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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 53) House Call

It was about 6 am and Claire was still sitting on my lap wrapped in bath sheets and my arms when she said.
“We need to get a wriggle on; Olivia will be here soon to open up”
Olivia Adamson was the snooty practice manager who held me in very low esteem.
“Do we have to move?” I whined, “I’m cosy”
“Yes” she said curtly as she stood up “I have a reputation to preserve”
“I have a reputation as well,” I said indignantly as I watched her pull up her big knickers and leggings.
Claire turned and gave me the raised eyebrow look before walking briskly from the room.
She returned a minute or so later carrying my clothes over one arm and a red blanket in the opposite hand.
She dropped everything in the chair she had been sitting in and said
“Everything is dry apart from your jacket, the trousers are still a little damp around the ankles but not desperately so”
Then she turned and headed for the door again, she paused in the door way looked at her watch and said.
“Get yourself dressed while I make some calls, and put the blanket around your shoulders”
“Ok Doc” I replied
While I was dressing Claire made a couple of calls, one to the local garage to have the car towed out of the ditch and a second to a lock smith, Harry Beaumont, to help me get in the house.
It was about half past six when she came back into the staff room carrying a mug of coffee in each hand.
I was sitting back in our seat of sin dressed in my unsuitable garb and draped in the red blanket,
Claire put the drinks down on the table and scooped up the pile of damp folded towels
“These will definitely need washing” she said with a giggle and blushed
“Yes they’re very damp,” I agreed.
She dumped them in a laundry bag in the corner of the room and came and sat down.
“I phoned Richards Recovery and they will tow the car either to your house or the garage depending on the damage” She said “And Harry Beaumont will meet us at your place at 7.30 ”
“Blimey” I said quite astonished “how did you manage that?”
“Alan and Harry are both patients of mine and are obviously in awe of my prowess as a medical practitioner extraordinaire,” she said
“No seriously” I said, ““how did you manage it?”
“You cheeky git” Claire said as she stood up and tried to clip me round the ear.
I caught hold of her hand however and pulled her on to my lap and kissed her slowly and sensually.
I don’t know where it would have lead to but we were interrupted by the front door opening and a woman’s voice calling.
“Hello?” Olivier called
Claire jumped quickly to her feet and began rearranging her clothing making sure that there was nothing untoward, before leaving the room
“Good morning Olivier” she said
Then I could only hear muffled voices. So I finished my coffee and started down the corridor
“Are you going home to change?” Olivier asked
“Yes” Claire replied “I’m going to drop Mr Fisher home first, and then I’ll do my home visits”
Then almost as an after thought she said
“Put him on the end of my list for today”
“What’s wrong with him?” Olivier said coldly
“Mild exposure” Claire replied
“I can well imagine what he was exposing,” she said with contemp.
“You’ll have to keep on imagining it you stuck up cow,” I thought as I emerged into the reception area.
Olivier was un-phased by my sudden appearance but Claire looked a little uneasy and glanced at her watch
“Let’s get you in the car Mr. Fisher” she said in her best patronizing clinical professional voice.
“See you later Olivier”
As we reached the car she whispered
“Do you think she suspects anything?”
“Not for a second” I said, “You are after all a medical practitioner extraordinaire”
“No seriously” She said as she brushed snow off the windscreen. “Do You?”
“No” I said reassuringly “you are too highly thought of”
I got in the car and she seemed satisfied with my answer and ten minutes later we drove out of the car park.
When we reached my house it was 7.25 and there was no sign of a locksmith.
Claire parked the car but left the engine running as it was still cold
“So you’re coming to see me later?” I said smugly
“When I’ve done my other visits,” she replied matter of factly.
“I have sick patients to see”
“And what is the purpose of this visit?” I asked
“There are certain tests that have to be done” Claire said
“I have to make sure everything’s working properly”
“I thought everything worked quite well this morning” I responded proudly
“Yes” she said “but you didn’t really do much did you?”
Just then a top of the line Range Rover pulled up and as the driver got out I could see it was a very well turned out man in his mid forties.
“Who on earth is this?” I asked
“That is Harry Beaumont” Claire answered
“He doesn’t look much like a locksmith,” I told her
“Harry owns Beaumont Security” Claire said
“Really?” I said impressed
“Yes but he started as a locksmith and he likes to keep his hand in” Claire answered and got out of the car.
“Harry!!” she said warmly
“My dear Claire” he responded and embraced her
“Thank you for doing this Harry” She said “This is Simon Fisher”
“Ah” he said shaking my hand “So you are the lucky man”
Lucky man? What on earth did he mean? Did he know about Claire and me?
“You could have frozen to death,” he continued
“Yes I was fortunate,” I agreed
With that we went up the path to the front door.
The snow-covered path was littered with the broken fragments of the former concrete pixie but alas I could see no sign of the key
I was impressed with Mr Beaumont, he was a very likeable man, but impressed or not I didn’t think we would gain access to my house with his good graces alone and his tool bag was conspicuous by its absence.
But once we reached the door he slipped his hand in to his pocket and pulled out a bunch of keys and after a momentary perusal of the lock he said
“Ahhh we’re in luck” He announced “its one of ours”
And after a few seconds he selected a key and opened the lock
“Easy as that” he said
“Wow” I exclaimed truly impressed
“Wow indeed” echoed Claire
“I can’t thank you enough” I said and shook his hand
“What do I owe you?”
“Nothing” he said “I did it as a favour for my favourite doctor”
“Thanks Harry” she said and kissed his cheek
“My pleasure my dear” he said looking at his watch “Well I must be off”
Harry Beaumont took his leave and walked back to his car and I whispered to Claire
“I think he fancies you”
“No more than my other male patients” she responded grandly as she led me into the house
“What would his wife think?” I asked
“He doesn’t have one” Claire replied, “He’s a widower”
With that she took her leave of me with a quick kiss and said she would see me later.
My first action was to turn the thermostat up on the central heating and my second was to make myself a coffee.
While I drank it I phoned the car hire company to report the accident and was surprised to find out that Richards Recovery had already notified them and that everything was being dealt with on the insurance and I had nothing to worry about and they hoped I wasn’t injured in the crash and I hoped I would be happy to use them again in the future.
It was nine o’clock by then and the central heating was warming the place up nicely and as I sat in the comfort of my lounge the long blinks set in and I fell asleep.
I was rudely awoken some time later by the persistent knocking on the front door and when I opened it I found a small oily man carrying my suitcase and jacket.
The little man was Alan Richards, I invited him in but he declined, I thanked him for all he had done and asked him what I owed him
“Nothing at all Mr. Fisher” he replied, “it’s all covered by the insurance, all I need from you are the car keys”
So I furnished him with the keys and thanked him again then returned to my armchair and once again went to sleep.

