhood was wide-awake and did its best to burst out of my trousers and might well have succeeded had she not released it herself and very quickly she began tugging roughly on my shaft.
Georgia was completely in command and soon her lips left mine and moved immediately down to my cock.
Her agile tongue feathered my purple head in deliciously sensual flicks before devouring me in one delightfully ecstatic mouthful.
“Oh Georgie that’s so good” I said as Georgia sucked me up good and proper, but before she got to enthusiastic I pushed her head back to allow me to withdraw from her mouth and she scrambled to her feet, after wiping her slobbering lips on her sleeve she kissed me again with the same urgency as before.
I pushed her back against the wall and yanked her skirt up her thighs so I could get my hands under her hem.
Gripping the hem in both hands I pulled it sharply upwards so the entire skirt was now residing around her waist, I then turned my attention to her tights and knickers. I had been wondering if she was wearing any as in many of our sexual encounters when she was “well up for it” she often pre-empted proceedings by removing her pants.
I slid my hands around to her rear and as I groped her arse I found that she was.
“You’re wearing knickers,” I said more than a little surprised
“It’s too chilly to go without” she responded, “I didn’t want my fanny to freeze”
“Not much chance of that” I said as I hurriedly began dragging her tights and knickers off her cute arse.
I followed them down to her ankles and I knelt before her neat bush.
Georgia was running her fingers through my hair and as I was about to stand up I felt a very definite downward pressure from her hands as she pushed my head back down towards her cunny.
I was ready to fuck her but she wanted head first so in the spirit of the season I obliged her.
I had her standing on one leg while she supported herself by resting the other one on my shoulder as I supped enthusiastically on her hot gash.
Georgia let me know when she had had enough by lowering her other leg and I stood up.
I had her juice all around my mouth and when I kissed her it was all around hers as well.
Her arms were wrapped tightly around my neck and she was panting loudly in my ear as I got a firm grip on each buttock and lifted her up off her feet so her deliciously syrupy fanny was at a suitable height to receive me.
Once achieved I slid effortlessly into Georgia’s hot creamy cunny
“Ohhhhh god” she uttered
Georgia’s legs locked around my middle and I banged her against the wall.
I had one hand on her hip and with the other I gripped the coat hook on the wall as I banged her again and again and her bum cheeks slapped against the plaster.
It was like being applauded for my efforts.
With each early stroke I put into her she responded with a long satisfied
As the rhythm increased and the stokes shortened she could only manage
Finishing with an
As I emptied my Christmas sac into her.
We stayed in that position for about a minute panting hard then she said.
“Oh merry Christmas”
“It was ok then?” I asked
“Oh yes, very nice” she replied
Well she had reunited herself with me and mine very nicely indeed and when she was satisfied I was allowed to take her home to be reunited with the family.

It was starting to snow again as I reversed onto the Gregory’s drive, it was little more than a flurry really barely even enough to qualify as a light shower.
I unloaded the car while Georgia rushed inside and hugged her waiting parents.
I traipsed in with Georgie’s stuff amidst the scene of reuniting embraces and the twin’s excited squeals and the general jovial laughter.
So with my duties fulfilled I left the Gregory’s to their reunion and I went home.

The next day was Christmas Eve and apart from the delivery of Christmas gifts and cards to friends and lovers, past and present, I had planned to spend most of it alone listening to Christmas music and watching schmaltzy movies on TV but my publisher Gordon phoned me around midday on the pretext of wishing me a Happy Christmas but mainly to remind me that I was now overdue with my writing commitments.
This rather quashed my plans and preoccupied my thoughts for much of the day; however I also spent some time thinking about Georgia and our future.
I thought that the little bit of Christmas fun I’d had with Emily and Maisie at the weekend was the end, my last hurrah as it were because New Year new me.
I concluded that Georgia was more than enough woman for one man and I should be satisfied with that.

Georgia meanwhile spent the day helping her mum with the preparations for the big day, and then she came to mine about nine o’clock.
And as I’d put the presents underneath the tree that afternoon, all evening she was like a child.
“Can I open a present?” she asked me every ten minutes.
“Just one, please, please, please”
She was getting right on my tits to tell the truth.
She kept picking up the presents, shaking them, squeezing them, and even listening to them.
Finally I relented and as I headed upstairs to the loo I said.
“We can open one present each before we leave for midnight mass”
“Goody” she squealed
When I came back down stairs I was expecting to find her waiting impatiently to open a present.
But instead I found her lying beneath the tree with wrapping paper loosely draped about her body and this time she wasn’t wearing any knickers, in fact she wasn’t wearing anything at all.
“You go first” she said
Once I had un-wrapped my present and thoroughly enjoyed the contents we were very nearly late for midnight mass.

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