It was 1.30pm when I woke up and I cursed myself for missing Claire’s visit.
Anyway I took myself upstairs and had a shower and I had just finished drying off went the doorbell rank.
I slipped my robe on and made my way down the stairs and the doorbell rang again
“Ok I’m coming” I called
I got to the front door as quickly as possible and on opening it I discovered Claire standing the other side in tears.
“What’s happened?” I asked as I pulled her into the house
I quickly closed the door and she threw herself into my arms.
It was some minutes before she had composed herself sufficiently to be able to speak.
“I’ve just come from the vicarage,” she sobbed
It was apparently now widely known that Katy was stepping down as Vicar of St Lucy’s
And that Robert Hunter would be taking over from her but it wasn’t as yet generally known that she was dying.
But this would all too soon become apparent her condition had begun to deteriorate in the two weeks since I had seen her.
Katy was determined to vacate the vicarage and make room for Robert who was trying to establish himself in the village.
He was at present lodging at the Cross Keys, which was not the most suitable accommodation for a man of the cloth or for a layman, not that he would have minded staying there if it meant not putting Katy out of her home.
But Katy was of a mind to go but she didn’t want to end her days in a hospice; she’d spent too many hours at the bedside of sick parishioners ministering to them as they slipped into the next world to want to breathe her last in one herself.
Robert would let her slip her mortal bonds in her own home but Katy was a practical woman though and she knew the vicarage was too small to accommodate a hospital bed and all the other paraphernalia required for a terminally ill patient.
So it looked like she would face the end in the one place she most dreaded which is what brought Claire to tears.
And they began to flow once more at the retelling of it.
We sat on the sofa and I consoled her as best I could and then it occurred to me, the perfect solution.
“What about here?” I suggested, after all it wouldn’t exactly be for long.
“It’s a big house and there’s only me”
Claire stopped crying and was staring intently at me
“We could easily get a bed in the here with enough chairs for the visitors and the downstairs bathroom is across the hall”
Claire looked around the room and in the direction of the bathroom when I mentioned it and then back at me
“You would do that?” she asked
“Yes” I replied “of course”
“There will have to be twenty four hour care before the end,” she said
“There is a spare room” I replied
“Katy won’t agree,” Claire, stated, “she wont want to be a burden”
“What is it about sick people not wishing to be a burden?” I said crossly
“When my time comes I plan on being a burden to all and sundry”
“She’s not you” Claire rebutted
“I’ll go and talk to her,” I said
“We’ll go together,” Claire said
“Ok” I agreed
“She’s resting now but we can go later” Claire said with a nod.
There were a few minutes of uncomfortable silence so I said
“I didn’t know you GPs did house calls any more”
“Only for “special” patients” she said with a giggle
So with the mood sufficiently lightened we chatted freely about this and that but until inevitably the conversation got around to the weekend in Godalming.
“When I was alone in my room and you were with Katy” She admitted, “I felt a bit jealous”
“Jealous?” I said surprised
“I know it’s silly” she said “I had no right to, but I did”
“Why?” I asked
“I don’t know really,” she said with a shake of the head “I’m a married woman after all who loves her husband, what I have with you is a bonus but with no strings attached”
“But there is love too” I said
“You feel that too?” Claire asked
“Oh yes” I replied
Claire sighed and looked down at her lap
“That’s why I was jealous of a dying woman,” she admitted, “because I wanted to feel your tender embrace”
I took hold of her hand and said
“Come to bed” I said
“No, no I’m just being selfish” she snapped
I stood up still holding her hand
“Come to bed” I repeated as I pulled her to her feet
“But…” she began
“Shhh I want to take you to bed now”
“Ok,” she whispered burying her face in my chest.
“Come on then,” I said “upstairs”
I led her by the hand all the way upstairs and into my bedroom.
I quickly divested her of her practical attire and I still held her big knickers in my hand as she scrambled under the covers.
I dropped her pants and Claire eyes peered at me over the top of the duvet as I slipped off my robe.
My cock, with functionality fully restored stood proud and ready for action as I joined Claire beneath the covers and cuddled up close to her.
“Do it the way you did it with Katy” she whispered
“Ok Hon” I responded and I kissed her lips softly.
As the kiss continued it grew in intensity and as our tongues entwined, my hand, which had been on her hip had slid down and was fondling her ample buttock and I explored her familiar curves like it was the first time.
While my hand was occupied at her rear Claire’s hand went straight to my cock.
I rolled her gently onto her back we stopped kissing and I looked down on her in the week winter daylight and admired the body I had enjoyed so many times before.
Her breasts were beautiful and surmounted by the dark rose pink nipples, which sat there inviting me to imbibe so I took the nearest one into my mouth and sucked on it gently.
Claire emitted a soft melodic murmur of approval so I sucked on it some more.
Reluctantly I left her erect swollen nipple wet with my saliva and watched her serene face as my hand drifted across her belly to her luxuriant curly bush.
I dallied there toying with her tousled curls as she murmured softly.
To my delight as my hand came to rest on her mound she held her breath in anticipation of its progress.
I continued watching her lying there with her eyes shut and her tongue periodically moistening her lips and after a few moments my finger parted her labia like a hot knife through butter and it was instantly immersed in her hot creamy juice.
I looked down on her again, she was biting her lip and her murmurs had become soft moans of pleasure in response to my fingering of her creamy quim.
She was beginning to become more vociferous in response to my attention and I knew she was on the brink of climax by the way she was frantic tugging on my cock.
So I brought Claire to a face contorting climax and her thighs closed on my hand.
I looked down on her as her face was still contorted with ecstasy. She opened her eyes, looked up at me and smiled.
I leant down and kissed her and as our tongues explored each other’s mouths I caressed her breast and prepared to mount her.
As I carefully positioned myself between her thighs I stopped kissing her and looked into her eyes as I slowly slid into her.
Claire sighed at the instance of penetration and then closed her eyes as she leant her head back into the pillow and sucked in air through her teeth.
I continued caressing her beautiful breast as I withdrew and entered again and again, I would normally just pounded her pussy until orgasm; But Claire wanted it the same tender way as Katy.
Claire began to writhe beneath me and lick her lips as I entered again.
I had to work so hard to control the urge to up the tempo as I normally would.
I had to suppress my animal urges, as Claire wanted this time to be a tender affair, longer in duration and more sensual.
She squirmed beneath me as she reached that ecstatic point, the hinterland between being rooted to the ground and the gravity defying release of orgasm.
She looked up at me as she moaned loudly and writhed beneath me and then she came with a deliciously sweet utterance that spurred me on to my own climax.
And she cried out
“Oh yesss”
Then I kissed her hot panting mouth.
When out lips parted she asked
“Was it like that with Katy?”
“Yes, sweetheart” I replied then I kissed her again before I withdrew and climbed off of her and as I pulled out she let out a rather smug self-satisfied sigh before she cuddled up to me.
“No wonder she was so content” she said with her head on my chest.

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 52) Winter Revival

When morning came on the Sunday after I made love to Reverend Oliver, I awoke to find Claire and I were still in each other’s arms in much the same position as we were when we went to sleep.
It was a unique experience for us to occupy the same bed and not to have made love but so it was.
We didn’t make love that Sunday morning either, but only because it was late and Claire had to get Katy back to the village there was certainly no lack of will or urge.
After we had gotten Katy settled in the car Claire and I went back to check out and the unhelpful manager announced loudly
“The comings and goings between your rooms didn’t go unnoticed; we don’t allow any shenanigans at the Kings Arms Hotel you know”
I could see Claire was close to tears as she turned to walk out but I wasn’t having any of that so in similar level to him I said angrily.
“The lady in the car is a Church of England minister, who is terminally ill and this lady is her Doctor, and the “comings and goings” between the rooms was necessary as the Reverend needs constant nursing”
And to finish I added “you pompous arse”
This was greeted by a ripple of applause from those in earshot.
Then I took Claire’s arm and walked her to the door, on the way I spotted Lisa the friendly waitress who smiled and I paused and tipped her generously.
“Thank you for your kindness Lisa” I said and escorted Claire to her car and there we said our goodbyes in the car park as for the sake of discretion I travelled back to Bushy Down on the train.

On my return to the house I was greeted by a very eager and affectionate Georgia who was true to her word when she gave me a lot more of what she had given me before I went to Godalming.
I was thankful for the raw unrestrained sex as it took my mind off the events of the weekend.

In one of the respites between her assaults Georgia told me that when she went back to work on Saturday that everyone was given the third degree by Miss Snipe in an effort to discover which member or members of staff were responsible for soiling the furnishings in the presidents club and leaving an unsightly stain on the billiard table.
She laughed hysterically after she had told me and I thought
“You wouldn’t be laughing if you knew it was me”
No one owned up obviously and no action was taken other than to change the alarm code.

The next few days were spent in much the same way with Georgia assaulting me at every opportunity until I took horny Miss Georgie back to Roehampton in her dad’s car where once we reached her room she jumped me twice more before I left.
I had clearly created a monster, a cute nubile monster, but a monster nonetheless who for the next few weeks would have to satisfy herself.
But at least in the course of our lust-fuelled week she had added considerably to her wank bank.

When I returned home I was left alone with my own thoughts for the remainder of the week and I found them uncomfortable companions.
So on Saturday morning it was with a feeling of relief and not trepidation that I took a phone call from my agent Lionel Blum.
After the usual seasonal preamble regarding who did what over Christmas and New Year he proceeded to say that he, in turn, had received a call from the French editor I met in Paris, Henri Montpelier, who had shown my work to an editor friend of his who ran a sister publication in Tunisia.
Under normal circumstances I would have left it in Lionel’s hands but as I had never been to Tunisia before and more importantly as I was in need of a change of scene and something to distract me I agreed to accompany him to Tunis on Sunday evening.

We stayed in a very luxurious hotel which was clearly a remnant of French colonial days and once we had finished our business each day with the Tunisian publisher, Afchine Tabritzian, I found plenty to occupy my mind in both the city and colonial splendour of the Hotel thanks to a particularly friendly local by the name of Felicite Clerembeaux, a petite well tanned girl with hair the colour of ripened corn.
She acted as my tour guide showing me amongst other sights the St. Louis Cathedral, the Porte de France and the Souks Market.
While back at the Hotel she gave me French lessons, and she was a very ardent yet flexible teacher.
The temperature was in the high teens to low twenties which considering the temperature in London when we left, as my veins were full of thick brutish winter blood 20 degrees felt almost tropical so I had to go out and buy short sleeved shirts and lightweight trousers for our short stay in north Africa.
The Souks Market proved to be every bit as accommodating as my guide Felicite.
It was with some regret that with our business concluded I had to say goodbye to mademoiselle Clerembeaux and her accommodating nature.
I also said farewell to Lionel who had another appointment in Algeria regarding another client

I was still wearing my Tunisian attire when I landed back at Heathrow on Thursday night in the teeth of a blizzard and found them somewhat inadequate.
We were lucky to land when we did as a lot of flights were turned away and once on the ground I found the transport infrastructure was suffering also.
Trains were cancelled, buses were running a skeleton service and even taxis were conspicuous by there absence
So I ended up queuing for an hour to get a hire car and I finally left the airport just after 10 o’clock.
Even in the couple of hours I had been on the ground the Weather had deteriorated and temperatures had plummeted.
The roads around the airport were barely affected and the motorway was fine.
“I don’t know what all the fuss is about” I thought to myself smugly
Then I got off the motorway and onto the untreated roads and I knew exactly what all the fuss was about.
The roads were barely visible and I drove very gingerly along the first stretch, which ended, at a roundabout, which is where I got lucky.
A Range Rover entered the roundabout ahead of me and turned off onto the Bushy Down road so I got in its tracks and followed it for about four miles.
Then just as I was beginning to feel smug again my luck ran out as he turned left at the T-junction and I was going right.
As luck would have it the road was not as bad as the previous one and showed distinct signs of have had more traffic using it and there were even visible signs of Tarmac.
So I pressed on with caution and I was less than two miles from the village when disaster struck.
I took a right hand bend slightly too vigorously and lost the back end and went off the road arse first into a ditch.
I tried to drive out of it but to no avail and resigned myself to the fact I would have to walk the last mile and a half.
I got out of the car and the wind cut through my thin clothing like it wasn’t there.
“No matter” I thought, “I’ll get my bag out of the boot and put some more layers on”
But when I got to the back of the car I found the boot stoved in and I was unable to open it.
“Bollocks” I said
So there was nothing for it than to get home as quickly as possible.
The problem is that as quickly as possible isn’t vey quick at all when you are improperly dressed and walking in thick snow while being battered by a howling wind.
I made really slow progress and by the time I got home my teeth were chattering uncontrollably, I had no feeling in my extremities and my genitalia had retracted into my abdomen.
But at least I was home.
I knew my house keys were in my bag, which was in the boot of the car so I got on my hands and knees to retrieve the spare key I kept under a garden ornament in the form of a Pixie.
But the little Concrete bastard was frozen to the ground and I couldn’t move it with my frozen hands.
So I stood up and kicked it repeatedly over and over again until it finally moved.
I bent down again only to find the key wasn’t there.
Puzzled I picked up the ornament and found the key was frozen to the underside.
All I could do was to smash it as hard as I could on the path in an effort to dislodge the key, it took three attempts until it smashed and when it did bits of concrete went everywhere and one of them took the key with it into the deep snow.
“Oh fuck,” I Shouted
I stood up and paced up and down the path.
“After walking a mile and a half through this shit I’m going to die on my own doorstep” I thought darkly
Then it suddenly occurred to me that I could I could go and knock Judith up, in a manner of speaking, so I climbed the little wall that separated the front gardens and banged on her front door.
For some reason that made me laugh because I thought to myself that the alternative was to bang on her back door.
I didn’t laugh for long as no one answered the door.
“Bugger” I said, “she must be out with the new man”
So I tried Victoria’s and she didn’t respond
“She must have taken a pill,” I thought, “because she never goes anywhere”
I assumed Maisie must be staying at Chez Carrington and munching some Indian carpet.
Normally that thought would have given me a trouser tickle but the contents of my trousers were devoid of life.
I decided to head into the village and look for some signs of life in an effort to preserve mine.
I was just about to pound on Mahajak’s shop door when I noticed a light on at the surgery.
“Thank god” I said and crossed myself and like a moth I headed towards the light.
As I banged on the door I hoped and prayed that the light hadn’t just been left on to deter burglars.
I began to think the worst and was just about to bang again when I saw movement beyond the glass.
As the door opened I was surprised to see it was Claire.
“Simon?” she said as surprised as I was “what the hell are you doing outside dressed like that?”
“Caa Caa Car crcrcrashed” I stuttered “Lllllocked out”
“Come in, come in” she said urgently “Are you hurt?”
“Ccccold” I chattered
“Come with me” she ordered “we need to warm you up”
She took me from reception towards her Consulting rooms but turned down another corridor before we got there.
When we reached the end she opened the door and flicked a switch and the ceiling light flickered into life.
When the room was fully lit I could see it was the staff room equipped with easy chairs.
There were lockers running along one wall and a sink and draining board on the one opposite.
On the other wall was obviously the toilet and there was a second door next to it.
Claire didn’t dwell in the staff room however and opened the other door and flicked another switch and again a light flickered into life.
This time it was a bathroom with a large bath and shower combined and a small hand basin.
I vaguely recalled Claire mentioning they had one in one of our post coital conversations.
Claire quickly turned on the shower before turning to me.
“Right” she said, “Get those wet clothes off”
I tried to comply but I couldn’t feel my fingers as I struggled with the buttons.
So Claire had to undress me, normally a rather enjoyable activity, this time it was rather less so.
“What on earth were you thinking?” she barked as she undid my shirt “you stupid man”
I didn’t respond, as the chattering of my teeth appeared to be worsening.
“You could have died out there,” she continued pulling down my trousers and pants
“You could have died” she repeated and smacked my bare bum cheek
She placed a stool in the cubicle.
“Sit down there babe” she instructed as she helped me in to the cubicle before adjusting the shower head so I got a good dousing of the tepid water.
“StStStill cold” I stuttered after about five minutes
“I know babe” she said “but we need to warm you up slowly”
She bent down and picked up all my wet things and holding them at arms length she said
“I’ll be back in a minute”
She was good to her word and when she returned she brought a chair with her, she adjusted the temperature of the water a few degrees and then she sat down and watched me.
She repeated the procedure every ten minutes or so and after about forty minutes I was starting to get feeling back in my fingers and toes and my teeth had stopped chattering.
“Why are you here” I asked out of the blue
“I’m on call” she answered “I’d been out to a patient and I was just replenishing my bag when you knocked”
“Lucky for me” I said
“Very lucky” Claire said, “Another five minutes and I would have gone home”
It suddenly dawned on me just how lucky I had been.
Claire was chatting to me all the time but I don’t really remember much of the conversation I’m not sure but I may have been drifting in and out of consciousness.
“How are you feeling now?” she asked
“I’m warming up a bit I think” I replied
“Ok” she said and opened the cubicle door “let’s get you on your feet”
Claire helped me to stand up and took the stool away and said
“Let’s start getting that warmth circulating round your body”
“It’s hard,” I said pathetically
“Just walk round and round and if you keep moving I’ll turn the temperature up every five minutes” she said “but if you stop moving I’ll turn it down”
“What kind of a doctor are you?” I asked
“One with your best interests at heart” she said “now move”
It was quite a big bath and I just had to walk up and down.
After about an hour of this the water started to feel hot on my skin for the first time and I thought
“I’m thawed”
Five minutes later Claire said
“Ok time to get out, you’re starting to look like a lobster”
I did as I was told and got out and Claire was waiting with towels for me. And it was while she was wrapping me in them that I caught sight of my own reflection in the steamy mirror.
I wiped a patch of the glass with the corner of the towel
“Argh” I exclaimed
“What’s the matter?” Claire asked concerned “is it your chest? Are you getting pains?”
“Look! Look!” I said pointing,
“What?” she said confused
That was when I realised I was pointing at my reflection which she couldn’t see from her perspective so I looked down
“Argh” I screamed “it’s dropped off” my penis and its associated components was missing.
I was filled with remorse and then like in the last moments of a drowning man every piece of pussy I had ever had passed before my eyes in every lurid detail.
With grave concern on her face Claire stared at me before looking down at the sight of my affliction and then the heartless bitch laughed.
”Aww it looks like a button mushroom” she said unhelpfully and laughed again
“How can you be so callous” I said dramatically “show some respect for the dead”
“Don’t be so dramatic” she scolded, “give it a while and it will pop out like a jack in the box”
“No” I said solemnly “the beast is dead”
Then I turned and wrapped the towels around me to preserve my dignity before walking forlornly into the staff room and plopping down into an easy chair.
Claire followed me into the room speaking words of encouragement to me but I was not convinced,
“Don’t despair Simon,” she urged as she placed a thermometer in my mouth
“It’s only temporary”
Claire then proceeded to put a cuff around my arm to check my blood pressure.
While she pumped the bulb I was consumed by dark thoughts of the demise of my dick.
“Good” she announced loosening the cuff
Then she took the thermometer from my mouth looked at it and nodded approvingly
“I can confirm you are definitely alive,” Claire said as she sat in the Chair opposite me
“Cheer up, it won’t take much to get the old boy going again,” she said encouragingly
I was far from sure and when I looked at her I thought
“It will take a miracle with you dressed like that”
I had never seen her dressed in a more unattractive way all the time I had known her.
She was wearing a shapeless thigh length turtleneck sweater over thick black leggings, which were tucked into equally thick socks and ankle boots.
She was dressed for practicality, I knew that, it was a very sensible outfit for the conditions, but it was not sexy, and she very definitely was.
Her reassuring words regardless of what she was wearing were not bringing me out of my torpor of melancholy.
“He just needs some encouragement” she said, “just try to think of some of his past triumphs”
I was unmoved and more to the point so was he.
“Just think of all the times we’ve done it, all the places and all the positions” Claire suggested but I didn’t respond
“I can still remember vividly that first time in London at the St Gregory’s Hotel” she continued
“Yes so could I” I thought
“And when you fingered me through my tights until I screamed, God that was so dirty.. And so good” Claire paused and looked away reflectively as if she was rerunning the whole night through her head.
”Then you had me on the sofa”
I recalled her words to me as she lay panting beneath me
“It’s been so long since I had a man inside me, leave it in me a while longer Simon”
That was incredibly sexy at the time yet left me unmoved at that moment
“Then you had me on the chair” I contributed
“Yes and you wanted me completely naked but my tights were tangled around my ankle so you settled for that” she remembered
“Then you wanted to go again” I said “and produced your Lazarus pill”
“And you nearly shagged me unconscious” she paused again “and the Receptionist, Summer, thought murder was being done because you made me come so loudly”
Then she recounted every coupling we had ever engaged in, every location, every position, every orgasm and all the time my genitalia remained conspicuous by its absence.
But she carried on regardless and although her intention was to arouse my frozen soldier she only served to arouse herself instead.
As I looked at her across from me I saw she had both hands in her lap pressing her sweater between her legs and she squirmed perceptibly in her seat as she recounted the history of our love making.
“And then there was Paris” she exclaimed, “God Paris was …. Tres magnifique”
“Yes Paris was special,” I agreed as I watched her hands moving on her lap.
“It started before we got to Paris when you ripped the crotch out of my tights and fingered me on the Eurostar” she said and glanced at me and realising where my gaze was, she blushed and looked quickly away but continued with her recollections.
“We could hardly wait to reach the hotel and had barely entered the room before we were on each other and you were entering me”
She glanced in my direction and clearly thought by my expression that she was getting through to me so in the best interests of her patient she yanked up her sweater with one hand and slid the other one under her waistband and down the front of her leggings and inside her knickers.
I could see the contours of her hand in its animated probing of her own pussy
“Tell me more,” I suggested as I felt sensation down below
“Out romantic dinner in the Hotel restaurant when I went commando”
She said with her eyes closed and her lips pursed as her fingering became more frenetic.
“And you kissing my nonny while I was on the phone was very…” she paused briefly as she came “sexy”
I unwrapped the towels from around myself and found my little purple-headed friend had finally answered the call, he wasn’t in full attendance but at least he had turned up.
“Look whose here” I said
Claire opened her eyes and glanced across and did a kind of double take before she was out of her seat and scrambling towards me.
Her hand was still busy in her knickers as her mouth engulfed all of me, not that there was an awful lot of me at that point.
“Oh” I said feebly as she sucked vigorously on my diminished member while she fingered herself with equal ferocity.
And by the time she had wanked herself to orgasm my manhood was wide-awake and she gave one gentle suck on my shaft before she release it.
Claire stood up and as she turned her back on me she wiped her slavering lips on her sweater sleeve then she pulled her leggings down to her knees.
“Big knickers?” I exclaimed as I spied her arse clad in M&S passion killers
“They’re practical” she said defensively “I can’t wear silk and lace all the time you know”
“They’re certainly practical looking,” I said
“Shut up and pull them down,” she ordered
So I tugged her practical pants over her plump shapely buttocks and down her thighs.
My hand released her knickers above her knees before they crept up Claire’s firm thighs, paused briefly to appreciate her firm cheeks before they settled on her hips and prepared to guide her backwards.
Claire’s hands reached the arms of the chair and as she gripped them tightly her knuckles whitened and she moaned quietly as her buttocks clenched and she squirmed and wriggled her way down my shaft until her hot creamy cunny had consumed me.
My hand then left her hips and went up to find her tits which I was relieved to find were not enclosed in a utilitarian of practical garment but encased within lace trimmed satin cups quickly replaced by my eager hands.
Meanwhile Claire was rising and falling on me exuding the most divine utterances on the downward stroke as she creamed my balls with her exuding abundance.
I still fondled her breasts as I enjoyed the ride and Claire did all the work and making deliriously sensual sounds as she enjoyed me.
She increased the tempo as she neared Shangri-La and I could feel the burning heat from her pussy, her breaths became deeper and more erratic as her head rolled back and forth until her panting rasping breaths crescendoed as she cried out in orgasm.
Then as she rose and fell on me once more I came which seemed to take her by surprise
“Oh” she exclaimed and then relaxed on top of me and sighed
“That felt cold,” she said giggling, “You have chilly swimmers”

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 51) Twelfth Night (Part Three) Serviced With Reverence

When I got back to Claire’s room after reluctantly agreeing to make love to Katy Oliver, I was still drying my eyes.
I knocked on the door and waited, and as she opened it she blurted out
“Yes” I said bursting into tears
And as Claire hugged me she started crying herself.
Obviously I had lost people dear to me during my life and had to cope with the resulting grief.
But this was something else, something for which I had no frame of reference.
She was a dear friend and a minister of God
A good and godly person, an ally against the dark, a force for good
There was no point asking why the God she loved so much was taking her.
And she didn’t question it; she was prepared for it and content with it.
What complicated things for me and what added a different dimension to the situation was that she wanted me to make love to her.
It was the only thing that she wished for.
She could have demanded any number of things and they would have been fourth coming because she was so beloved.
It was the only thing she craved, she was content to go then.
All I had to do was agree and I did, how could I refuse the dying wish from the most unselfish person I had ever met.

Once Claire and I had composed ourselves it was well into the evening and we were very hungry.
Claire went in to see Katy and I went in search of food
I requested to have our food sent up to the room as our friend was ill but the manager wouldn’t accommodate us.
“This is an Hotel” he announced “not an Hospital”
“Pompous twat” I said as I left the hotel and went out to find a Chinese takeaway.
I ordered a broad selection of dishes and took the order back to the hotel.
A kind waitress called Lisa smuggled plates and cutlery upstairs to Katie’s room for us and we ate our Chinese together.
I’m not sure why but there was no awkwardness considering the reason we were breaking bread together.
Looking back It was quite surreal, laughing and joking, me, my lover/pimp and my vicar/client, as we shared a meal never once mentioning what was to happen afterwards.

After we had finished the meal I went back to Claire’s room and showered and shaved while Claire helped Katy prepare.
I’m not really sure what was actually involved in preparing a vicar to be rogered by a serial philanderer but what ever it was Claire was doing it.

I had just finished putting my dressing gown on when the door opened and the good doctor walked in wearing a frown.
“Everything ok?” I asked
“Yes, yes” she replied and forced a smile
“Well I’m ready for action,” I said as I gave her a super hero salute in a vain attempt to lighten the mood as much for me as for her.
I didn’t feel much like a super hero.
Claire stepped forward and hugged me and we stood there for a full five minutes just holding each other in silence before she broke both the embrace and the silence.
“Off you go then stud” she said with false light heartedness “don’t keep the lady waiting”
“Ok boss” I said
“Nothing too vigorous” Claire added “she’s ill remember”
I just nodded,
“And if anything out of the ordinary happens, call me” she said
“You don’t think this is already out of the ordinary?” I asked
“Oh god” she said and sat down heavily on the sofa
“If this goes wrong they’ll lock me up and throw away the key”
“Calm yourself” I said as I sat next to her
“As if it’s not bad enough that I’m shagging a patient” she continued, “I could be struck off just for that alone”
This was accompanied with a firm shake of her head then with barely a breath she added
“But no I have to pimp him out as well”
She got to her feet and turned to me
“And to a Church of England minister no less”
“Its ok” I said as I stood up and took hold of her gently
“Were doing this for her”
“But what if Katy dies during the act or as a result of it, they’d lock me in the Tower for sure”
“Relax,” I said firmly “nothing will go wrong, I will be very gentle”
Then she hugged me tightly.

I left Claire sitting on the sofa looking anxious, my attempts to reassure her having totally failed.
As the door closed behind me I let out a long sigh and the brave face I had been putting on for Claire melted away.
I was far from convinced all was going to be well; I had no idea even if I would be able to perform, given the circumstances.
I did think of asking Claire for one of her Lazarus pills but thought better of it.
With one of those in my system I couldn’t be relied upon not to be “vigorous”.
So I crossed the hall and sighed again before I opened the door and re imposed the brave face as I entered Katie’s room.
She was sitting up in bed wearing what I recognised even in the dimly lit room as Claire’s pink silk robe.
Although there were as yet no outward signs of her illness I had no idea where I would even start.
Her inexperience was of course a factor but there was the added complication of the limited options regarding positions, flexibility, agility, stamina etc.
In my numerous dalliances I was used to my partner being well and truly lubricated and with her illness and its associated medications I was concerned she might be dry.
There was also a nagging doubt in the back of my mind that it might be painful for her, and not just for the lack of some KY.
I sat on the bed next to her and took hold of her hand.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked
“Yes” she replied “very sure”
There appeared to be no hint of apprehension on her part, though I could feel my own oozing from every pore.
Katy smiled at me and squeezed my hand as if to say, “come old son you can do this”
My main motivation was that I didn’t want to let her down.
However despite my misgivings, my philanderer’s eye soon noticed her dark areolas visible through the pink silk and I felt my inner letch swimming to the surface.
I lifted her hand to my lips and kissed its
“Your wish is my command fair maiden,” I said though I was far from ready for action
I stood up and gazed down at her and she took my getting to my feet as the signal to lie down.
I slipped off my dressing gown and let it drop to the floor, I expected a modest woman of the cloth like Katy to avert her gaze but her eyes never left me.
I got under the duvet and cuddled up close to her, my little Christian soldier was still conspicuous by his absence.
“Hello hon” I said
“Do you call all your um..?” she asked pausing briefly while she selected the right word “partners, hon?”
“Hon or babe” I replied “it means that, and this is going to sound rather shallow, I don’t get the name wrong”
“That doesn’t sound shallow at all” Katie said and laughed out loud.
“Well There is nothing kills the moment more than saying Vera when you’re making love to Alice” I said defensively.
“I can see how that might be awkward,” she said still laughing
When she finally stopped giggling she said
“I think I like hon”
“Hello hon” I said
“Hello” she responded
And I kissed her lips softly and when she responded I felt a stirring.
As the kiss continued it grew in intensity and as our tongues entwined, my hand, which had been on her hip had slid down and was fondling her ample buttock and as I explored her curves I was delighted to find she was naked beneath the robe.
While my hand was occupied at her rear Katie’s hand also went exploring and was very soon gripping my cock.
Virgin she may have been but shy she was not.
Katy had turned onto her side as I got into bed and I had cuddled up to face her but then as we kissed and she continued to play with my shaft I rolled her gently onto her back.
I untied the belt on her robe and slowly opened the two halves like the leaves of a rare first edition.
We stopped kissing and I looked down on her in the half-light and admired her body.
Her breasts were more substantial than I was expecting and were surmounted by dark rose pink nipples which sat there inviting me to imbibe so I took the nearest one into my mouth and sucked on it gently.
Katy emitted a soft melodic murmur of approval.
I left her erect swollen nipple wet with my saliva and watched her serene face as my hand drifted across her belly to her luxuriant curly bush.
I dallied there toying with her tousled curls and she still murmured softly.
As my hand came to rest on her mound she held her breath in anticipation of its progress and after a moment my finger parted her lips like a paper knife opening a letter and it was instantly immersed in her hot creamy juice.
“So much for being dry,” I thought as I looked down on her.
She was biting her lip and her murmurs had become soft moans of pleasure in response to my fingering of her slippery slit.
She had not become excessively vociferous in response to my attention but even if I had not been experienced in such matters I would easily have known she was on the brink by the way she was frantic tugging on my cock.
So having reached the point where I couldn’t have got her any wetter if I fingered her until candlemass I brought to a face contorting climax and her thighs closed on my hand.
I looked down on her as her face relaxed back to her angelic demeanour and she opened her eyes and smiled.
I leant down and kissed her and as our tongues explored each other’s mouths I caressed her breast and prepared to mount her.
As I carefully positioned myself between her thighs I stopped kissing her and looked into her eyes as I slowly slid into her.
Katy winced momentarily at the instance of penetration and then closed her eyes as she leant her head back into the pillow and sucked in air through her teeth.
I continued caressing her beautiful breast as I withdrew and entered again and again.
Katy began to writhe a little beneath me and lick her lips as I entered again.
I had to work so hard to control the urge to up the tempo as I normally would.
I had to suppress my animal urges, her first and only time had to be a tender affair, longer in duration and more sensual.
She squirmed beneath me as she reached that ecstatic point, the hinterland between being rooted to the ground and the gravity defying release of orgasm.
She looked up at me as she softly moaned and writhed beneath me and then she came with a deliciously sweet utterance that spurred me on to my own climax.
And she cried out
“Oh Godddd”
Then I kissed her hot panting mouth.
“That was wonderful,” she panted.
I kissed her again and withdrew and climbed off of her and she let out a rather smug self-satisfied sigh as she cuddled up to me.
“When can we do it again?” she asked with her head on my chest.
“I thought you said, “I just want to feel truly alive one last time before the end,”” I queried
She lifted her head and looked at me coyly and replied
“Well it is twelfth night, I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, two sins for the price of one”

It was one o’clock on Sunday morning when I kissed the sleeping Katy
“Goodnight hon” I said and returned to Claire’s room.
When I walked in the room she was sleeping in on the sofa.
I knelt down beside her and kissed her forehead.
She stirred and opened her eyes then a look of alarm spread across her face.
“Oh God” she exclaimed, “what’s happened?”
“Nothing has happened” I reassured her “Katy is fine”
“Did you do it?” she asked
“Yes” I answered “twice”

Claire went across the hall to check on Katy and I got myself ready for bed.
It was more than an hour later when she returned and I was sitting up in bed reading.
“Ok?” I asked
“Yes” Claire replied, “she wants you to say goodnight”
“Ok” I said and got out of bed
“Don’t be long,” she ordered, “she’s very tired and she’s had her meds”

I knocked lightly on the door and I heard a faint
“Come in”
I open the door
“Hey” I said
“Hey yourself” she replied “come and sit on the bed”
I obliged her and sat next to her as I had earlier and as before she took hold of my hand.
“Thank you Simon” she said weekly “for making feel alive”
“Just rest now” I said and kissed her forehead
“Yes” she said, “you’ve fair worn me out”
And she drifted off to sleep.
I kissed her again and said
“Goodnight Katy”

I quietly left the room and crossed the hall and opened the door to Claire’s room.
She was in bed lying on her side and I slipped in and snuggled up behind her and wrapped my arms around her.
“I think we did the right thing” Claire said “didn’t we?”
“Yes we did,” I agreed
And for the first time ever we went to sleep without making love.

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 50) Twelfth Night (Part Two) An Uncomfortable Conversation

Claire and I were in a room in the Kings Arms Hotel Godalming, laying naked beneath the covers in the after glow.
“You need to ask me the question then,” I said
“What do you want me to do?”
There was a long pause then she took a deep breath and blurted out
“I want you to make love to the vicar?”
That rather took me by surprise I certainly hadn’t seen that coming.
I was worried that she had been hoping for a long-term commitment from me rather than out dirty outings.
It never even crossed my mind that she might be pimping me out.
“I want you to make love to the vicar? She said
“Which one?” I replied trying to make light of it
“Katy of course” Claire said without humour
After a moment I said
“And this is what you thought I would be angry about?” I asked
“Yes” she replied
“Well I’m not angry” I said “but you were right I don’t want to do it”
“But…” she tried to interrupt but I continued
“And I’m not going to do it”
“But…” she tried to interrupt again and again I pressed on
“And I can’t imagine what you could possibly say that could persuade me to change my mind”
“She’s dying” Claire said flatly
“What?” I said
“She’s dying,” she repeated
I was stunned into silence and I suddenly felt rather small.
“How?” I asked though it didn’t really matter, I didn’t know what else to say.
“Cancer” Claire said “very aggressive”
“Where”? I asked gain for want of something worthwhile.
“Her brain” she replied “to begin with, but its metastasised”
“What’s the prognosis?” I asked hopefully
Claire shook her head in response.
“Is there no treatment?”
“Yes but it will only delay its progress and she doesn’t want to prolong it any longer than necessary”
“Doesn’t she want to fight it?” I said angrily
“She has no fear of death” Claire replied, “She knows where she is bound”
There was a prolonged silence as I took in the news and tried to process it.
After about 10 minutes I said
“How long have you known”?
“About the cancer, since before we went to Paris, and about her dying, about six weeks” she replied
“Who else knows”? I asked
“Just me and the Bishop” she answered and sobbed.
“It must have been hell” I said and kissed her forehead
When she had stopped crying I asked
“So why do you want me to make love to her?”
“It’s what she wants” Claire replied
“But why?” I queried
“Because although she has made her peace and is content” she replied
“She just wants to feel truly alive one last time before the end”
Silence once again descended and it was five minutes before she broke it.
“So will you do it”?
“I need some time to think about it” I replied
“Time is a luxury she does not have” Claire said blackly
I got out of bed and paced around the room for nearly 10 minutes before Claire suggested
“Go and speak to her”
“That would work. I’ll just knock on the vicarage door and say, “so you want me to shag you?”” I responded angrily
“She’s in room 23” Claire stated
“What?” I said
“Katy is in the room across the hall” she said
I stopped pacing for a moment and absorbed what she had and after a moment the penny dropped, “I’ll book two rooms,” she said on the phone.
I stood in the middle of the room and taking a deep breath I announced
“I’ll go and speak to her”
I walked briskly across the room and was just about to open the door when Claire said
“What?” I said in response
“You’re not wearing any trousers,” she told me
I looked down at my unclad lower half and conceded that she might have a point so I returned to the sight of our coupling and redressed.
“The door isn’t locked, but knock before you go in” she said as I grabbed the door handle for the second time then I looked back at Claire
“Why me”? I asked curiously
“You’ll have to ask her that” she replied

I crossed the hall and stood staring at the door of room 23 for about five minutes before I got up enough courage to knock.
When I eventually did, there was no answer to my knock, but after a few moments I turned the handle and pushed open the door.
When I was inside I found Katy asleep in an armchair by the fire with a blanket around her knees.
Katie’s spectacles were perched on the end of her nose and a bible lay open on her lap,
I walked quietly into the room and sat in the chair opposite her and watched her sleep.
Katie was an attractive woman by any measure, a willowy thirty seven year old, with shoulder length brunette hair.
She had a warm open manner, which was partly why she was so fondly regarded.
The intelligent green laughing eyes and broad toothy smile served to compliment an already very pleasant demeanour.
She looked small tucked into the large armchair and incredibly vulnerable.
“I don’t think I can do it,” I said to myself
The Reverend ticked a lot of boxes for me it has to be said,
And given my penchant for all things crumpet there was certainly no lack of attraction, her vestments certainly didn’t put me off, I liked uniforms and outfits.
It wasn’t because she was a Vicar, although had she been in any other occupation I would have been more likely to have serviced her without any qualms.
“I just don’t think I can do it”
Maybe it was my conscience I was worried about not that I possessed any high principles, and what rules I followed are at best flexible.
So if it’s not my scruples, which are virtually non-existent, as my many peccadilloes can testify to.
“Why don’t I think I can do it?”
At that moment Katie stirred from her nap and opened her eyes.
“Hi” I said softly
“Oh Hello Simon” She replied with a smile.
Then her eyes closed and she drifted off again
It was another fifteen minutes before she awoke again, fully this time.
“Has Claire asked you?” She asked out of the blue
“Yes” I replied
“And?” she pressed me
“I don’t think I can do it,” I said
“Why not?” She asked with surprise “Is it the vestments that put you off?”
”No” I replied “I like that well enough, uniform is always good”
There was silence for a moment then I continued
“Look in principle I would have no problem making love to you,
I would have no problem defrocking you of your vestments,
I would have to draw the line at doing it in Gods house or the vicarage for that matter, but in principle it’s a yes But…”
“But what?” she asked
“Well” I began but she interrupted
“Are you worried about your immortal soul?” She asked with a chuckle
“Because I would think you’re probably damned already for all the sinning you’ve done”
“No of course not” I snapped
“I’m more concerned about yours”
“Oh that” she said, “well I’m of a purer bent than you and I shall merely have to repent my misdemeanour”
I looked at her doubtfully
“Look I have my faith,” she said with conviction “I know that I have eternal life awaiting me”
I was still unconvinced so Katy leant forward and took hold of my hand and spoke softy
“I just want to feel truly alive one last time before the end”
She relaxed back into the chair
“It’s a dying woman’s last request,” she said
“And as I’m dying you will be performing a noble act”
Silence once again descended and it was five minutes before she broke it.
“So will you do it”?
I took in a deep breath before responding
“I know you just want to experience sex one last time but.”
“No” she interrupted “I want to experience it for the first and last time”
I was taken aback, I didn’t know she was a virgin, and the knowledge that she was really didn’t help.
I would truly be defiling her.
She clearly saw the feelings etched on my face and leant forward again and stared deep into my eyes as she spoke.
“I just want to have a taste of earthly pleasures before I die; I want to feel as alive as it is possible to feel”
She paused briefly before continuing
“I’m not doing it to see what I’ve been missing all these years”
I took her hand and squeezed it gently then she relaxed back into the chair again and closed her eyes.
So we sat silently in the glow of the fire for several minutes while she cat napped,
When she opened her eyes again she looked at me and gave me a tired smile.
“Would you boil the kettle Simon?” She asked, “I’m really parched”
I got up and filled the kettle and switched it on, as I waited for it to boil I asked
“Why me?”
“Isn’t it obvious?” she answered
I shook my head
“Well, I know that you.. Um” she paused as she tried to think of the right words “put it about a bit”
Well that stung a bit harder for the fact that she thought about it first.
Seeing my pained expression she laughed
“Was that a bit harsh?” she asked
“Ok then lets say you have something of a reputation”
I couldn’t argue with that
“So if I’m going to sin” she continued “it should be with a well qualified sinner”
“That seems reasonable,” I said
“I also asked Claire if you were any good,” Katy said
“Really?” I replied “And what did she say?”
“She didn’t say anything” Katy replied, “She just blushed which was good enough for me”
We both laughed
I placed her drink on the table and as I sat down she said
“But the main reason is that I like you”
I had to admit that I liked her too but my reluctance wasn’t born of a lack of attraction, she was offering it to me on a plate and I wasn’t turning her down because I didn’t fancy her.
“I did get the impression you liked me that day you said, “If I wasn’t the vicar I’d shag you””
“Oh don’t remind me of that” she exclaimed quite mortified “I am so embarrassed”
Then she said from behind her hands.
“What a thing for the vicar to be doing, getting drunk and propositioning parishioners”
“No harm done” I said, “fortunately I am a gentleman”
“The gentlemanly thing to do would have been never to mention it again” she corrected me
The incident of which she was so embarrassed occurred one rainy afternoon after we had spent a boozy lunchtime hiding in the Cross Keys, me from my cleaner Beryl Beamish and her from the formidable Conway sisters.
I ever the gentleman escorted and steered her through the pouring rain to the vicarage.
Upon reaching her front door I had to wedge her against the wall while I opened it, unfortunately as the door swung open she fell into the hall.
I instinctively reached out and grabbed her in an effort to prevent her from hurting herself.
Unfortunately in trying to avoid grabbing anything intimate I only succeeded in falling to the floor before she did, I landed on my back and she landed on top of me.
Which was when she slurred
“You know Simon if I wasn’t the vicar I’d shag you”
Then she planted an almost Labrador like kiss on my mouth.
After extricating myself from her embrace I replied
“If I wasn’t a gentleman I’d let you”
I struggled to my feet and helped Katy to do the same before steering her through the hall and into her sitting room.
“But you’re not a gentleman” she said as I plopped her into an armchair “so there’s nothing stopping you”
And she grabbed me by the lapels and planted another kiss on my mouth, much more controlled and unhurried.
And I remember wondering as I was starting to reciprocate if she thought that having sex with a philanderer like me was sin free.
Making me like a vegetable in a slimmer’s diet plan.
“But you are the vicar” I replied as I broke away from her embrace again and kissed her on the forehead before leaving.
We sat in front of the fire chuckling about that day for about ten minutes.
Then just as I finished the last dregs of tea from my cup I asked
“Do you remember at Gerald Overend’s funeral when I looked over at you and you blushed?”
“Yes” she replied, “I do”
“What were you thinking?” I asked
“Oh dear more embarrassment” she replied, “If you must know I had a lustful thought”
“Reverend Oliver I’m shocked” I said and laughed
“And the very moment I thought it you looked across at me as if you knew what was in my mind”
“Sadly I didn’t,” I said
“What were you thinking then?” she quizzed “can you remember?”
“Oh yes I remember vividly” I answered, “I was wondering if you were wearing black underwear”
Katy blushed a fine shade of scarlet and I recounted the tale of the last request of the dying man that his wife wore his favourite black lingerie on the day of the funeral, stockings and suspenders and silk frillies.
And how I couldn’t get the image out of my head and pictured every woman in place sporting black underwear.
“Yes we heard about Gerald’s request” she said “and we also heard that someone took advantage of her in her grief”
“No” I said feigning shock “Who?”
“Well there was a rumour that it was you” she confided
“Really?” I said still acting surprised
“Yes but it was quickly quashed; as it is widely known that you only go for the younger woman” she replied
“Yes that’s very true,” I confirmed, then after a brief pause I continued “but I’m willing to make an exception in your case”
“So you’ll do it”? She asked taking my hand
“Yes” I replied
“Thank you” she said and kissed my hand as tears ran down her cheeks and I began to cry.

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 49) Twelfth Night (Part One) Dr Claire's Special Consultation

After my abject failure to keep my one and only New Years Resolution, namely to stop shagging other women for even one single solitary day I retired to the spare bedroom.
To make matters worse I was doing it or rather doing Shula when I should have been home looking after my sick girlfriend.
I was heartily ashamed of my behaviour and yet got a trouser tickle at the reminiscence of my afternoon at the billiard table.

The next day Georgia still wasn’t vey well and slept for most of the day and had all her meals in bed.
The hire car was collected and I spent most of the day at my computer and although my unfaithfulness was a cause of great guilt on my part in was generating reams of output on the word processor.
I was veritably prolific in my tales of lust and frolic almost as prolific as I was at spreading my seed.

On Thursday Georgia was feeling a lot better, her fever was gone and she looked much more herself.
I still made her stay in bed for the day but she had the TV to watch and I supplied her with a stack of DVDs as well.
She thought I was being wonderfully kind but the truth was I just wanted another undisturbed day at the computer.
I was in the groove and I had already turned out a mountain of filth by the middle of the afternoon when I was interrupted by the telephone.
“Hello” I said
“Hello Simon” a quiet voice said
“Claire”? I asked
“Yes it’s me,” she sobbed
“Are you ok?” I queried
“No” she replied “No I’m not”
I hadn’t spoken to Claire Andrews for a couple of months and we hadn’t had one of our “have it away days” since October.
When we had a three-day Parisian romp/romantic interlude, for which I was still struggling to find the appropriate pigeonhole to place the experience in.
I was left with a very different feeling than after our normal outings and the whole thing was more like a romantic getaway.
Not that that was the reason it had been so long since we indulged.
At least not on my part.
The last five of six weeks had been different though; she had avoided me, ignored me and generally acted out of character with me.
When I went to see her professionally at the surgery she could barely look me in the eye.
Conceitedly however I attributed this behaviour to the fact that she had fallen in love with me.
I thought that our “outings” were mutually beneficial she got to have the sex that her disabled husband couldn’t supply and I got to shag a beautiful doctor.
She seemed happy with the arrangement, she loved her husband very much and would never leave him, but what would happen if something happened to hubby would she want more from me then? More than I could give her.
“What’s wrong?” I asked
“I so need to see you,” she said
“Ok” I replied
“There is something I have to talk to you about, something that has been eating away at me”
“What is it?” I asked not sure if I wanted to know.
“I should have told you before, but…” she tailed off “now time is running out”
“So tell me already” I said impatiently
“I can’t on the phone” Claire stated, “I need to do it face to face, it’s important”
“Ok” I said “when?”
“Can we meet Saturday?” she said
“Yes Saturday is fine” I replied
“Ok then I’ll meet you at the Kings Arms Hotel Godalming Saturday afternoon at 3.00pm” she said coldly
“I’ll book two rooms”
“Ok” I said “I’ll see you then”
“Promise me you won’t be angry” Claire added randomly
“What?” I asked with surprise
“Promise me” she insisted
“Ok” I relented “I promise”
And she hung up leaving me completely confused.
I was worried that my worst fears were being realised and she wanted us to be together, as a couple, but I didn’t understand where the two rooms would fit into that scenario.
And what was all that about promising to not get angry.

On Friday morning Georgia was feeling much better and we actually got to spend the day downstairs together like a proper couple.
Georgia was very lovey dovey all day; I think she believed I was some great prize because I had looked after her.
When really I was total bastard, who was out skewering the shopkeepers wife, while my beloved was sweating out a fever in my bed.
Her opinion of me was totally at odds with the reality.
But I did love her very much.
By 9 o’clock she could barely keep her eyes open so I walked her back to her parent’s house.
After I had turned in I spent a very fitful night tossing and turning as I mulled over the conversation with Claire.
The usual tingle of anticipation I felt when we were meeting clandestinely had been replaced by feelings of great trepidation.

When I got up on Saturday morning I was completely shattered and it took a long hot shower and several coffees to shift my lethargy but I still harboured feelings of dread regarding my rendezvous with Claire.
About nine o’clock I had a surprise visit from Georgia
“Hello hon” I said, “what are you doing here?”
“I just came to say I love you” she replied
“Really”? I asked
“Yes, and I also came to tell you my visitor has left” Georgia replied as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me.
It was only a brief visit she only stayed long enough for me to split her whiskers before she went off to work.
And she left me with the promise there was more where that came from when I returned on Sunday.
I had told Georgia I had a writer’s dinner, what was one more lie in an ocean of lies.

I travelled to Godalming on the train and made my way on foot to the Kings Arms Hotel, arriving just before 3.00pm.
I bought a drink and sat down at a table with a view of the door.
I looked around the bar and happily began ogling a pretty young woman in jeggings, with small well-defined buttocks and skinny thighs.
I liked the fact I could see daylight between the tops of my thighs I liked air between the hairs.
I looked away when I heard someone enter from reception; it wasn’t Claire so I resumed my ogling of the skinny bird.
But when I looked back there was a great fat munter in her place who was bending over and the fabric of her leggings was stretched so tight I could see her knickers.
Someone else entered which drew my gaze and when I looked back the skinny bird was there again.
It was a real “Shallow Hal” moment.
Despite the diversions I wasn’t sure if I should go to the bar and order myself another drink or report to reception. I decided on the former but having sat in the bar nursing a drink for 20 minutes I guessed I had made the wrong choice.
So I finished my drink and was on my way to reception when I met Claire coming the other way.
“Oh hello” She said avoiding eye contact
“Hi” I said, “are you ok?”
“Yes” she replied blandly as she looked randomly around anywhere than at me.
“Let’s go upstairs”
Claire turned around and I followed her upstairs wishing I’d stayed at home.
She didn’t speak a word for the whole way.
We reached the door to the room and still not a word.
She opened the door and we entered, still silence.
I closed the door and dropped my bag on the floor.
“What the hell is going on Claire?” I snapped and she turned around and looked me in the eye for the first time and tears started to well up in her eyes and then ran down her cheeks as she sobbed before throwing herself into my arms.
“I’m sorry” she said and buried her tearstained face in my neck.
I made encouraging noises and stroked her back but being a shoulder to cry on was the full extent of my expertise as usual.
We held that position for some time until Claire’s sobs began to get shallower and shallower and eventually abated.
But still she held on to me tightly and began to nuzzle my neck and I could feel her hot breath on my skin, which was when the sleeping beast stirred and opened his eye.
Still nuzzling my neck her hands began to caress up and down my spine and her nuzzles turned to kisses.
I reciprocated the caresses and in an instant her mouth was on mine.
Her lips were soft, her mouth was hot and her tongue was electric.
Claire’s hands began to claw at my shirt dragging it free of my waistband before turning her attention, with great urgency, to the buttons.
When her fumbling fingers had accomplished their task she almost ripped the shirt off my back.
Then those trembling hands were on my flesh and she sighed and exhaled through her nose.
My hands meanwhile were already inside her sweater and working their way through the layers.

Her kissing became more intense as I turned my attention to her bra and releasing the fastener between her breasts I quickly replaced the cups with my hands and she snorted air in though her nose as I toyed with her enlarged nipples.
I pushed her backwards onto the bed and broke my lips away from her mouth.
As I undid her jeans and yanked them unceremoniously of her arse I almost pulled her off the bed as I tugged them off over her feet.
Then I returned to do the same with her pink knickers she obliged me this time by lifting her arse off the bed so the lacy panties rolled easily off her buttocks.
I hurriedly undid my trousers and bared my throbbing dick and Claire licked her lips as she spread her legs wide to receive me, a neatly clipped triangle of brunette pussy hair pointed the way towards the dewy pink lips of her waiting cunny.
I knelt between her open legs and slid my hands down her outer thighs until I had her buttock in hand and pulling her towards me I thrust my cock into her and savoured the hot liquid velvet as it immersed me.
Claire let out a low animal growl, which excited me very much
And with each successive length she exhaled grunts and groans of epic proportions.
Her legs were around me now so my hands left her buttocks and moved to her breasts as the grunts were growing in ferocity.
I had forgotten quite how delicious a morsel she was.
As the strokes were getting shorter she began to squeal and moan.
Quicker and quicker
Claire became more urgent more produced guttural animal noises.
Faster and faster
Louder and louder
Writhing and wriggling
Quicker and quicker
Louder and louder
Until crescendo.
Claire’s whole body seemed to be in spasm before me as I emptied into her hot cunny, my cock pulsed and twitched as I gasped with pleasure.
I fell forward and her arms went round be like a sprung trap and she kissed me wetly on the mouth, which I reciprocated.
I was about to withdraw from her pussy,
“Don’t,” she begged, “Let me enjoy it a moment longer”
I obliged and we just lay there entwined until my erection diminished.

The room was cool so we slipped under the covers and as we lay there in each other’s arms I asked
“So what’s going on Claire?”
She didn’t reply she just lay with her face turned away from me.
“Why have you been avoiding me? Why have you been ignoring me?” I asked
“I’m sorry Simon” she replied
“Earlier you couldn’t even look at me” I said, “What have I done?”
She quickly turned to look at me
“You haven’t done anything” she said and kissed my cheek
“So why did you make me promise not to be angry?” I asked her
“Because I have to ask you to do something” Claire replied
“That you probably won’t want to do”
“I don’t understand,” I said
“You won’t want to do it, but you must” Claire continued “and because you’re a good person you will do it”
Claire paused and then said
“And I’m worried you’ll hate me for making you”
“You need to ask me the question then,” I said
“What do you want me to do?”
There was a long pause then she took a deep breath and blurted out
“I want you to make love to the vicar?”

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 48) New Years Day In The 19th Hole

It was one thirty on New Years morning when I drove Pandora home after our wonderful New Year ball.
Perhaps not the start to the year I had planned it was supposed to be the start of “New Year New Me” but it was a bloody marvellous end to the old year.
Now technically I hadn’t been unfaithful to Georgia in the New Year as my cock was already in Pandora’s mouth well before Big Ben struck 12.
But in the event that that wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny I decided that New Years day wouldn’t start until after I had been to bed.
After kissing an exhausted Pandora goodnight and dropping her outside her house I drove to the Club to pick Georgia up from work who was also exhausted but for totally different reasons.
She went straight to bed when we got home.
I decided to tidy up in the lounge before I joined her and it’s a good job that I did as the back of the sofa sticky from Pandora’s secretions, there were more wine glasses in circulation than was to be reasonable expected for someone who spent the evening alone and Pandora’s black silk knickers were still on the floor.
I washed up the wine glasses, I took a damp cloth to Pandora’s sticky bits and I locked her panties in my desk drawer before I joined Georgia in bed.

I woke up annoyingly early next morning, well later the same morning really.
I couldn’t sleep, guilty conscience I suppose, not because I was unfaithful, again, but because I enjoyed it so much.
I sat in the kitchen drinking coffee and thinking about my New Year’s resolution to stop sleeping with other women and the all but inevitable likelihood of my failure to keep it.
I concluded that it was obvious I was incapable of keeping my dick in my pants and the inevitability of Georgia losing patience with me.
And at my abject failure to comply with her ultimatum the prospect of her ultimately dumping me was overwhelming so I began to think the best coarse of action would be for me to break up with her.
Saving both of us pain in the long run
The problem was I was very much in love with her and the sex was outstandingly good.
So why wasn’t that enough for me?

We were due to eat New Years Day lunch at the Gregory’s so at nine o’clock I stopped my ruminations and made Georgia a cup of tea.
Tea mug in hand I was on my way upstairs to wake her when the phone rang.
I stopped and did a u-turn and picked up the phone.
“Simon?” the voice said “its Geoff”
“Hi Geoff, happy New Year” I said
“Yes Happy New Year” he responded vaguely
“Is everything ok?” I asked
“No” he replied, “it’s the twins”
“They’ve been throwing up all night so we thought it best to cancel lunch as a precaution” he continued “I’m sorry to let you down”
“Nonsense” I said, “these things happen”
“I suspect it’s been brought on by two much chocolate but just in case it is a bug” Geoff elaborated “Perhaps it would be better if Georgia stayed with you tonight”
“Of course” I said “No problem”

After I had put down the phone I decided not to continue my journey up the stairs to wake Georgia. As we were now not going out I decided to let her sleep in.

I spent an hour pottering about the kitchen, firstly trying to decide what to cook for lunch, as we were not dining out.
And then after having looked out the window at the thick freezing fog I settled on a warming hot pot so I started to prepare it.
Once lunch was ready to go in the oven I had a quick peak in on Georgia who was still sleeping soundly and then proceeded to my study to do some work.
There was more to me than philandering, I was after all a writer, even if only of erotic novels; bodice rippers and slutty romances and I had targets to meet.
The flexibility of being a writer suited me very well indeed.
In fact it suited in many ways, but the main benefit was that I was able to work at home, so had no tedious commute every day and my working day was flexible to the point that some days I didn’t write at all.
This afforded me the opportunity of playing a round of Golf during the working week when most people had their noses to the grindstone.
It also afforded me access to women during the working week when most people had their noses to the grindstone.
The downside to that was it wasn’t helping with my promiscuous behaviour.
The down side to it in general was that to facilitate my lifestyle I sometimes had to work on weekends and holidays, New Years
Day was no exception.

At twelve o’clock I looked in on Georgia again and she was beginning to stir so I made her a fresh cup of tea.
I opened the bedroom door and she opened her eyes as I walked in.
“Hi honey,” I said brightly
“I don’t feel well Simon” she replied
“What’s wrong?” I asked with concern
“I think I have the flu,” Georgia croaked
I tested her forehead with the back of my hand and she was burning.
I went into the bathroom and got some max strength cold capsules.
“Take these,” I said as I gave her two with a glass of water.
Georgia did as instructed
“Now go back to sleep babe” I said
“What about lunch?” she queried
“Its been cancelled” I told her
She looked puzzled.
“The twins are hurling,” I said
“Oh” she responded and closed her eyes.
As I was going out the door she said weekly
“Will you go to mums and pick up some things for me?”
“Ok babe” I replied
“Mum will no what I need” she continued
“Ok I’ll go out later and pick up what you need” I answered and left the room.
The hot pot lunch had suddenly become dinner.
I went straight downstairs and phoned Laura.
I explained that Georgia had the flu, hardly surprising with her propensity to be sans pants in the dead of winter, and repeated what she’d said
“Mum will no what I need”
Laura said she understood and she would put a bag together and I could pick it up in an hour.
In the mean time I returned to my study and penned a few more paragraphs of salacious smuttiness while I waited for the hour to pass.
I wanted to go sooner rather than later so I could get back home and draw the curtains against the weather.

Finally the hour passed and I was ready to leave.
I decided to drive as it was such a horrible day and it was the last day I could use the car as it was being picked up the next morning by the hire company.
So I drove down to the Gregory’s and pulled on the drive.
Just as I got out of the car the front door opened and Laura appeared holding a bag.
“Hi Simon” she said, “How is Georgia”?
“I’ve dosed her up and she sleeping soundly” I replied “What about the twins”?
“Still not good” she said shaking her head “I think it is a bug”
“Oh dear” I said sympathetically “I’ll keep Georgie with me for a couple of days then”
“Thanks Simon, kiss her for me”

I shivered as I got back in the car
“This freezing fog gets right into your bones” I thought
I gave Laura a final wave and drove off the drive.
Just after I passed the station and the shops I spotted Shula walking along the road.
I sounded the horn and stopped along side her before lowering the window.
“Do you want a lift Gorgeous?”
“Yes please” she said smiling broadly and quickly got in the car.
“Where are you going”? I asked “on such a horrible day”
“Nowhere” she replied, “I Just needed to get out for a while”
“Omid”? I asked
“Yes he’s still very ill” Shula replied “and he’s not getting better, if anything he’s getting worse”
“Well I’ll keep you company until you need to get back” I offered
“Lovely” she said beaming her toothy smile
“Where would you like to go”? I asked her
“Anywhere will be nice” she replied amiably
It wasn’t really appropriate weather for a country drive and that wasn’t really what she wanted to do anyway so I quickly thought where I could take her that would be quiet and the golf club sprang to mind.
The land on which the Golf club stood is owned by the church and in the terms of the lease dating back to when the club was founded in the 19th century.
It was stipulated that the Club had to close on Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and New Years Day and so it still did to this very day, much to the annoyance of the commercial manager Agnes Snipe.
So knowing the Club would be shut I drove Shula to the golf club and parked in a quiet corner out of view of the entrance and due to the fog out of sight of everyone.
Once we had come to a halt we undid our seat belts and proceeded to kiss and Shula’s pent up frustrations were made manifest in the urgently of her kissing.
after a long five minute snog I came up for air and I asked
“Do you want your Christmas present now?”
“Not here” she said alarmed “Not in the day time someone will see”
It was unlikely that anyone would see given how foggy the day was.
We kissed again while I thought of the next move; she was definitely up for it as she said “not here” and not “no”.
Well we couldn’t go to Mahajak’s with Anjuli in the shop and Omid upstairs in the marital bed, I couldn’t take her back to mine with Georgia asleep in my bed.
Shula didn’t want to do it in the car, but she really wanted to do it.
Eureka! I had an idea, the clubhouse.
I disengaged my mouth from Shula’s so quickly that she was momentarily left with her mouth open and her tongue out.
“Come with me” I said and kissed her forehead.
“Where are we going”? She asked suspiciously
“We’re going to play some billiards” I replied as I got out the car.
I had quite a substantial erection by this time and it was difficult to stand up straight.
As Shula got out of the car I took the opportunity to unzip and reposition my one eyed buddy.
Then I grabbed Shula’s hand and ran towards the clubhouse dragging a confused Shula behind me.
“Where are we going”? She asked again a little more anxiously this time
“Somewhere private” I replied enigmatically
“What does that mean”? Shula replied
“Somewhere safe, now stop asking silly questions and run” I said within twenty yards of the building.
Finally we were stood by the staff entrance.
“Just wait here a moment” I said as I went off to scout around, the car park was empty and there were no lights on in the building.
So satisfied that the building was vacant I returned to a worried looking Shula and kissed her trembling lips.
“All clear” I announced and keyed in Georgia’s staff code on the door panel.
The door opened with a buzz and I pushed it open and slipped in, then I reached a hand back and dragged a reluctant Shula in with me.
Once inside I closed the door and attended to the alarm, which was bleeping.
Although I had watched Georgia do this numerous times I had no idea if it was going to work but it occurred to me that any organisation who were lax enough to use 0 0 0 0 as there alarm code in the first place was unlikely to have changed it in the few months since I last saw Georgia use it.
But you never knew, I took a deep breath and I keyed in 0, 0, 0, 0, but it kept bleeping for what seemed like an eternity although in reality it was just a brief moment, before the tone changed and it stopped.
“There” I said expecting Shula to be impressed.
“Where are we going”? She asked a little impatiently
“As I said before, somewhere private,” I said
She was about to say something else but I interrupted her
“So I can give you your Christmas present”
“Ok” She said and smiled coyly
I took her hand and led her down a couple of gloomy corridors until we reached a door marked “Private Billiard Room”
“You see, somewhere private,” I said smugly
The rest of the signage read
“Presidents club Members only”
It always grated on me that within an elitist golf club that was not easy to join in the first place had an even more elitist group within it and the Presidents Club inner sanctum was its Exclusive Billiard room.
I always wanted to play in there but I knew I would never get the opportunity.
So I thought it would be a little victory to have my way with Shula on their upholstery.
But the main reason for picking that room was the lack of windows, which meant we could have lights on without alerting the outside world of our presence.
The cleaning crew weren’t due in until the early hours of the morning and with Georgia ill in bed I had plenty of time to pot Shula’s pink a couple of times.
When we entered the room in was pitch black and it took a moment or two of fumbling in the darkness until my hand found the light switches.
First of all I switched them all on and then turned off the ones we didn’t need.
Then with the lights set at an acceptable level I took her by the hand and led her towards the green baize table.
Once there I dispensed with my coat and dropped it on the floor and Shula followed suit before I pulled her towards me and resumed the kiss.
She immediately responded pressing her mouth hard against mine and darting her tongue into my mouth.
Her arms immediately wrapped around me holding me so tight.
I put my hand on her hip and pulled her pelvis towards my now throbbing cock.
Then it moved inside her sweater and my other hand joined it and began tugging her t-shirt out from her waistband then when they were touching her flesh they moved up her back and unhooked her bra.
Then both hands followed the path between her skin and her bra until they were cupping her breasts.
She sighed and snorted air in deeply through her nose as I toyed with her stiffening nipples between thumb and forefinger.
I disengaged my mouth from hers and I quickly pulled her sweater and both T-shirts off over her head. Her bra was left dangling rather ineffectually and she disposed of it as I watched her tits jiggle she noticed me staring and feeling unnecessarily self conscious she immediately tried to reattach her lips to mine but I broke away again as I had other plans for my mouth.
I resumed my fondling of her breasts playing with her swollen peaks as I started to kiss and nibble down her neck going on a journey down to her shoulder and chest until I found myself kneeling in from of her and her beautiful firm round tits which I took turns on kissing, licking and sucking. Shula was trembling, her left hand was on my shoulder, gripping hard and her right was fingering my hair as I sucked her teat.
My hands were now on her arse kneading her pert cheeks and as they slid slowly yet purposely around her waist I sucked hard on her nipple making her wince and she withdrew her misshapen and swollen teat from my mouth and I thought I had hurt her but instead she thrust her other teat between my lips for similar treatment and I duly obliged.
My hands meanwhile had reached their objective and I unbuttoned her jeans and tugged the zip sharply down.
They then slipped between the denim until they could touch the fabric of her panties before they eased the jeans off her buttocks and down her thighs.
My hands spread out across her firm buttocks squeezing and kneading them until my fingers reached the waistband of her knickers and grasping the elastic firmly I tugged them off her round cheeks and down her trembling thighs releasing them at her knees where her jeans now resided.
My hands were quickly occupied with her naked arse and I stopped sucking her tits and instead began kissing her quivering belly.
Simultaneously I started edging her backward against the table.
Shula adjusted her feet as she shuffled back, at the same time kicking off her shoes and when her arse was touching the billiard table she managed to extricate one foot from her pants and jeans.
I then freed the other leg and began kissing her thighs and very soon I was rubbing my face in her ample black public curls.
I manoeuvred her so she could slide her buttocks onto the table to support her weight while I knelt before her I looked up and saw Shula was biting her lip and then she opened up wide for me to drink deeply of her sensuous juices as I noshed her until I could wait no more.
I raised my head from my task, my face wet with her juice and I looked up and saw her gripping the edge of the table with one hand and playing with her nipple with the other.
I got to my feet and kissed her, her pungent fragrance was all around my mouth and when I stopped kissing her it was all around hers as well and as my hand slipped up her thigh she licked her lips.
Her legs were spread wide and her lips were open and her juicy quim was at the perfect height to receive me,
I fingered her hot pussy with two fingers of one hand making her moan while I released my cock from its confines with the other.
Then as I penetrated her I said
"Happy Christmas honey"
she didn’t reply other than to moan appreciatively.
“And a Happy New Year”
I said as I gave her another, with that her legs locked around me and crossed at the ankles and she pulled me all the way in.
“Ohhhhh” she said as she received me
The same with the next stroke and the next
I gave her three more full lengths and she came
Then she panted a few times through gritted teeth
Then another and another
Shula was really making my balls wet
Then she came three times in quick succession making the same delicious sound.
I hadn’t finished so I just kept pumping her pussy and making her moan.
I knew I couldn’t hold off much longer, I was if not on the brink then I was very close.
Shula’s next orgasm would be the finale
I had a great rhythm going her legs she was gripping me hard and I was playing with her tits as I banged her and banged her
“Orrrrw” she uttered with every hard stroke
Then as the strokes shortened it changed to
Until we reached that perfect point of climax when we both came together
“OORRRRR” she screamed at the top of her lungs
When I finally lost my load into her tight cunny it was like a dam bursting from my pulsating twitching member.
A few minutes later I pulled out of her and she let out a sigh of satisfaction.
Then I bent down and kissed her quivering belly then lay my face against it.
She sighed again and I felt her muscles contract and I stood up just in time to see a little dribble of my cum escape from her hole.
Shula lay there panting for about ten minutes
I held out my hand and pulled her upright and I took her in my arms.
Then I picked her up and lifted her off the baize.
I smiled to my self when I noticed the rather nasty wet stain on the billiard table Where the pink had come to rest on the black spot, there was also a bit of a snail trail on the polished surface of the wood surround.
We went and sat down on one of the large leather sofas and had a bit of a cuddle in the after glow.
I reflected smugly that it was probably the best I had ever played in a billiard room.
I then had a more sobering thought that it was also my quickest ever New Years Resolution failure.
After about ten minutes I patted her bum and said
“I’d better get you home, Anjuli will wonder where you are”
She looked up at me and gave me a toothy smile as she slid onto the floor between my legs.
“I will tell her I got lost in the fog,” she said with a chuckle as she undid my trousers.
I offered no resistance as she undressed me, and when my trousers and pants had been cast aside I felt the moist spreading warmth along my shaft until her mouth completely engulfed my cock.
I looked down to see Shula kneeling between my knees with my cock deep in her mouth.
"Oh Shushula” I said to her as she went about her task with relish.
I had one hand caressing her shoulder and the other on the back of her head as I was nearing the threshold.
"That’s enough now Shushu” I said and she gave me one more full length suck before looking up at me with a broad toothy smile then she climbed onto my lap and guided my cock between her lips and into her syrupy pussy.
Shula rode me like a whirling dervish until she collapsed on me in an orgasmic heap where for ten minutes she lay draped across me sighing with contentment.

After we were dressed we had a quick scout around to make sure we hadn’t forgotten anything and when we were satisfied that the only evidence of out presence was a damp patch on the billiard table and some snail trails on the leather sofa I turned out the lights and we left the way we had come in,
I reset the alarm and after we emerged into the foggy late afternoon and we returned to the car with slightly less urgency than we left it.
I dropped Shula just far enough away to be out of sight of the shop but close enough so I could see her all the way safely to the door then I returned home and after quickly washing away any trace of Shula’s pussy from my face I went in to check on Georgie.
As I opened the door I could see her stirring
“Hi Georgie” I said “How are you feeling”?
“I feel awful” she replied
I felt her forehead again and it was still very hot.
“Time for more medicine” I instructed as I went to the medicine cabinet and dosed her up again.
“Are you hungry”? I asked
“A bit” she croaked
“How about some soup?”
“Oh yes” she replied “cock-a-leekie”
I went down stairs and open a tin of Chicken and leek soup and warmed the contents in the microwave.
I took her lunch up on a tray and while she ate it I ran her a bath.
When she finished all of the soup I helped her into the bathroom.
The bed sheets were quite damp from her sweats so I changed the linen while she bathed.
I helped her out of the bath and dried her thoroughly and helped her into her nightdress, which I took from the bag I picked up from Laura.
Just as I was getting her back into bed Georgia crossed the room and rummaged in the bag and fished out her cuddly dog.
“I need this” she said and blushed.
She got under the crisp clean bedclothes and snuggled down with her dog and I kissed her forehead.
“I love you Simon,” she said
“I love you too” I replied
“You are so good to me” Georgia continued, “I am so lucky”

As I sat downstairs I felt so guilty, I had spent the afternoon shagging Shula while Georgie was on her sick bed and she said, “I am so lucky”
I could believe what a bastard I was.
I couldn’t even keep my New Years Resolution for one full day how did I expect to live up to her expectations for a lifetime.
“I’m so pathetic” I said to myself as I put the hotpot in the oven.
Dinner had now become supper for one.